EA_Lanna Falls Victim To Bracknell’s Law

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Okay, this one is brilliant! EA_Lanna – the gift that keeps on giving!

Remember the following post we made earlier in the week?

Well EA_Lanna went back to the post in question…

… and still seems to believe that we are currently in 2019, or simply can’t count!

Whatever the case, you know what applies.

As does this:

What A State They Got Themselves In

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Yes, it’s still polls, polls, polls over on the EA forum:

What on earth is Berginon on about? Favourite life state? Where’s ‘intoxicated’ or ‘in orgasm’?

Cwaddell prefers to be drawing blood (just like her lookalike in Heartbeat!) whilst Dreamerz13’s preferences are fairy ’nuff:

Igazor as ever turned up, and we wondered which of these he was talking about when he spoke of Alpha Fairies?

Okay Igazor, so which of these is an alpha fairy?

Is it this?


Or is it this lot again?


CravenLestat hasn’t kept a ghost called Lolita in his game? Okay, who is this imposter and what has he done with the real CravenLestat?

Mikezumi claims she doesn’t want her Simmies to have special abilities.

Considering the male ones spend so much time wandering around with perma-wardrobe malfunctions, we’re surprised ‘impervious to the cold’ isn’t high on her list.

TadOlson likes to rotate the life states in TadOlson’s game.

TadOlson also likes to have TadOlson’s game heavily modded. TadOlson may have mentioned this before, perhaps once or twice times a billion.

Goulsquash was far more subtle, with the pun of the thread:

‘Strangetown was my jam’ – yes, we see what you did there!


LyricSimz15 (aka Eclipse The Simmer) Introduces THAT Topic To The ‘We Care’ Thread

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Knew this one had to appear at some stage:

You need to handle this with tact and diplomacy…

… ah, screw that! Go for the Bookygirl method.

‘Hey Granny and Gramps, guess what? I’m gay as f**k! Problem, piss kegs? Bear in mind I could be all that stands between mum and dad sticking you in a home once you both become gaga, so ya know, no pressure there, tick-tock-tick-tock…’


Rosemow’s advice made us despair:

Okay, have you been paying attention over the last two years? All those grandparents in Britain and the U.S. going ‘screw our children and grandchildren – let’s vote for Brexit and Trump!’ The days of grandparents as human teddy bears smelling of lavender and mothballs is dead: the wrinkly old f**kers have gone gangsta.

Away from this, OminousFlare posted up what has to be one of the most fatuous problems we think even this thread has ever encountered.

That’s it? That’s your problem? Succeeding at a video game? Goats and monkeys, there’s people on here with real problems – real life and death problems you freaking snowflake!

Such as… (no prizes for guessing who!)

MadameLee’s dad hiding The Good And Very Sharp Knife – and making her do the salad in the unsafe spot of the dining table?


For those of you unaware, The Good And Very Sharp Knife is to Canadians as legendary a weapon as the Vorpal Blade or King Arthur’s Excalibur. Without it, the security of Canada’s supply of Kraft Dinners could be compromised. We live in troubled times.

Looks like Crazy Anne’s simply going to have to face there’s someone in the universe that’s even more bonkers than herself!


Jeansoo Wants To Know What Love Is (Well She Is A Foreigner…)

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The difference between ‘hopelessly romantic’ and ‘flirty’?

It’s the difference, honey, between being just a fan and being a player.

(Say in the style of Aretha Franklin in ‘The Blues Brothers’ movie for maximum effect. Yes, with one or two hands on your hips)

This post is sponsored by CravenLestat and Mikezumi.


Simguru EA_Lanna Is Our Lazy Bumnugget Of The Week!

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You know what a tough strenuous job it is being a Simguru, so much so that sometimes they have to get eight of them to do the job of one with no guarantee they will be able to fix matters.

With that in mind, spare a thought for poor EA_Lanna as she goes through her busy week:

The very next day, she’s got another necroed thread to deal with:

Good grief, is that really what tlc10175 looks like?

All those words above to type out again!

What’s a girl to do when she’d be much more gainfully employed looking up the latest offers from Primark online or ordering pizza for the posse?

Fear not – cut and paste is your friend!


Just remember to change the year the thread was originally posted properly when you change the number of years ago it was, otherwise it does look a little bit obvious what you’ve done!

Simomania Scumbag Stephen Westwood AKA Wittylady Now Masquerading as Margo Ringla And Campaigning Against The Great BBC Brexit Conspiracy!

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One unwelcome rat who poked his/her/its head out of the dustbin last year was the person behind 2012’s attempted ‘supertroll’ forum Simomania (created with undue haste to replace the previous ‘supertroll’ forum Simmering Sims after it imploded when their organised troll expeditions on the EA forum were exposed almost before they started, whereupon almost all of them left unhinged owner Pepperbutt to be hung out to dry whilst they decided to go down the Alexurt road of buying friends via the EA Store whilst continuing to carry on like the little shits all the money in the world wasn’t going to change.

To quickly recap, it didn’t take long for them all to start falling out with one another (as Aarin’s Jazz-Hands demonstrated, you fill a forum with trolls and nothing else, soon you get bumnugget eats bumnugget!) and the whole thing soon imploded, so we left matters at that.

But when one of them started trying to rewrite history two years later, we decided to reveal what we’d discovered about them at the time leaving a lot of Simmers looking rather silly at being so easily taken in for the sake of a few digital gifts. Heck, we sure as hell weren’t going to stop them spending money they didn’t have trying to buy a virtual online gang of supporters.

(That said, we did feel sorry when years later Jimmysnan found herself unable to afford buying treatment for her husband’s illness because she’d squandered so much money in the EA forum’s gifting section. For two minutes.)

That appeared to be that, with the only one of them left being MadameLee, the token ‘victim’ in their camp and harmless enough (even if she at times drives us all up the wall, she has her moments where she’s good value unintentionally with her eccentricity…), having backed yet another lost cause although still nothing quite on the scale of the ‘legend’ which was Sims3Rich’s Comrades in all their glory.

But last year there was stirrings in a certain Twitter account…

Now unfortunately for Wittylady, we had spotted something rather familiar on another website the previous year…

Hmmm, that picture looks familiar!

So, Stephen Westwood was still up to his old tricks, pretending to be a woman called Margo Ringla (so now he’s pretending to be originating from Sweden instead of South Africa? Or is it from the former Soviet Union? Who knows? Who cares! It’s his fantasy after all…)

And old Margo has been a rather busy Wittylady over the last year, posting on a number of bonkers websites about how biased the BBC are and why the licence fee needs to be scrapped:

Yes, it’s all a huge conspiracy, isn’t it?

Now remind us again, how much airtime does the United Kingdom Independence Party still receive in comparison to say the Green Party which has far more members, more councillors and dare we suggest more MPs as well?


This website in question is run by a bunch of bullshitters called News-Watch, who try to make money pandering to the prejudices of Britain’s far right nutters and ‘traditional’ (read ‘melt down the poor for glue’) elements of the Conservative Party, in particular the belief that the BBC is part of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy to brainwash the world for the Learned Elders of Zion, or the Illuminati, or Lord Voldermort or something.

(Once upon a time Wall Street and the Kremlin were all part of this conspiracy, but after the collapse of Communism they quietly dropped that because it made them look even sillier than they already were…)

You know folks what they say about a man – even a man pretending to be a woman – is known by the company they keep.

Never mind – with the mention of those three magic letters, there’s only one thing to do at a time like this.

Hit it, Brothers Mael!

And let’s have the Motiv8 version just for a change!


LilyJosephine’s Miner’s Cove – Almost A Good Idea

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Look, we really tried to like this one.

Novel gaming worlds are a rare breed, and especially so where the creator has at least attempted to put a bit of landscaping in rather than leaving it all as flat as the bloody Netherlands (and for the benefit of our American readers that is a country in Europe where Anne Frank came from, not Peter Pan).

Yes, they have put together the whole theme of it being an abandoned mining area well with a modest spread of abandoned inaccessible buildings (which would be the case with any other old mining property – as anyone living in Britain or Belgium will testify).

But that’s just it – outside of that the place is peppered with about half a dozen 10 x 10 lots which are of little use to anyone – there’s one 20 x 20 that can be cleared out for a farm of sorts but that’s about it.

It’s not so much the case that LilyJosephine from Mod The Sims hasn’t tried hard enough – more the case she’s tried a little too hard withouth thinking it through. We could see someone using this place for storytelling screenshots, but that’s about it. Would there be that many buildings on an island occupied solely for a mine anyway – would there not more likely be some sort of communal living building for the workforce? And why no jetty for boats, or at least a helipad?


Anyway, for any of you interested, here’s where to dig it up.