Get Yourself A Sherman

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Further to yesterday…

sherman's up for download

Hey, I’m Sherman, and I get all my wardrobe tips from Haiden!

GaiaHyphothesis has answered the wet dreams prayers of the EA forum community and selflessly uploaded Sherman the Studmuffin butler onto the old forum right here.

Ah well, some of you weren’t likely to get any work done this week anyway!

evilgrin  evilgrin

Neiph Discovers That Workplace Loyalty Only Cuts One Way

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You have to see this to believe it – although considering how shitty modern day companies are the worst of it is we’re not that surprised anymore…

neiph sacked

neiph sacked 1

Our commiserations to Neiph over this, and for the rest of you on Dimblr, go give this ‘un a verbal hug because no-one deserves to be crapped on by an employer in this manner, especially this close to Christmas.

thatsit  thatsit

Tharmia’s Little Red Roost

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Tharmia's Little Red Roost

Ten by ten homes are wonderful for new game starters, especially if like us you want to get your Simmies gardening, so you can move them eventually in the corner of a sixty by sixty lot.

ehwhat mare's nest version  wiggle tongue

Tharmia's Little Red Roost 1

Tharmia from Germany’s All About Sims’ compact and bijou beach starter home fits the bill nicely – pretty enough in its own right to use ‘as is’, but with enough scope to knock things down and convert inside to make even more compact with some more space saving custom content from elsewhere.

Tharmia’s been sensible enough to realise most native English speakers aren’t going to join a German site to download content, so it is also available over at The Sims Resource, for the price of counting to ten in a page of adverts which are at least ten times less dodgy than your average Adfly efforts so beloved of Dumblr ‘retextured hair’ parasites.

Grab this, a tiny island of your choice (Rflong7/13, Nilxis and Visty6 have loads of lovely ones, plus there’s Elizia’s Queen Palm Island) and have yourself a not too full of hardships castaway break game today.

thumb  thumb

GaiaHypothesis’ Knows What Side Her Bread’s Butlered

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Holy silver service Batman, GaiaHypothesis certainly knows where to get good domestics!

gaiahypothesis' sexy butler

thOMG  th_sillysqueeze

‘I was really sad to see Sherman go. He was a bang up butler.’

Oh we bet you thought that – and if you didn’t have him banging up your Simmie every morning noon and night you ought to be reported to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Simmies!

Simasaurus09 broke the bad news:

gaiahypothesis' sexy butler 1

And we might have known that Tangie-HappySimmer3 would turn up at the first sign of any man candy doing the rounds.

gaiahypothesis' sexy butler 2

Since GaiaHypothesis has saved Sherman to her Sim bin, time to get in your requests first for a copy before she gets completely besieged. Offers of above at least £1000 will be considered, no time wasters please.

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use  tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

Doggone It, Plumb Barb!

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No point in Toby Plum getting all pouty about it over at the Plum Legacy (in Plumb Barb’s Dimblr)…

doogone it plumb barb

… the fact is with that face their dog is clearly a pervert.

Get it snipped before it’s too late and it has humped your Simmies furniture and legs to the point of crashing the game.

(We have no idea why Dakota Rose lookalike Toby Plum is so pouty though, although being a girl called Toby might be one reason – over in the UK it’s one of those boys’ names like Nigel which is short hand for middle class hubristic know-it-all and servile brown noser of all authority figures who deserves to die a most painful Mr Filch approved death. Name your son Toby and you may as well tattoo ‘Tear Here’ to his neck and arse).

wag_finger  scratchhead

Pudding Face – Invented By Someone That Ate Too Many Puddings…

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the story behind pudding face

The phrase ‘pudding face’ is a fine example of hivemind in action.

Upon Sims 3, the snark kiddies at More Awesome Than You, Mod The Sims and Garden of Shadows sneered that Sims 3 Simmies had pudding faces (namely from being too lazy and stupid to learn how to use the sliders properly) and the sheepies have been bleating it ever since.

We might have known that the great social justice radically conscious wing of the Simming world that were to be bleating on about gay Simmies, trans Simmies, culturally appropriated EA Store content, etc. for the next six years would prove to be rather hypocritical when it came to the default game Simmies having ‘fat’ faces.

Still miles better than their beloved Sims 2 where every Simmie looked like Nicholas Cage without a mountain of mods and cc – and light years ahead of Sims 4 (although so is Jet Set Willy, so no big deal there…)

whistling mares nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Sim Secret For Sale As Hooptytrib Quits (Would YOU Buy A Used LiveJournal Blog?)

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Another one bites the dust… almost…

hooptytrib quitting sim secret

Yes, the incontinent dinosaur of the Simming world – Sim Secret – is looking for a new owner as Hooptytrib has had enough – or is merely attention whoring to see how many out there still care less. Time will tell.

After the girl of a thousand faces Frauline Five finally f**ked off (after months of denials in the wake of being outed by us last year as having a lot more involvement in SS than she cared to admit…), things have been near collapse over at Sim Secret, stuttering along even worse than us (and they at least have a full week to come up with crap to post!)

hooptytrib quitting sim secret 1

Only eleven ‘secrets’ this week, most of them Sims 2 bumnuggetry more appropriate for a Sims 2 version of LOLSims than Sim Secret.

Apart from a few feuds from Tumblr teenieboppers no one had heard about or for that matter were interested in (Lex Luthor? Who? Should we care?!?!?) it’s been a veritable desert. They even couldn’t muster up the energy to find anything remotely new to condemn Berrypie and her evil Berry Sweet minions over or proffer any more revelations about their role in the great Illuminati conspiracy to take over the Simmerverse. When they’ve run out of Berry Sweet bitchery, you know the game’s up.

There’s been a few bizarre semi-literate digs at Writin_Reg and Rflong7 which appeared more in the hope attacking two EA forum members might get them some extra traffic, but even then it was so impossible for anyone not on the same extremely strong hallucinogenic medications to understand what the bitchings were referring to in the first place, everyone ignored it.

(Trust us, we tried for weeks to understand, identifying and reading the back threads concerned… no joy. Complete gibberish!)

They’ve even realised bitching about MedleyMisty was a pointless (as well as puerile) exercise.

Yeah, really. Just when you thought you’d never live that long to see that day arrive…

So far three Live Journal luddites have thrown their furryfuck ears into the ring, and no prizes for guessing who one of them is:

hooptytrib quitting sim secret 2

Yes, Circuswolf – and it will be a great big bloody surprise if she doesn’t get it, considering she and FraulineFive were writing huge chunks of it for plumbob knows how long.

However Steffyn appears to show the correct bumnuggetry required for a Sim Secret owner (‘the juiciest section of the Sims community’… oh please! We’ll give it credit for taking care of Delphy’s paedo protection antics last year, but for far too long it has been only concerned with a ever decreasing and easily ignored niche of that community since about 2007.)

As for Alketaire of the Dimblr Simpathy, we wonder how many of her followers she’ll be keeping now she’s effectively outed herself as an SS contributor (the only ones with a realistic chance of Hoobtytrib giving them the keys to the hovel).

If anyone else feels like applying, here’s where to go, but in all honesty we think you’re likely to be more disappointed than appointed.


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