JayedTadaSkier And The Quest For The Inner Slartibartfast

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It’s a familiar tale – Simmer gets bored with the multitude of worlds available, and starts thinking about making one of their own. Sometimes they don’t then lie down until they feel better.

As always there were plenty on hand to offer encouragement to another considering breaking their CAW virginity.

Yes Joseandchocolate, they have nothing to lose – except perhaps their sanity…

‘It’s a super steep learning curve, that’s for sure.’

Thank you Goulsquash for the understatement of the year!

Time to bring in the Glimmer Twins of the EA Forum’s threads, TadOlson and Igazor:

No idea why TadOlson wanted Gibsons – can’t see how a guitar or a board games manufacturer would be of any help with CAW, but never mind.

Loved Igazor singing its praises (‘new dimensions of fun and creativity’) before admitting ‘I’ve never touched it’!

However, there is someone that’s done more with it than anyone else in the Simming world, and who better to appear on such a thread than…


She gave her professional opinion on how much CAW has improved from its early days (from utterly impossible to use to merely downright infuriating to use), meanwhile ShojoDagger had fangasms:


Pure Spirit Horses And Their Horse Faced Simmies

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We suppose we of all blogs ought to be all in favour of such things…

… but for reasons of good taste alone, we can’t!

And are those breasts or have they have their legs surgically stitched to their chests by the knees in some sort of bizarre ‘human centipede’ type experiment?


Ah Shucks, After Eight Years, Finally Given A Mention On The Sims Resource!

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Kind of ironic that it concerns a tutorial we did for Mod The Sims‘ rival CAS Unitool to TSR‘s own Workshop!


Who Was Coco Originally?

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That what we have been wondering ever since the following thread was began by Cheesetruck:

All the great and good from down the years on the EA forum appeared to wallow in a bit of nostalgia:

From old SiManiacs like Deshong04:

To old fogies like Stdlr9 and World Explorer Pary to technically old fogie despite a two year lapse Simasaurus09:

And yes, TadOlson turned up as well.

But let’s get back to Coco – did you notice what she said?

‘Been there since day 1.’

Yet her EA forum record shows she has only been around since September 2014.

And she cannot be the same Coco from the old EA forum for Sims 3 only – that one was Taiwanese:

So the question is, who was she originally?

ChesterBigBird’s Feedline Of The Month (The Month Being May)

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Another ‘before we forget again’:

One of those moments when you hope this is advice on getting a new PC and not anything else – we’d rather not hear about your list of suitable parts thank you very much!


Mazakeen Wants To Get Her Teeth Into A New Career

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Okay, what sort of sick minded individual actually wants to be a dentist in Sims 3?

We might have guessed, and stop encouraging her, Igazor!

Knowing her, she’d be the sort of ingame dentist like this…



Original March Violet Cassie’s Bittersweet Return

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As if there hasn’t been enough turmoil in politics this week (indeed this year), look who has reappeared at Sims Forums after an absence of plumbob knows what? Let there rejoicing and sausage rolls from T Bond’s!

(And let the conspiracy theorists note she’s reappeared bang on time as almighty turmoil affects the dictatorships of the Middle East severing diplomatic relationships with one another and blockading Qatar’s ports – among other matters).

Ah, but alas, this is a bittersweet post:

Yes, the young grow up, grow old, and if they are not careful grow jaded by unfulfilled expectations.

Anyway, welcome back (and sorry to read about your loss – the one part of growing up you are never prepared for).