The Ask Me Anything Game On The EA Forum Casts A Little Lightfield On The Subject

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Sometimes wandering around the EA forum in the unlikeliest of places unearths a whole new potential source of merriment.

ask me anything on ea forum

Over on the Ask Me Anything game on the current EA forum, part of the entertainment is trying to think up the most ridiculous answer you can think of, which with some questions is easier than others.

For example, in the above example from Princess_Kaguya, What is something you have tried but will never do again?  you could say:

Riding a discarded wheelchair down a very steep hill on a public road at night whilst under the influence of alcohol (contrary to the myth, wheelchairs do not steer well and flying into a wooden fence at high speed really is that painful).

ask me anything on ea forum 1

Or in the case of Haids5987 and Lightfield, be careful what you wish for – sometimes we think everyone we’ve ever encountered has turned out to be a bloody frenemy, but never mind.

Now this Lightfield character here proved to be rather intriguing, as you will shortly discover.

ask me anything on ea forum 2

We don’t get many opera buffs around these parts, and we don’t get many opera buffs into punk anywhere, let alone in the Simming community. Is this Michael Algar of the Toy Dolls by any chance? We think we should be told!

ask me anything on ea forum 5

In any case, he certainly impressed McFizzleShizzle judging by her question.

ask me anything on ea forum 6

Stop playing hard to get you tart, a man flashing his nipples on the EA forum with a knowing look is not one wishing to spend his life single.

wag_finger  yewot

He prefers his women to be of the dominant amazonian type, but watch CravenLestat and marvel at his Sharkloverplayer like mastery of La Femme L’Amour…

ask me anything on ea forum 8

Give the boy credit, he’s playing McFizzleShizzle like a Stradivarius, and what beautiful music she’s making to him!

Although it appears there is one note of caution:

ask me anything on ea forum 7

It appears that he’s not the swallowing kind, so we can ascertain he’s more interested in the company of swallowers instead.

smiley-shocked032  puke

ask me anything on ea forum 9

But he’s still a romantic, so you hang on in there McFizzleShizzle!

Elsewhere, spare a thought for poor DeKay – nobody loves him, everybody hates him…

ask me anything on ea forum 3

Aw, poor DeKay, someone give him a cuddle.


ask me anything on ea forum 4

On second thoughts, he’s a Sims 4 player – get behind us, Satan!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

In the meantime, be fair LinaBelina360:

ask me anything on ea forum 10

… even the monsters under your bed have to get out to get themselves a little midnight snark!

Darstan64 And Karritz Discuss The Fairy Obvious, Whilst Nicky Snitcher Sends CravenLestat’s Heart Aflutter

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T’is an oldie but a goodie worth restating regarding the less than clear instructions when it comes to Options in Sims 3:

discussing the fairy obvious

Karritz was on hand to help, with complimentary pervings from CravenLestat:

discussing the fairy obvious 1

For those of you needing further elaborate, here she is:

discussing the fairy obvious 2

Looks like CravenLestat likes the dominatrix librarian type.

wiggle tongue  yewot

She’s the only default occult babysitter in the game (from lovely Moonlight Falls, of course), and only has three traits, charismatic, childish and workaholic. Her wings are yellow but thankfully her teeth are not.

Karritz made the following useful additional point to Darstan64 regarding Supernatural Simmies:

discussing the fairy obvious 3

You just knew NRaas Industries mods had to appear at some part of the conversation, didn’t you?

The End Of The Snooty Show (Almost)

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Over on the all but abandoned Snooty Sims, its craptastic Dutch owner has thrown in the towel:

good riddance snooty take your shitty webshite with you

That was rather nice of him to point out the blindingly obvious almost two years since anyone heard a cheep out of him.

Meanwhile on the EA forum, the matter was mentioned by Icmnfrsh

good riddance snooty take your shitty webshite with you 1

Deshong04 and Phantomflex also started getting all dewy eyed:

good riddance snooty take your shitty webshite with you 2


Snooty Sims was nothing more than the /b/ or 4chan of the Simming community full of evil little teenage brats who got gobs on them for towards others they thought not ‘kewl’ enough to be in their cyber-gang hut even to the extent of accusing them of being child molesters ‘for the lulz’ from the safety of behind a computer screen, and that was long before the Sharkloverplayer incident of 2010 which was the final straw for most with the place.

They wanted a forum all to themselves without ‘outsiders’, and soon lived to regret having their wish granted.  Good riddance to them.

Here We Go Again…

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There’s been a rather curious outburst about ourselves… although in hindsight we ought to have saw it coming weeks ago.

But first, some background:

We wrote our warning a week or whatever ago about Black Lives Matter more or less because of the complete – dare we say wilful? – ignorance by the Simming community towards it bar that it was more an opportunity to indulge in self-congratulation at their ‘caring’ coated in a thick laboured self-righteous indignation sauce. As we’d said weeks earlier, if any of the f**kers really cared, they would be out in the real world doing something about it, not seeking ways to exploit it to boost their Dumblr stats.

There was always the danger of someone we liked getting involved with them and getting their fingers badly burned as a result – as emotive movements shamelessly appealing to the mob are wont to do to their rank-and-file members whilst their self-appointed leaders forge later lucrutive media careers from the notoriety their followers’ cuts, bruises or worse bought.

Someone needed to post up a note of caution (especially considering the way what readership Sim Secret has left were getting their knickers into a right old twist)  – may as well be us we thought.

Ironically the immediate response was to silence those on Sim Secret at a stroke – confirming our guess most there actually had little clue about the group they were anxious to profess support for beyond the purple prose both pro and anti doing the rounds. Job done – perhaps…

Elsewhere however Vidkid20 decided to lose what remaining plot she had by screaming that we were ‘racists’ for daring to suggest that Black Lives Matter was anything less than a cause so noble and pure it could have come straight from Don Bluth’s draughtboard at Disney.

Which is strange, considering only last April she had a quite different take towards these brave social justice warriors when it came to Black Lives Matter’s antics which played no small part in parts of her own city being put to the torch – so for those wondering why we were so surprised at Viddie’s sudden miraculous conversion to the ’cause’ lately, now you know.

Incidentally, for the benefit of those interested, here’s the six police officers charged with the murder of Freddie Grey which catalysed the protests which led to the subsequent riots…

six police officers charged with freddie grey murder

Yes, half of the officers in question were black: consider that next time you swallow the narrative about ‘institutionally racist police’.

(And yes, the fact the charges were dropped are a downright bloody disgrace, since you ask)

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: until your average American ends their love affair with drinking more caffeine in a day than most non-Americans drink in a week, coupled with the national dogma that every problem is best solved with pills and guns; you lot are going to keep on blowing each others heads off and be the world’s biggest free-range lunatic asylum from now until Doomsday. It’s a national psychosis that goes way, way beyond heavy handed police.

And while we’re at it, why is it that ‘Black Lives Matter’ to the Twitteratti, etc only when it is a white police officer – or what they want you to believe was a white police officer – killing someone black? Meanwhile in Maryland  – for example – about two hundred blacks die in pain and misery annually as a result of being homeless, and not one of these oh-so-concerned citizens has ever cared a flying fuck. Half of all America’s homeless are black. Just thought we’d point that out, that bigger picture and bloody bigger issue (pun intended, British readers!) The social justice warriors sure won’t be this side of hell, because the homeless just aren’t that hashtag or drama worthy…

[Incidentally to add a Sims note to proceedings, the band Anthrax whose ‘Now It’s Dark’ was redone in Simlish for the very first game in the series had their song ‘Who Cares Wins‘ about the homeless subject to a blanket airplay ban across all media upon its release in 1988 because it was deemed by U.S. government authorities of the time as ‘inflammatory’. Watch the video and you’ll find out why…]

But we digress.

There also followed a rather curious outburst from Lady Emillye on her blog. Newer readers will naturally scratch their head at this name, but she’s been mentioned on and off over the years.

To cut a long story short, she’s an amiable enough soul with an unfortunate tendency every so often to decide she wants to be a community ‘leader’ (the psychologist would suggest in catharsis for thwarted real life ambitions…), starts up some grandiose project or another – a forum, a blog, whatever – the whole business ends in tears, and that’s the last we hear from her for a random length of time.

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what

Point of information: we did not suggest that the Black Lives Matter movement was SOLELY (emphasis yours!) for a person or group’s personal gain. To quote from the third last paragraph of the ‘offending’ article in question, ‘By no means is all of it dubious’.

What we said is certain elements intend hijacking it for their own ends. All umbrella movements are vulnerable to such attentions, of course, not least of all because the political naivity of their make up coupled with their size makes them such excellent targets for ‘entrism’ and infiltration. What is of concern is the clear disinterest those behind BLM have in preventing it, and their potential motives for turning a Nelson’s Eye to what’s going on.

See the fall out between Hope Not Hate and its former major financial backer the Jewish Chronicle newspaper last year as a worked example of what happens when those with completely different primary goals are allowed to parachute into a cross-community group and hijack it (Hope Not Hate itself being founded to replace the discredited Anti-Nazi League…).

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 1

‘Well intention’d people who are just trying to bring awareness to an alarming matter’ – ah yes, because the blanket coverage from CNN, Fox, the BBC and the rest of the world’s media on screen and in print can’t do what a few piss-ant Simblrs can.

facepalmhy2  banghead

Poppycock! The likes of Amour-Val, Ebonix, Guttasims, Joyboxx88, MegaSims4fan, Titosims did it for self-aggrandisement and no amount of mental gymnastics and self-delusion can make it otherwise.

As for ‘it doesn’t mean that the message behind it and the original intent for it doesn’t matter’: quite aside from being a straw man, much the same nonsensical argument can be used to justify the English Defence League, the League of the South and all manner of roads to the seventh level of Hell paved with self-proclaimed  ‘good intentions’.

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 2

So since you care so much about Pride Week, we take it you will join us in condemning – as we did in the ‘offending’ article – Black Lives Matter for bullying the organisers of Toronto’s Gay Pride before wrecking their Sunday 3rd July parade?

In your own time…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 3

First up, we make no apology to anyone for criticising those posting what race they are on their blog, member’s page or whatever. Race has no place in the Simming community – period.

We are all the human race (even the ones considering themselves furries!), and if you think your skin colour is such a big deal you have to state it voluntarily, you’re the one with the racism problem. Eysenck is dead, John Tyndall is dead, and anyone that still believes that old ‘culture is race, race is culture’ horseshit clearly is braindead.

(As for ‘African American’, 99.99999% of those coming out with that 1980s buzzword crap wouldn’t last five minutes in Africa, let alone have any direct connections with it – unlike the British, Belgian, Dutch and French Afro-Carribean communities – so kindly shut the fuck up about a continent your nation’s shat all over from a great height with your tax dollars every chance you get before barfing on about your ‘solidarity’. See Angola and Rwanda for details…)

There are no ‘races’ in Sims 3, you bumnugget – that’s the point we were making. They are all of the one race, regardless of colour.

We may get such things in the likes of World Of Warcraft, Skyrim and the like, but thankfully EA has decided that their imaginary world you can have Sims any shade of the rainbow without strings attached or terms and conditions apply – least of all ‘cultural appropriation’ ones.

Unfortunately there are those that do wish to do this, and are happy to use the current fashionability of the Black Lives Matter fad this year (having cheerfully ignored it the previous three…) as a new means of suckering Simmers into their hivemind, and more to the point to encourage them to harangue anyone daring to post pictures of playing their game in a way they deem ‘racist’ – and that’s why people such as Murfeel have been unhappy with the nonsense of the last six months. Like us, they see the subtext, and don’t like it one bit.

Maybe, just maybe, had you been paying attention to events in the Simming world, you may have noticed all this going on.

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 4

Gift Gathering – the last refuge of a scoundrel…

But we guess you’ve been too busy buying your way back into being a Simming community ‘big shot’ (in your mind’s eye) by chucking shitloads of money you can ill afford at random strangers and ‘competition winners’ around the Gifting Section of the EA forum along with all the other losers and beggers there.

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Still, we hear now you fancy yourself as one to run a replacement for the old My Sims 3 Blog…

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 5

(Which, cynical as we are, is what we reckon is the real motive behind this current outburst – playing to the mob you wish to appeal to as potential new readers)

Which would be a good idea were it not for two small but crucial points…

Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 6 Lady Emilye talking shite to suck up Viddie's arse sad or what 7

Firstly, there are umpteen squillion custom content listing sites as it is on Dumblr alone – all you need to do is type in the appropriate hashtag. The Simming world needs another like a hole in the head – you’re the one that needs it for an ego-boo.

Secondly, considering your behaviour when you and Vidkid20 started the Sims 3 Custom Content Gallery – running out on her not long after opening and leaving her to run the whole damn thing herself – we’re not going to hold our breaths on you proving to be any more reliable with this new project as with your prior litany of cyber-wrecks you’ve been responsible to date.

ehwhat mare's nest version  thatsit

Molly French Is A Brown Noser, According To 5782341b77vl…

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Or at least that’s the end result of endeavours less to do with what so many on the EA forum do to the Simgurus or the more shameless do to every I-Buy-My-Friends life loser in the Gifting section…

molly french is a brown noser

smiley-shocked032  puke

At least it threw up some new items of interest to Kateness, rather than simply making her throw up!

molly french is a brown noser 1

Welcome Back, Gillie…

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welcome back gillie

… and a very succinctly put summary of the Sims 4 add on packs rip-off courtesy of EA’s ceaseless greed for exploiting their fanbase.

The Only Thread On The EA Forum That Matters

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Screw the Rio Olympics – this is where the real action’s at.

For starters, it’s got just as much controversy and blatant performance enhancing scandals as the entire Russian team’s got to offer…

the only thread on the ea forum that counts

With the covetted 1000th post line approaching, Munchkin1224 was to prove no match for Naimii2089’s determination to win:

the only thread on the ea forum that counts 1

Especially when other competitors like Supersimsangsung and JBal were so slow to keep up with where the count had got (use F5, you bumnugget!)!

the only thread on the ea forum that counts 2

The prize, the blue riband of the first stage of the gruelling 10 000 post race, and Naomii2089 takes the biscuit tape.

the only thread on the ea forum that counts 3

But with no time to stop for breath, she and Supersimsangsung blaze on towards the next thousand mark…

the only thread on the ea forum that counts 4

… the lead forever changing in this merciless battle for supremacy between these titans of the thread, these polyphemes of the post…

the only thread on the ea forum that counts 5


worship  worship


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