Wibs Origins Of Her Simmies Being Driven To Drink (Part 2)

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Okay, now for the second part of Wibs’ trials and tribulations. Realising that she was having no luck with the wine, Wibs decided to try something a little different, but must have spilled some on her laptop judging by the effect on her Simmies in her game…

wibs simmies driven to drink

yewot  yewot

No, that’s not what’s meant by Slammers, you know…

Or maybe he gets it from his father Leon, as what he’s given his kids in terms of traits over his mother is still up for debate.

wibs simmies driven to drink 1

There’s one highly distasteful question however as once more the ‘Sims of Colour’ morons started up their antics again; however Wibs sent them off curtly:

wibs simmies driven to drink 2

thumb  point

Playing the race card with the Sims series stinks, although not half as much as this guy…

wibs simmies driven to drink 3

Ewwww, we know the stereotype of bookworms being soap dodgers, but that’s taking it too far!


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well done team gb

Hockey – that most British of sports, synonymous with British public girls schools, team spirit, playing the game and all those other nauseatingly British traits so worthy of parody as exemplified by Stevie Smith’s famous poem ‘Girls!’:

Girls! Although I am a woman
I always try to appear human

Unlike Mrs So-and-So whose greatest pride
Is to remain always in the VI Form and not let down the side

Do not sell the pass dear, don’t let down the side
That is what this woman said and a lot of balsy stuff beside
(Oh the awful balsy nonsense that this woman cried)

Girls! I will let down the side if I get a chance
And I will sell the pass for a couple of pence

And yet… whilst the men have won the Olympic field hockey three times, the best our women’s team has managed is two bronzes. Two poxy bronzes.

The Aussies and Dutch have won it three times, even the bloody Spanish the bloody Germans and bloody sodding bumnuggety Zimbabwean-Rhodesians (it was the bloody Rhodesian hockey team – every one of the f**kers were white, middle class colonials)  have won it, goddamit!

We’re good enough to teach them the beautiful game after civilising them, liberating them, or beating them in massive wars, and the ungrateful arrogant bastards have had the damned gall to be better than us at it!

Beaten by Dagos; Krauts Dykes, Diaries and Cheese Making Swamp-Krauts and the bloody rebel colonies! The ignominy of it all! Bad enough that it happens in the cricket because our players are too fat. Even when HRH Zara Phillips was playing, the Royal Bum in a hockey skirt wasn’t enough to get us a gold in the hockey any more than in the horse riding.

But now… at last… at long bloody last, we have triumphed!

Get it right up you Snooty! Here’s one penalty shoot out we Brits are good in!

well done team gb 1

And while we’re at it, well done Nick Skelton – equally as stunning a result.

This guy’s been part of the British Olympic equestrian team since 1988 and never got a whiff of the individual gold – and now twenty eight years later – twenty eight freaking years! – one twin broken neck in 2000 and a bloody hip replacement in 2011 later, and against all odds, he and Big Star hand out the whoop ass of a lifetime in the ride off against the reigning Olympic champion from Cuckooclockland.

Finally, just have to mention dear old Valegro – what a performance! Completely owned the Dressage like a boss.

well done team gb 2

And yeah, well done Charlotte Dujardin as well, we suppose you’d something to do with it!

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use   tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

Playmobil Hair? You Can Keep That In Sims 4, Thanks, MonsterNoirSims

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monsternoirsims really should not have converted this

Yeah, and it probably took you a long time to do, but face it mate, this is awful.

It looks bad enough in Sims 4, but now it looks like something from Playmobil!

yewot  yewot

EA Lies Exposed Again As They Try Once More To Con Simmers To Buy The Glitterturd

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Well, well, well, another day, another attempt by the Simgurus to sell Sims 4:

ea lying about savings for sims 4 on ea forum

manul says zzzzz

But wait! This one’s kind of interesting…

ea lying about savings for sims 4 on ea forum 1

This is it? This is the ‘Summer Saving’ on offer? Looks like the same old price that Sims 4 normally is in the UK.

Want proof?

ea lying about savings for sims 4 on ea forum 2

Yes, the exact same price as in the shops they’ve got the cheek to ask the gullible for to download the Glitterturd from their buggy website.

Some ‘sale’ this is!

slaplol  point

manul says the fail that keeps on failing


LadyRosedust Can’t See Supernatural Simmies For Dust

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Meanwhile, over on NRaas Industries

ladyrosedust can't have occults

Hmmm, in whatever game world you chose, did the Garlic Front win City Hall in the last elections?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Igazor was on hand (after using his Time Turner to get back from answering fifty billion questions on the EA forum) to spoonfeed LadyRosedust to fix her erring mods:

ladyrosedust can't have occults 1

Bless him, he even remembered his manners at the last!

ladyrosedust can't have occults 2

Shhhh, GCirelli, or you’ll be getting accused of homophobia by the Dimblr social justice warriors!

Igazor explained that there’s two kinds of immigration (bloody hell, that sounds like a Home Office spokesman responding to another one of UKIP claims in the Daily Express!)

ladyrosedust can't have occults 3

Namaradus meanwhile proffered advice on populating by a more direct means:

ladyrosedust can't have occults 4

Of course, you could alter all married Simmies’ showers to stone cold to stop the production of any babies for good, but perhaps simply altering the mod is going to be easier in this instance!

It’s All In The Game For Switch

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Congratulations to Switch for whatever game this is she’s triumphed in.

It’s Overwatch, you bumnuggets!

Shaddup, Lauryl!

all in the game for switch

Zenyatta? We know there had to be a sting in there somewhere…

all in the game for switch 1

Beggers belief to think this glorified pub band sold millions of records. Oh alright, ‘Synchronicity’ was good, but the rest of their stuff was tinny pish.

rimshot  tomato

‘Zenyatta calls upon orbs of harmony and discord to heal his teammates and weaken his opponents, all while pursuing a transcendent state of immunity to damage.’

Apparantly Zenyatta should never be nerfed. We’ve no idea what that means, but it sounds disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed.

wag_finger  wag_finger

It at least took The Dominating Crabbiness’ mind off other more contemporary matters…

all in the game for switch 2

Is there nowhere safe from Pokemon GO?

all in the game for switch 4

Old Pokemon Go players never die – they just lose their pokeballs!

evilgrin  evilgrin

At least Switch is safe from one all time horror…

all in the game for switch 3

Elsewhere, Cloverstardropper has encountered that all time bane of bloggers:

all in the game for switch 5

And been forced to confront her ultimate horror:

all in the game for switch 6

Sausage Party – fear it!

all in the game for switch 7

That can’t happen – your name’s not Mario.

all in the game for switch 8

A bit like old Comrade Deb was with sea monkeys!

evilgrin  evilgrin

all in the game for switch 9

Yep, that sums up No Man’s Sky in its entirety – the biggest waste of money since Sims 4!.

Fresh Prince Returns With The 1990 BMW M3 E30 For Sims 3

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Many happy returns to the greatest Simming vehicle maker of them all.

The Fresh Prince returns in august 1

mbounce.PNG mbounce.PNG

The Fresh Prince returns in august

After a six month lay off, he’s back with another new vehicle to his usual impeccable standards for you to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Go download it!


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