If There’s Only One Reason To Live In This World…

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Bit of an uncomfortable topic for us, but we’ll address it.

simslovers456's needing the love

At this point we’d normally crack some sort of joke, but we’ll leave it to Cauliflowers this time.

simslovers456's needing the love 1

Fact is someone wanting to end their life is not something that we can find much to laugh about.

One of the reasons we lost patience with a certain bumnugget was when he played the hint at suicide trolling card. That’s only line you cross with us we will never forgive or forget. Just ask Jamey Durrant.

What disturbed us is that it’s the second time this topic has come up in the forum this week.

simslovers456's needing the love 2

We’d like to add something clever, something kind.

What we’ll add instead is this, the song with the line that gives the only true answer there is.

‘If there’s only one reason to live in this world…

… ask the lonely and the dying.’

Whatisit1326YT’s Saucy Demands

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Whatisit1326YT's Saucy Demands

Hates ketchup now because it is dark?

Bloody racist!

Whatisit1326YT's Saucy Demands 1


Whatisit1326YT's Saucy Demands 2

Closet saucist – bloody UKetchupper!

Jerking Over A Screenie On The EA Forum

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One of those posts where if you’re half asleep, you thought for a moment they were talking about something else.

jerking on the ea forum

Clearly 89525 is not a Simblr follower. They jerk and jerk for many minutes until they finally come to a climax by which time viewers are completely exhausted and in no mood to look at any more.

jerking on the ea forum 1

Remember kids, like NightmareCandle says, don’t try scrolling when jerking.

wiggle tongue  yewot

Racer889 Wanted To Talk About Nascar…

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racer889 wants to talk about nascar

… thankfully nobody else did!

racer889 wants to talk about nascar 1

Secret Sims Confessions

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Now here’s a thread with potential to root out a few nutters. JessicaSimston started it oh so innocently, but we saw the possibilities at once.

secret sims confessions

Jcp011c2 admits to being a bit of a Motherlodefucker.

secret sims confessions 1

Whereas Butterfly61 is a closet Tea Party member:

secret sims confessions 7

When Butterfly61’s next post complains of their Simmies’ ‘tax burden’, you’ll know we called it right again.

thumb  wiggle tongue

SweetieKaye doesn’t like her Simmies being in the yellow – a wise move to remember whenever in a public swimming pool.

secret sims confessions 2

While Modsey and Llama Del Ray are a right pair of psycho kitties.

secret sims confessions 3

yewot  scared

Are KoumoriDiru and AiHaou odd…

secret sims confessions 4

… or simply living in households where they have to talk to themselves in order to hear themselves think?

The smart money’s on the latter, in which case we advise them to invest in earphones, or invest in making the rest of their households a nice cake like this:

Cauliflowers meanwhile has a solemn confession to make…

secret sims confessions 6

… she eats Vagasil and loves Nascar.

TadOlson’s confession was that TadOlson’s game was full of mods. The alternative was TadOlson finding TadOlson’s game full of bugs.

secret sims confessions 8

TadOlson loves how NRaas Industries Story Progression takes care of TadOlson’s game, but TadOlson does not switch households because of NRaas Industries.

TadOlson switches households because TadOlson is… TadOlson.

As for LaAbby…

secret sims confessions 9

Clearly a Twinbrook player!

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers

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Amongst the contentious topics in the world today, it’s nice to see one of them is certain to unite people of all creeds and colours.

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers

It’s also nice to know it is now possible to start a Disney topic on the EA forum safely without MadameLee turning up to have one of her little turns in it.

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 1

Especially when the likes of Dreamerz13 and CoffeFreak4Life aren’t having multiple orgasms over it.

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 3

cat-ball  evilgrin

Aimeexoxo wasn’t happy.

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 4

CoffeFreak4Life however really screwed over her own case:

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 5

It took only ten seconds before one of us punched their monitor screen.

‘Hey, I wear a tie with my T-shirt, aren’t I hilarious?’

The only thing hilarious about this guy is that his voice sounds like his balls never dropped – rather like the penny should have dropped with CoffeFreak4Life that this really wasn’t the person to call as an expert witness:

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 6

‘I like “Guardians Of The Galaxy”…’

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 7

‘Is it possible that overexpose as well as hype can destroy a good product?’

Erm no – that’s called being pretentious. It’s the old inverted snobbery of geeks, alternative music fans, ‘high art vs low art’ and everyone else wanting to be special little snowflakes objecting to those tiresome masses they despise daring to like something they do.

Evidence for the prosecution – his take on A Christmas Story:

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 8

‘Part of that may have to do with that the original charm of the product came from the fact that very few knew about it… “A Christmas Story” used to be something of an underground secret’

yewot  point

Would you be at all surprised to learn that The Lord Of The Rings trilogy comes under similar fire? Or that he’s a Star Wars dork?

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 9

And is there really that much Frozen hype out there? No more than there was Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings or anything else that ended up a hit. The reason Frozen does not appear to have dropped off the radar however has more to do with being that good old fashioned phenomena of something people liked.

It’s Disney’s biggest grossing movie of all time, and that it managed it with a fraction of the marketing budget originally allocated to it – especially in comparison to the likes of Toy Story, Pocahontas, The Lion King, etc. may have something to do with the fact it was simply very, very good. You don’t get a swathe of unintended Top 10 singles across the world’s music charts from a bloody kids cartoon by sheer accident unless the public really does like it – just ask Art Garfunkel on his biggest hit coming on the back of a 1979 bunny snuff movie for kids!

But we digress:

Frozen 2 Disney Appeal Much To Simmers 11

Your sequal SweetieKaye wouldn’t happen to be Elsa and Anna visit the Island of Lesbos?

wiggle tongue  yewot

Here’s The REAL EA Sims 4 Statistics

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Let’s clarify EA’s latest brag sheet a little, shall we?

the real sims 4 statistics

the real sims 4 statistics 1

the real sims 4 statistics 2

Lest we forget…

the real sims 4 statistics 3

It certainly was – a sweet sixteen days later…

the real sims 4 statistics 4

♫ So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, get the f**k out! ♪

No rest until the last copy of Sims 4 has been rammed up the last Simguru’s arse!

thatsit  thatsit


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