The Sea Nymphs – Chapter Eight

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What will crop up next on Horse Head Island?

You’ll find out – same place,  same time – in Chapter Nine.

The Sea Nymphs – Chapter Seven

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What has Sparky discovered?

Is Charles leading her a merry dance?

If so, will making Sparky do the Yolky Cokey lead to her choking the chicken?

You find out what the cluck’s going on in Chapter Eight.

Okay Katsurin, We Understand Why You’ve Done This … But Don’t Hurt Yourself Over It

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We’ve been getting a lot of hits this week regard that business with Delphy five years ago spawning from his disturbing accommodation to clearly paedophilic elements in the Simming community – and which remains the third most viewed post of all time in The Mare’s Nest‘s history.

Amongst the places linking to us regarding this is one Katsurin, who when not finding new wigs for their dog (must be a B-52s fan!) is a Sims 2 player still keeping the faith on Dumblr and elsewhere (one irony about the Glitterturd is how much it breathed extra life into Sims 2 as players back engineered its goodies to fit the older game!).

It has to be said Delphy changing his name to Tasiketh ** was always likely to make people think this is someone wanting everyone to forget his past.

** after discovering very late in the day about our little essay of explanation to all about past events in order to put them into context (a coincidence, of course … the snark kiddies of the MATY/MTS/GoS orbit don’t regard EA forum ‘orientated’ Simmers or their forums, blogs, etc. as important – until they’re sober or undrugged enough to wonder whose teeth were responsible for biting them hard in the arse! Even then, they usually blame it on the renegade Recepticle Refugees.)

Fair enough, everyone acquires stains on their character in life – some bigger than others.

But there’s some stains resultant which are too deep to wash out, and part of showing true repentence is facing up to it. The moment you start trying to airbrush it out by changing your online moniker with a particular gaming community of fifteen years, people start asking, ‘why now?’ followed by ‘are you hoping enough of the old guard have gone so what you did will be forgotten and unknown to the new ones?’


But anyway, here’s what Katsurin said, upon discovering that business …

And yes, we appreciate the irony of the background in relation to the context of the post before anyone points that out!

What made us puzzled is that Katsurin has been a member of Mod The Sims for long enough we would have thought to have discovered this:

Granted, they only joined in August 2015 when the major topic was the slow car crash that was Sims 4, Phreakindee’s sackcloth and ashes over taking EA’s Forty Pieces of Chocolate Money, and the other car crash which was Delphy’s Sims File Share project as his latest money making via adverts scheme (pity for him it wasn’t adblock proof … ).

And knowing the way the MTS lot love to censor any criticism or posts lampooning the owner or his toadies (right, Rflong7/13?), we could well believe this is all and rather horrible news to Katsurin/OnlyFrillsAndHorses (that last one sounds like what Heartland would have ended up if Del Boy and Rodney had relocated).

Oh come on, you remember Heartland!


But what’s the point in removing your uploads from Mod The Sims … only to host them on Sim File Shares? That’s Delphy’s too. Personally we wouldn’t touch SFS with a bargepole because we don’t trust the slimy reptile one bit, but plenty of others do and have had no issues, so that’s our tough luck, innit?

And there lies the crux of the matter.

There’s plenty of others who know him for what he is – and his array of apologists for what they are (to be concise, sickos tend to attract and seek out fellow sickos – and Lungpaul were no aberrations …). There’s still plenty of good Simmers on MTS too as much as the ones you’d never respond to if they were the last Simmer on Earth. Same as anywhere else in the Simmerverse.

B2 still posts custom content there, but that didn’t stop them lampooning what’s been a long running joke.

(Of course, Delphy’s flying panty squad had the offending paragraphs erased, but not before we all had a good laugh).

Like it or lump it, MTS is a massive Simming resource stretching over three versions of the game and a continuous unbroken history, which many people have contributed to over time (some no longer with us both – some permanently). It ain’t going away any time soon – and whilst we of all people understand why you’d want to wash your hands of them, ultimately the only person you’d be hurting is yourself.

In life, you are never going to stay clear of sickos, no matter how hard to try. Granted, there are certain communities and groupings which have always been vulnerable from the attentions of predators (particularly the gaming one). But what’s the alternative? Cut yourself off from the things you like? If so, prepare for a sad and boring ‘best years of your life’ wrapped in cotton wool – and a shitload of bitterness and regret when you hit forty and realise what you missed out on.

All you can do is be forewarned, and thus forearmed. So if on the off-chance any of them do attempt to go DylanSimz on you, you’ll know how to respond.

Keep smiling, and keep Simming.


Cloverstardropper’s Switched Off To The Glitterturd’s Sim Of Pride

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Yet for such little return.

You’d think by now they’d have learned how to master bait considering those in charge have been nothing but w**kers.


You pirated it anyway.


Sims 4 sucking up to Gay Pride? Pffft!

They’d suck up to Mother’s Pride if they thought there were any sales in it.

The Great Knit Back In The Sims 3 Saddle Again?

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Oh she’s either doing it, or getting tempted again!

And oh ho ho ho, someone’s back in their Dumblr!

And good to see someone is as cynical as ourselves when it comes to sad sacks who see the Sims series as a masturbation aid.


And finally, the latest spooky coincidence in the upbringings of Aarin and Cloverstardropper (Part Ten Squillion).

Well okay, Switch never turned into a gallivanting hyperfemme slut, but the Catholic bit’s still valid!

Kiwi Farms’ WordPress Chicken Finally Comes Home To Roost

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You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. And yet we also feel a little sad at the tedious inevitability of it all.

Last Friday, the little shits at Kiwi Farms were snarking over one of their long running victims for torment, WordPress‘s Samambreen, who linked to us after this (see the end part).

As we said at the time, certainly we did not approve of her blog (there are no political, ethical or ideological ‘absolutes’ in a complex world), but were somewhat concerned at her zealotry towards them, which of course is what they relied on. In their Cartesian world, ‘I troll, therefore I am,’ – thus kill them with your indifference.

As per usual they started doing their best to push her buttons, ‘she should be locked up,’ ‘she’s likely to kill herself’, etc, etc – the same routine troll shittiness they’ve been dishing out for years from the safety of being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and not being within fist in the face distance in order to get a reaction.

And then this happened.

Aw, Mummy’s Little Gobshite’s lost his revenue stream!


This was inevitably going to happen – they piss off someone enough who has the wherewithall or the life circumstances so they will work 24/7 to have their revenge.

Anyone familiar with the nonsense world of parapolitics, UFOlogy, ghost hunting, etc. knows the score with what’s going on here; that ghostworld of the lonely and ignored, where feuds and counterfeuds are part and parcel of the construction of an alternate reality where they are, instead, ‘important’.

Inevitably things get out of hand when they start trying dragging those in the real world into their bumnuggetry. Service providers (printers, venue providers, internet website platforms, secure financial transferrers) decide dealing with people or organisations whose custom means getting a load of equally nutty fruitcakes demanding they cease doing so, jamming up their communication lines (land mail, email, fax, etc) and taking up their business time – to say nothing of providing unwelcome publicity – is more trouble than its worth.

Once the precedent is set, this can be used as leverage against other organisations who will, naturally, be even more reluctant to retain such custom. On and on it goes, until the individual or organisation in question is forced to set up its own printing presses, website provision, whatever – and with it the full liability by which they can be prosecuted. Which was the intent all along.

The truth is, in these scenarios there’s never any winners. Once one side gets a ‘victory’, they’ve got to find a new target, a new victory, whereas the one who was defeated seeks revenge. On and on it goes, until they start getting hurt in the real world.

The only thing to do, is let them get on with it – and never get involved directly.


Rhiannon58 Finds Something Fishy About Harvey The Goldfish

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Yes it is perfectly plausible that your goldfish could outlive all your Simmies.

Especially if your goldfish happens to be a notorious serial killer.