Anasaquasims Has Seen The Light (Too Much Of It!)

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Good to know that only a fortnight after all the hullabaloo over inappropriate institutionalised behaviour towards women, the Dumblr community are doing their bit to ensure to keep those fine old American traditions of unwanted wandering hands alive amongst the young.

‘Take it off before I break it off, you freaking arsebucket!’

Leaving her child sexual harassment/you’re never too early to learn manspreading poses aside, Anaestasia Amy aka Anasaquasims aka Kawaii Kitty Plays aka Cutesywootsysnugglywugglykins (okay we made the last one up) is someone whose piccies are a touch eyebrow raising.

No, we don’t mean this one, leaving aside the implied ‘inflatable ass’ pose name and the even more implied ‘what happened next’ after he started doing that with her legs!

Nor even this one:

Dude, seriously?

Or this one where she looks spaced out on plumbob knows what.

No, what bothers is is all of the above and the likes of this:

It’s the whole shiny eyed Alexis Bledel clones in a hyper saturated world aesthetic we find disturbing – a Berry Sweet World with the Berry Sweet Simmies ethnically cleansed out.

The nearest either of us can think of it resembles is the old Candy And Andy comic annuals which sometimes turn up in charity shops or at geek conventions – for those not familiar, Gerry Anderson (of Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Space 1999 fame) tried to break into the lucrative nursery comics market in the 1960s with a full colour effort called Candy (later Candy And Andy to avoid embarrassing mix ups amongst newsagent distributors with a porn mag of the same name!).

It was a complete disaster, not least of all because the whole idea of two psychotic looking Midwich Cuckoo dolls getting humans and two stuffed pandas to do their every bidding was a bit too freaky even for the sixties.

There was a glint in Andy’s eye as Candy told their special toy soldiers, ‘You have your orders – stab until breathing stops, strangle until twitching stops, do not return from the village until they are ALL DEAD!’


AndreaSims Keeping The Spirit Of Suicidespat Alive

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We don’t usually mention Sims 2 stuff, but this is a worthy exception – besides, if we are going to have nightmares because of this, so are you!


You ought to have saw their parents!

SkyDome007 Needs To Go Gnome And Be Less On The Side Of The Angels

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Okay, what is this psycho over at NRaas Industries thinking of?

Oh yeah, because they are just so alike, aren’t they?

As opposed to those cuddly Weeping Angels:


Wibs Is This Week’s Winner Of The Stannis Baratheon Award For Outstanding Parenting

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Tell her it’s character building. After all, lend the brolly, spoil the child…


CravenLestat Has A Bone To Pick Of His Own

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At least it stops him from perving over Bekkasan’s Simmie’s hot pants for five minutes:


***BREAKING NEWS!*** Charles Manson Has Died – HOORAY!

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Another scumbag leaves the planet at long last – good riddance!

OMG! xxNearlyPerfectx Outs Themselves As Game Of Thrones Star!

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Well look at how much trouble there was getting Jon Snow to bend the knee!


That one didn’t require an operation, all it required to get Jon Snow to bend his knee was for Daenerys Targaryen to open her legs!
Shaddup Lauryl!