Oh Well, KaikoMikkusu…

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… enjoy your inevitable temporary ban when the Simgurus sling you in EA forum jail because they think a ‘crackship’ is something else entirely.

The trouble with communicating using large amounts of geekspeak is that it is all too easily open to the interpretation of the reader, and if it is one with one hand on a banhammer, you are playing a dangerous game amigo…

Yes, It’s A Good Hair Wings-OS0430, But…

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… quite aside from the polycount, isn’t there already a hair that looks identical to this anyway that’s been doing the rounds for years?


We’re Very Disappointed, Jujubee77

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This is where The Sims Resource falls down in terms of competing with the EA forum in our view.

We downloaded this, and nice as it is, it came without any sweet succulent granny, although the garden containing the ingredients for making Subucni sauce was a nice touch.

A Pet Peeve On The Glitterturd’s Latest Predictable Expansion

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With all the predictability of Scottish and Welsh failures to qualify for World Cup finals, EA’s latest expansion for Sims 4 is nothing more than a stripped down rehash of what appeared in Sims 3 with a few gimmicks added in that have proven to leave a nasty taste to some:

Nikkei_Simmer was far from the only Simmer muttering ‘for tux’s sake!’

Leaving aside Nameya92 deciding the clothing industry has sold a pup whilst Igazor commented on his doggy style, JoAnne65 offered up a video demonstrating how stupid and cruel owners can be to their pets.

MidnightAura did point out some canine owners do so in order to keep their pets dry during walkies:

Yeah, but how much of that is keeping the dog dry as opposed to making sure it doesn’t shake its wet fur once it gets indoors?

We hope the cat lavished multiple lacerations on the arsebucket who did this, CWaddell.

As is their right, Mikezumi, since we were put upon this earth to lavish their every whim. The Egyptians knew what they were doing in worshipping a cat god!

For those of you wondering whether anyone in the Sims 3 community would be stupid enough to do such a thing to their cat, take a look at what MsPoodle served up last year for your answer.


Dolphinz2121 Finds Her Inner Madame Lee

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Disney obsession – check!

Psycho parenting – check!

Don’t suppose you also like Sea Monkeys, do you?

There, but for the grace of God Knows What, go any of us…


KaikoMikkusu Gives Minx A Ghost Of A Chance

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With Halloween fast approaching, good to have this topic brought up by Minx for those of you planning some spooky Simmies of your own.

Much better as well from KaikoMikkusu – good work that Simmer, keep it up!


‘Smell The Flowers Before You Stomp On Them’

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Yes, The Mare’s Nest is gonna get all serious and stuffs.





Well if this gets at least one of you out there to get off your fat doughnut munching arses into taking some action, why not?

It’s been a week since over five hundred were injured and fifty eight shot dead (so far, give or take that from the five hundred injured it’s going to rise above that from the law of averages) – for no reason at all.

The worst firearms massacre in the history of the United States since Wounded Knee when the 7th Cavalry decided to get their revenge for Little Big Horn tragically slaughtered two hundred and ninety seven Lakota Sioux after a ‘misunderstanding’ about a rifle and Congress gave twenty of the murdering bastards unfortunate soldiers Medals of Honor.

Another day, another mass killing, another load of All American bullshit followed, and… nothing really changed, did it? As usual.

A week before the dreadful events in Las Vegas and his own problems, dear old Marilyn Manson once more pointed to the elephant in American’s sitting rooms, shortly before it took another king sized dump on the carpet – America’s obsession with the ‘right’ of its ordinary citizens to have access to almost any firearm they like as some sort of statement of the freedom they like to kid themselves they have, and myopia to the inevitable consequences of allowing girls and boys the access to such deadly toys.

It is a source of constant wonder that Americans fear Islamic terrorists coming to get them 24/7 when the biggest slaughterers of their citizenry are one another. It’s not as if it is a rare event. Almost daily, there is a spree shooting somewhere, with death tolls of above four so commonplace you could be mistaken for a nation in anarchy, rather than one which to all intensive purposes appears to have come to regard it as a hazard of modern living, judging by the blasé manner each fresh horror is treated.

On 10th September, nine were shot dead, one injured in Plano, Texas

On 24th August, there were four shot dead in Saint Louis. Three days earlier, another four had been shot dead in Whitakers, North Carolina.

Back on 5th July, another four in Madison, Maine; 15th June it was five in La Madera, New Mexico; the day before that, four in San Francisco.

On 5th June, six were shot dead in Orlando, Florida – a week away from the first anniversary of the previous year’s massacre of fifty that until yesterday was the record.

On 27th May, eight were shot dead in Bogue Chitto, Mississippi.

On 30th April, four once again, this time in Topeka, Kansas.

On 7th April, five were mass murdered in Chicago, while four were slaughtered in Saint Paul, Minnisota.

On 30th March, four were gunned down in Chicago; on 22nd March, five never came home in Rothschild, Wisconsin.

On 21st February, another four in Toomsuba, Mississippi – Cleveland tried getting in on the act the same day except all four of their victims were injured, to add to the five injured by another psycho the previous day. Mississippi chalked up another four gun graves on 9th February in the state capital of Jackson to go with the four deaths in Yazoo three days earlier.

On 6th January, five were murdered in cold blood and six injured in Fort Lauderdale.

Seventeen mass shootings chalking up at least four deaths apiece and the year isn’t even over.

♫ Some clown in Sacramento was dragged into court ♪
♪ He shot his lawnmower – it disobeyed, it wouldn’t start ♫
♫ Might makes right, it’s the American Way ♪
♪ They fined him $60 and sent him on his way ♫

Dead Kennedys: ‘A Child And His Lawnmower’

Cloverstardropper’s stamping ground in California is famous for amongst other things 39 year old Francis Karnes in the 1980s being hauled away by the police after the neighbours reporting shots after dark coming from his residence. As if mowing your lawn after sundown wasn’t barking enough (only members of R.E.M. are allowed to garden at night and get away with it.)

Maybe it is something to do with the frequent oppressive heat the city tends to suffer, but it is one of the worst for violent crime anywhere in the USA. Since 2014, they’ve chalked up fifteen spree killings (where at least four people were shot) resulting in twelve deaths and sixty nine injured.

Fifteen – in a city of just under half a million people.

Yet even though she’s a cop’s kid we’ll bet anything you like if you were to ask her to name any of the other spree shootings other than the one at the baby’s birthday party that made world headlines, the answer would be ‘derp!’ If you’ve fifteen in your own backyard, pretty hard to keep up.

In Britain we’ve only had Hungerford, Dunblane, Monkseaton (you’ve forgotten about that one already, haven’t you?) and Copeland Borough. Here’s the difference – after each one, our gun laws were tightened up. In the USA by contrast, they see nothing wrong with their citizens being in possession of over four hundred thousand registered machine guns and sub machine guns (never mind the unregistered ones) – more than most European nations have for their own armed forces.

Which brings us nicely to last Monday’s events where a retired millionaire decided to really raise the bar and not only kill fifty eight (so far), but injure a whopping five hundred – the sort of figures usually requiring the detonation of a bomb. The only real surprise considering how easy it is for any whackjob to gain access to lethal ordinance is that it took so long for anyone to reach triple figures.

Going back to Sacramento, it’s similar in population size to that of Antwerp, Leicester, Lyon or Nuremberg. Difference is, if you had the same going on in any of the latter, you could be damned sure the Belgian, British, French or German army would be patrolling the streets and ‘special measures’ (a euphamism for ‘utterly draconian force’) put in place for months on end.

In the U.S.A, behind the hysterical studied grief for the cameras and their Warholian fifteen minutes which they’ll milk dry for as long as possible (the public tribute, the charity appeal, the inevitable ‘foundation to raise awareness…’/’that we may all learn…’/’bring light in the dark…’), nothing – absolutely nothing – will be done to lessen the chances of it ever happening again, and the citizenry will continue to exercise their democratic right to blow each others heads off – ninety nine times out of a hundred over complete trivia or for the ‘fun’ of it.

[Especially this year where people have been killed over statues nobody cared a shit about for decades and only began doing so (amongst other things…) in reaction to realising that America’s first black president (with only a few months of his term left) was going to leave America’s blacks little better off than when he got in (quelle surprise!).

(Yes, some of those Confederate statues were financed by some pretty nasty people, but ever wondered why despite changing times and changing parties in charge of local government the statues stayed up? Or why it was Lee rather than Stonewall Jackson – the bigots favourite son – as opposed to ‘Mr Sell Out’ that was the favourite? Try brushing up on the motives behind America’s policy of isolationism from Old World conflicts since its founding, especially after its disastrous entry into World War One*** and the activities of the likes of Senator Gerald P. Nye and the Marine Corps General Smedley D. Butler, then you may wise up on the real intent behind allowing and keeping those statues *** …]

The U.S. is a nation with some bloody big problems at home, most of them solved by other nations half a century ago. In a so-called democracy***, it’s almost beyond belief that the vast majority of its citizenry are more interested in domestic trivia than solving major problems crying out for attention – not least of all its trigger-happy tendencies and general anger-management issues. Next time around, it might be five hundred killed instead of being ‘only’ wounded and ‘only’ fifty eight killed (as one moron Stateside has already put it). What will the excuse be then?

It seems almost ingrained into the American psyche that there is this ‘right’ to be given the capacity to brutalise one another if one choses – and those who do are glorified for it. Penalties for doing so, yes, but the more that society creates people with nothing to lose and/or little to stop them until the damage has been done, the more these events are going to happen on ever increasing scales as each new spree shooter plans to beat the ‘record’ set by the last.

Are ordinary Americans really going to sit around and wait for that to happen before coming to their senses? The horrible feeling from our perspective is that even if it did, judging by the reaction Stateside to events, nothing will get done, until such times as – in Marilyn Mansun’s words – Americans learn to smell the flowers before they stomp on them.

*** 53,402 in only two hundred days of actual combat. The remaining 63,114 were due to Spanish Flu. In other words approximately 267 ‘Pilsbury Dough Boys’ and ‘Fly Boys’ died daily: 3 500 of those died on the last day of the war when American soldiers were forced into a pointless attack on Stenay in Lorraine because they were miles away from the nearest allied held town and General John J. Pershing wanted to have a bath – consider that the next time you consider that evil old prick a ‘hero’….)

*** Ironically, the main reason the statues had an impact on the American public was in reminding them less about the horrific death toll of the Civil War than of the callous treatment most survivors on both sides faced afterwards from civic authorities who adopted a policy of ‘let’s all just forget about it and move on, shall we?’ – one of the excuses for putting up so many statues fifty years later was to rectify this collective amnesia they’d done so much to foster!

*** it isn’t, you keep party affiliation registers for ‘primaries’ available for anyone to view and then wonder why electoral ward boundaries subsequently get gerrymandered – ironically it’s mostly the old Confederate states which scrapped the practice – and in the case of Georgia outlawed – to ensure ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ would not be compromised)