Why We Don’t Like The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Fad – And Why You Should Avoid It Like The Plague Too

We’re going to warn you before we start: if you’re so hidebound that you’re not prepared to counter the possibility that these campaigners for ‘rights’ are far from what they seem – perhaps even the very antithesis of your own liberal tolerant beliefs – jog on, save yourself the ulcer the following is going to give you.

Everyone else, read on.

We’ve been getting a fair old bit of flak… ah come on, let’s be honest about this, we’re been getting flak from a micro-minority of those limiting their current affairs knowledge to bite size chunks from TV, tabloid newspapers or more often what they last read through the Chinese whispers service of Tumblr and Twitter.

The rest of the Simming community meanwhile won’t care a damn about what is essentially non-Simming matters.

Frankly we’re past caring as well.

But if the below makes at least one Simmer think twice before pledging support or worse getting mixed up with these scoundrels, then it will be worth the while. Our last post on the subject, and perhaps the full Here We Stand we ought to have made before, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing, yes?

Here’s what those that regard Black Lives Matter as some sort of ‘honourable’ faction either don’t know – or do not want you to know. For if you think their loyalty or solidarity extends out to those whom they demand it from in practice – think again.

Let us go back to 25th June this year – before the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being used by the more feeble minded to ‘justify’ the murders of five police officers and injury of seven others – and already the Black Lives Matter movement was starting to show a side those with eyes to see had long suspected…

black lives matter make excuses not to show solidarity with gays

Oh ho ho ho, what a surprise! After demanding that everyone else show solidarity with them (with more than a hint of ‘if you don’t you are therefore racist’ moral blackmail), the backpedaling started in earnest not long after an ISIS supporting scumbag murdered or wounded over a hundred clubbers – mainly Hispanics – in the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando on 12th June this year.

The excuse for the San Francisco no-show was – wait for it! – the understandably increased police presence after the biggest mass murder in American history had just taken place where gays were the target.

It seems that the police can’t win where Black Lives Matter is concerned – had they not increased the security levels, doubtless they would have been accused of homophobia, of treating gay lives as not being as important.

Malkia Cyril – wearing her Black Lives Matter Spokesperson hat (instead of her Center for Media Justice hat, another of those First World self-appointed mouthpieces for amongst other things, ‘racial justice’…) made the excuse that communities should ‘police’ these events themselves.

Quite how Cyril expects any local community to be able to guard against hate crimes better than a national network run by the state with billions of dollars of resources and linked to the alerts and databases from the likes of Interpol and other crime agencies worldwide is anyone’s guess, although her Black Panther family history points towards her approval of the same sort of sinister crap they and other extremist parties of the far-left and far-right have espoused since the 1920s where the forces of law and order were to be replaced by their own ghetto freikorps – the encouragement of which was partly responsible (by no means wholly responsible) for the gang culture which is the bane of American cities… and that is another story for another time….

But we digress. Talk is cheap – the bottom line is right when they needed it most, the line was no solidarity with Hispanics and certainly not with gays in practice when it comes to the crunch – quelle surprise!

Or at least it’s no surprise if you look at the background of some of the rather sinister groups within the ‘Black Lives Matter’ umbrella. What started as a protest over the George Zimmerman outrage in 2012 became a free-for-all for not merely every bleeding-heart handwringer and hobby social justice warrior to jump on, but for a number of highly sinister agent provocateurs that hitherto had been grubbing around the gutters for decades and had been rightly dismissed as cranks and dangerous lunatics.

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement

For these tossers, campaigns such as BLM on topical matters make for potentially fertile recruitment grounds where the gullible or downtrodden can be guided to the next level, where everything can be explained by all manner of ludicrous conspiracy theories…

Never mind the All New Black Panther Party Show (how many times has Malcolm X’s mob attempted comebacks now?), one of the more disturbing and vocal of the Black Lives Matter hashtagalongs has been the equally emotive Stop Black Genocide tossers.

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 1

Long dismissed as part of the more David Icke end of the conspiracy theorist spectrum beloved by the likes of Jasumi, they’ve managed to find themselves whole new recruits within the Black Lives Matter twitteratti.

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 2

Self-styled pastor Maurice Lindsey takes time out from his usual race hate and gay hate activities to try and cash in on Alton Sterling’s killing.

Whilst some of them are linked to anti-abortion and anti-contraception fundamentalist Christian groups, others such as Maurice Lindsay – with his own umpteen flags of convenience such as Truth Over Tradition – are advocates of the sort of vicious rubbish that is little more than the neo-Nazi rubbish of Lincoln Rockwell, Colin Jordan and John Tyndall with the skin colours changed.

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 6

The same crap the Ku Klux Klan spouts, recycled as ‘black rights’. Proof, if ever any were needed, that racist morons are completely lacking in originality…

You think that’s bad? Get a load of this!

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 3

Yes, apparantly Barack Obama is part of the great conspiracy to exterminate the black race. Congratulations Maurice Lindsay, you are so crazy batshit mental, it’s only a matter of time before EA offers you a place on their board!

Oh, he’s got even more than this to say:

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 4

yewot  banghead

This is the sort of utter bumnuggetry Cloverstardropper and her rainbow nation friends post on Tumblr for a joke. This buffoon however really believes this hate speech crap.

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 5

Yes, Rupert Murdoch and the Fox TV network is trying to brainwash everyone black in America into turning gay via their programming according to this clown (for plumbob’s sake don’t let them know what Eamonn Walker of ‘Chicago Fire’ played at the start of his career!). Too much fail in one paragraph…

Those familiar with Britain’s far right will of course be familiar with this sort of very old conspiracy theory drivel (usually levelled at the BBC). It’s nothing new – same crap, except with the group claiming to being plotted against and the group behind it being changed around.

And he’s far from alone in pumping out this crap copied – whether about gays, ‘race mixing’ or abortion – almost word for word, from white supremacist vermin:

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 7

How much has Black Lives Matter done to disown and make it abundantly clear they have no truck, no platform and nothing in common with scumbags like this?

Absolutely nothing, spare weasel words about the ‘inclusiveness’ of their movement – which is of course a phrase that can cut more than one way…

(Just a pity their ‘inclusiveness’ got a bit of a showing up on 27th February 2015 at a Black Lives Matter event organised inside Oak Park and River Forest High School during its annual Black History Month – where all non-black children were banned from entry at BLM’s request and enforced by the head teacher, causing a lot of kids and parents to be royally pissed. It ought to have rang warning bells… but it didn’t. Ho hum…) .

It also brings into sharp focus the events of 3rd July this year when Black Lives Matter first bullied the organisers and then wrecked the annual Gay Pride parade in Toronto:

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 8

With friends like them, who needs enemies?

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 9

As rapper Hopsin (above) found to his cost when he berated the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement not caring two hoots about the hundreds of black Americans slain in murders weekly – largely at the hands of other blacks – and was promptly castigated as a ‘racist’ for it! When you have the absurdity of a black musician being accused of being racist against blacks for calling foul against the politics of the self-righteous lynchmob, you start to think in terms of that classical phrase ‘Fortune makes stupid those who she wishes to destroy…’

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 10

At least he could console himself with a nice game of Pokémon GO on his smartphone… or at least he could until it became Black Lives Matter’s next target… no, we really aren’t making this up – apparantly this game is all part of the great anti-black genocidal conspiracy as well:

black lives matter's links to sinister stop black genocide movement 11

facepalmhy2   shakehead

There is more, but if you haven’t got the message by now, you never will.

Black Lives Matter is about more than, well, black lives mattering. By no means is all of it dubious, but by allowing themselves from the start to be a free-for-all for anyone promising to be ‘onside’ they’ve allowed all manner of evil sorts with extra agendas besides to get involved.

That in itself would not matter, were it not the case they are either unable or unwilling to perform any sort of filter on those they have allowed to behave in their name – intoxicated as they are by whatever mass support they can muster (rather like a certain fat wiggy plutocrat the Republicans have just signed their own death warrant by nominating…), resulting in such outrages as what happened in Toronto days ago or incidents such as that concerning Pokémon Go that have made them and those who support them a complete laughing stock.

If you still want to support them, don’t say you weren’t warned the price that comes with it.

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