Poor Maddy444, with ‘friends’ like these, she doesn’t need enemies!

As you are aware, the perma-ban on Maddy444 was lifted over at Insane Sims largely after the duplicitous Sims3Rich/InsaneGuruChill was shamed into revoking it when the truth was revealed here at The Mare’s Nest.

It did have the unfortunate by-product of bringing our quiet little corner of the world to wider notice, but such is the price one must occasionally pay to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. A thank you from Maddy444 would have been nice (lest we remind her that without our help, she’d still be banned and vilified from the IS board), of course, but blessed are they who expect no gratitude – they shall never be disappointed!

However, it seems that poor Maddy444’s woes are far from over, judging by her seldom used blog:

maddy444 stabbed again1

Now where exactly did this originate from? From Gossip Girl Sims3 – where else:

maddy444 stabbed again2Those familiar will know that posts from those in sky blue colouring are from actual members: those in black can be from anyone. Even so, you would have to be pretty dumb not to realise that the CheckAgain post is one of the many ‘yellow’ posts on the board by anonymous contributers (largely Shadow and Lipgloss, by their own admission) aimed at baiting regular contributer Check.

This is the picture in question:

maddy444 stabbed again3

You will remember we printed up the erased posts of Maddy444 and Nice Long Sleep from the Insane Sims board when – amongst other things – both made plain their objection to Sims3Rich/InsaneGuruChill’s inviting Shadow to join after being perma-banned yet again from the Sims3 official board.

As such, there are two main suspects for this childish drivel:  Shadow, and of course the remaining ‘Gurus’ of the Insane Sims board, who suddenly found themselves with a lot of explaining to do to those they’d lied to about why Maddy444 had been expelled and why there had been so much scrubbing of past posts (‘it was an accident’  – oh, sure!). If there were two people with a bone to pick with both Maddy444 and Nice Long Sleep, it’s them.

It’s what happened next that makes the finger of suspicion point firmly in one – and only one – direction:

Let’s return to Maddy444’s blog, in particular the comments section:

maddy444 stabbed again4

Yes, you will have noticed that the only person to have posted the same day Maddy444 made this initial post on the matter was Shadow.

Now Maddy444 seldom – if ever – uses her Vox blog, as her lack of entries betrays. In fact, usually she does so only regarding slights pertaining to herself.

So why was Shadow so quick on the draw to post at a place with such little history of any activity at all? Certainly not his usual pattern of behaviour – he has to have an audience, as his Chicken Licken routine all over the net upon discovering this site’s existence showed. Why not post at Gossip Girl Sims3 as per usual – and where the offending post was made?

Perhaps because to do so at GGSims3 might have looked too obvious: begging the question that he was keeping an eye on her Vox blog on the off-chance she may post there and present him with a safer option. But why should Maddy444 post there anyway – unless Shadow knew she would have good reason to.

Of course, there’s also the small matter that such a post claiming that it was the work of Check on the Gossip Girl Sims3 blog would have been shot down by the real Check in due course – and possibly by that site’s owner, who will of course have a copy of the IP address of everyone that’s posted on their site, and who may have noticed a certain two posts matching the same IP.

Another very strange piece of behaviour from Shadow was copying the offending origin of the material and posting it up as a Tinypics image? Shadow has demonstrated no qualms in the past with posting up links to sites – especially Gossip Girl Sims3 which Maddy444 so often has frequented?

So why do so now, unless the intent was specifically to show him using Tinypics and remove hopefully any idea from anyone’s mind the notion that the Imageshack account used to post the yellow picture was one he’d hastily created the same day?

You will notice that Shadow makes the same ludicrous claims twice on this little used blog site of Maddy444’s, that it was Check that was responsible, and that Check is also Nice Long Sleep; despite the anonymous Check’s American style of spelling and grammar on GGSims3, as opposed to the latter’s English style of grammar and spelling across several forums.

In fact, Shadow seems to be at some pains in two posts to stress that this is who is responsible, with not a shred of evidence to back up either claim other than the offending picture being saved online as ‘nlsmaddy’ – hardly a smoking gun when anyone could save the picture under that name. Why draw so much attention to such flimsy ‘proof’, unless they are the words of a guilty conscience trying to deflect attention?

The matter of the wording used in the picture certainly points to a North American origin, and not someone from the UK, thanks to one howler. British people would not say ‘basement’ – we would use the word ‘cellar’, eg. ‘the wine cellar’, etc.

For the record:

maddy444 stabbed again5

Why would Shadow say it’s Nice Long Sleep anyway? The answer lies back in a post he made during Aarin/HoNF’s bullying of Jix2993 months ago, in which he pointed out that Shadow had posted 28 times in one day baiting Jix2993:

maddy444 stabbed again6

This post has appeared in clipped format around the net from various sources primarily as something to wallop Shadow with as part of his long history of disgraceful behaviour online (a use Nice Long Sleep has in fact shown strong disapproval of on the official forum). No wonder Shadow holds a grudge.

And kiddies, you will remember who also turned up in this same thread having a go at the people being nasty to Jix2993:

"Blessed are the peacemakers - they shall be perma-banned whilst the trolls get off Scot-Free"

"Blessed are the peacemakers - they shall be perma-banned whilst the trolls get off Scot-Free"

Yes, Maddy444! Things become a little clearer now, don’t they?

So…who would have not just one motive, but two for getting at the pair of them, and then try to give one of them the blame for it?

And this is someone Sims3Rich/InsaneGuruChill finds fit to be one of his board’s moderators.

One is known by the company one keeps. And anyone who keeps the company of a scheming, evil little shit like Shadow, clearly only ever happy when trying to stir up trouble, deserves all the aggrivation that comes with such associations. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.