Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop – Part 121

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Hold The Front Page! It’s Another Of MadDoctor61’s ‘Hilarious Anecdotes’!

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Put your surgical trusses on, readers, your sides may split and your ribs burst out of your body from laughing so hard …

How do they do it?

More to the point, why do they do it – as a wall of text at that?


Today In Trying Too Hard …

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Step out once again McTosh in the ‘where can I find?’ section of the EA forum:


We Know What Your Simmie Is Telling You Silently, Misty4m!

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That’s the ‘don’t you dare load up the Glitterturd in preference to the One True Game’ stare he’s giving you!


Middleclaw’s Best Ever Simming Day (Not!)

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We shouldn’t really laugh, as just about the same thing happened to the other half with the Fairy Realm for Raiders … – just about the cherry on the top after six months of hard work and heartbreak trying to rebuild the game to the way they wanted it that was all lost back in April (they’d suffered a hard drive failure and just about lost most of their Sims 3 and other project work – and discovered the hard way that the ‘automatic Cloud backups’ Nanny Ten is meant to provide don’t actually work in practice …)

So yes, Middleclaw, like MantleJackal we feel your pain and your by now bulging swear box, especially after this:

Who more appropriate to add their contribution at this point than Lamaaaay with her blood curdling avatar of terror, death, doom and destruction?

We are not in the least surprised …  actually we are, we’d have expected the four horsemen of the Apocalypse to have turned up as well knowing you!


Karritz recalled a time, the way old Simmers do in America, sitting out on their porches on warm summer evenings, saying to one another, ‘… did I ever tell ya ’bout the time I had this save, and …’

Funny how meteors are always the common denominator in worst games ever!

Oh, dear DivinylsFan, how those words will come back to haunt your Sims 3 game one day … one day … one day …


We’ll Be Giving This One The Bum Steer Unfortunately, BA3Sim

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That awkward moment when you don’t know how quite to tell someone proffering their first test shots of their new Simming skin …

… that it looks like their Simmie doesn’t wipe properly …


Strike A Pose, Nikkei_Simmer

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These were gathered up sometime ago over at the TS3 Creators Cave – fill your boots!


Wilko Johnson R.I.P.

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Just when you think this year can’t provide any more kicks in the teeth.

The passing of an era with the death of Wilko Johnson, ten years after beating ‘incurable’ cancer. Most famous for his time in the band Dr Feelgood – a traditional rhythm and blues band whose onstage antics and aggressive style (and their open belligerence to glam rock and prog rock as trite and self indulgent) was regarded as the forerunners of punk (their album ‘Stupidity’ was the first live album to go straight to No.1 in the UK charts).

The Shakespeare and classical works quoting genius and self-taught astronomer who went from being a hippy to someone who railed against everything they stood for as the realities of boomtown Canvey Island in the early era of oil in the UK (whilst the rest of the nation crashdived into recession) took the idealistic blinkers from his eyes.

With lyrics often as biting as his machine gun guitar playing, he was a creature of his time who never seemed quite to become out from it as he charted the Americanisation and cynicalisation of the society he’d grown up in. Years later, when he turned up in Game Of Thrones – a show where all too many real world parallels were shown – as the mute, menacing King’s Justice Ilyn Paine, you couldn’t help smiling and thinking ‘just like Wilko!’

Canvey Island’s finest export – he will be missed, but his legacy will endure.


If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, That’s Because It Is, Crowkeeper …

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With Christmas soon to be upon us, a timely question came over on Dumblr from Crowkeeper:

Which made us think …

Our conclusion?

Would be suspicious. The company is based in Cyprus, but its warehouse is in the Czech Republic?

Furthermore, it has no reviews on Amazon despite being there for a year (all the hallmarks of registering names with a view to future planned trade scamming).

See that address? It is also the address for this company:

Which claims to be:

‘an award winning forex ECN broker providing forex trading, currency trading, spot metal trading and CFD trading services’

Yeah, sure.

The actual FS Holdings webpage is in Russian, and mostly still all ‘test’ pages.

Running it through a translator, on the pages they actually have some meat to the bones, they claim to have distribution centres in Czechia, the ‘Commonwealth Of Independent States’ (a rather dated euphamism for Russia and its puppet states), the Ukraine (like, WTF?) and Hong Kong.

Finally, they are on YouTube, and have been for many months, but the comments to all videos have been turned off – as if they were anticipating people using it to ask where’s the stuff they ordered?

Quite honestly we’d sooner trust EA or Uncle Ghastly with our money than this lot.

This has all the hallmarks of being the Cypriot version of Delboy Trotter, making grandiose claims that their butts can’t cash and running up a lot of different trading alias, always a red flag.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it more than often is!


Well Who Didn’t See THAT One Coming?

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Oh ho ho ho ho, how the mighty have bottled it!

All the big talk before the tournament from Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Wales about wearing rainbow armbands to show ‘solidarity’ with LBGTQ+ etc etc ‘rights’ (which, like the Epiphany are fast becoming a moveable feast …).

To no one’s surprise, the Qataris – backed by the other Muslim nations at the World Cup – objected, and to even less surprise FIFA backed them on the grounds of not allowing ‘political statements’, even though the Muslim nations would be allowed to wear crocodile tears armbands about Third World debt (after Third World crypto-slave labour rush built the stadiums for the tournament).

To the least surprise of all, the nations currently quick to scream ‘Be Kind, Or Else!’ buckled the second the really bigotted nations regarding LBGTQ+ etc etc ‘rights’ – the very ones they should be directing their maximum ire at. Even worse, they left it till match day in the hope everyone would mind least.

Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah.

The fact is it all proves the entire Woke movement is nothing more than a self indulgent middle class and pseudo intellectuals cult, the new religion in a secular society for people who want to pat themselves on the back that they’re better than the hoi-polloi – where everyone is a martyr to the cause but don’t hold your breath that anyone would ever be prepared to die for any of their pre-packaged ‘beliefs’.