Just In Time For The Cold And Flu Season

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Behold SimSimi’s new make up range, perfect for those of you wanting to make your Simmies look like their eyes are puffed up and watering, and their red raw nose feels like it needs the fire department to come and drain the mucus out of it.


At least, we think that was the idea… wasn’t it?

dizzy  dizzy

GaiaHypothesis Nose Not What Is Really Tittivating Her Avid Readers

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Okay Gaia, you’re running up the wrong hypothesis here.


What we all really want to know is…


… how the plumbobs can Gunther Goth’s nipples be around his sides and then around his front when you turn him around?

Do you have some sort of weird nipples mod or something – ‘Keep your Simmies titties always in front with Twallan’s Traversible Titties mod! Including ten different buffs for your suckle knuckles.’

scratchhead yewot

Leah Lillith Puts The Trolls In Their Place

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Since August 2014, Leah Lillith has been turning out excellent items for both Sims 3 and the Glitterturd on a regular basis on her blog and over at The Sims Resource.

We like Leah Lillith, and so do many others judging by the number of thieves posting up shitty ‘retextures’ of her hairs.

Which makes the following yellow press complaint to her all the more ironic – if it wasn’t for her there would be damned few new hair meshs of any description in the first place.


‘If you are so sure of what I do to create my works, I am pretty positive that today you didn’t do anything more productive than writing this message.’

Yes, Leah Lillith, perspective is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Well done!

bravo  point

Simful Things Put The Kettle On

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Yes, we like this:


It’s only a prop made from cloning the incense holder, but if you are wanting screenshots or are making machinima, this adds a sweet touch of realism to your work.

Up on Mediafire, no adverts, no bumnuggetry.

thumb  thumb

Pary Needs No Viagra To Sim Non-Stop, But Purple Rhinos Don’t Give Her The Horn

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Taken from World Explorer Pary’s Simblr…


slaplol  yewot

We checked to see what the purple rhino part was all about, and all we’ll say is it has nothing to do with a certain industrial cleaning firm from Brighton, nor anything to do with a certain Canadian political party one of us is fond of.

more tea vicar  smiley-shocked032

Shushilda Sims In The Red

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The dress is not bad.


The shoes are hideous.


But the hair is interesting – it reminds us actually of something from an older age, although neither of us can agree which one (one guess is the late 1920s, the other the 18th century!)

Anyway, here’s where to download it from, on reliable and no advert fees Yandex – and remember to give your thanks here.

What Dark Inspirations Crystalled In A Lucky Day’s Mind?

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Okay, we can’t be the only ones here who thought this.


Are we the only ones who thought that A Lucky Day’s birthday girl…


… looks remarkably like Kira from The Dark Crystal ?


ehwhat mare's nest version  yewot