An SOS From Zedrael – URGENT!

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Here’s the story straight from the whisky bottle (old joke!)

zedrael's dilemma

So if any of you have the curved chair or scratching post – heck, if you have ANYTHING Zedrael made, get in touch with him on the EA forum here.

Zedrael has been one of the most helpful Simming modders over the years – now’s your chance to do something for all the extra fun he brought to your game.

And Zedrael, if this helps, here’s the Cardboard Box, Champagne Bottle, Whisky Bottle and Halloween pumpkin you made.

Missa_Sissa Finds It Hard To Bare – Unlike Her Simmies…

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missa_sissa's naked truth

Let’s at least be thankful that TreyNutz male Simmies aren’t fond of showing their… well you know!

Blast from the past Phantomflex provided the solution (as if you all hadn’t guessed).

missa_sissa's naked truth 1

Lilyatwt – Not An Anagram (Despite Her Behaviour…)

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Another day on the EA forum with another hyperdefensive Simmer having problems.

the saga of lilyatwt

‘I’m a 60 year old woman so don’t you dare insult my intelligence and computer knowledge.’

Oh yummy, a nice juicy granny! ***rings dinner triangle for the Jazz-Handers***

Igazor and TadOlson did their best to help:

the saga of lilyatwt 1

The strange part is that if she’s been having problems with her game, she’s not been exactly very forthcoming about it, having been registered on the EA forum since June 2011 and posting certainly since that December:

the saga of lilyatwt 2

For those wondering about her name, it’s not an anagram of Lily Twat, but a reference to the old US TV series ‘As The World Turns’ character of Lily Walsh.

From what we’ve researched, she’s a bit of a ‘special’ sort – think MadameLee when she hits her 60s and the doctors have given her enough happy pills to make her civilised without being gaga.

She actually has a WordPress blog called Sidewalk Movement that she abandoned back in 2013 – our favourite line (concerning her dog walking-training battles with her sister was this:

the saga of lilyatwt 3

This could be the Barbara Woodhouse the 21st century demands and deserves!

Although this one about her feud with her sister’s husband was equally illuminating:

the saga of lilyatwt 4

You see Bookygirl, you thought you were foul mouthed but really you’re just being retro!

the saga of lilyatwt 5

When it all gets too much for Lilyatwt, she likes nothing better as you can see than popping pills before spending time preoccupied with her clematis, admiring when it has grown to its maximum and posting photos of it and its surrounding bush on her blog.

Ah well, it takes all sorts we suppose!

yewot  wiggle tongue

Fear The Walking Dead? Fear The Pissed Off Vidkid20 More Like It!

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On the EA forum, SimsLuvr90 has been trying to start discussions on the spinoff prequal to everyone’s favourite late night whilst getting pissed On Demand bingeathon…

… okay, okay, along with Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story and True Blood.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead

As you can see, save for Kiwi_Berry_Mangp, she’s not had many takers.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 1

Which if Viddie’s reaction over at Vidkid20’s Sim Lair is anything to go by is hardly a surprise, as it appears it’s the scripts which are undead rather than the characters!

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 2

Yes folks, it’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer time all over again – ultra successful show develops spin-off syndrome in the bit to squeeze some more return out of the initial investment at the behest of the advertisers, but the public vote with their feet and despite ‘special guest’ appearences the new short flops.

As Viddie put it, it’s all down to a manner of not treating the public like morons who will back anything lying around the studio dustbin so long as it is plagerising the original.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 3

Inna Minnit Is The Giddy Limit

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Oh wonderful, a brand new bumnugget trying to tell Simmers in the Sims 3 section of the EA forum that Sims 4 isn’t a whale of fail…

inna minnit is the limit

Moonandsixpens gave a very good broadbrush overview (dodgy spelling of rabbit aside…) of what makes Sims 3 stand out from its woeful ‘successor’.

inna minnit is the limit 1

The strange part is that it was only after IreneSwift and SimKeats elaborated on the points Moonandsixpens touched up….

inna minnit is the limit 2

… that Inna Minnit only chose to pick up on their posts, largely ignoring what they said for pedantism.

inna minnit is the limit 3

IreneSwift was not going to let our last wannabe flame warrior off so lightly:

inna minnit is the limit 4

Once again, they ignored finding their arguments being torn to shreds and instead decided to try flaming the less patience Windely:

inna minnit is the limit 5

‘And I just see the riding in the car as another loading screen.’

manul says what is this FAIL above me

Cue a most elegant rebuff from Moonandsixpens (did they have three Shredded Wheat this morning or something?):

inna minnit is the limit 6

bravo  bravo

Along with Sindocat and JoAnne65 sending our wannabe flame warrior packing.

inna minnit is the limit 7

‘Really? So, how’s school?’

slaplol  thumb

Yes, this had all the hallmarks of some kid bored already with being back at school taking out their frustrations instead of getting on with their new term’s homework – but well handled by all!

Did Windows 10 Blow An Ill Wind For Windweaver’s Game?

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A cautionary tale here from Windweaver on the dangers of a certain new little operating system Microsoft has been so anxious for us all to move over to.

windweaver's problems

Sindocat gave what was in all logic the correct answer – the old limited installations routine – but it seems the problems started when Windweaver made a certain ‘upgrade’…

windweaver's problems 1

We hear you LaBlue0314 – we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had to call EA Customer Services to be ‘allowed’ to install a game onto a new disk drive after the old click-click-whirr type drive did what hard disk drives from Yingtongland do the best – cough and die without warning. We’d appreciate the trying to stop piracy argument, but when there’s sites such as Games For The World openly pirating EA software and they do utterly zero about it, that line wore out years ago.

More worrying is whether this is a sign Windows 10 is spying on your computer on the behalf of other software manufacturers to make sure you have ‘authorised’ copies of software on your PC and crippling those it deems rightly or wrongly as not legitimate – the same sort of nonsense they tried to get away with Windows Media Player on users media files not so long ago…

thatsit  thatsit

Cloverstardropper’s Holy Unimpressed With Sims 4

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Taken from today’s Switch’s Silliness:

cloverstardropper's still not impressed with sims 4

‘The CEO of EA could be our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ himself and I still wouldn’t pay for Sims 4.’

slaplol  smiley-lol

The only resemblence the CEO of EA has with Jesus Christ is that the masses have been shouting for him to be crucified as well!


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