The Quest For The Post Of Wisdom

Life is a minefield for those that have dedicated themselves to the career of fandom toady.

Occasionally the slings and arrow of outrageous trolldom clash and counter-clash in such a manner as to put you in the situation where friends appear foes or foes appear friends – how Lord of the Rings! How Narnia! –  and you may find yourself either raised a level or put back ten upon how you react – or don’t react.

The following illustrates a case in point – a rare appearence by Chyla back on the EA official forum, having been allowed out to play after cleaning Aarin’s boots with her tongue so well she could see both her faces in them.

Looking to see if Shadow and TheRealDeal09 were nOObbaiting anything yet, instead she found her untrusty HoNF cohorts were bemoaning the demise of Maddy444.

For those in the Cult of Aarin or HoNF trolls, there is no question as to where one’s opinion lies on the matter.  Maddy444 shed her pure virgin blood on the sacrificial altar of General Discussion for Aarin – beaten to a throbbing mush by the Admin and Mods’ Banhammers – and as such is seated at the right hand of the supreme Goddess…

…after Shadow, GrammarKing, Chyla, Lipgloss, Makeitwork322, etc, of course.  As we’ve explained before, you don’t get your place in the toady rankings overnight no matter what you’ve done – you’ve got to earn them over time! The quest, dear child – the quest!

For those of a more sober dispensation, Maddy444 was simply an ironic victim of the mindboggling stupidity and pettimindedness of those purporting to captain the EA Sims3 Forum big ship, throwing the one saying “Why can’t all be nice to one another, huh?” to the sharks whilst leaving most of the major mutineers on board.

But for Chyla, the moment presented a Most Terrible Dilemma.

Having an ‘enemies list’ is a required duty for those in the land of Fandork. It must be updated and cross-checked throughly to ensure that one does not commit the fatal error of being remotely pleasant to anyone that is a designated Enemy Of The Hobby, and slap-bang on that very list is Maddy444!

For she had sinned, and sinned most grieviously, and stuff.

"Blessed are the peacemakers - they shall be perma-banned whilst the trolls get off Scot-Free"
“Blessed are the peacemakers – they shall be perma-banned whilst the trolls get off Scot-Free”

Remember this one? Sticking up for Jix2993. The Crime of Crimes. For Jix2993 had displeased Aarin by asking of her nOOby questions, for she was spammed and mocked most righteously. The heathen however came to her defence. Such a blasphemy, to dare disagree with Her Word That Is Law is intolerable!

Whilst her cohorts may have forgotten, Chyla had not. To fail to speak out against their error would be to risk Her Displeasure. Or had her Forum martyrdom released her from her bonds of nOObery? No word had yet come to her, and to make no comment would be to risk Shadow and TheRealDeal09’s displeasure!

A bead of sweat ran down Chyla’s furry costume. What was she to do?

If in doubt - feign even greater ignorance than normal
If in doubt – feign even greater ignorance than normal!

Definately out of practice. The correct response for Chyla would have been to post this:


The same way she answers about 99% of any other post in lieu of a sentence.

But thankfully, the moment was forgotten, the danger had passed – for she had posted another pic which they saw, and which eased her out of any trouble.

Bless her little cotton socks – if she hasn’t just changed the hairstyle of her avatar to that of Aarin’s before her fall to the banhammers.

“Aye Hamish, that’s devotion for you!”