Aaaaaaand Sim Romanov Is Back Again

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This is almost becoming an annual event. Or something.

Hang on, have the Pixies got a new album out? Simple check: has Sharkloverplayer also become more active on the EA forum of late?

Hey, an outdated laptop was perfect for your switch to Sims 4!


Meh! The only people who need to come back into the Simming community with new names are those with something to hide, and you certainly did not fall into that category (well, apart from that picture of you wearing that straw boater…).

Yes, MadameLee’s still around – one of us was sorely tempted to go over to Canada and meet this legend in her lunchtime in the flesh at that karaoke bar, but considering what happened all those years ago when one of us tried speaking with her in one of the Comrades’ chatboxes, decided best against and opted to go to London to go and see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child instead.

A Simblr and a Dumblr both refer to Tumblr blogs, Simblrs being ones dedicated to Simming, Dumblrs being your average nothing but reposts of what everyone else is saying (like 99% of all Tumblrs – hence our distain for them) and Dimblrs are Simming Dumblrs.

Not long after came Sim Romanov’s new computing rig.

It’s a fanny magnet.

Which is more than can be said about…

Stop kidding yourself, the graphics do look that bad on the Glitterturd to begin with!

Hmmm, four posts later… think it’s pretty obvious what the answer is to that one!


Welcome back again, you old Crazie, you!

Zeri Discovers This Gift Horse Turned Out To Be More Of A White Elephant

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As if there’s not enough kicks in the teeth doing the Simming rounds right now, get a load of this saga from Zeri’s Useless Ponderings:

An insurance company which goes searching for people to give inheritance money to instead of simply trousering it?


Yeah, but don’t get too enthusiastic folks, like all stories, there’s a twist.

Before we go any further, just to explain to you all, probate is simply the legal administration of someone’s estate (ie. everything they own or have responsibility for) and making sure any outstanding bills are paid off before the residue (ie. what’s left!) goes to the chosen beneficiaries (ie. those standing to inherit).

It varies from country to country, but in the UK it usually costs about 5% of the estate’s value in legal fees and in the USA up to 8% – hence why clever people show their chosen beneficiaries how to do probate themselves long before they push up the daisies. Or in the UK stick everything in trust so there’s no probate at all (this had become an issue in the news over here just before the election mainly due to the Daily Telegraph, but that’s another tale for another time…).

(It’s good this blog, isn’t it? It’s educational, entertaining, and informative. Just like Here Comes The Kardashians.)

Two months to spend twenty four thousand dollars? Anyone else remember the good old days when the government encouraged people to save and didn’t punish you for windfalls?

Nope, us neither!

You just know what’s going to happen next, don’t you?

‘I don’t drive, I can’t make phone calls, my math and social skills are deplorable, and I barely ever leave my house. what the hell kind of job can i get with THAT??’

Well the British Conservative Party and British Labour Party are short of candidates for the forthcoming General Election – you’d be a shoe-in for any of their safe seats.

We were going to say ‘running for President of the United States’, but after Trump that joke’s just far too obvious.

‘There are virtually NO jobs for crazy shut in bitches with no car or people skills. Not without a high school diploma anyway!’

Oh what the plumbobs, forget what we last said – we’re not passing that feed line up…

Joking aside, this is a horrific situation Zeri now finds herself in (isn’t there at least a right of appealing the decision) – having been punished for doing exactly what the government goons wanted her to do in the first place – so if any of you have any good ideas how she can get out of this mess, please get in touch with her and let her know.

Jessamine Diane’s Misery

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Yeah, it’s nothing to do with Simming and what involvement she has in the Simming world these days is a mystery, but sod it:

And before there’s any snide remarks, try remembering how you felt when you lost your first pet, especially if it was one that had been with you for many years.

So Jessamine Diane, for what little it’s worth…

Oh Dear! Oolong-00l0ng Is Bitching ‘Anonymously’ About Sims 2 Simmers Yet Again On Sim Secret!

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Two weeks since we warned the Sims 2 community about a certain Garden Of Shadows and Live Journal snark kiddie, and Oolong aka 00l0ng is at it again, still thinking no-one knows they are doing it.

Their victim this time is the custom content creator Spiffywigs.

Once again, the proof:

Much as we share their distaste over Adfly, yellow press on a Live Journal bitch board isn’t going to change a thing. Have you ever considered a direct objection to what they are doing? Or simply repost their links on your blog bypassing the offending Adfly one?

Just saying…


Another Day, Another Sim Secret Yellow Presser Doxxed (And It’s One Of Aarin’s Old Granny Munching Mates At That!)

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Yes, we are having a busy week at The Mare’s Nest, aren’t we!

Observe if you care the following anonymous snark kiddy crap over at Prah2010’s Live Journal site (only managing twelve ‘secrets’ last week – oh dear!) during another tiresome round of the ‘Sims 3 are all ugly pudding faces’ borefest from the ‘too stupid to learn how to use the sliders properly’ element:

One cursory glance at from whence it came…

The photobucket account of one Simsthreepicturess (sic!) it seems.

Would you believe that this only turns up at one other place (we’ll come to the forum in question in a moment)?

It also appears from the moganbetter2 picture that the photobucket account for naturemusicanimals is also owned by the same person for reasons which will become apparent in a moment.

So who is our latest member of the SS caught out?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t RawringGiraffe! Failed Aarinite, failed EA forum troll, so much of a loser she/he/it has been asked for stand for Labour at the forthcoming British general election (topical, eh?)

Last spotted (if anyone cares) back in 2011 only to find all of her (or is it his?) little troll friends had long since vanished. Going for a comeback incognito, are we?

Oh well, we suppose being a whining shit on Dumblr was always going to lose its attraction eventually.


There’s little point in you trying to deny it – why would anyone drag up that picture from seven years – it’s not as if it turns up anywhere else on the internet except for that forum post of 2009, so hardly a case of multiple random users choosing to repost it.

The strange part is that you were the very one who was so quick to sneer at those Sims 2 Simmers who weren’t impressed with the looks of Sims 3 back then – indeed you went to some lengths to say how much better looking it was!

Just to prove this is no one off…

So… what’s changed between then and now? In your own time…


Meanwhile, time to call in an expert witness:

Caught With His Pants Down: FriendlySimmers aka Pierre aka Pierreandreply4 And His VERY Unhealthy Interest In Young Boys In Their Underwear (Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned)

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Despite the title (it wouldn’t be us without some black humour, would it?), what we are about to tell you, best beloved, is no laughing matter.

But anyway, here’s our story:

Most of you on the EA forum know about the ironically named FriendlySimmers, the drama queening Québécois in a state of permabumnuggetry.

Starting arguments before flouncing off in a huff and vowing never to come back over and over and over again, if there’s an opportunity to create aggro or cause someone else aggro, you can be sure he’ll be there.

This concerned a Taiwanese Simmer who of course was likely to be unfamiliar not merely with English, but our Greco-Roman alphabet system – so MadameLee’s point is fair. If Pierre-FriendlySimmers was really so concerned, this could have been done off board instead of trying to turn it into a bash fest against the errant Simmer. Just saying…

At least, when it comes to the EA forum, that is. Elsewhere, he’s a good little boy, but more about that later.

Thing is, this is not the first alias he’s run up on the current EA forum – let alone one dedicated to causing trouble.

Way back in the early days of the countdown to the arrival of the Glitterturd, Memina11 had one of the more spectacular meltdowns over people daring to suggest that perhaps it wasn’t going to be any good (just a bit!), which in what was to become an all too familiar routine, regardless of the alias, resulted in another self-imposed exile which ended once they realised no one cared, and straight into another hissy fit.

Strangely, elsewhere in the Simming community, he’s been a good little boy (hmmm, perhaps we ought to rephrase that considering what’s coming later…) under his usual alias of Pierre, Pierre1, etc. and was associated with that block of Simmers around the now defunct The Simmers Club orbit of forums (eg. Gnauty L’il Gnomes, Exhibit Sims/iPlaySims, Simmers Heaven, The Sims Social Forum, etc), bloggers and Simmers (eg. CJ, Tia1230 aka Pepperjax1230, PlaySIMKim aka KimiKay1, Nancy01905, Joset426, Okie aka OkieOK01, Dragonfly, the late Gmawolf, etc) – save for a brief dalliance with Comrade Rich who tried to get him onboard during his ‘daisychain’ operations attempting to undermine rival forums in the hope that somehow he’d get what was left of the Sims Oasis crowd over to whatever forum he was running up that week.

Not that he’s proven averse to running up fail forums of his very own!


The last one (which coughed and died in January this year after less than twelve months of operation) was Delightful Sims.

Tia1230, Nancy01905, Joset426… all the gang there, but as per usual no one else: more energies dissipated in a wasted enterprise to go along with their attempted revival of The Simmers Club. Sad, but there you go.

However, there may well have been another reason Simmers have been so reluctant to have anything to do with any such operations when these people are around. As we’ve said before, a Simmer is known by the company they keep, and in the case of Pierre it’s hard to resist that fears of being labelled homophobic have stopped some from crying foul over his very dubious practices linking Simming to people our community really do not want any sort of crossover with.

Over on DeviantArt, Pierre-FriendlySimmers has been posting up his Simming activities, with a very disturbing theme running through them continually…

We would say ‘see what it is yet?’ but considering that was the catchphrase of a convicted nonce best known for the song ‘Two Little Boys’, it’s best we don’t.

You just did, you bumnuggets!

Shaddup Lauryl!

Anyway, for those still unclear of the concept…

In case it has so far bypassed you, FriendlySimmers Pierre appeared to be somewhat preoccupied with very young boy Simmies in their underwear or in the above case naked bar for a towel.

If you want to push up the creeped out factor even more as to exactly the sort of people he is appealing to (and thus endangering our community by drawing them into it), take a look at this:

Take note of the woman, toddler and child Sims 2 picture in the top left as your reference point for the next picture.

That’s nine pieces of content which he’s marked off as mature content because he reckoned they were unsuitable for minors, and what were they?

Two pictures of boys in their underwear, and seven stories of boys ‘roughhousing’.

The very fact he marked them under mature content is a plain admission on his part that these screenshots were aimed at an audience not interested in the Sims gaming series, but something else entirely. As for the ‘stories’…

… guess what, it’s all about boys – in their underpants. You’d never have guessed, would you?

We could further point to his Favourites folder which is all about, erm, young boys in their underwear, his attempts to be paid (in the site’s online currency) by posting up ‘commissions’ – illustrated by a Sims 4 shot all of young boys in their underwear…

He even tried to exonerate himself from the creepy shit he was posting two years ago – August 2015 – with the following disingenuous post aimed more at fooling any investigating moderators that what he was doing was in some form in response to outside ‘requests’.

Yeah, sure.

Explain away why in May that same year you made the following response to the below post then?

‘I would like to know if it would be possible to have a version of these 2 in there [sic!] T-shirts and briefs? Please.’

Your own words you creepy bastard, your own words.

For an encore:

Yes, because it’s such normal everyday behaviour to ask teenage boys (which in the case of Danny Wresch it is confirmed as he only left high school last year) to draw pictures of themselves and their friends in their underwear.

And all this has been going on unremarked in the Simming circles which he keeps for two years.

Two years – yet that same section of the Simming community so fast to be up in arms over the affair have been remarkably silent over dubious pictures of even younger Simmies than that Australian nonce’s teen girls a mere year later.

It doesn’t say much for the self-styled ‘purist’ side of the Simming community (ie. away from the EA forum) that this has been allowed to go on in plain sight without any of them saying a word – although after the Delphy affair and Fat Pescado’s mouthpiece Guybrush’s lies about The Sims Resource, little shocks us any longer when it comes to their ability to thrown all manner of sinister accusations around like confetti whilst ignoring the elephant not merely in the room, but taking up all the sofa, eating their popcorn and hogging the telly controller.

It’s not at if it should be any news to the circles he moves around in, carrying on in Sims 4 in the same manner he did in Sims 3 and Sims 2 – indeed he used to post up young boys wearing nothing but their underpants over at The Sims Resource in 2010 to 2011 when he abruptly stopped, one wonders because the Isacksons had a few questions he wasn’t willing to answer…

Indeed, FriendlySimmers aka Pierre aka Pierreandreply4’s unhealthy interests have been shown to date back almost nine years, back to the days of Sims 2, courtesy of the Insimenator site.

Now doubtless the usual ‘being gay means never having to say you’re sorry – no matter what’ element rushing to defend him and trying to imply that nothing can be implied by umpteen pictures of computer renditions of young boys in their underpants, etc.

Doubtless they would equally be able to explain away why his photobucket account is similarly full of pictures – not merely of young Simmie boys in their underpants – but of ACTUAL young boys, pictures of young boys underpants…

and as per that final example actual young boys in their underpants.

But perhaps most damning of all is that one final place that he chose to upload his Sims 4 screenshots to without due cause two years ago…

Why would he post them there when he had his photobucket and DeviantArt accounts already for posting his pictures on?

We have a theory we’d happily stake our reputations (ha!) on, but our guess is you’re not going to like what we say.

Therefore, so no one can accuse us of trying to give a dog a bad name here – and as we’ve said before, it is not an insinuation to bandy around without a bloody good reason to – we will simply let a British newspaper and the words of the Supreme Court in two separate American states clarify for you why that particular Russian based free image hoster is so notorious…


With that, is there anyone still out there willing to make excuses for this piece of shit?

In any case, he’s got himself two days to come up with a really good explanation for all this – or better still gets the f**k out of the Simming community for good (or at least the EA forum – as it he hadn’t been contaminating it enough with his trolling)

Yes, and by our reckoning he’d better hope that the SPVM don’t know where he lives before he gets the chance to chuck his hard drives into Lac Saint Pierre!


Fresh Allegations (At Least To The Simming Community) That Earthgirl/Earth Mama aka Groovie-Fr Is A NAZI (Yes, For Real)!

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Some quite shocking claims coming out from the Anon Rising website (part of the Flight Rising fanbase).

What are they referring to? This.

Or for those wanting a recap from the Flight Rising community’s perspective, here you go:

Well it seems that during the time inbetween being a racist moron over on the Dragon Cave and Flight Rising communities, Earthgirl has been rather busy with – amongst other things – this…


Yes, a Dumblr called Sixmillionlolz – no prizes for guessing which event in history that’s referring to (we always thought that nazi scumbags denied it happened, but perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting common sense from that sphere).

And yes, she added anti-Semitism to her overall arsebucketry, that Dumblr title wasn’t simply for sick joking attention:

And what was it that got her banned finally from Flight Rising? Putting white supremacy symbols on their user page and naming three of her her hatchlings ‘Diversity’, ‘Is’ and ‘WhiteGenocide’. Ho hum.

So you have been warned, if she appears on the EA forum (usually regarding worlds) looking for attention, just remember what a vicious bigoted loser you are dealing with.