Alecseycool And Her Simmie Thunderthighs Of DOOM!

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For plumbob’s sake, we’re all for making sure your Simmies spend plenty of time in the gym, but what on earth happened here?

You could crack coconuts between those thighs, and probably press sheet metal with those arsecheeks!


Lazy Game Reviews Socks (Wear Them With Your Joy Division Oven Gloves?)

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No Phreakendee, of course you don’t look utterly disturbing in that picture.

And socks with an attempted woodchip pattern which kind of makes them look a bit like sawn off stockings. Mmmmm, okay.

Apparantly they are eco-friendly, made out of bamboo and duct tape blended with the sperm of a thousand wanked Japanese snow monkeys. Or something like that.

Still, if any of you want these, you can go here – not like he really needs the money having sold his immortal Simming soul for EA largesse, but if you want to get your grandparents or some other relative you don’t care a flying Palmer about a novelty present which will make no sense to anyone but you, or want to post them to Jessamine Diane with your request which soap dodging Health Professions Council social services employee you’d most like her to strangle (old joke time…) well you’ve eight days to put your order in.

For Duck’s Sake, TreyNutz! Ninety One Of Them? Give It Up, You Wannabe Taffer! (As For Craven Lestat…)

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Well a straightjacket and a padded cell come top of our suggestions for you.

Don’t encourage him, Gitte2001!

Too late – before you could blink, out came dozens of ideas of what to do with all those rubber ducks.

Some like LaBlue0314’s were amazing…

… and some like Jessa_Dakkar and Igazor’s made us wonder whether some have been on the bubble blowers too much recently.

You want duck soup, Jessa_Dakkar? Sounds like a load of horse feathers to us, but how about this?

As for something no one would mind having ninety one of, you could always sell them as a job lot Igazor to Boolprop Fight The Addiction False for the Taffers to make Palmer altars to. You know what they’re like! You could even drop a line in the EA forum to their latest moderator Cororon (Simpletons and the minus Zeri pirate version having both long bit the dust, or should that be slimy towel?) and sell them as a job lot.

That said, Candyd and TreyNutz however quite liked Igazor’s suggestion of changing the script class:

Moonandstars83 meanwhile was trying to sneak in a few sly Potter references to go with the Palmer ones:

Igazor and Jessa_Dakkar’s were slightly more inflammatory?

Of course you put a smoke alarm in your bathroom, Igazor? What happens if you’re burning burgers on the bathroom barbeque? Duh!


JoAnne65 however has plans for the ultimate armada, to the approval of the voice of NRaas Industries and Pary from the World Explorers it seems:


(And 5782341b77vl. Oh how we loathe typing that one out – it’s like when bloody companies ask you for the long number on your freaking bank card, followed by the sixth and ten letters of your secret password, followed by letting them know what’s the measurements of your biggest Pokemon monster…)

Pancakesandwich meanwhile seems to be short of one for a picnic:

But the looniest idea of the lot went to – who else? – CravenLestat:

Satanic duck rituals? Is that so you can inflict your enemies with a mallard-y?


Hugs For Tangie-HappySimmer3

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She’s lost her little purr monster.

Something Fishy Going On With Nikkei_Simmer (With BlackSand Acting Koi)

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Okay, how crazy do you go with the pond tool?


We did ask!

BlackSand felt there was room for more…

Nikkei_Simmer thought he was putting her in her plaice, only for BlackSand to point out he could make even more room without it taking too much of the kitty…


AnthonyDyer Sent To The Corner With The Dunce Cap By Professor Igazor

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Avatarit’s found their game to be subject to the dreaded lag, and so went to the EA forum to get it sorted:

True to form, Igazor turned up to apply a stethoscope to the patient:

All tried, tested and proven methods from one professed in the dark arts of trying to get Sims 3 to work properly.

That however didn’t stop the well meaning if hapless interloper from adding unwise comment, which was quickly taken to task, albeit Igazor acknowledged that overpopulated worlds can be a curse:

Take a hundred lines, Dyer Minor – ‘I must not succumb to bumnuggetry!’


KatyJay88 Wants To Party Poop Those Gatecrashers

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With the end of term in sight for many, how appropriate there should be a thread for those planning a celebration or two, albeit in this case in their Sims 3 games:

Hmmm, the usual British method is to immediately offer them anything with Advocaat in it – the alcoholic’s custard usually sends them packing. The same effect can be found in Simming by offering them any nectar made by Lauryl (particularly the halibut with a hint of mackerel).


Shaddup, Lauryl!

As ever, Igazor came up with the answer, with as ever an NRaas tinge:

Mikezumi also threw her tuppenceworth in…

… omitting to mention that what determines whether Mikezumi would ‘rather were not there’ is down to how male and hawt they are.