Captain Jonesi Scuttles The Ship: The Sinking Of Black Pearl Sims

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Way back on 3rd June, we said in response to the shock announcement of the closure of Black Pearl Simsdespite a successful rescue operation earlier in the year – that this seemed little more than Jonesi wanting out of running the forum – along with justifying the money spent on the mothballed ‘successor’ no one wanted because they wanted a forum called, wait for it, Black Pearl Sims.

Some veteran members (forget the low post counts, remember this is BPS in diet mode) like Simply Edward, CrazyTulip, GardenOf and TheMamasPlace returned to mourn and wish the successor the best:

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 4

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 10

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 13

But others like Buggybooz were fed up of being messed around by people they thought were friends, not least of all playing what looked the sore paw card. Remember, this was the forum that was jettisoned from another forum (Reflex Sims) eight years prior under one almighty stormcloud… it does somewhat begger belief that those running it could really be as bothered by a handful of ungrateful bumnuggets amongst the ultra part-time members moaning at them or petty bitchings on Facebook.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 1

Buggybooz accused Tinkle, but our money was still on Jonesi, although to be fair considering the way the ‘Comments’ thread on the matter was headered, she could be forgiven for seeing Tinkle behind all this:

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 14

Wow! Just wow!

Meanwhile, and to no one’s surprise, the Black Pearl Sims admins – and owner – lined up to disagree with what Buggybooz said:

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 2

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 5

Tinkle meanwhile bought up the long running grumble made about where did all that money raised to keep Black Pearl Sims alive for another year go?

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 3

To which Jonesi chipped in the following:

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 6

Now hang on a minute, Jonesi!

thatsit  thatsit

The donation drive raised 83% of the money you said was required for the whole year.

Yet in the same breath where you showed what had been raised, you said it would cost £450 to pay for the pre-diet Black Pearl Sims until the end of May 2015 – here it is for all the world to see! – and the remainder (at least £175) would go towards a new replacement forum.

This was later rescinded by relaunching a diet sized BPS that was –  we were told – cost effective.

But now the story is that the money raised was only enough to keep the diet sized BPS alive until the end of July –  a mere two extra months of life!

Remember as well, BPS went diet sized at the end of February, so that money that was originally only going to cover March, April and May until the move to the replacement forum ought logically to have been now been able to stretch a damn lot further now it was being used on a mightily reduced forum, yes? Certainly way beyond the end of July!

At this point, dear reader, are we really the only people here who think the stories do not add up as to where that Black Pearl Sims server donation money went?

Yeah, exactly!

So now you can appreciate why there’s been more than a few Black Pearly Kings and Queens none too happy with events, amid the usual suspects reflex applauding everything those running the show did (as all forums seem to get).

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 7

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 8

Erm, hello Simzzgurl and Ranabluu? What bloody dimension are you from?

Before anyone else says ‘it’s Jonesi’s forum, she could do with it what she likes’ – erm, not when she starts taking in hundreds of bloody pounds of donations from members to keep it running she can’t!

Let’s be clear about this: the members did not give that money to Jonesi and the rest of them so she could piss off and the admins set up a new forum of their own without prior consultation. There is simply no way this fact can be spindoctored away, and that’s is what has pissed plenty off about this affair.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 9

How can you say it was moving house? At a glance, this is more like an eviction with the landlady trousering the deposit or giving it to the new landlady without bothering to ask first if the tenents wanted to move elsewhere or have their deposit back, thank you very much! In fact, this has been downright forum Rachmanism to be blunt.

Buggybooz was upset with what seemed to her the members being presented with yet another fait accompli to go with the one in February, and she was not alone in that regard.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 11

Then all of a sudden came a new tale from one of the admins – in this case Kim, the soon to be inheritor of all the Black Pearl Sims members (in theory) as they were herded over into her own mothballed Sims Pearls project from February time.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 12

Erm, Kim, actually the onus is on you to explain why the forum is unworkable, the database borked and non-updateable – you are the one proffering it as a pretext for closing BPS and everyone joining your replacement. Far from putting matters to rest, this was beginning to sound like making up excuses.

Elsewhere over at Garden Of Shadows, MustLuvCatz pointed to what for many was the smoking gun in all this…

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 15

Ah, but you want proof what MustLuvCatz is saying is true?

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 16

Now this is pretty damning indeed. Tinkle at Black Pearl Sims announces the Downloads forum remaining in place…

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 17

… the very next day after Sim Pearls is set up in secret on 3rd April!

It seems that those accusing Jonesi, Kim, Tinkle and the others of deliberately setting out to hoodwink the Black Pearl Sims membership as to what was going on are not entirely doing so out of malice, that by 3rd April 2015 at the latest Black Pearls Sims was already set for scuttling without any consultation with the membership at large who were led up the garden path until 2nd June when those in charge told everyone they were going to big fat pull the plug on the place anyway.

More to the point, it does raise eyebrows as to whether Jonesi told the truth in her 6th June post over Sim Pearls receiving no BPS funds – after all, wasn’t the original plans back in February in Jonesi’s own words:

‘So that was the bad news, and now a little silver lining. We will be opening a new, small community forum, with a new name!’

scratchhead  scratchhead

Two months later, Sim Pearls is created clandestine, two months after that in turn the Black Pearl Sims membership are told it is to be BPS ‘ replacement without warning or discussion. Is it really stretching credulity to moot those in charge at BPS went over the heads of the donators and diverted those spare BPS funds available (after the hosting bill) for the purpose of setting up and creating the new forum along with paying some or all of its hosting bill in advance, without bothering to consult with the members what they wanted done with their money?

At this juncture, we could see the forthcoming shitstorm, and the only way this was going to be headed off in any shape or fashion was if the new forum retained the old forum’s name – Jonesi metaphorically passing the torch to her former admins to carry on, same as happened (twice) at the late Custom Sims when it changed ownerships.

To that end, one of us intervened:

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 18

Jonesi’s response was to completely ignore all questions regarding the change of name – all but admitting in the process that the members were indeed being presented with the fait accompli those in charge had intended all along, and to hell with what the members funding the place wanted.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 19

That she locked the thread to prevent anyone pulling her up over any of the content of that last post says it all:

Once again Jonesi admitted her real reason for pulling the plug on BPS was she wanted to leave the Simming community as she no longer had any interest in the game. Fine, it’s not compulsory. But that doesn’t explain therefore why she went through all the shenannigans of the rescue package and reducing the forum to diet sized, only for two months later Kim, Tinkle and the rest to be setting up a replacement – as per the original plan in February – and carrying on the pretence for another couple of months that Black Pearl Sims had won a reprieve.

Also once again, Jonesi came out immediately after with the story about the donation drive not doing well as another reason for pulling the plug. We’ve already dealt with the matter of the monetary side of matters at Black Pearl Sims not adding up, but quite frankly it’s downright bizarre that one moment Jonesi wants out as soon as possible, the next she’s happily helping string the entire non-staff membership along for another four months before announcing its closure come month five! When Twallan packed his bags in 2014, it was almost instantaneous, with the rest of NRaas Industries taking up the slack from the start.

But then one moment she’s saying the staff made the closure decision in private and ‘didn’t ask for advice’ from the non-staff members, the next she’s saying she kept the non-staff members in the dark because she didn’t want to upset them!

Finally, we get admittance that MustLuvCatz accusation was spot on and that the reason the Downloads were kept up was because they’d already decided months before to close down Black Pearl Sims over the heads of the members that had just bankrolled its continuation.

There is no way of sugar coating this: the closure of Black Pearl Sims has been a less than edifying spectacle of subterfuge and treating the members with the sort of ‘we know what’s best for you’ heavy handed contempt that would make a Simguru blush. More to the point, all the evidence points to at least some of the BPS  donation money being diverted to the launch of its designated replacement without any prior consultation with the donators – and that is completely objectionable. People donate money for the running of a forum they already know – and no forum owner has the right to pass that money on arbeitrarily to any third party for any ‘future’ project, even if they are a fellow staff member.

This may all bode very ill indeed for the intended successor forum. Simmers in general do not like to be played for fools, and as CJ and co at The Simmers Club discovered the hard way, they are inclined to vote with their feet if upset enough.

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 23

For example, the farewell competition over at Black Pearl Sims – organised by Tinkle – attracted only one entrant!

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 24

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 25

Moreover, whilst Black Pearl Sims right up to its death could still attract four hundred and forty two readers online at any one time…

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 21

Sim Pearls was only attracting thirty eight – a massive drop from its two hundred and two high water mark on the day it was unveiled as BPS‘s successor.

(More to the point, what chance does any donation drive for them have of success after this?!)

Captain Jonesi Scuttles Black Pearl Sims 22

This is deeply worrying, for there are many for whom Black Pearl Sims was their only home and it appears clear have little intention of staying at the ‘replacement’. The thought that a lot of those people may now be lost to the Simming community for good – a community already badly fractured thanks to the Sims 4 fiasco – is one that should trouble anyone that cares about the Sims series.

Goodbye Jonesi, thank you for all the years and all your incredible hard work, but we fear you may well have tarnished your legacy with this.

Goodbye Black Pearl Sims – you deserved a better ending than this.

crybaby  thatsit

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Sophie Yooper? (The Truth Behind SimsPlumbobSwastika)

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Over at Sim Secret they’ve found another not-so-funny headcase it seems.

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler

The strange part is she never mentions guns, feminism, in fact anything else apart from her Hitler obsession in this rather rambling Dumblr. Heaven forbid anyone suggest she did it for the attention whoring…

‘I’ve had past life memories of being Adolf Hitler…’

shakehead  point

If you bother reading through this wacko’s Dumblr (not a Dimblr, as you shall see), it’s apparant her ‘memories’ appear to be whatever she last watched off the History Channel and the movie Downfall.

To cut a long story short, this Sophie is a schoolkid Yooper (ie. from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan), that part of the U.S.A. which could never understand what all the fuss was about over the film Deliverance, therefore allowances have to be made to a certain degree.

This bumnugget has been around on Dumblr for well over a year without ever having the remotest piece of contact with the Simming community (her only interest stretches to custom content providers)  – let alone the Dimblr one –  yet over on Sim Secret some (by no means all) are getting their knickers in a right old twist about her.

In fact, the only reason it seems she was discovered at all was down to the following post over at the Sims Gone Wrong Dimblr:

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 1

Altogether now…. ‘Hitler, he only had one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall. Himmler, had something similar, whilst poor Sims 4 Simmies have no balls at all!’

Which she posted a Like to (since of course no one talks to one another properly on Dimblr…):

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 2

And that’s it. We’ll hazard a guess that it was someone who posted a Like at the same time or shortly afterwards was the one who noticed the name and sent off the picture to Sim Secret sometime after the 21st July.

What was more interesting was what followed a mere three days later:

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 3

We double checked on this Propheads-and-jetjockeys who apparantly tipped her off, and she has absolutely zero connections to the Simming community at all – in fact there’s no evidence on her own Dumblr that she even plays any version of the Sims.

Which begs the question, why the hell would an irregular Dumblr poster like that be reading Sim Secret in able to warn Yooper Sophie – in record time – that she’d been mentioned?

For someone acting like they’re bothered by all this, it’s amazing how much they’ve started posting in a manner suggesting playing to the crowd (or rather the crowd they hope they’re getting) in being even more ‘edgy':

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 4

facepalmhy2  shakehead

Your little brother must be really lucky to have someone like you for a sister, and we don’t think.

Or should we blame the parent for how you’ve turned out?

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 5

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 6

yewot  yewot

No, this moron’s bumnuggetry is all of her own making. Read the next part and despair this is part of ‘The Future Of America’.

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 7

Anyone coming out with this shit clearly has an IQ which can be beaten with one dart.

wanker  wanker

Bloody hell, a Yooper looking down on the way anyone else talks – talk about lacking a sense of irony!

Of course, most of you know that whenever you get someone trolling the internet with painfully obvious controversial posts, you can count down the time before the mental health issues card gets played.

Sure enough…

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 8

So you’ve apparantly been in therepy since you were six years old? Really? And yet they let you on the internet to post this sort of shit unsupervised?

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 9

The question is Sophie, which one of your ‘personalities’ is the one responsible for all this, and which one was was Hitler in the past life?

Was it the one that just happens to share the name of a well known Nickelodeon actress (Cymphonique Miller), the one named after a popular teen fantasy book heroine (Seraphina), or… well, you get the idea.

Nope, we’re not buying it. Truth is you’re a sad lonely little girl trapped in the sticks whose online persona is born largely out of boredom and little else. The sadder part is that by the time you grow out of it, plumbob only knows how many bridges you will have burned in the process with being such a bumnugget. But saddest of all are those grown adults who you think are your friends that are encouraging you to behave in this manner.

Turn off your computer, go outside, and give yourself a time out from internet and television junk for your own sake.

(And for crying out loud take down those photos of yourself – if they are of yourself – before someone does identify you, if not for your own sake, at least for your family’s, who don’t deserve to suffer any backlash from your own brainlessness online)


Meliz_1998 And The Alonso Legacy: Incredibly Sick, Or Merely Run-Of-The-Mill Stupid?

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meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 10

There appears to be a run of ‘oh the huge manatees’ around the Dimblr world right now – for once not over a fellow Dimblr, but over a new Live Journal blog (yes, such things still happen!).

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy

Before we go any further, it is perhaps important to put matters into the context of the blog itself and the person running it- something none of the current handwringers have bothered to do.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 1

The protagonist is one Morgan Alexander, a school senior and Jesus freak (at least in theory…) from North Carolina. We say ‘in theory’ because where social media is concerned you’d run swiftly out of fingers when it comes counting the number of American teens proclaiming their love of Jesus in blogs that are about as removed from anything remotely civil – let alone Christian. However from what we’ve found, she doesn’t appear to be any sort of fruitcake – in fact, about as common or garden as it gets.

As to her new legacy blog started in July (for Sims 4 – bleeeugh!), those familiar with the much missed Rotten Legacy will be familiar with the irreverent style where the fourth wall is regularly broken – usually with the Simmie arguing with the blogger – and matters less resembling a soap opera or ‘Friends’ as some of the more acidic old comedies such as ‘Married With Children’.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 2

It centres around Noemi Alonso, less a yummy mummy and more a scummy mummy, having the child care skills of King Herod and not being even interested in men for any other reason than to get herself knocked up for the sake of the legacy.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 3

The formula in the three episodes up until now have been pretty routine – Noemi being knocked up by the latest Unsuitable Suitor Of The Week .

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 4

That she keeps telling them she has herpes and they don’t seem to care lets you know the quality of the sperm donors in question.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 6

Once she’s been serviced, that’s the end of the relationship.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 7

To be honest, outside of Noemi the rest of the legacy has provided about as much substance as a hologram, her kids being of little interest to us as to their mum.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 8

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 9

However, matters have taken a decidedly dubious turn over the latest episode, where the new sperm donor of the week wants to be a father to her existing kids.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 11

Sure enough, he appears to be rather focussed on being an active father to the kids.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 13

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 12

A little too focussed as it happened…

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 14

thOMG  thOMG

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 18

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 19

If you’re wanting to make a legacy around acid wit and edgy humour, when you start using The Wicked Step Parent (combined with Stupid/Uncaring Natural Parent who won’t listen to their children) trope to this sort of line, you had really better know what you’re doing…

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 15

… which by the look of it, this bumnugget doesn’t.

The above is the part where if you cross a line like that – especially with Ashleigh doing a complete about turn and saying he liked being abused – you’d better have a bloody incredible Mark Twain Prize winning punchline at the end of all this, or you’re being one completely sick bastard of the highest order.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 16

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 17

Okaaaaay, now this bit here is the point of no return – wrong on just about every level imaginable.

Is this the old ‘you are gay because you were molested as a child’ bullshit? Or is this all to be part of some tedious coming out of the closet – because if so, it’s still downright bloody sick, because Ashleigh is still a child, and sexualising children – even one that’s merely a bunch of digital pixels – is unacceptable in any context.

As for the ‘punchline’ to all this…

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 20

It turned out he was bisexual all along and that Noemi was willing to forgive him for being a kiddie fiddler but not for two timing her. When you do a legacy or any sort of Simming story, if you don’t create sympathy for your titular character, you cannot expect any sort of sympathy from your audience – and ours for this Noemi Alonso is less than zero.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 21

We don’t care if this was supposed to be some sort of turning of the story from Noemi being the worst mother in the world to looking after her three kids properly. This isn’t a plot twist, it’s simply twisted.

meliz_1998 and the alonso legacy controversy 22

As for Ashleigh having ‘a sexual awakening’ … he’s a child you bloody sick freak!

Okay Meliz_1998, granted you’re still in school, so we’ll make some allowances for your freaking arsebucketry here, but you ought to still have enough common sense to know where you’re crossing the line into being a real sicko, and you did that with plenty to spare.

thatsit  thatsit

manul the pallas cat says my arse tastes better than your fail

Haiden Asks ‘Does EA Miss Me?’

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haiden asks does ea miss me

The question is, how much did Haiden spend on Simmie clothes he’d then make sure they never, ever got to wear (Haiden’s Simmies being synonymous with wardrobe malfunctions).

haiden asks does ea miss me 1

Well that didn’t take long for Kremesch73 to go from Sims 4 evangelical to no longer playing. A whole two months between swearing undying love to swearing never to play it again!

haiden asks does ea miss me 2

Wait a moment, Rflong7/13 – you did buy the base game in the end?

Well, you’d only yourself to blame for the big waste of money. You ought to have followed your original instincts.

wag_finger  wag_finger

(What do you mean ‘yes mum, sorry mum!’?)

Are You Going To Tell Her Or Shall We?

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do keep up floridasimmer

facepalmhy2  shakehead

Only two days before

do pay attention double-oh-seven

You’re Doing It Wrong, xBob18!

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you're doing it wrong xbob18

If you are finding braces to be a pain in the arse xBob18, you’re shoving them into the wrong end!

thOMG  thOMG

Switch Has An Itch For A Witch

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Now this one was interesting over at Switch’s Silliness:

switch interested in witchcraft

Strangely enough, one of us happens to have a near exhaustive interest in the various British Isles forms of witchcraft despite being a practicing Christian (and tends to get rather pissed off with other ‘Christians’ who start babbling the witchcraft = Satan lie).

You don’t have to believe or practice something to have an academic interest in it, and witchcraft’s always an excellent one to see where parts of our culture, our science, our academic learning came from.

For those of you who dismiss it as all ‘eye of newt, wing of bat’ – to say nothing of the behaviour of certain self-professed witches in the Simming world – remember that modern medicine was largely down to the work of Swiss witchcraft practitioner Paracelsus, who (like Martin Luther early in his career) was saved from the gallows c/o religious zealots and quack medical practitioners thanks to the protection of the Catholic academic Erasmus, who knew the furtherance of knowledge was more important than the protection of vested interests.

Here in the British Isles, apart from places like Canewdon in Essex, the New Forest, Cornwall and of course the Isle of Man, anyone practicing witchcraft did so very much in secret until the Golden Dawn appeared in the late 19th and early 20th century saw members of the ‘respectable’ classes take an academic interest in the paranormal and the occult now that – ironically – modern science and technological advances had removed much of the taboos surrounding research into them.

From the Golden Dawn came arguably the two most important figures in lifting the taboos surrounding witchcraft in the UK – Violet Mary Firth aka Dion Fortune and Alistair Crowley (albeit like Harry Price proved to be for academic paranormal research, Crowley was more trouble than he was worth…). They as well as fellow travellers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (of Sherlock Holmes fame), children’s author E. Nesbit, Sax Rohmer (of Fu Manchu fame), Pamela Colman Smith (illustrator of the famous Rider-Waite traditional Tarot deck) and poet W.B. Yeats all did their bit to make interest in the occult – and therefore paganism in general – no longer meaning instant social ostracisation (although you could still be technically prosecuted under the Witchcraft Act until 1951, it was last used in 1944 only to put a stop to the charletan Helen ‘Cheesecloth’ Duncan exploiting grieving relatives of the HMS Barham disaster).

As for modern witchcraft in the British Isles in general, it’s Alexander Saunders (Alexandrian Wicca) and Gerard Gardner (Gardnerian Wicca) we have to thank largely for the two main branches of witchcraft over here – centred around the Earth Goddess and the Horned God (the latter often deliberately misinterpreted by opponents as the Devil largely from the popular ‘penny dreadful’ figure of the Goat of Mendes to represent Satan).

It’s all fairly straightforward – get onto the internet, do some research, and while away a few merry hours cooing ‘Oh, so that’s where my favourite TV show/book pinched that from!’




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