xItNeverEndss Explains THAT Seven Year Long Mystery At Last

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xItNeverEndss Explains THAT Seven Year Long Mystery At Last

slaplol  rant

5782341b77vl had an alternative explanation, however:

xItNeverEndss Explains THAT Seven Year Long Mystery At Last 1

(Hey! Three 5782341b77vl in a row, and still having to go backwards and forwards to spell it correctly)

rant  point

We seem to remember getting them since the early days, and it seems to be lone Simmies get them the most, as if it is a random call script in the game which is meant to pick someone from their social list but occasionally is meant to draw a blank. If a Simmie has no social contacts…

Wrong Answer, 5782341b77vl!

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Wrong Answer 5782341b77vl

This is the mod Carlymichelle needs if she wants some realism in her game…

ehwhat mare's nest version  wiggle tongue

LaBlue0314’s Worst Night Ever

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No, it wasn’t anything to do with her other half being lousy in bed before you ask…

lablue0314's worst night ever

Hmmm, so this Simmie of yours, what member of the Emmerdale cast is it which has that story line?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

There’s just about only one Simmer we can think of who could top a tale of doom and disaster like that, and sure enough 5782341b77vl had one shot in Cinemascope.

lablue0314's worst night ever 1

Karritz’s was more straight to the point – albeit it shared much in common with the above in being a blow-by-blow account…

lablue0314's worst night ever 2

rimshot  tomato

Stealing The Family Silver

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Another new brilliant Nightcrawler-DarkoSims3 hair

stealing the family silver

… another talent-vacuum on Dumblr rushing out their ‘retexture’ before forty eight hours had even passed.

stealing the family silver 1

They couldn’t even be bothered to check for typos before rush posting to be the first with a pirate copy, let alone even make an original hair texture themselves. Shockshame? No shame more like it!

thatsit  thatsit


Dear Circuswolf, May We Suggest A Late New Year’s Resolution?

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You know, like, getting a life?

Yes dear, we know you’re disappointed you failed to get the Sim Secret job, but…

circuswolf needs to get herself a life

yewot  banghead

‘White people matting their hair and calling it dreads not only shits on the struggles of black people throughout history but is horribly incorrect and insensitive.’

And you’re accusing someone else of being up their own ass?

Yes, because as we all know Rosa Parks’ bus protest, the Civil Rights Movement and the riots in Ferguson over the past two years have been as a result of the ceaseless array of crackers wandering around with dreads. Oh, and not enough Oscar nominations.

this is sidney poitier serious

There’s only one thing more tiresome than racism, and that’s white people barfing specious platitudes about political correctness over trivia as an ego trip (‘hey everyone, look how culturally aware and sensitive I am of the ethnic community!’ ) that betrays little more than their own racism in still seeing anyone non-white as being at best ‘the noble savage’ quick to find offence on the flimsiest pretext.

We’d like to hazard a guess is that 99% of black people care as much about the correct usage of dreadlocks as 99% of everyone else, that is absolutely zero. Now if Circuswolf was concerned about – for example – the mystery where non-whites make up a fifth of the population of the UK yet a third of the unemployed, that would be different.

Except that those pesky Social Justice Warriors aren’t interested in stuff like that where the posturing opportunities are limited.

Ho hum…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Has Lucky25 Got Herself A Sweet Transsexual Terminator?

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Judge for yourselves:

what's happened to lucky25's game

scared  dizzy

WinMacSims3’s Claims Of Splits Drive Simmers Bananas

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ok so how are simmers divided over this

scratchhead  scratchhead

ok so how are simmers divided over this 1

As JoAnne65 and Bekkasan point out rightly, this is hardly a matter dividing the Simming community – players simply choose whether to keep their game as it is, or download the latest patch and curse EA into eternal damnation thereafter.

Kellycot1 meanwhile, says if anything it’s more likely to bring Simmers together, as those who have come unstuck thanks to the patch find their fellows rallying round trying to provide help and solutions:

ok so how are simmers divided over this 2

Preach it, King_of_SimCity7 and Sparkfairy1, preach it!

ok so how are simmers divided over this 3

‘Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we’ll keep the green plumbob flying here!’


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