Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop – Part 30

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ROTLICS Part 30 - header

If you’ve not been keeping up so far, here’s where to go…

Over at the Stone Troll Fishing Hole…

ROTLICS Part 30 - 1

‘Em, look, I don’t really meet the job specifications you require, not being really the heroic coming in to save the day type unless it’s on Pokemon on the Nintendo 3DS.’

‘Look Missy, this isn’t the time to be turning yella…’

‘If you were looking for the cringing cowardly running-in-the-opposite-direction screaming ‘please don’t kill me!’ in three different languages and ten different flavours, I’d be more than delighted to help. But right now I’m here to pick up Jessamine Diane and get back to Lost Island without messing around, getting involved or anything else likely to result in the walls being painted with my splattered bodily fluids.’

‘Now just a…’

‘Nice meeting you, let’s do lunch sometime, tatty-bye!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 2

‘Oh, silly me. I must have made a mistake and it’s the mass army of heroes due to arrive here any second I should have been talking to. HELLOOOOOO! CALLING ALL THE HEROES, THEY’RE SHOOTING UP THE TOWN BOYS. SWITCH DOESN’T WANT TO DO IT, SHE’S GOT A NOTE FROM HER MUM EXCUSING HER FROM SAVING MOONLIGHT FALLS AND GYM CLASS!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 3

‘SHHHHHH! Alrightalrightalrightalright, you’ve made your point. Now here’s mine. Your reputation somewhat preceeds you, I’m already up to my neck in it with trying to get Jessamine Diane safe, and I’d rather not see my head go under as well by getting involved in whatever you want, whether you claim to have been sent by Lauryl or not. Tell me something that means I can trust you, or you’re on your own.

ROTLICS Part 30 - 4

‘Okay, fair enough…’


‘Really! You want to know how I came out of that water without getting killed? Simple, in this dimension it’s only water to me. Not a lethal element to a magical being as it was in the Ozerian one.’


‘You can’t kill a real witch. A real witch, wizard or whatever is almost completely made up of that matter deemed supernatural. You can destroy the visible physical form made up of matter as you know it, but the rest goes straight back into the void to reform in another part of time and space.’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 5

‘The void?’

‘Yeah, Dark Matter, whatever you wanna call it. In my case, what happened was I was transported to Lost Island, behind the waterfall. I thought I’d be trapped forever. Eventually, crazed with starvation and thirst I flung myself at it – only to find it did nothing.’

‘Other than make you wet.’

‘Uh huh. It took me decades to figure it out, but there was a legend in Oz of a Saint Aelphaba, who went behind a waterfall to pray and vanished never to be seen again. She – or rather I in that form – must have known it was time to die, and didn’t want anyone to see her vanish. When a magical being dies, it’s not the same as when anything else does, because we’re not entirely made up of the same matter as in the everyday material world you know. We can interact with it, but we’re not wholly part of it. You see?’

‘Em, sort of. But that doesn’t explain how you next ended up on Lost Island.’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 6

‘This is the lightbulb over the head part, missy. That matter which makes the likes of me exist as I am – magic, dark matter, whatever you wanna call it – transcends those normal space and time rules for ordinary matter. It’s like an invisible liquid all the universe, time and space as you know it exists within, with its own gravitational field keeping it together.’

‘Okay, I’ve got that part. But so what?’

‘If a bit of it gets scooped out of that unity temporarily from some sort of trauma caused by that normal physical matter – rather than something else magical – the rest of it folds into the hole made automatically before pulling that loose piece of detached dark matter back in.’

‘Oh! So when it gets pulled back in, it can land up anywhere.’

‘Aha, and now for the interesting part – so also can the physical form of both types of matter in the process!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 7

‘Ooooo, hold the phone! So what makes up yourself can be thrown up elsewhere not only in a different point of the universe but a different dimension?’

‘Only if there’s disruption to that dark matter magical side of the universe, because that’s the part which really sticks everything together.’

‘And thus seeks to self-heal any rifts in it at once: that temporary rift of the space-time fabric stuff that unicorn was talking about? Wowsers, now I’m getting it!’

‘Hey, don’t get too cocky kidda – even I don’t get it all some days, especially the days I think I’ve got it cracked!’

‘Hmmm, when you were killed in Oz with water, was it more than a coincidence that this dark matter magic stuff dumped you behind a waterfall the way one of your previous incarnations in another, like, went out?’

‘Oh, it was more than coincidence alright, but I’ve barely scratched the surface trying to make sense of that part. One slice I did figure out though was the physical laws of the universe aren’t consistent between dimensions, and so neither will be the way they interact with dark matter.’

‘So a bucket of water deadly to a witch in one dimension may be central to witch magic in another?’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 8

‘Very good my pretty – and thus when physical matter from one dimension gets into another, it can cause chaos!’

‘Uh oh, like Aarin’s time and space experiments in Twinbrook? Like Twallan’s experiments into Dark Matter?’

‘Them and just about everyone else meddling with it – and even worse, those trying to resurrect Winterbottom’s old folly. They need to be working together or leaving well alone.’

‘You mean there’s a connection?’

‘Bigger than they know. Maybe bigger than even I know!’

‘That was what I was about to ask you. That note you left Winterbottom – what did happen?’

Like Lauryl told Elysia, Haily and Pookyscones, I meddled with trying to combine magic with scientific experimentation – albeit at a far more primitive level than Aarin, Twallan, the Simgurus or anyone else had the technology later to manage – and ended up in the void space of this dimension as a result.’

‘Void space?’

‘Limbo, if you like. And there I would have stayed in an everlasting death, were it not for the dark matter disruptions that have brought forth the weatherstones across the Simmerverse. It is a mistake I will not allow others to make – lest they go the way of the Narnians and don’t have a dimension left to wreck. That damned idiot Aslan! He simply won’t be told. But that’s another tale for another time.’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 9

‘Lady, call it craven self-preservation masquerading as bravery, but you’ve just got yourself a convert to your cause! Tell me what I need to do, and let’s put a stop to this madness.’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 10

‘Why, you need to go find Jessamine Diane of course, just like you said!’

‘But I thought you wanted me to come with you?’

‘When you have such an important task? You must be on your way, Switch Daemone, with all due haste! I just wanted to make sure you and JD don’t run off afterwards. Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll catch up with you later. I’m very good at keeping tracks on people – Dorothy Gale coulda told you that one!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 11

That bad, eh? Did you manage to get rid of all those nutters about to come to blows outside your safe house?

‘Yes and no. I managed to get Maleficent, Rapunzel and Daenerys Targaryen to come inside before they started brawling with Carmen Sandiego when she asked for directions to City Hall.’

How did you manage that?

‘Tsh! Don’t you people know anything? There’s only one way of getting a large group women with violently geometrically opposed personalities to stay in the same room without killing one another.’

Hmmm, tea and crumpets? Or something stronger?


ROTLICS Part 30 - 12

‘… a home cinema system and the complete DVD box set of Friends.’

But of course – duh!

ROTLICS Part 30 - 13

‘Lucky whoever was last in here left those behind. But Alice Liddell ran off the second she saw my hoodie with Wonderland written on the sleeves, convinced it was a trap.’

Hmmm, any sign of her since?

ROTLICS Part 30 - 14

‘No, and something tells me maybe I ought to go and look for her before she gets herself hurt. Where the plumbobs are all these oddballs coming from anyway? It’s like a cosplay convention hosted by Dante’s Inferno!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 15

ROTLICS Part 30 - 16

‘It’s been a wonderful evening, Lia. Would you… what I mean is… would you like to come in… for Horlicks? Um, if you’re like in the mood… we could really push the boat out… get out the choccy topping and the Monopoly set as well, make an night of it.’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 17

‘Oooo, Liam! Is it the Luxury Edition in the recessed faux-leather?’

And the burled wood veneers. I only polished them earlier.’

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You are so naughty!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 18

‘Oh Lia!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 19

‘Oh Liam!’

Oh pukepuke

ROTLICS Part 30 - 20

‘Let’s get real frisky and break open the milk chocolate Hobnobs as well!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 21

yewot  yewot

ROTLICS Part 30 - 22

‘Anything for you, cupcake! Erm, was that…’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 23

yewot  yewot

ROTLICS Part 30 - 24

‘Did I see what I thought I saw? Or did we really overdo it on the cappuchinos earlier?’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 25

‘Cat? Caterpillar? Dormouse? Rabbit? Where are you? Whose domain is this? The Hatter’s? The Red Queen’s? Or some new foulness abroad this dark abode?’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 26

‘Well well well, evening princess! Daddy’s home to pla-a-a-a-a-a-y!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 27

‘I’ve no idea who you are, but it is advisable you start walking in the opposite direction. I am very much on edge!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 28

‘Oh, kitty’s got claws? I’ve got some nice claws too! Welcome to Wondersland, Alice – my little Wonderland: the nightmare you can never leave!’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 29

‘I have no idea who you are but I know a liar when I hear one. Be on your way, find some other more foolish than yourself to prattle your pretence to this unknown throne. I have no time for this.’

‘Don’t turn your back on me, little lady. No one turns their back on Freddie.’

‘I’ll frighten myself when necessary, thanks very much. You don’t even know what the time is here.

ROTLICS Part 30 - 30

‘Why, it’s midnight of course! The time the bogeyman comes out from under your bed – and it’s his snacktime…’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 31

‘You misbegotten abomination! That is where you are wrong. My rabbit clock is accurate to the second, and he says that it’s…’

ROTLICS Part 30 - 32

ROTLICS Part 30 - 33

ROTLICS Part 30 - 34

‘So perish all who stand in my way all over this land – all over this wasteland! If I can conjour my rabbit clock bombs from my mind, I can conjour my other tools in time. I will never be returned to the Rutledge Asylum! I will either conquer this world and by it my madness, or I will destroy it!’


Lazy Game Reviews EA’s Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Is Half-Baked

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Wondering whether to treat yourself to EA’s latest overpriced premium content for Easter?

Take in the low down from Phreakindee first to see if it is worth your @$20.

The knockout line is ‘unlike money, food does not grow on trees’ – which in the case of Sims 3 of course is completely correct but barking mad to anyone outside of it!

(Okay, okay, apples, lemons, oranges, etc are food and grow on trees – give the guy a break!)

We do take issue with his claim that you can get ‘cupcakes, cobblers, bread, cinnamon pies, holy crap: you get like thirty things to bake.’ Maybe it’s a bug in our game, but we couldn’t find an option to bake holy craps, which we thought might be EA’s take on Hot Cross Buns so as not to offend those not wanting religious iconography in their games.

(You think we’re kidding?)

Phreakindee does warn not to play with the new set if hungry, as it’s likely to give you such a bad attack of the munchies your parents will be convinced you’ve taken up pot smoking.

All good and positive stuff about the lot and how it looks, before he delivers the almighty save your money bombshell – it’s bugged to buggery, so until they bother to fix this (or rather NRaas Industries does – what us cynical?) only buy it if you are that desperate for a lot that resembled a scrubbed up version of Rene’s cafe in Allo Allo.

That we’re getting one crummy product after another from EA and expected to pay top crust for it is starting to get just a bit stale…

rimshot  fryingpan

‘Caspin, How Many Times Have We Told You To Stop Playing With Your Food?’

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Over at Sims Forums, the March Violets washday blues continue, but at least Caspin’s found a productive way to spend her time whilst waiting for another spin cycle to finish.

laundry it's that intense 1

If Caspin isn’t this year’s Turner Prize winner with that one, we’ll all know it’s a bloody fix!

laundry it's that intense 2

We’d have thought you’d have wanted one made out of After Eights and Polos, Minty. Anyway, you’re not allowed any chocolate as it’s Lent – so there.

Caspin decided that it would be more in the March Violets’ interests to be eating something more healthy anyway, and went for this rather Scottie Wilson style display.

laundry it's that intense 3

drooling-emoticon   drooling-emoticon

You would have to post something like that now that fruit and veggie salad season is back upon us here in the UK again?

Bit surprised Caspin never cored the Kiwi fruit – unless she’s one of those amazing people with tungsten carbide teeth that can cut through anything including the middle of kiwi fruits and improperly tendered venison steaks.

(Venison the food of kings? In the days before dentures, no wonder so many royals died young – it was probably through starvation!)

Taffers Need To Sort This Out

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A slightly worrying moment over at Boolprop Fight The Addiction False:

taffers need to sort this out

Spambots are now getting into the place and it appears no effort is being made to clear them away.

taffers need to sort this out 1

It’s not as if the place is deserted – heck Rflong7/13′s now running a Sims 2 challenge over there (which is a bit like getting By Royal Appointment on your jam jars!), but those in charge need to get their fingers out a bit more, or perhaps ask one of their more regular members to step up to the mark as moderators.

DandyLion240′s Not Snoozing On The Van Winkle Legacy

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dandylion240's van winkle legacy

Over at Custom Sims 3, DandyLion240 has been making up somewhat for lost time in posting for her Van Winkle legacy, fearing that she was slacking off since it was now declining into every two minutes before making an update post instead of every thirty seconds (or at least that’s how it feels to those of us wondering where the plumbobs some people find the time to be that self-disciplined and more regular than someone eating bran and figs for breakfast).

The major unanswered questions from the recent episodes is this:

dandylion240's van winkle legacy 1

Is this Twallan wearing an ill fitting blonde wig? Was a secret love child by the Van Winkles the real reason behind his abrupt departure from NRaas Industries?

dandylion240's van winkle legacy 2

Will anyone tell Jean she’s got a quarter of her skirt tucked in her knickers behind her right bum cheek?

dandylion240's van winkle legacy 3

Come to that, will anyone help Jean sort out her regular wardrobe malfunction problems?

dandylion240's van winkle legacy 4

Jean in a rare moment of full dress

Or will someone have to tell her right out that the younger members of the household will never take seriously someone laying down the law about curfew times whilst dressed half the time like Helga from ‘Allo Allo’ or a Rocky Horror Show extra?

dandylion240's van winkle legacy 5

Thank goodness for lycra – otherwise the kids wouldn’t be the only ones in the Van Winkle household showing too much cheek!

smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

Laundry – It’s THAT Intense!

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From Sims Forums:

laundry it's that intense

yewot  dizzy

Perhaps for the benefit of our newer readers it should be explained that both Caspin and Minty were members of the old Bear Mountain Creations forum, home of Figwit – mistress of all household appliances.

We hope Caspin remembers to use the One True Washing Powder

Kamb64′s Rant About A Rant That Will Be The Death Of Her

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kamb64 ranting about death

She has our sympathies entirely – of all the stupid deaths in this game, this one is up there with the jellybean death in being little more than the introduction of a needless piece of anxiety to put you off allowing your Simmies from using an interaction and hunting for the mods to disable it. It doesn’t matter it the chance is only 1%, it’s still too high even at that.

kamb64 ranting about death 1

Anmirla and WriterJunkie pointed out that you do get a warning first time around, but are we the only ones that have noticed the chances of your Simmie ranting about death for a second time after the warning appear to double?

Of course, there is always LaBlue0314′s way of getting out of it…

kamb64 ranting about death 2

…a combination of death flowers and tonsil hockey!

slaplol  yewot


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