Sims 4 Is Too ‘Family Friendly’ By Half – Promoting Incest As Natural (With A Bit Of Paedophilia Thrown In As Well)?

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Looks to us like there’s someone down the Sims Studios that’s a little too fond of the Lannisters in Game Of Thrones.

sims 4 promoting incest

thOMG  thOMG

So here we are at nearly the end of April, eight full months since the release of Sims 4, and they have had enough time to have two overpriced packs of extra bumnuggetry in the shops for the terminally stupid to throw at it in the hope of making a game out of it; yet they haven’t got enough time to fix something as simple as adding a basic line of code preventing incestuous romantic interests?

For Ericaduh, this is one sort of ‘family play’ she can well be rightly doing without:

sims 4 promoting incest 1

You think it can’t get any worse? How about a bit of paedophilia thrown into the mix as well?

Tell ’em, Amot:

sims 4 promoting incest 2

‘A child Sim and his dad had “romantic interest” as well…’

Blatant mutually reciprocated paedophilia in Sims 4?

EA, seriously?

thatsit  thatsit

Bethesda clamped down hard on scum trying to peddle nonce mods for Skyrim, and it is unforgiveable that EA – a major corporation – has such a skin crawling flaw in their spaghetti coded product to make it manna from heaven for sickos.

(And for anyone about to say we’re overreacting, Rule Of Rose was banned precisely because of the implied kiddy fiddling element in it, so the precedent has been set)

We might have known that Jarsie9’s old apologist Drake_McCarty would start talking through his arse. ‘Huge design flaw’ our feet! A schoolkid with rudimentary computer coding knowledge could add a line of If-Then-Else code to prevent one family member developing any sort of romantic attachment to another.

No excuses: when the game starts throwing up these kind of scenarios, this is the moment this rubbish ought to be taken off the shelves immediately until and only until it is fixed.

Loch Ness Mess

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Loch Ness Mess

We thought at first it was a visual interpretation of what was inside your average Simguru’s head pulling at the controls. Then we realised it looked too advanced.

Getting Stocked Up For The Inevitable

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According to Pepperjax1230, there’s a zombie apocalypse incoming:

zombie apocalypse and unicorn meat

What does Colton147 suggest you stock up on in preparation?

zombie apocalypse and unicorn meat 1

Crzy_gal_101 disagrees:

zombie apocalypse and unicorn meat 2

Erm, anyone for a Granny Burger?

Toilet Gnome – Kills 99% Of All Germs Around The Rim Flush After Flush After Flush

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At least according to Igazor they do.

toilet gnome

scratchhead  yewot

He doesn’t tell Wotfan1 however whether you need to keep them in a little plastic cage below the rim or simply wipe them around the rim once a day.

(What do you lot mean you don’t clean the toilet at least once a day?)

IreneSwift however reckons they do the exact opposite:

toilet gnome 2

This of course proved another excuse for the gnome perverts to start waxing lyrical about how wonderful they are, and not at all creepy when they’ve perving on you in the shower or shagging each other on the lawn.

toilet gnome 1

Tell it to the Gnome Office Karritz!

toilet gnome 3

Only in Westeros, Kipper123, if there’s any justice!

Brietbart: Another News Site Running Old Mare’s Nest Scoops

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Where we led, so others follow – eventually.

When it suits them.

Today we found ourselves getting hits directed from the following news story on the right wing Breitbart website.

breitbart and the mare's nest

Dare we suggest the lingering smell of sour grapes in the air?

If they really see the Shortys are such a bad thing, why are they only now denouncing it the moment Milo Yiannopoulos found himself denied any opportunity to win one of their glorified glass paperweights/nutcrackers/wobbly table props?

It begs the question had they won it they’d have praised it to the skies. Sorry, but that’s the sort of ‘ethical journalism’ that gives ethical journalism a bad name.

breitbart and the mare's nest 1

The part in question – the link to ourselves is in orange. Or burned yellow. Whatever WordPress calls that colour this month.

Never mind. The reason we were taking hits was due to our bust of Sawhorse’s dishonest ‘social media’ awards – little more than a PR stunt for their company – back on 30th March 2012. The plot duly thickened not long after, and sure enough the following year they were still rigging their own bloody awards after asking the public to vote for the winner (including NASA ‘winning’ a category they’d finished seventh in)!

breitbart and the mare's nest 2

Still, on the bright side, the more exposure and the more naming and shaming of Sawhorse’s bumnuggetry, all to the good. Giving out effectively ‘bought’ gongs (whether directly or indirectly in the hope of future contracts for being sycophants) that helps companies like EA to promote a public facade of competence in fields where they more resemble Picasso’s Guernica does not ‘promote’ the ‘best of social media’ – quite the opposite.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of lazy hacks buying into the whole Shortys farrago and regurgitating their press releases verbatim without calling them into question once.

sunshine  sunshine

Sparkfairy1’s Fluttery Delights

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Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights

One of the more fascinating off-topic threads on the EA forum this year has been Sparkfairy1’s tales of her attempts to raise caterpillars into butterflies.

Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights 1

It’s all for a good cause as well – with so many species falling foul of shrinking habitats and pesticides, Sparkfairy1’s doing her bit to ensure future generations of butterflies will be around our gardens for many more years to come.

Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights 2

Odd? We think it’s rather nice, and certainly a lot kinder than those evil bastards who go slaughtering thousands of butterflies a year just to pin them dead to boards in insect collections.

Fast forward from March and you’ll be glad to know that Sparkfairy1’s hairy little monsters are doing well.

Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights 3

The big excitement today has been one has now gone into their chrysalis, so all fingers crossed that it comes out the other end a butterfly.

Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights 4

And there’s at least another four which will hopefully follow it shortly, with one looking already set to go next.

Sparkfairy1's Fluttery Delights 5

We’re with you Sue_D_Nim on this one – a thread full of win!

bravo  bravo

‘Dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweet.’

Best Laptop for Sims 4?

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Best Laptop for Sims 4

Here Aileach, got the perfect one for you.

Best Laptop for Sims 4 1

thumb  thumb


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