DeservedCriticism Gives Mod The Sims’ Politically Correct Bumnuggets A Lesson In Logic

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Just as those on the EA forum were considering the implications of EA’s latest piece of piffle, so were those on Mod The Sims.

Considering their reflexive love for anything not considered mainstream (regardless of whether they clash with one another … let’s face it, when it comes to your average MTS members array of little pet pecadillos, your average dyed-in-the-wood Muslim is hardly any friendlier than those average dyed-in-the-wool Christian they so much despise … in fact experience shows they’re more hate the sinner as well as the sin …. ), we’d a feeling how this one was going to pan out.

But much to our surprise, there was a far more intelligent conversation that took place, granted largely down to one DeservedCriticism.

It all started when they made one innocuous throwaway remark.

With predictable inevitability …

So DeservedCriticism spelled out their objections, and a very good job they made of it too.


They even anticipated the inevitable twisting of their words in pointing out, ‘And no, this doesn’t mean including minorities is virtue signalling, but it is when you make it a centrestage attaction.’

How often have we all said cynically just that at every Gay Pride event over the last few years, or disabled event, or all the others special interest group events where corporations have fallen over themselves for a slice of the action in showing how much they ‘care’ after decades of little if any involvement?

Not because they care more, but because the demographic group they are appealing to, do.

That is, Millenials with more money than parental attention (let alone affection), for whom virtue signalling is their religion worshipped at the high altars of social media, devotion to which will be rewarded with ‘likes’.

And, dare we suggest, because it costs corporations less (and earns them a lot more) to show a little touchy feeliness rather than say donate to AIDS research, cancer research, mental health research, etc, etc.

(Or pay their f**king taxes properly so governments can provide grants without corporate strings attached)

And yet … every time someone like DeservedCriticism points it out loud, they get crucified for it, in much the same manner the Christian nutters of yesteryear would accuse dissentors of satanism or witchcraft. The same old tricks to silence dissent, and people still fall for the same traps they sneer at their forebearers for falling for.

But here’s the thing. You read the bumnuggetry from someone like Teostar (‘as a gay dude, I like it … ya know, as a gay guy growing up through my childhood and teenage years …’ zzzzzzzzzzzz … yeah, ‘cos the 80s never happened … ) and you start to wonder, do they really not get it the same way someone like DeservedCriticism does?

Or is it simply too tempting in our f**ked up age for them to start clubbing someone else with false morality. An age of condemn, or be condemned. Oversimplify, deliberately misinterpret, then demonise in order to justify your shitty behaviour under a thin veneer of the cultural high ground built on a billion strawmen you knocked down.

Then wonder why everyone’s turning into a shower of ignorant shits.

Look for example at this arseturnip, Dorsal Axe:

‘You may wish to reflect on what you’ve written’SLAP!

What a patronising piece of shit – hope they get f**king genital crabs with rabies.

In any case, DeservedCriticism handled this superbly, never rising to the ‘you are a bigot’ bait.

DeservedCriticism would have loved Ian Dury – he’d a very short way with virtue signallers!

That didn’t stop Hiabara from being the next to do the ‘DeservedCriticism is an Unwoke! Burn them!’ routine:

‘… but you make it sound like …’

See what we mean about the setting up of strawmen?

But DeservedCriticism was more than ready for that crap:


Did they reply? Did they hell!

Like most of their ilk, once they find themselves up against people who don’t fall for trying to defend themselves against the old ‘how long have you been beating your spouse and children?’ gambit much loved by trolls and tabloid journalists, they’re sunk.

And as Gargoyle Cat said, if anyone is causing divisions, it’s them, exactly what EA wants.

Those Times When Aarin Still Alarms Us

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The times when she regards ideas as bad on philosophical and legal groups …

… rather than moral!

The times she sounds disturbingly similar to Switch-Cloverstardropper:

They’re both just one great Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker/Garmadon – Green Ninja Lloyd event in the universe waiting to happen, aren’t they?

And when she starts going on about grannies!


Aarin On Immigration, Nationalism And Nation States

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One of the reasons we both still keep an eye on Aarin is that we enjoy her writing style, and with it sometimes she can really hit the nail on the head about topics in a wonderfully concise manner.

Her cynicism makes her despise Trump, like ourselves, but equally some of his self-righteous virtue signalling critics, many of whose ‘virtues’ really amount to matters of economic advantage to people like themselves at the expense of the very poorest whom, in private, they have complete contempt for.

It’s easy to romanticise all immigrants as poor people from poor countries who never had your chances and advantages appealing to your sense of ‘fair play.’ It’s equally easy to despise your own poor and lower orders, especially when they went to the same school as you.

This, even though – for example – a UK government study proved social mobility is stagnant and your chances of ‘getting on’ are almost entirely dependent on family connections, especially in local authorities which are a cesspool of nepotism and resultant corruption, and even going to private school or university won’t help anymore, no matter how much people huff and puff about Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s backgrounds.

(As if the Labour Party, whose MPs largely come from the same small pool of intermarried ‘Labour families’ who have dominated local councils and trade unions for a hundred years, are any different, Just ask Jack Straw and Neil Kinnock’s sons, both useless MPs for lifetime safe seats like their fathers before them)

Tell yourself it’s their own fault the lives they live – even though the truth is in most cases you don’t know (or want to know) the whole story of what brought them to there – any more than you know (or want to know) reasons of those coming over may have zero to do with fleeing any war or oppression.

Even in the age of everyone shitting up their whole lives on social media, of snowflakes look for 24/7 sympathy, not everyone shows the hand life dealt them. You can’t blame them, in a world where ‘freedom’ has become the freedom to exploit the weaknesses in everyone else for fun and profit. Those who really suffer most, say least.

So people get stuck in the shitty jobs and shitty lives which come with it. Until those in the good lives decide they can get people to do the shitty jobs and live the shitty lives even cheaper, to make their lives even better.

The poor people? Fuck them. They were the ones who were bullies and bitches at school. Yeah, let’s rub their noses in it.

Even better, tell them it’s their own fault for their poor life choices (even if their ‘choices’ were making do with what they could get). This is ‘fair’ and ‘just’ to pay back the ‘evils’ of an empire (hello Owen Jones of The Guardian) they were as much victims of as our colonies in the horrors of the urban slums.

Play the race card. Not only is it all their own fault, but they’re racist for objecting to it – even if most the immigrants are the same race as the indigenous population they’re displacing, or the jobs they are taking happen to be largely those of our existing ethnic minorities.

They’re evil. They deserve to suffer.

(And while they’re at it, they’ll get rid of all that nasty red tape stifling ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘wealth creators’ – most of it for the protection of their workers from their greed for money above their health and safety)

Where ‘cultural enrichment’ really means the ethnic cleansing of the poor – regardless of skin colour.

And then they wonder why Britain ended up with the Brexit vote followed a year later with coming within 2 227 of electing a far-left government with virulent anti-Semitic backing occured in successive years. Just 2 227 votes, spread across seven seats, that was all that stopped Britain from voting to go fully isolationist and Trotskyist.

It’s got to the stage in this country people are actually believing their only democratic choice left is to make sure everyone lives in as f**ked up world as they have – because only then will the ‘haves’ get it.

It’s the acceptance that people have become so completely selfish, so wilfully divorced from any kind of true empathy from anyone whom isn’t of some use to them, the only way to get them to empathise is to ruin the world as much as possible so they’re forced into solidarity out of the need for survival.

And people wonder why zombie apocalypse movies have become so popular?


More to that, no wonder we all love the Sims so much – just about the only place you can make people act civil if you want to!

Why Does Karon Want Glitterturd Skin In Sims 3?

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Hi everyone, it’s me, your lovable friend Lauryl once again, solving all your Simming problems!

That’s a matter of opinion!

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of squeaky pears! Anyhow, Karon’s is on the EA forum, with a question regarding skin of all things.

Erm, why would any self respecting Sims 3 Simmie want rotten old Glitterturd skin! I’d sooner have sausage skin!


Euugh, Mare’s really!


Anyway, as I was saying before being disgustingly interrupted, you can achieve the Glitterturd look simply by blooming the living daylights out of your graphics card settings specific to Sims 3 and turning the colour saturation down to just before grey out.

But why bother?


SimplySimming’s Reaping The Benefits

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We’ve not done them in a while, so glad to catch this one:

Must have been a particularly brutal reaping.

Either that, or Grimmy can’t resist a household that uses Flash!

(Though not one with Domestos … he’d never get a minute to himself!)


The Mare’s Nest In Sexy Saucy Wardrobe Malfunction Shocker!

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As if this hasn’t been a wacky enough week, we began getting hits from this website:


What is it they found to be so saucy?

All we have to say is their readers are easily pleased!



Mochasims Gets Their Racist Piece Of Shit Ass Handed Back To Them Courtesy Of The Mare’s Nest

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Lovely to see a certain cocky piece of shit not feeling quite so cocky this week after discovering what happened when you tangle with Simmers who punch back.

You will remember that that the social conscience stricken Dimblr decided to send us a rude message via Dumblr over our post here about his and his ‘homies’ actions which resulted in the loss of one of the few people making actual Sims 3 hairs left.

Now we had some fun with it at the time, but the real fun was waiting to happen:

Well it took old Dumblr a while … you know how it is … but guess what happened this week to make Mr Superbad so mad?

Aw, diddums! Did big nasty admins take your evil little post down? Oh dear, what are you to do?

(Don’t worry, we’ve saved it for posterity, so people can remember what a piece of work you really are)

Oh, we know, why don’t you threaten to accuse them of being ‘racist’ if you don’t get your own way? It’s worked so often before.

Ah hang on, that ain’t gonna work any more now, is it? Not now you’ve proven yourself to them to be a racist piece of shit – you’ve just been hoisted by your own petard. Mmmm, if irony were strawberries we’d be enjoying a giant smoothie right now!

You’re now a marked man on Dumblr as a known racist so any more steps out of line all it is going to take is people reporting you and kicking your sorry ass into orbit – and also being banned from the WordPress platform now they’re the owners.

Never mind, dawg, there’s always LiveJournal.

Oh, don’t worry, ‘homie’! We’ve made sure Desiree-UK, Frankie Gruesim and Mimisapje are getting to read this and get to enjoy the last laugh.