CravenLestat’s Saucy Simming Magazine Covers

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It all started so innocently with IliketheSims3o in discussion with Goulsquash and Coco over how to achieve her Simmies’ inner diva:


Whilst Igazor turned uo to make matters more surreal, PalmArrow came up with what IliketheSims30 was looking for:


However, CravenLestat beat IliketheSims30 to the punch…


slaplol  smiley-shocked032

Erm, more tea IlovetheSims30?

Anyone Want To Guess What Evalen’s Problem Was?

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That wasn’t bad for a thread without a single reply to it!

Does anyone want to hazard a guess what the problem was?

Scorpina2009 Wants To Bed Her Butlers

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Erm, time to put Eve mattresses on your beds perhaps?

scratchhead  yewot

Roman2886’s Brain’s Taken A Holiday (Thanks For The MemoriiValentine’s)

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You couldn’t make this one up:


facepalmhy2  fryingpan

AshFelicis’s Hair Raising Question

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Hi everyone, it’s me Lauryl once again, helping you with all your Simming problems!

Your help is a bloody problem, you fish breathed bumnugget!

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of hairy armpits! Anyhow, AshFelicis’s is on the EA forum, with a question regarding that old favourite of custom content.


A tricky problem indeed!

Having dedicated much thought to this conundrum however, I have come up with the following scientifically proven Simming formula:


ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

What’s The Betting TadOlson Turns Up Mentioning How Many NRaas Mods Has In TadOlson’s Game?

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Hmmm, twenty to one.


Mention of mods by Minx and TreyNutz… slash those odds to evens.


Further mention of mods by IreneSwift and Igazor, let’s make it Hilary Clinton in the White House’s got nothing on this.

Ten posts since the start… and BINGO!


Because TadOlson is… TadOlson!

wiggle tongue   wiggle tongue

Maho-Gamer Is Every Burglar’s Worst Nightmare

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Okay, this one is brilliant!


slaplol  yewot

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

As TheDarkRose put it: