You’ve Been LOLSimmed – Part 93

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And in a packed programme tonight, we have:

Auroraskies (EA Forum), Bekkasan (EA Forum), Emily4331 (EA Forum) and Nikkei_Simmer (EA Forum).


EA And The Simgurus Are Crawling Up Berrypie’s Arse – Course They’re Not Desperate!

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Something we forgot to mention earlier in the month was that EA asked Berrypie to become one of their Game Changers.

Yep, you read that right.

For those of you who remember our post back in July, the Game Changers is the latest cynical operation by EA’s marketing department to get other people to do their salaried work for them for free. The first batch appeared to have been chosen for their wankability (which considering EA’s run by a bunch of wankers is logical) – certainly not for their stunning worldly wisdom…

The second according to their servilitude.

Now it seems they’re having to go after the genuine article – Simmers who have changed the game, and like it or lump it the whole Berry Sweet phenomena has been a bloody big influence on the Simming world. Which goes to show sometimes the best ideas are the simplest – if you pardon the pun.

Mind you, there is a certain delicious irony to all this – not only will it piss off those bumnuggets who made Berrypie chuck the Simming community back in July time, but after EA pinching her idea and trying to tie it into a commercial deal with Z-lister Katy Perry, producing their worst selling Stuff Pack of all time in the process, there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing them being forced to crawl to the real deal.


SimGuru Kate Inspires Us To Poetry

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The poem in question being John Betjamin’s ‘Slough’


Speaking Of The English Simmer…

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This is one of those moments you mourn the fact Britain has no venemous spiders of medical significance.

Then again a massive ass spider for a massive ass seems apt.


Writin_Reg: When Triage Takes An Ice Age

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This week there’s been a fair bit in the British media about the American health care system (to cut a long story short it appears to be a major issue in their mid-term elections – mind you, considering what a pig’s breakfast they made of predicting the issues at the last Presidential elections …) about spiralling costs, people being unable to afford or even get insurance.

Reggie’s tale today is perhaps one more familiar to those of us in the UK … but let’s not jump too far ahead. We sent her an email last night (at least we hope we did, but considering one of our three email providers has a tendency to go straight to certain other providers’ spam folders maybe not!) wishing her luck, as plenty of others did or left messages over on the  two EA forum boards (the old EA forum and the new):

As you’ll remember, yesterday we mentioned that today Writin_Reg was getting her test results regarding the treatment on her cancer – in particular her white cell count. That her lymph nodes were also involved in this was a matter we knew only too well what that meant. Mind you, as we also discovered the hard way, the lymph nodes can also decide to act up for reasons best known to the ancient medical laws of herp and derp.

Either way, poor Reggie was going to be going through the tortures of the damned waiting for the results.

But what happened? That all too familiar tale.


Yeah, sure, great, another four days of torture to go – whoopee. On the other hand, if it means they’re wanting to double check their results, all to the good.

But to best describe the current dilemma she finds herself in, here’s straight from the Reggie’s mouth rather than the Mare’s…

To think over in this country if people have to travel twenty miles to go to a local hospital they’re demanding a public enquiry (except for people in Cornwall, the Highlands and other such areas where they’re not such a bunch of complete and utter blouses).

But talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t: increase the chemo, bugger up the white cells; decrease the chemo, risk the cancer spreading. Poor Reggie – at least she’s going to get some Simming time in this weekend, although that’s hardly going to be much of a distraction under the circumstances.

Once again, please keep her in your thoughts, prayers, etc.

We Really Need To Disagree With Igazor Over Solid State Drives (If You Don’t Want Driven Round The Bend Later!)

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No, Solid State Drives are not ‘nice’  – they are bloody essential, especially since standards in the old click-click-whirr-cough-wheeze-die-without-warning Hard Disc Drives are getting worse and worse. One bang, one knock, and the damn things are shagged, and all your data with it – unlike a Solid State Drive. HDDs simply aren’t worth the grief – they’re a fool’s economy.

One of us managed to slip and fall down a flight of stairs with their Alienware. The good news was it meant their laptop was in perfect condition for playing Sims 3 and ‘mare’s-nesting’*** whilst waiting for their twisted ankle to get better!

*** ‘Mare’s Nesting’. It’s like Russell Crowe-ing, except even more stupid!

CK213 Letting The Good Times Roll

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Yep, that’s what we discovered the hard way as well – the best way to do Simming stories is let them do their own thing and base the stories around the screenshots taken. Set pieces are a pain to set up (if necessary) and going through the pose lists is a good way to lose your will to live in a very short time.

On the other hand, suffering a little for one’s art never hurt – just ask MedleyMisty (cackle, that’ll piss a few bumnuggets off!) You get what you put into them, so sometimes setting up the right shot is worth it in the end.