PollySim Puts The Kettle On – Time Jazzers Smelled The Coffee!

Published 17th March 2010

We’ve held back on this post for several days to let those at Jazz Hands sort things out between themselves if need be (part of our policy of ‘radio silence’ if we think our immediate notification of events may have a detrimental effect).

Since then however there’s been nothing. So be it.

It all started last week with Reesaroo coming back to an old topic:

Haven’t you done this one before?

We’d suspicions that Reesaroo was a victim of bullying herself once. You see, people that have been in such situations, when confronted by the same situation happening to others invariably tend to react in one of three ways: they either steer clear of the trouble, or – as in Reesaroo’s case, court the bullies for safety to ensure they don’t get picked on next – what’s known in the trade as a ‘Me Too’.

What we personally call them we’re far too polite to say.

There’s also the third case, back the victim – but they are a rare breed.

But to find two of Type 2 in the same place, well – sadly, common as hedge sparrows in today’s world:

This little revelation proved to be rather intriguing when taking into account what we posted on Thursday night, and the timing couldn’t have been better if we’d paid them.

So the same VintageLydia who said she didn’t give a shit about what the Hands On Neck Foundation scum did and how rotten it was of us taking those involved to task about it is someone that was in the same position of being inside such a jeering circle herself.

You are more to be pitied than scolded.

Utterly no surprises though over the next revelation:

If there’s one thing that’s more pathetic than a bully, it’s their excuses – ‘most of the cases I’ve been involved in I didn’t even know about’ – in other words you’ve a track record in the real world a mile long, same as in the Simmers world. What a big f**king surprise there, eh?

Here’s a reality check: 99% of people are involved in ZERO incidences.

SabsyRina, you’ve been involved in dozens of incidents, are guaranteed to be there egging things on the moment anything kicks off over on the EA Forum, and are swift enough to suddenly declare friends of yesterday’s enemies (Comrade Rich, Windsor Erick, etc, etc) out of a moment’s temporary expedience at the drop of the hat if there’s any more aggro that can be squeezed out of an incident.

Oh, and there’s also been your laughable attempts to guess the password into our site, night after night sometimes.

You didn’t know some of the security features you can get with WordPress? Oh dear, should have spent a bit more time on your blog, shouldn’t you, you dipwad!

You might have learned something, including all the lovely little widgets available such as those recording the IP and location of those making failed log-in attempts. Very handy.

Some may be suckered into sympathy from SabsyRina’s PMed sob-stories of her home life – the clichéd basket-case gambit straight out of a Johnny Cash number to ‘justify’ unjustifiable behaviour (ironically, plenty will only ‘like’ her for the ‘entertainment’ value such revelations bring, but then there are some that can’t tell the difference between compassion and voyeurism).

But there are plenty out there with dying loved ones, facing operations they know they may never wake up from, repossession of their home, progressive blindness (a girl called Aarin – strangely enough – and a bloody good sort she is too) and sundry other such real life traumas to whom the shallow ‘problems’ of some archetypal First World egocentric teenage spoilt-brat seeing other people purely as toys to use and abuse for her own fleeting amusement as not amounting to a molehill of beans. The vast majority of Simmers have had her and her tagalongs up to here.

Harsh? The proof in the pudding is the abject failure of first Cakeface and now Playermarko’s Autour Monde Le Sims. Put SabsyRina in charge of anything, and people avoid it like the plague because she’s built herself a reputation of being a vile piece of work synonymous with flame-wars – and that’s got nothing to do with anyone else but herself. It’s not that she doesn’t know when she’s doing wrong – she simply doesn’t care. Thankfully people have now grown wise to her as someone completely untrustworthy.

Of course, those familiar with Jazz-Hands by now will know these type of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ posts – one where everything has two meanings. In this instance, you’re counting down the time until some reference to us crops up. You see, in the topsy-turvy world outlook of Jazz-Hands, there’s nothing wrong with members not merely bitching, but organising bullying against others or wrecking sprees on other boards that had displeased them – however anyone who names and shames such behaviour (ie. us!) is guilty of ‘bullying’ them!

Now perhaps Reesaroo’s early reference to the National Crime Prevention Council – make ‘sense’, insofar as anything this lot do ever does. They’ve tried this veiled legal threat line with us before – as then, our response is, ‘anytime, @rsewipes!’ – the prospect of a day in court at their expense so the tabloids can hear about how a shower of 30-something bored housewives orchestrated a cyber-bullying campaign against a 16 year old girl delights us no end.

Reading MakeItWork322’s studied hand-wringing about ‘the problem of cyberbullying’ would have raised incredulous eyebrows with anyone familiar with her bile from her Vox blog, and especially her posts within those blogs thinking themselves safe behind a cloak of anonymity (ho ho ho Chyla!).

It would also have raised harsh laughs with the readers of a certain other blog she and her mates attempted to harass last year for not thinking as they did. ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’, eh?

But most of all, it will raise laughs with those remembering our ‘get a grip’ post where Reesaroo, SabsyRina, MakeItWork322, 2Anna2002 and co were proclaiming the virtues of going on the Omegle chat board to – wait for it – flame and troll.

The best however, was yet to come:

‘Disingenuinely painting a series of events to garner attention from those too lazy to read the original posts’.

Hmmm, wonder who he’s referring to? Bad timing, old boy!

If there was not already the irony of Jazz-Hands own genesis being thanks to a series of events caused by Aarin indulging in exactly what Zhivan decries, there was the fact his post – doubtlessly with Vintage Lydia’s spindoctoring around the web on the Tussy scandal in mind – came out exactly the same moment as we were serving Teapot and the rest of those Jazz Hands jackasses over the Tussy affair on a plate by posting up the whole damn thread for people to see for themselves – cue one very embarrassed silence from Vintage Lydia since!

It was one of those moments that made us think maybe all those notions of ‘synchonicity’ and ‘cosmic karma’ have something in them after all.

The trouble is Zhivan turns the Nelson’s Eye towards anyone on Jazz-Hands being boorish whether on or off board – the ‘my friends, right or wrong’ ingrained mentality that’s put them in their current rut.

However, there were signs of some cracks:

It would be easy to point out that this came a few hours after those on Jazz-Hands were aware of the ‘Happy Now, VintageLydia?’ post here – but there has been a growing impatience amongst some on Jazz Hands towards Lawertend/Lawlerface’s posts of late, his flippancy and insistence on getting the last word when he’s got something wrong along ‘whatever, maaaan!’ lines wearing thin.

In his defence, it has to be said that any group with a misanthropic component to it will invariably turn on itself once they’re run out of ‘enemies’ outside the group to bind them. As we’ve said, that self-destruct component that’s cost them so dearly over the last 7 months.

But then came the thermonuclear strike almost a day later – one most familiar with Jazz-Hands thought we’d never live to see:

There’s been damned few posts on Jazz-Hands written as eloquently, probably none of such importance to that forum and its future.

Right in Aarin’s back yard, in the forum founded primarily along the myth of their own (and especially Aarin’s) ‘purity’ and exemption from all criticism by ‘lesser beings’, in the middle of another round of reinforcing that collective self-delusion, PollySim – one of the founding members of Jazz-Hands – stood up and read out their own consciences right out loud to them.

Before this, the only time a member of Jazz-Hands had ever denounced another for their off-board behaviour was (ironically) Reesaroo taking that evil piece of work Lipgloss telling people how to circumvent the swear filters on the EA Forum and looking for a round of applause for it** (strangely enough, he/she/it never appeared on Jazz-Hands again, but it was certainly no coincidence that the atmosphere in the place grew a whole less poisonous when Lipgloss vanished – and good riddance to bad rubbish!)

**a matter which incidentally took us completely by surprise, and had us wondering whether Reesaroo had been the source of some e-mails coming our way at that time giving us invaluable info on matters behind the scenes, without which, etc, etc. We soon discovered it couldn’t possibly have been her – and that long ceased source remains unknown to us other than it being from someone in the USA – but it certainly would have been one hell of a twist to events!

This however was way above and beyond that.

PollySim was not merely speaking about Jix2993 and the Hands on Neck Foundation disgrace – she was speaking about seven months worth of continued madness thereafter all for the sake of refusing to accept that a fortnight’s worth of bullying against a 16 year old girl was inexcusable.

She deserves not merely our own meagre applause, but that of every decent Simmer out there that has witnessed the venom on the EA Forum and other forums/blogs where blinkered ‘Aarinites’ have bullied and baited anyone they saw as an ‘enemy’ – in short anyone that dared to say their behaviour was a downright bloody disgrace.

Only one posted a reply to Polly, the rest simply avoided it either by silence or like Moryrie by topic changing. But it encapsulated the mindset PollySim’s told them they need to break.

When you read MakeItWork322 making a statement such as ‘it’s not just that I have a personal vendetta against her’ (referring to Jix2993), you realise the sort of lunacy PollySim is up against – hatred against someone they know nothing about.

For the love of God, what the hell had Jix2993 ever done against anyone to warrant any of this sustained hatred? The answer is a 16 year old girl that dared to take to task a woman over twice her age when The Lord Goddess Aarin Almighty had one of her little hissy fits – in this instance over being asked by Jix2992 if Chaos Mod Painting was worth downloading!

For that, Jix2993 gets treated like she’s the bloody Antichrist for seven months continuous by those either hero-worshipping or with a ‘cyber-crush’ on Aarin – and in turn the protagonists wonder why most of the Simmers world has turned against them as despicable bullies few would care less if any of them dropped dead tomorrow?

Does it still need to be pointed out how bloody stupid, evil and sickening this has all been – an absolute gift to any detractors of Sims players as those with the social skills and reality grasp of a Simon Quinlank that’s had his flask of Weak Lemon Drink spiked with LSD!

But one of the saddest, sickest ironies is MakeItWork322’s rearranging of her own memory to fit events. Aarin’s blog – Aarin’s Spectacles – was centre to the whole baiting of Jix2993, as we’ve documented, and well she knows it.

But here’s the twist: MakeItWork322 was the one out of all the original protagonists that turned round and told Grammar King, Shadow/iSirius, SabsyRina, Lipgloss, TheRealDeal, Velcroshoes, etc that things had gone far too far and to stop baiting Jix2993 – and that includes the whole Hands on Neck Foundation, which she knows damned well was nothing about making a ‘joke’ and everything about exacerbating the venom against Jix2993.

(See the ‘Bring Back Aarin’ Proves Counterproductive’ section of the following page for elaboration)

When Aarin was permabanned a week later from the EA Forum (as we said, much to do with those running it wanting rid of someone that was now far more trouble than they were worth), MakeItWork322 along with Maddy444 (the original defender of Jix2993 against Aarin and her toadies – the other great irony) went completely over-the-top in decrying it and was permabanned by draconian EA moderators for their trouble as they were wishing to show they meant business. MakeItWork322 made a Bring Back Aarin signature that all pledged to use on the EA Forum in solidarity. But none did – fearing being banned as she had been for speaking out. Even the Hands on Neck Foundation signatures vanished overnight.

In order to justify her ‘sacrifice’ – her permaban from the EA Forum – MakeItWork322 needs to believe that her speaking out against Jix2993’s treatment never happened – else she paid the price for many others bad behaviour, rather than it being ‘all Jix’s fault’.

The telling line is ‘Do I regret some of the things I did? Yes. Do I feel like I made a child’s life miserable? No. Jix seemed to be doing pretty well for herself.’ The classical cynical twist of reality in a bully – that the victim brought it all on herself. It is clear that the only regret MakeItWork322 has in her one-dimensional view of the world is that Jix2993 ‘won’.

There was no victory in those events on the official Sims forum that gave the Simmers world a massive public black eye which Aarin and her ilk did their uttermost to ensure never healed.

MakeItWork322’s cynical wish for private communication to anyone she’d offended publicly is symptomatic of exactly the sort of ‘cloak and dagger’ behaviour that’s marked those on Jazz-Hands out for derision as a locker-room clique of perpetual schemers to liven up their bored little lives. Who the hell would wish to privately communicate with someone publicly baiting them as part of a mob anyway?

And frankly, seven months down the line – it’s far too late.

You damn well do know Moryrie, you damn well do.

But PollySim’s post marks the first time – in seven months of excuses and revisionism at Jazz-Hands or by its members elsewhere – that anyone there has stood up and cried out ‘Enough! Something better change, and it had better change now!’

Maybe even Aarin realises it – a forum that began with pretensions of ‘replacing’ the EA board seven months down the line finds it can count its regulars in one hand and whose members have admitted to feeling ‘lost’ when the EA board was down – particularly those like Lawlerface and SabsyRina whose moth-flittering interest in Jazz-Hands never amounted to anything else than it being seen as the home of the ‘bad kids’ – something that was always going to work against it in the end, and now redundant in a forum rendered irrelevant by the size of its active membership.

Of those with a more permanent presence: Zhivan, Reesaroo, MakeItWork322 remain because they burned their boats to the Cult of Aarin and left themselves effectively with nowhere left to go (unless you call trolling dirty old men on Omegle an ‘option’!). Then there’s the others that simply have walked away like Vietgirl because they’ve nothing left to say any more in a forum with nothing to say. Finally, there’s those like PollySim that quite simply have slowly tired of a place that active membership of which means a tonne of baggage to live down with it wherever she goes.

The difference is that PollySim remains – for now. The last two sentences of her post sound ominously like a farewell unless things change. But without the likes of PollySim, things never will – so we hope she toughs it out.

For MakeItWork322, Reesaroo, VintageLydia and Zhivan it’s now time to show whether they are people of their word or of straw.

For those reading on without comment like Aarin, Moryrie and Mcrashlee, likewise. No excuses. No changing of the subject.

For as things remain, PollySim stands alone as what soul Jazz-Hands possesses.

Will any others – without reservation, clauses or exceptions – have the guts to stand up and say, ‘PollySim, you’re right. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves. It’s time to put things right.’?

More to the point, will they do it on Jazz-Hands?

For that’s where all this has to end.

Postscript: 11th September 2010

Events proved that the above was to be the last chance Jazz-Hands and its members ever had of making a fresh start. What followed was the usual array of revisionism where events were everyone else’s fault but their own – although one member rounded on Aarin for treating the whole business as a joke – the irony was that once more it was Reesaroo.

PollySim never got to read any of it – for she never returned to Jazz-Hands ever again, the only one of its founding members – indeed the only one of its members – to ever speak out against the manner in which they’d mistreated fellow Simmers.

Five months later Jazz-Hands folded.