‘Oh How I Wonder Did We Get So Far, Living Like Lions With A Kitten’s Roar!’

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one the juggler are you the one

‘Okay Mares, enough is enough! I’ve waited patiently since last bumnuggetting September for something you made me model for, which you’d originally made back in February 2011 and keep making excuses not to post – give me my goodies!’

Okay, okay, now’s the time to do it, since it’s a new month and since they have now finally re-released you-know-what for the first time in thirty one years…

one the juggler are you the one 1

‘Whaaaa… you’re kidding me? Mares, don’t tease me like that! I can’t take so much awesomeness in one go!’

It’s true – One The Juggler’s ‘Nearly A Sin’ has finally come out on CD!

So out come the One The Juggler t-shirts, hooded tops, poster pictures and giant Django mural we made all those years ago.

one the juggler t-shirts
one the juggler t-shirts 1

one the juggler poster pictures 1one the juggler poster pictures

Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m so happy I could cry!’

Bit like one of us when they first heard ‘Are You The One?’ for the first time after rescuing a vinyl copy of ‘Nearly A Sin’ from a charity shop back in 2011- which they bought en spec for only 50p because they remembered reading that Desert Island Joe Slythe from Splodgenessabounds was in them for a while.

‘Are You The One?’ became a sort of personal tune to us in the same way ‘The Safety Dance’ did, except we kept it our secret one – the line ‘oh how I wonder did you get so far, living like lions with a kitten’s roar,’ seemed so apt.

For those of you remotely interested, One The Juggler sounded allegedly like early David Bowie and T-Rex, but with a European folk tinge and some rather heavy Scandinavian strings reminiscent of where Bjork went later, all down to some very peculiar musical influences…

one the juggler are you the one 2

… was there ever another band who tipped their gypsy hats in tribute to musical muses such as the great Django Reinhardt and by children’s TV’s Barnaby the Singing Bear (or Colargol/Jeremy as he was known as elsewhere)?

Anyway, for any of you who want these (all base game friendly), here’s the download link.

And for those of you who have never heard of this band (we’ll be astounded if anyone else has to be honest!), have a listen to some of these – if you don’t love at least the ultra-happy ‘Are You The One?’ it’s because you’re probably dead.

‘Cos it’s a long hard day, and there’s no stone’s laid…’

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

FriendlyOne20 In The Twilight Zone

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Okay, some of you may find this funny, but it freaked both of us out.

Read on:

scary story from friendlyone20

thOMG  scared

The Bumnuggetry Of Sims 4 In A Nutshell

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the bumnuggetry of sims 4 in a nutshell

A game you buy in the shops, only to find out the hard way you have to download it, so if your internet connection isn’t top of the range broadband or not guaranteed to cut out or be ‘throttled’ by your internet provider if you’re downloading too much, you’ve just wasted your money – and some mean shops will not refund you as you’ve now used up the registration code it came with to start the download in the first place so it can’t be resold.

Yet people are still falling for it, buying it, and learning the hard way – and another potential Simmer is lost, disgruntled, for good.

manul says the fail that keeps on failing

TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby

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TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby

Hey, you can’t have student accomodation without some bumnugget playing their music far too loud all day long – it’s traditional!

ehwhat mare's nest version  rant

TreyNutz as ever gave the practical solution, but isn’t it typical that there came in response that old lazy Simmers’ battle cry…

TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby 1

‘Muuuuuum, is there a mod for it?’

facepalmhy2  banghead

Although to be fair, ChubbyKatze also asked for one back on the old EA forum:

TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby 2

… with Jooliea and Shadowninja2 (there was never a Shadowninja, by the way!) in agreement:

TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby 3 TiffanyLee007 Is No Angie Baby 4

Of course, you can simply mute music being played via Options or use NRaas Overwatch, but the latter only applies to inactive sites.

But then again, is it really that big a deal to mouse click once to select and once to turn off?

LoubyLou1985 (Hayley Adcock) Can Now Get Her Wheelchair, Thanks To YOU, Dear Simmers!

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It’s been a shitty last few weeks with one thing or another, so let’s end it on a happy note:

best news all week

What was started last October has finally come true, despite some attempts at yellow press against it from the scummier elements, the target has been reached, and you dear Simmers have helped one of your own gain a bit more of her life back.

Yeah, we know its corny, but this is for all of you who donated, made custom content to publicise the fund drive… it’s moments like this which make the Simming community so wonderful to be a part of.

virtual hug mare's nest version


Kitty13_x’s Spamming Was A Farce, But Lisasc360 Was Just Being An Arse

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kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat

Some of you will have noticed that the recent revival in talk about Harry Potter Simmies (doubtless as a result of the worst kept secret in the literary world of J.K. Rowling yet again going back to the series she vowed never, ever, ever to touch again… ho hum…) has saw a certain Kitty13_x plying her trade in response.

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 1

They will also have noticed Lisasc360 moaning about it with the same cut and paste faux why oh why? bitchy response.

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 4


kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 3

… and over…

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 2

… and over again…

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 1

wanker  wanker

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 5

What ‘relevant’ threads, CreamierThanMami? Your ever so hilarious thread about your Simmie going art nouveau in style thanks to bad custom content – oh our aching sides, how original, that’s never happened at all in the last six years of Sims 3.

deadhorse shakehead

What next, an amusing picture of a vegetable you found at the local supermarket that’s shaped like a penis? Jesus appearing on your toast? A shit stain on your underwear that looks exactly like a map of the New York subway?

Okay, Kitty13_x was taking liberties, but at least her post was about something newhad you bothered to check the link:

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 6

Okay, we’ll admit some aren’t all that great, some are, you make the downloads and decide for yourselves, but considering our own attempts to plug the Simming gaps in the Pottersphere aren’t going to win any prizes we’ll always applaud a trier.

(That said, we still think having Neville Longbottom (this was someone else’s Simmie, by the way… erm, we think!) and Draco Malfoy pissed as farts was one of our finer moments!).

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 7

We do like her version of Cho Chang, more like we imagined her to be in the books rather than the cuddly film version. Had we not been forced into making one of our own, we’ve have been tempted to use this.

But we digress.

The point is at least Kitty13_x was offering something tangible and fun in her posts. What was Lisasc360 offering, other than her usual, predictable, endless shitstirring?

shakehead  fryingpan

Sims 3 Groundhog Day Sees Trollnexus’ Plans Up In Smoke

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no luck trollnexus

yewot  scratchhead

no luck trollnexus2

The problem of course is that as Karritpoints out the game resets the non-playing households once every twenty four hours – properly if you have the relevent NRaas mods installed.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Still, at least it kept CravenLestat amused.

no luck trollnexus1


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