Count Your Lucky Stars CountYourSims Simmies Esme and Elliott Hawkins Aren’t In Your Game Folder

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Mother of Pearl!

countyoursims hideous creations

countyoursims hideous creations 1

thOMG  thOMG

Everyone has the right to make ugly Simmies now and again, but CountYourSims has well overabused the privilege with this gruesome twosome.

countyoursims hideous creations 2

According to CountYourSims, these two walking abortions are Esme and Elliott Hawkins – are too many E numbers the cause of them?

countyoursims hideous creations 3

Esme is a daddy’s girl but inherited her mother’s love for animals and doesn’t like bacon. So all that’s needed to know now is what species of pig her mother had her genes spliced with in order to create these two monstrosities?

It appears that Julia526’s evil legacy in the Simming world continues. Be afraid Simmers, be very afraid!

scared  scared

manul says wtf

SimsPlumbobSwastika Proving Her Herrehintereklumpenschaft

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We weren’t going to mention this clown again, but since she’s still spewing her crap on Dumblr whilst linking to various Simming Dimblr sites into the bargain – meaning there’s the possibility some of you out there may believe some of the crap she posts or reposts, or that outsiders to the Simming community might get ideas about us as a new recruitment ground for their crap – suppose we’d better get the latest drivel from her clown collective knocked for six.

If any of you out there in Dimblr land want to repost what we’re saying here, be our guest – after all, it’s your part of the net she’s crapping in.

Sophie the Yooper isn’t exactly a hundred watt bulb if she falls for stuff like this.

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled

Note the parts marked in red – you will see where they really came from later

shakehead  fryingpan

This is where best beloved you all learn a little lesson in never taking for granted any supposed ‘reposts’ of newspaper articles on the internet when they fail to provide a link to the original article in question.

A quick investigation by your super soaraway Mare’s Nest shows that it is a crude forgery using a real Daily Mail article from the 22nd June, not the 30th – as a template.

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled 1

All the Daily Mail articles for 30th June 2015 which mentioned Calais

None of the Daily Mail stories for 30th June concern the absurd story above (incidentally a new version is currently doing the rounds claiming that it is French women, rather than British, who are travelling to the camps).

Here’s the article from 22nd June 2015 which was butchered to produce the crap Sophie the Yooper and her hintereklumpen mates have swallowed like sheep:

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled 2

Once upon a time newspapers used to have unique typefaces subtly different from their rivals developed partly as a way of preventing forged editions being created for nefarious purposes, but with the advent of the web and mobile platforms many are forced to use only the standardised types the web prefers (ironically one of them being the Times New Roman much beloved of a certain London newspaper…). The problem the Daily Mail has – along with virtually every other English speaking newspaper – is that it has little choice but to use familiar types such as the Arial font family which make faking stories purporting to be from them all too easy.

Fair game if being done for levity – but there was nothing remotely funny about this fake, little more than the latest rehash of the usual white supremacist scaremongering about ‘non-whites coming to take our women.’

John Hall, Ian Sparks, Jamie Wiseman and the rest of the Daily Mail may not exactly be top of the Christmas card list amongst Britain’s trendy lefties, social justice warriors and the rest of the morons from the bleeding heart brigade, but we think even they agree they deserve to have their names cleared from association with this vicious rubbish doing the rounds of the webs with their names attached to it.

As for Sophie the Twitler Yoop, time she tried filling her mind with something other than whatever reinforces her infantile fancies – before she makes an even bigger idiot of herself in the real world never mind the internet. As we’ve said before, the world’s a smaller place than most people think, sooner or later someone in her locality is going to make the connection and she’s going to find out the hard way there could be a real life price to be paid for what she thinks makes her out to be a special little snowflake or a badass. Not everyone manages to make a Lynx and Lamb Gaede type escape from dabbling in that sort of crap unscathed…

thatsit  wag_finger

(And yes, Herrehintereklumpenschaft means ‘master bumnuggetry’. But you knew that anyway…)

‘Between the hours of twelve and two, the nagging doubts will come to you. Be paranoid parents ‘coz they’re after your kids who don’t know what an Aryan master race is. They’ll plant the seeds that will grow in time and start the disease that will poison their minds. Fill them up with hatred, dress them up in robes – you know how that story goes!’

Colton147 And JoxerTM22 Are Getting All Messed Up!

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colton147 only just getting gta v

Right. So you’ve had Trevor Phillips in drag with a boob job as your avatar for almost six months now… but you still have not got GTA V?

yewot  scratchhead

Mind you, this was nothing compared to the egg JoxerTM22 ended up with on his face:

colton147 only just getting gta v 1

facepalmhy2  point

Emmaning tried to get him to go down the eco route, but this is impossible when Colton147’s phone company are still on the sort of broadband network which makes a string and paper cups network look cutting edge.

colton147 only just getting gta v 2

There’s no easy way to say it, but Colton147 really needs to get a modern internet connection, after replacing his valve computer, coal car and gas telly.

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

DDSims3World Wants Shane Nugen Doing Time For The Wrong Crime

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DDSims3World Wants Shane Nugen Doing Time For The Wrong Crime

As anyone in Starlight Shores will tell you, that’s not the real crime going on – it’s those like Shane Nugen on the karaoke murdering tunes!

FriendlyOne20’s Got A Novel Idea

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Another Simmer has taken the plunge – and this time it isn’t a Taffer or a Berry Sweet doing so:

friendlyone20's novel idea

Best of luck with that – keep us informed!

sunshine  sunshine

Oops, EA Broke It Again! FullSpiral and Igazor Save Simmers From Yet Another Corporate Cock-up

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Looks like EA’s deniable asset has decided to go out with a real flourish.

ea breaks your game again

shakehead  banghead

The lesser spotted 23Kels89 and Moonandsixpens weren’t happy, although the latter also had to ask their latest daft question:

ea breaks your game again 1

Tell ’em Igazor!

ea breaks your game again 2

TadOlson did the right thing by turning off the auto-update so that TadOlson’s Sims 3 game was not wrecked by TadOlson’s Origin installation. But that’s because TadOlson is TadOlson.

Similarly, SimKeats has been able to keep her game as poetry in motion whilst InfraGreen meanwhile has taken it to the ultimate.

ea breaks your game again 3

Of course, with so many modern games now being insistent on a permanent online connection for no logical reason whatsoever, Sims 3 is alas part of a dying breed.

ARRensch, JoAnne65 and CravenLestat celebrated their lucky escape.

ea breaks your game again 4

ea breaks your game again 7

Whilst xBob18, IreneSwift and Scrapdash started the inevitable conspiracy theory:

ea breaks your game again 5

ea breaks your game again 6

Don’t be silly, that would suggest EA actually knew what they were doing!

Moonandsixpens meanwhile kept herping the derpy derp.

ea breaks your game again 8

facepalmhy2  shakehead

We fully expect their invitation to become a Simguru to be sent to them before the week’s out.

For AlanMichael1 and old The Simmers Club veteran Nancy01905 (and Sims Evolution, Sims Heaven, the attempted TSC reboot and Delightful Sims for that matter…), this was no laughing matter however:

ea breaks your game again 9

It’s a pretty bad day in the Simming world when even FriendlyOne20 and AMariseS are getting cynical:

ea breaks your game again 10

ea breaks your game again 11

Whilst Darkling and Anettesb did their best Penelope Pitstop ‘Haylp! Haylp!’ to the Simgurus…

ea breaks your game again 12

ea breaks your game again 13

… and the peasants started to become even more revolting than normal:

ea breaks your game again 15

ea breaks your game again 16

… Igazor did his best whilst waiting the usual million years for anyone from EA to get their fingers out.

ea breaks your game again 14

Eventually, SimguruDrake and SimguruJanitor appeared to prove they weren’t ducking the issue:

ea breaks your game again 17

ea breaks your game again 18

As per usual however, it was down to the man from NRaas Industries to be more situationally aware of what was going on and provide practical assistance fast than the paid employees of EA.

ea breaks your game again 19

Hey Presto, although Igazor did spoil it somewhat with this…

ea breaks your game again 20

‘I’ll be even more glad when the Origin team gets to the bottom of this thing and stops it from happening in the first place!’

Now we want you to go stand in the corner for a few sim hours and think about what you just said!

rimshot wiggle tongue

ea breaks your game again 21

ea breaks your game again 22

But well done to FullSpiral and Igazor for probably helping prevent a bad situation becoming a complete disaster as yet again those meant to be in charge of looking after the welfare of Simmers proved they couldn’t find their collective arses in the bath.

rant  rant

So What’s Been Bugging Switch Lately?

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For Switch, July has been a mixture of good news and bad news.

The good news…

switch's horrible month end

… the bad news was getting the backlash from other GTA V fans (and one of us guesses also discovering the number of parts of the game now locked off to her from allowing Trevor Phillips to die – such as the delights of being chased by random biker gangs and being about the only character you can get to steal the military jet and escape with it alive!)

switch's horrible month end 1

There’s a bit of debate about Trevor in the gaming world. Yes, he’s a disgusting psychotic trainwreck, but when he gets all cut up over Patricia, or beats the crap out of a bike thief saying that he never liked bullies, you start having second thoughts… especially when compared to Michael, the family man whose fathering skills compliment Trevor’s homemaking ones and who seems to think his family’s love can be bought inbetween all living apart together; or Franklin, a guy who knows what he’s doing to earn a buck is completely wrong but still does it anyway as it’s the one guaranteed way out of the Los Santos ghetto. Three immoral characters in what swiftly turns out to be a very immoral gaming world – ouch!

(Plus anyone who believes rednecks, gangstas and hipsters should be exterminated with the nearest available weapon to hand can’t be all that bad!)

Maybe Cloverstardropper doesn’t like Trever because she sees too much of herself in him – evidence for the prosecution:

switch's horrible month end 2

wiggle tongue  whistling mares nest version

On a lighter note, Switch has made a new friend:

switch's horrible month end 3

You do know those sort of spiders are only supposed to live in cellers, right?

yewot  yewot

By the way, for the benefit of those rebel colonists, over here in Britain a Daddy Long Legs is what we call crane flies.

Cloverstardropper also made one she didn’t want.

switch's horrible month end 6

switch's horrible month end 7

You do realise that having got to the bottom it will now crawl left and right up and down your wall while the flea puts more mushrooms on it?

We’ve put you all in the mood for playing this now, haven’t we?

Did you know many parts of the British Isles have had at least some rain during the day and night since St Swithin’s Day on 15th July? The Royal Metrological Society did much this year to dismiss the legend never coming to pass since records began, but it’s now looking like it’s coming back to bite them. For those of us in the British Isles moaning about not having much of a summer, spare a thought though for those who are getting all our sun instead.

switch's horrible month end 4

Meanwhile, Switch’s chances of ever becoming a goth have taken a fatal blow.

switch's horrible month end 5

Funny to think she’s a They Might Be Giants fan as well, considering how barking mad their videos have been down the years.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we saw a really silly video, so we’re wondering what song Switch is referring to?

scratchhead  scratchhead


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