StephSteb Returns

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One of last year’s irregulars has come back after a prolonged absence.

And when you have Rflong7/13 to greet you, there can only be one other question…

You forgot to give Becca puppy dog eyes when you asked it!

So we’ll do it.

On second thoughts, this calls for a professional:

‘Rflong7/13’s not made a new world? Oh no, now I’m gonna have to make my eyes real big and hyperventilate and stuffs!’

Becca, don’t let Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer get bored.

You wouldn’t like her when she gets bored.


Sad, Sad (And Mad) Day – The Loss Of Two Different Potter Actors And The Trumping Of A Test Tube Baby

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Robert Hardy

Shame to think for too many he’ll only be known for Harry Potter.

One of the greatest actors of his generation, Robert Hardy ought to also be remembered not only for All Creatures Great And Small but for his role as Terence ‘Twiggy’ Rathbone in the legendary TV series Hot Metal – a parody of tabloid journalism based on the true story of the left wing Daily Herald‘s rescue from bankruptcy (despite having a large circulation) by Rupert Murdoch and its dreadful rebranding as the gutter journalism Sun.

(Go here if interested, don’t blame us if you lose your weekend in the process)

He was also responsible jointly with Professor Matthew Strickland (Cambridge University and Glasgow University) for ‘The Great Warbow’ the definitive book on the effect of bows on warfare, grab a copy if you can get the chance (and don’t blame us if you spend the next year playing dozens of computer games as an archer, joining your local archery club, etc. as a result – it is that good).

Hywel Bennett

Like Hardy, he ought to have become a worldwide star (despite his fondness for the bottle), but similarly became best known in the film industry for thought provoking cult classics such as the controversial Twisted Nerve (with that whistle tune…) and Endless Night (both with Hayley Mills – that other classical British ‘ought to have been’).  Instead, he became a regular in the TV and film dramatisations of the works of Dennis Potter and as intellectual layabout Shelley (ask Rflong7/13 about this!) – here he is with a certain Alan Rickman.

Peter And The Test Tube Babies

We of course mentioned this lot way back in 2010:

Considering their history for bad luck, the current bully boy antics of the current resident at the White House, and punk rock’s tendency for back biting and sabotaging those they saw as their ‘competitors’, it’s not beyond reality that someone due to take part at the same festival as the Test Tubes decided to tip off America’s customs and excise at San Francisco airport in order to get the band barred from entry – in the end it was only their lead singer who was stopped because the band came into the country individually.

A more cynical soul however would argue that Peter Bywaters was trying to avoid having to pay the $325 cost for a P1 visa (that for temporary employment) for those entering the U.S. as musicians on tour.

The only difficulty with that is that the U.S. Embassy’s own London website categorically states that entering the U.S. for business reasons from the U.K. does not require a visa if travelling from the UK.

So unlikely and absurd as it sounds, it seems that Peter Bywaters is telling the truth and that U.S. Customs prevented him entering the country out of politically motivated petty spite.

Just when you caught your President couldn’t get any more stupid!

Dear 2FingersWhiskey, That Sounds Like A Very Good Idea

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What is it about what’s left of LiveJournal and it being the haven of the Simming community’s cranks, perverts and snowflakes?

Well, there’s the affinity with Sim Secret for a start:

Yep, sicking up all your little foibles over at the Troll hole – great idea.

They produce custom content, yet appear to be under the impression that somehow entitles them to be given money by strangers (see the Donate button?).

Or it is because they’re another one with First World problems?

Yes, a break sounds like a good idea. A very good idea. You produce some useful stuff but you need to get over your anal retentiveness, big time.

What is it that has got into Simmers in the last few years, with more and more of them feeling the need to blurt out to the world every single facet of themselves. What next, ‘here’s what my DNA looks like?’

Reality TV and talent shows bear much of the blame for this, where contestants worthiness is deemed only a quarter of what their talent is and the rest is all down to how salacious or heart-rendering their back story is.

That may be acceptable for the televisual equivalent of chewing gum, but we in the Simming community should be about this, don’t you agree?

That Arsebucket GrijzePilion Again

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Dear Emily4331 was doing her bit to help a Dutch speaking Simmer before Gitte2001 turned up and all hell broke loose!

Ably abetted by Namaya92:


But there’s always one bumnugget determined to spoil it, in this case GrijzePilion aka Ronley Bowler aka Sufkop and the various other troll alias he’s been using these last five years.

You mean the Gordon Ramsay School of Shouting To Disguise A Low IQ? That moron is as shallow as the council housing scheme gene pool which spawned him.

As for hearing the manner in which you talk to yourself GrijzePilion, the way you behave our guess is you have to do that a lot!


MadameLee’s Crummy, Corny Day Ends On Problems With Windows (Old School Style)

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Perhaps inspired by the Demon Baby’s return (aka Comrade Warlock!), Canada’s Crazy Anne has realised she needs to up her game on the EA forum: cue some vintage ranting on the sort of subject only she could find ire with (and no, it’s not about sea monkeys before you ask!):

What’s wrong with opening the window, MadameLee? Anyone would think you didn’t want a house full of wasps!


As for people turning off fans and closing windows in summer, long overdue this being made an offence by which community wardens are allowed to hand out mandatory death sentences.

Rosemow – bless her! – tried to be comforting, but Crazy Anne was only starting as matters got even more crummy for her:


Your parents serve corn with pasta dishes? Do they put sausages in the ice cream sundaes as well?

Still, we had a good chuckle at MadameLee pointing out her mum telling her to shut up about dinner (we’ll have none of this ‘supper’ middle class subversiveness, you bloody hipster!) only to promptly ask her a dinner related question.

Hey Rosemow, stop interrupting Crazy Anne when she’s rolling:

From a culinary perspective, hard to disagree with her opinion on her corny mealtimes – although if the pasta in question was the Holy Sacrament of Kraft Dinner this of course as every Kanuck knowns should always be eaten au naturalle.

Another Reason To Be Glad Not To Have The Glitterturd

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It means not seeing rubbish like this from Smother Sims being created for your favourite game:


Tell you if anything breaks? How about our faith in humanity, let alone Simmers when crap like this still does the rounds.

♫ It’s Alright, Demon Baby’s Coming Baaaaack! ♪

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To think the last time any of you heard anything remotely connected about everyone’s favourite razor toothed rugrat, it was here two years ago! The genuine article has been away much longer, in fact only a few months after the Glitterturd appeared – a not unfamiliar tale across the Simmerverse, of course.

Yes Vera Blake aka Kelly Blake has reappeared, with a remarkably sage post to boot:

If only!

And bless Rosemow’s little cotton socks if she wasn’t there on duty to welcome the return of the prodigal wotsit!

First Crazy Anne back in April, and now this, our little nutters from yesteryear are getting all so grown-up, ***sob sob! sniffly tears of pride***