The January Fortnightmare: What Ruthless_kk And Those Running The Simmers Society DON’T Want You To Read

Here’s our response to the revelations printed on AE’s Blog Of Everything last Thursday. This includes some new material for all of you.

When The Mare’s Nest started in September 2009, it was to act as a counter to the malevolence apparant within the Sims world at that time.

For one and a half years now we’ve found ourselves doing very much the ‘dirty work’ of the Simming world, largely it appears so others could have their cake and eat it. Someone else to take on the trolls, the bullies, the con-artists and the  morons so they could remain smelling of lavender with everyone else.

No wonder they spoke of us as ‘evil’ – there’s nothing so uncomfortable to the snakes-in-the gress as an honest tale out in the open for all the world to read, when they are double-dealing and regularly sticking the knives in the backs of their ‘friends’.

The recent business over Ruthless_kk proving to be a two-faced, lazy backstabbing bitch to the rest of the Simming community other than her small array of sycophants we thought honestly could not get much worse.

But it did.

Were they remotely sorry about their actions? Hardly.

As the further revelations from AE’s Site Of Everything on what they were saying in Flip This Lot showed, the only thing they were sorry for in the days after this mess was themselves.

They certainly had a rather warped view of how most people’s minds work.

Yes, once they see how ‘talented you are’, they’ll forget all about you insulting them.

It may come as a shock to Ruthless_kk’s system, but most people’s feelings aren’t ‘bought off’ because of how someone manipulates pixels. Most people aren’t that shallow. Try getting out more.

So Linday, moderator of The Simmers Society, what exactly was unneccesary? Revealing Ruthless_kk duplicity? Or is what you really mean is that she’s the God given right to wipe her feet over ‘lesser’ Simmers in your eyes?

What really disgusted us was that their response to the revelations was not to perhaps apologise to anyone or make amends, but make a bad situation for themselves even worse.

How much worse?

About as bad it it gets.

Ruthless_KK and Her Mates Plot To Implicate J M Pescado In Fake Scandal AND Misuse Her Position Of Trust As An EA Forum Moderator To Post FAKE Information On Upcoming EA Products

Out came the revelations from xXAngelicEvilXx’s blog last Thursday night that the same ones boo-hooing in public about us hanging them out to dry and mouthing off about the ‘morality’ of it all – amidst much self-congratulation dressed as rationalisation that it was all down to ‘jealousy’ at their ability to manipulate computer pixels – were in fact plotting to post up a pack of complete lies about another Sims community creator – J M Pescado – whose efforts if they are honest far outstrip their own (even if they’re far from our cup of tea) – in the hope we’d post it and to blazes with the damage it would do to Pescado’s reputation and embarrassment it may cause him.

Hypocrisy writ large.

Read on, again taken from their Flip This Lot chat and originally revealed on AE’s Site Of Everything.

So because Ruthless_kk and her mates Sparkle, Alli and SimEve got butthurt over being hung out to dry over her bitching at EA forum members and admitting to using us to do her job of monitoring the EA forum instead of using her eyes, they decided they were going to teach us a lesson by creating a fake scandal about J M Pescado (Awesome Mod, More Awesome Than You/Paysites Must Be Destroyed , etc) and post about it on their Flip This Lot chatbox in the hope we’d take the bait and post about it.

And to hell with what effect it might have on their victim.

No, not us – we mean J M Pescado. He’s the one they were going to lie about. Doubtless The Sims Resource would have had a field day over it, and even when it was revealed to be false, there would be no guarantee that people would be so quick to set the record straight regarding an enemy.

Question is, why pick on J M Pescado in particular – the date of their plotting starting on 7th January, long before our recent post on Awesome Mod – instead of one of the plentiful array of trolls and attention whores we’ve crossed swords with over the last year and a half? The only answer appears to be they’d scores to settle with him and wanted us to do their dirty work for them. What they may be we don’t know and frankly don’t care, but ‘settling scores’ seems to be a running theme concerning that lot these days.

But there is a very serious side to all this as far as EA are concerned. J.M. Pescado runs a site that quite blatantly helps people download Sims 3 store content for free. An EA Sims 3 forum moderator has now been caught out trying to set up a smear operation against him. To anyone with a bone to pick with EA, this is like every Christmas rolled into one.

Just to crown it, Ruthless_kk also moots posting up ficticious information about a bogus upcoming EP, seeking to misuse the trust that goes with her position as an EA forum moderator to attempt to deliberately mislead others about future EA Sims 3 products for the sake of pursuing a butthutt grudge.

In both instances, Ruthless_kk is the instigator, and we’ll be interested to see how EA Sims 3 forum staff reacts this time to behaviour by one of their ‘candy stripers’ that has a direct reflection on the company as a whole.

Had she even apologised after her initial insulting behaviour, most could have moved on – instead of which she compounds the offence with something even worse.

So Simgurus, what is going to be your response?

Or are you seriously suggesting by silence that Ruthless_kk’s position as an EA forum moderator is tenable after this?

Infamy, Infamy, They’re All Got It In For Me!

Having been caught out back on 7th January, Ruthless_kk decided to twist the facts to make it sound that there was some sort of ‘grand conspiracy’ at The Mare’s Nest against her.


Our only comment about Ruthless_kk becoming a moderator was to criticise the hypocrisy of those rushing to congratulate her considering the circumstances, not the appointment itself. That post was on 9th October 2010.

Yes, we had made a post regarding FidlerTen’s post at The Simmers Society complaining about the Workshop thread being removed – in which we posted up the two strands of thought doing the rounds:

1. a moderator taking the hump at FidlerTen and abusing their position for revenge, pointing out there had been a number of new moderators (note the plural).

2. Another of EA’s attempted ‘improvements’ going SNAFU yet again.

To which we plummed for, ‘We’re offering Evens odds on the latter.’

Don’t blame us if you lot can’t read!

Another little mindgame stunt done by Ruthless_kk as part of trying to play the victimhood card to escape censure was that old one of claiming fear of fictitious scenarios of things that might be done to her, thereby making it as hurtful to her as if it had been done.

For example:

This isn’t merely a case of being economical with the truth (in the strict sense of the phrase), it’s also downright offensive. We posted up IPs along with a number of other blogs over the summer when a number of Sims 3 chatboxes (CBox, Xat, etc) were coming under sustained attack by a group of malicious little s**ts determined to ruin everyone else’s fun by trolling en masse ad infinitum. Sims Nation, Sims Sanctuary, and the blogs of Furyred, Jessamine, Sunnisweety, Vidkid20 and all of those connected to the Crazies found themselves targetted (to name but a few off the top of our heads – with people in different timezones, often the wreckers would wait until they knew the blogger in question had gone to bed before wrecking havoc), and as the target switched from a day to day basic (after being banned from one they would simply move to another) the only workable solution to the problem was by posting up offending IPs so that chatbox users could block them off before they appeared.

As for posting someone’s real name, that happened twice, thanks to the people involved posting up their names on their blog headers and/or front page intros.

We’ll be generous and say that Ruthless_kk may be getting her stories mixed up (then again, this is the second one – so Bracknell’s Law applies), as one of the two aforementioned bloggers did post up someone’s IP for the fun of it (nb. we did not post the said IP – there was no justification for doing so) as part of a long running spat between two warring factions that had wanted to be ‘cocks of the walk’ as far as the Sims world was concerned – both of which are now thankfully finished with the more civilised elements remaining to appear amongst us every now and again.

Was The Mysterious Pringle Impersonator Ruthless_KK?

If we’d really wanted to make a job of Ruthless_kk, then we could have done so during the following post on the 15th October last year, which mentioned someone that was trying to impersonate Pringle (badly).

We were never going to reveal this – as we’d time for Ruthless_kk and knew it would really dump her in the do-dah (everyone’s entitled to one moment of supreme bumnuggerty) – but now here’s a little something we’ve all kept quiet about since October, the first communication from the mystery Pringle impersonator.

Now here was a funny thing. The first communication concerned defending Ruthless_kk, with something of a childish lie. The ‘proof’ is that Ruthless_kk was issued with her moderator badge on 7th October: but as you can see from her own page on the EA forum, it was actually on the 10th October, the same day as the e-mail:

Since the announcement of Ruthless_kk’s appointment occured less than 24 hours after Dana’s very public resignation as an EA moderator over her (misguided) backing of Alexurt1, and it took them two days to remember to give her a moderator badge thereafter, all the evidence points towards a hastily rushed through replacement.

But that as far as we were concerned was of secondary importance.

What was eyebrow raising to us was that someone knew how to contact us using an e-mail address that is registered in one place and one place onlythat of the EA Sims 3 forum!

The only person that could have known about this e-mail address therefore had to be someone working for it – or with access to members accounts.

Yep – you’re thinking the same thing, aren’t you?

Ruthless_kk and her apologists want to paint a disingenious line of events to make it appear we’d some vendetta against her. Let’s be clear about this – if we’d wanted to do a job on her, we could have phoned up EA customer services, put in a complaint about receiving unsolicited e-mails concerning one of their volunteer employees, and asked to check on the activities of who has been accessing the EA Sims 3 forum account marked The_Mares_Nest (all firms using IT have to keep such logs under Data Protection legislation) – and let events take their course with little doubt about the outcome.

Chew on that!

Better To Be A Loser Than A Louse

According to SimEve, it’s only ‘losers’ that took offense to Ruthless_kk’s behaviour – once again taken from the FTL chat as posted on AE’s blog.

The twelve ‘losers’ in question that dared to take umbrage at Ruthless_kk’s initial behaviour were:

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Site of Everything), Armenian Twin (Tales From A Twin), BluebellFlora (BluebellFlora’s Blog), Darkslayer (Dark’s Blog), Dolphinz2121 (Dolphinz’s One Stop Source For Insanity), Doodlesam (Doodlesam’s Blog Of Simmies), JPS0228 (JPS0228’s Chain Of Memories), LadyEmillye (Sims Sanctuary), Paco1200 (Paco’s Blog of Amazing), Pistolkitten (Catnip Junkie), Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair)… plus comments to the above posts in agreement from bloggers Bergcrys, SimRomanov and xWednesdayx. But that’s eleven actual blogs comments appeared on.

We think that the twelve ‘losers blog’ she counted was in fact the Sims Nation website’s forum! Stunning research by Sparkle, who can’t tell the different it seems between a blog and a forum!

Will this mean the cry from the Comrades now will be, ‘Losers Blogs Of The World Unite, You Have Nothing To Lose But Others Enormous Egos!’? We should be told!

Silly joking aside, the twelfth ‘losers blog’ could be Galatea’s (Galatea Cool Cat), but had Sparkle bothered to read the post we made mentioning her properly, she’d have known that Galatea was playing Devil’s Advocate. But why let facts get in the way of Sparkle spitting her dummy?

Where RFLong7 Fits Into All This

One of the people Ruthless_KK and The Simmers Society’s moderator Peacelover_ic had a right bitch about was frequent world and patterns creator Rflong7. Matters would have remain hidden had not Rflong7 used her long dorment account at TSS (she’s more often to be found at Custom Sims 3 or popcorning the knuckletrailers at OTSimmers).

What was Rflong7’s ‘crime’? Er, daring to pull up Ruthless_kk on the EA forum for, ahem, breaching the rules she is meant to be ensuring everyone else follows.

Here’s the version of what was said at Flip This Lot (FTL) that appeared at AE’s blog last Thursday.

We were soon to discover the name that had been blanked out however, as she logged into her dorment account at The Simmers Society to make her feelings clear.

Rflong7 posted up the proof of what pissed her off so that everyone at TSS could see for themselves.

Yes, an unedited version of the above post, this time without the names blanked out.

As BluebellFlora put it:

Quite a number of points to be picked up here.

Ruthless_kk claims in the FTL screenshot that EA does not want to lose her as a moderator because she’s a ‘popular builder.’ If EA permabanned Aarin without a second thought for breaking the rules after posting up countless manhours worth of information about Sims 3, does anyone out there really swallow that they’d give leniency to Ruthless_kk on the back of her ability to manipulate pixels? Anyone claiming that those running the EA forum sees them as any less expendible than the next is deluding themselves.

Ruthless_kk also claims that SimGuru Hydra had given her a warning (so confirmation that EA were humped about our revelations after all) but that they weren’t as bothered about Ruthless_kk trashtalking those she’s meant to be looking after (!) and using us to do her job for her instead of being present like any other moderator(!!!), but because of her abusing her position as a moderator in order to keep her wares posted up in General Discussion (the only explanation for hers remaining for so long in General Discussion whilst any other ‘inappropriate posts’ were being moved tout suite): something that Ruthless_kk acts as if it’s all news to her despite the fact the rest of the EA forum appear to have been aware of it since the time of the ‘rearrangement’ last year (with the initial chaos resultant).

An interesting slip from Sparkle (once again), ‘I thought you were only really supposed to moderate CC anyway, Ruthy?’ – confirmation that Ruthless_kk had said to others that she’s meant to be watching over the Custom Creators corner in the first place, making her claims of innocence about where all custom content showcasing is supposed to go even more risible.

But we digress – let’s get back to Rflong7.

Ruthless_kk’s claims ‘So apparantly Rflong has been very vocal about complaining about me’ raised an eyebrow. How could she know Rflong had been doing anything of the sort when all complaint posts to EA are supposed to be confidential?

It’s the ‘apparantly’ that’s the key, in other words Ruthless_kk is infering that this is not from any knowledge gleaned by herself, but passed to her from a third party – and the only ones that could confirm to her such confidential information would be another EA member of staff (whether paid or voluntary). From the roll of the conversation, it is Simguru Hydra that’s the person being fingered by Ruthless_kk.

So in other words, either one Simguru decided to shoot her mouth off to Ruthless_kk about who had been complaining about her – a massive breach of EA’s corporate confidentiality rules (and a few business laws to boot) –  or Ruthless_kk was simply making it up as an excuse to have a go at someone she saw as ‘competition’ rather than a fellow Simmer and friend.

Either way, not exactly edifying.

‘To think I thought she [Rflong7] was polite,’ huffed Peacemaker_ic. Excuse us? So daring to make a complaint about a moderator abusing her own position on the EA forums to showcase her wares in General Discussion somehow makes you no longer ‘polite’?

It’s quite clear that Peacemaker_ic has a dictionary all of their very own, where words are twisted completely out of their correct meaning to be something else entirely – Orwell’s Newspeak lives on. Peacemaker_ic’s attitude that his friends are beyond all criticism and can do whatever the hell they like is a theme that has cropped up several times over the last week or so, and damn any of you snivelling peasants that dare to cry ‘foul’.

Let’s now return to Rflong7 on The Simmers Society forum, where she had an enormous amount of trouble getting some straight answers to a simple question – how to delete herself as a member.

Now The Simmers Society‘s moderator Smokytopaz’s post is rather illuminating as to the twisted mentality of those running TSS at being happy to use us to scapegoat every screw up – ‘It wasn’t us, it was TMN and AE’s blog?’

Seriously, WTF?

So Ruthless_KK and The Simmers Society‘s moderator Peacemaker_ic get caught out badmouthing Rflong7 on the FTL chat, courtesy of a post on AE’s Site Of Everything,  Rflong7 comes along and asked to be removed from the TSS lists as – amongst other things – she’d understandably rather not be a member of a forum with the likes of Peacemaker_ic running it if that’s what he thought of her, and this is all somehow our fault?

All we’d done at that stage was post the link to AE’s revelations. No mention of Rflong7 whatsoever.

Of course, TSS would be anxious not to lose Rflong7’s name on their membership lists, as one of the most acclaimed builders of worlds and patterns, hers is a name they would regard as prestigious. If she’d been a ‘nothing’ in their eyes – like AE before –  they’d have happily permabanned her for breaking their ‘rules’ by claiming she was harrassing Peacemaker_ic.

Apparantly they all kissed and made up, but here’s a small point for Rflong7 to swallow. If you weren’t a prolific builders of Sims worlds with CAW, do you think that Ricslady and co would have cared a flying f**k about your public demand to be removed from their membership list?

Let’s remind ourselves of what happened the last time someone successfully left The Simmers Society, in this case due to expulsion.

Ricslady’s Banning Of xXAngelicEvilXx

There’s been a fair amount of historical revisionism from those involved at Flip This Lot and The Simmers Society on this, so let’s get the facts straight once and for all.

For the record, we’ve had a link to Grumpy Toast-AE’s Blog Of Everything since May2010. We’ve even had shirts up for it since then. Once again, Sparkle and The Simmers Society moderator Linday twisting the facts to suit themselves.

Here is the full text of the ban letter received by xXAngelicEvilXx (or AE as we’ll refer to her in much of this article) – reprinted from AE’s Blog Of Everything, the offending post she’d made is there in italics.

Now, can you see anywhere in xXAngelicEvilXx’s post that is tantamount to harassment? Of course not. No foul language, not even any aggressive language.

So what was the problem? The problem was that a few of Ricslady’s ‘besties’ at The Simmers Society like Smokytopaz thought that the Soulful Sims builds and promotional clips were the dog’s sweaty danglies and for that reason – and that reason only – they were willing to swallow any tale no matter how tall that he told and woe betide anyone that dared take issue with it and ‘upset’ him.

For those wishing the background of the whole dubious activities of the Soulful Sims employees, go here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Having been told to piss off by EA forum users, and been subject to a remarkable show of unity between the perpetually warring More Awesome Than You/Paysites Must Be Destroyed and The Sims Resource in denouncing him as a cheap scam artist running some harebrained ‘get rich quick’ scheme for himself (the workings of which changed with each day’s new post) on the back of a few gullible Sims creators (which remember are mostly children), finally Simanticus found one set of people willing to swallow any of his drivel – and that was the staff of TSS.

Or were they simply intimidated by veiled legal threats similar to the sort that were made towards LadyEmillye over at Sims Sanctuary – to which she called his bluff, and that – surprise, surprise – was the last anyone heard of him. It was also the last anyone heard of him over at The Simmers Society. Having succeeded in his aim of using an amateur Sims website to promote his money making schemes, he’d no further interest, and was not heard from again – until last week (but more on that moron later).

So because some of those helping run The Simmers Society are easily impressed by some promo videos and/or empty threats, xXAngelicEvilXx was publicly expelled.

Later Ricslady privately ‘apologised’ (unlike xXAngelicEvilXx, who did so publicly) and privately offered to ‘allow’ AE back in.

And then wondered why AE told her she could go f**k herself?

The excuse by Ricslady for banning AE remains to this day that it was to ‘avoid drama’, yet she was perfectly happy to allow Simanticus to post on TSS AFTER xXAngelicEvilXx was permabanned a further ridiculous series of fantasies to advance his claims of Soulful Sims being part of some professional production company that in terms of hard evidence exists nowhere else but in his own mind, despite the fact it was these claims – which had caused furore and derision when posted up anywhere else in the Sims community – which had been the cause of the drama in the first place!

It would be very hard to see this as anything else than TSS giving their tacit approval to whatever codswallop this snake oil salesman peddled, and if that meant maltreating a few of the ‘peasants’ amongst the subscribers, so be it.

It’s a running theme where Ricslady’s concerned – happy to shaft anyone for the ‘greater good’ – that being hers and those helping her run TSS – but terrified of there being any repercussions from it.

But let’s return now to the present day.

Ricslady99 & The Simmers Society Want To Have Their Cake, Eat It, And Then Bite The Hand That Feeds

Finally came a response from Ricslady over Rflong7’s demands for removal in the wake of xXAngelicEvilXx’s revelations, which also proved illuminating.

Just in case anyone hadn’t noticed it, it was plastered on the front page.

‘Very Comrade Rich’, we thought!


‘Empathetic’, eh? In short wanting to say ‘sympathetic’, but not wanting to fall foul of any members that might take umbrage to Ricslady saying so to all intensive purposes, ‘if my moderators trash talk fellow members elsewhere, that’s your tough titty and don’t you dare ask to be removed from the membership list!’

Notice also that once again it’s The Mare’s Nest being blamed for delivering the butthurts, when in this case it was xXAngelicEvilXx’s blog that did so and we were merely one of many blogs pointing to it by then.

Incidentally, her claims about wanting to keep The Simmers Society a drama free zone certainly don’t exactly stand up to scrutiny. Never mind Simanticus’ nonsense, Ricslady was happy enought to allow her moderator Peacemaker_ic to trashtalk us within The Simmers Society over events that had occured at Flip This Lot!

And that was only the week before!

She’d also been happy, as we’ve said, for Rudi/Simanticus to use The Simmers Society to post up the following. Though it gave us a good laugh, we had to admit finding it rather strange that Ricslady was happy to allow The Simmers Society as a free-for-all where bashing The Mare’s Nest is concerned, but woe betide anyone else causing ‘drama’ on other topics.

Why the double standard Ricslady?

The furore at The Simmers Society over Ruthless_kk being caught out saw the reappearance of that cockroach they’d not heard hide or hair from since November.

Funny Rudi only comes out when either it’s promoting his shitty ‘get rich quick’ forum or trying to get some reflected limelight by baiting us. Anyone else remember someone that tried that one with us?

Oh, right, pick any one from about a hundred!

‘Slipping more and more into darkness’? Leave the attempts at eloquent prose to those capable of the task, sunbeam. You’re not in the same class.

Well we could comment about people that have nothing better to do but run up one hare-brained ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme after another and posting up spam on other people’s sites about it whilst pretending to be just ordinary disinterested members of the public, but hey, life’s too short.

We will have a bloody good laugh over your ‘won’t somebody think of the children?’ schtick. To paraphrase a certain member of The Simmers Society, one of the reasons we started out was to stop a certain Aarin and her mates going around ‘making the lives of children miserable’, whereas the only thing we reckon Simanticus has ever cared about ‘little children’ is how much they’ve got in their piggy bank!

Now why would he be so desperate for The Simmers Society to take down the feed, unless of course the truth is he’s scared about any more stuff coming out about him at The Mare’s Nest getting to TSS members attention?

Ah, but old Rudi here you see never bothered learning much about The Simmers Society, which is why he hadn’t a brass bollocks as to why that feed was up in the first place.

Before we tell all, let’s read SimEve and The Simmers Society moderator Linday’s version of the story, again taken from the Flip This Lot chat.

Uhhh, why would you need a FEED on your forum to keep an eye on us?

More to the point, if it was there to keep an eye on us, then why was it removed the moment we printed something critical of how TSS treated one of its members? Wouldn’t that be the last thing you’d want to do under the circumstances?

Suffice to say, Linday is telling a complete pack of lies, and so, best beloved, let’s put you into the picture as to the real reason why The Simmers Society put up a feed to us – as a gimmick to attract subbers.

Until the problems with the EA forum last May, The Simmers Society was in a state of perpetual struggle – a forum that aimed to be a one-stop shop for all the creators in the Simming community (particularly those around the Webs orbit), but flanked on all sides by dedicated forums to a single set creation theme – Builders Boulevard for builders, Simatography for machinima makers, Sims Interior Designs and Living Sims for decorating, and so on.

There was already a forum that did what TSS aspired to be – Black Pearl Sims. But it had grown to the extent of being a self-contained Sims community within the Sims community, whilst most of those outside it were orientated towards the EA forum.

Trouble is, the myriad creators weren’t interested in another one-stop shop for all the creators – they already had one, called the EA forum. When it worked.

Then came the whole battle between Jarsie9 and a number of The Simmers Society members (eg. with Ricslady– which saw TSS’s Cera13 and Judywork1957 rushing to her defence, and later with FidlerTen) over rude behaviour on the EA forum: which we backed them to the hilt over.

Eye for the main chance time.

In short, Ricslady put up a feed to The Mare’s Nest simply to cash in on us – a blog that got more hits in a day that she was getting in a week – giving them some public backing over Jarsie9 being shitty to some of their members – ‘look at us, we like The Mare’s Nest too, join us!’

We shrugged our shoulders at them (and others) doing so, and thought, ‘Good luck to ‘em’  – if they were helping us to disseminate that there’s a big bloody Simming universe out there and what goes on in it, fair cop.

But we’re not going to sit back and let them now twist the facts to suit themselves.

Ricslady and co can have no grounds for complaining as to how we’ve treated them as we’ve been nothing but polite and supportive towards them since we first made a post and put up a link to them in November 2009.

So to Ricslady, Peacelover_ic, Smokytopaz, and the rest of those running The Simmers Society, we have this to say:

When you moved to a new more attractive site in the hope of boosting active membership levels, we were the first to plug it, and made T-shirts and hoodies to help attract members.

When The Simmers Society was down, we let everyone know what was happening, just as we’d do to any blog or forum that we linked to (no other blog or forum bothered – just thought we’d remind you all about that)

When Ricslady99 held a memorial service, we posted the following, without explanation, without elaboration, knowing that only she and the TSS members would understand it – and certainly the so-called ‘gossip blog’ as she and her mates like to call us behind our backs never once mentioned any of the circumstances surrounding it – which would be manna from heaven if all we were interested in was ‘sensational shock horror headlines’. Hardly the actions of a so-called ‘gossip blog’, was it?

And this is how you repay us?

The Reaction To Peacemaker_ic’s post

As you will remember, Peacemaker_ic had a lot to say about us in the ‘we-want-no-drama-here’ The Simmers Society he is a moderator for, and so for that matter did we in reply – swifter than he’d bargained for.

One reply to him proved interesting.

What of course SimEve didn’t bother telling The Simmers Society members was that she was a member of the exact same chat box – Flip This Lot – that had been coordinating their response after them all landing in the smelly stuff.

In short, her response was little more than part of a public relations act. Fake. Remember these are the same people that said in a panic ‘We need to make a group decision on what we’re doing’ in the wake of our revelation on Ruthless_kk and themselves.

Ho hum.

Chrysame’s Ironic Post About Jarsie9

Further to Peacemaker_ic’s post came this classic from Chrysame.

Remember that post we linked to regarding Ricslady and Jarsie9 little spat?

Like we said –short memories, those at The Simmers Society.

Final Thoughts – What Would Have Happened Had We Reacted In Kind

It makes no difference that as far as we’re concerned we can see Pescado far enough – this was after all the person a certain Aarin once upon a time aspired to emulate, with near disastrous consequences for the mainstream Simming community gathered around the EA forum.

But when you have one person and her toadies openly plotting what amounts to a smear campaign against another for no other reason than in the hope of putting one over someone else – and to hell with the effect on the innocent bystander dragged into their little petty intrigues – there could be no middle ground for anyone at that point. No excuses.

Whether friends of Ruthless_kk or not, no one had the right from that point to shrug their shoulders, pretend it wasn’t going on, or mutter ‘who cares’? What they had plotted to come to pass to Pescado could equally have been any one of you out there if Ruthless_kk had decided you’d ‘crossed’ her – even to the same people over at The Simmers Society hypocritically mouthing off that we’d somehow ‘gone too far’ whilst excusing Ruthless_kk’s behaviour.

Ricslady99 – who runs The Simmers Society – meanwhile is perfectly happy to see us trashtalked from her own site, but the moment we cried foul on her mistreating one of her own members out of little more it appears than cowardice, it’s a different story.

Contrast this with Ricslady being happy to allow some quite open slanders to be conducted against The Mare’s Nest from her site from both the ironically named Peacemaker_ic and from paysite peddler Simanticus.

As those of you that have been to AE’s site will know, another option Ruthless_kk and her mates were looking into was trying to have The Mare’s Nest taken off the air, which again says a lot about the mentality of the people behind it.

Those moderators from The Simmers Society like Peacemaker_ic busy trying to find ways to have The Mare’s Nest shut down can think themselves damned lucky we don’t possess the same shittiness of spirit that they do, otherwise they’d be kissing The Simmers Society goodbye.

See this lovely little block of posts here? Accusing us of ‘taunting and smearing little children’, and ‘their many lies’ without any back-up?

That, old bean, would be enough under Scots law to have the plug pulled on The Simmers Society for slander (and several days of inconvenience resultant)

Which The Simmers Society falls under, since it is hosted in Dundee, Scotland.

But we’re not that shitty.

(IP scrubbed out, of course – since there’s currently a renewed outbreak of Simmers having their sites attacked, Hotmail accounts tampered with, etc, we’ve no intention of giving the moron element somewhere new to target).

The same possibility came up several times with the stuff we had thrown at us from the Jazz-Hands lot and from the anti-Semitic comments that appeared at Snooty Sims last year.

But the same applied then, as of now – why should so much as one decent member of a forum be made to suffer the loss of something they enjoy because of the bad behaviour of others, even if sanctioned by those running the forum?

Having other Simming blogs and forums taken offline is where we draw the line. We leave that sort of backstabbing to others (hello Thomas!).

Still, we’ll leave members of The Simmers Society to decide for themselves how they feel about a site moderated by amongst others a wannabe Trump.

But before we close, if you still think we went ‘too far’ – here’s what you just signed up to.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Ruthless_KK to abuse her position as a moderator on the EA forum in order to advance her own creations and that of her friends, even if it is to the detriment to the community at large.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Ruthless_KK on the EA forum to use a blogsite that she claims to despise to find out who is causing trouble on the EA forum, instead of proactively doing so by being present to deal with problems as was the expectation when she was appointed.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Ruthless_kk to seek to misuse the trust that goes with her position as an EA forum moderator to attempt to deliberately mislead others about future EA Sims 3 products for the sake of one-upmanship.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Ruthless_kk to plan to wilfully tell malicious lies about another Simmer in the hope of causing embarrassment to others completely unconnected to them, regardless of any embarrassment or damage to reputation it may do to the subject of the falsehood.

I think its perfectly acceptable for those running The Simmers Society to have one standard of behaviour for one set of members, and another for the rest, based on little more than expedience.

I think it is perfectly acceptable for Peacelover_ic to seek to misuse internet laws in order to silence criticism.

In short, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for Ruthless_kk and those running The Simmers Society to do whatever the hell they want to who they want in the Sims world – because I’m equally as shallow and sorry a piece of work.


Care to sign on the dotted line?