Kurasoberina Produces Her Best Simmie Yet (If A Bit Obvious…)

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You have to hand it to Kurosobarina:

No one else has quite managed to push the boundaries of Sims 3 creation.

No one else has managed with each successive post and her own unique skins and skills to create Simmies which look so realistic…

… that you could mistake them for photographs of real human beings.

But she’s slipped back in her standards with her latest one …

The skin’s far too flawless, the hair’s too shiny, the eyes too bright, and this is meant to be someone in their thirties?

Come off it – even we could see at a glance this has S-Club skin and Leahlillith’s Cold Nature Hair written all over it!


Finding Relevance In Irrelephants

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It may be a Glitterturd Dumblr, but we’re going to mention it anyway:

It is called Irrelephantsims and has an elephant with a plumbob logo.

Well we found it funny!


Rechecking Toli Island (Or ‘Just Wait Until We Get A Hold Of Bloody Lauryl After This!’)

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Further to our post about Toli Island, we wanted to double check that a certain hill was actually going to work properly in game.

With all due respect to Tammyjo329 it wouldn’t be the first time a new game map’s been uploaded without all the roads being checked out.

Only one way we’re going to do that…


‘Sorry, can’t help.’

What do you mean, Lauryl, “can’t help”? You can clear Lucifer Sam, Hazel and Yew’s latest furballs off your bed later!

‘In case you’ve forgotten, you’ve got me busy doing that other business for you right now for later!’

Oh yeah – damn!

‘Hey – no clues!’

Guess we’ll have to leave it to another day. Or get Elysia and her Lonely Island oddballs to help out…

‘They’re helping out as well, remember? Hmmm, well I suppose I could ask Kirry to help you…’

Who the plumbob is Kirry?

‘Oh, er, she’s one of the other residents on Lost Island. Sort of.’

We don’t remember you ever mentioning her before. Come to that, we don’t remember you talking about any other residents on Lost Island! We thought it was just you, those people running the shop, the tourists and the mummies?

‘Well, er, I’ve kind of forgotten to mention about her before, kept slipping my mind. You know, with you being busy over one thing or another, didn’t want to worry you or upset you.’

‘Worry or upset’? Why would it do that? We’re glad you’ve got someone else on the island – means we don’t have to worry about you getting any more loopy than you already are if you have some company other than those fat purr monsters.

‘Er, to be honest she doesn’t stick around Lost Island all that much, that’s probably why you’ve never saw her before. She likes sailing, wandering off to other places, but I get the impression she tends to keep herself to herself. I think she’s a little shy. Maybe it will be good for her if you agree to let her help you this time?’

Good for her? Listen, she’s not another freaking Halibut Nectar making type weirdo like you?

‘Erm, no, no, she’s nothing like that – hey wait a minute, I resent that, you cheeky bunch of farty otters! Give me a moment to get hold of her by smartphone, you go over to Toli Island, and she’ll be there I promise.’

She’d better be here.

Since we’re here, to give a bit more info about this Toli Island, it is highly developed with every conceivable shop, place of entertainment and rabbit hole you could want.

The one downside is that of the sixteen residential lots, a brand new Simmie on their starting §16k is only going to have one choice of house, that house in the south by south west corner – we’ll hazard a guess that this associate of Lauryl’s is waiting inside it …

‘Hello, you must be the Mares?’


‘Oh, did I startle you? Sorry – I think. Kirry Bixley, at your service. Lauryl said you wanted help checking something.’


‘Don’t go! It’s the wand, isn’t it? People can be a little disturbed when they realise someone’s a witch. I know that now because Lauryl told me. She’s very kind.’

[muttering] Yes… kind of what exactly is the question…

‘Also I have trouble with eye contact. Lauryl said I may have Aspergers. Or Autism. Or … something. It could also be my eye muscles. They tend to stick.’

Our bet is on the ‘something’.

‘Oh? My sight’s never been right since … uh … things …’

What? Like a walk in the park? Like a kiss in the dark? Like a sail boat ride? Like a kick up the …

‘Mmmmmm, I like sail boats! And I’m good at them too. They’re peaceful. Floaty float and bobbing merrily along.’

‘Like waving a wand. Swishy swishy swish, and the pretty pretty colours. They help me take my mind off things…’

‘… bad things, and those whispering voices giving me the bad thoughts … oh, but Lauryl said I wasn’t to think about those … um, never mind.’

Right, that’s it, we’re bailing. It’s Simnel your surname ought to be, not Bixley.

‘Hey, how did you know that’s the other part of my surname? Did Lauryl tell you?’

It gets better by the minute…

‘But aren’t we going to explore this island together? You promised Lauryl! Please let’s explore it together. I get so lonely sometimes…’

You are going to let me help you, aren’t you?

‘AREN’T YOU? If you didn’t, I would become upset. Very upset.’


Ulp! Erm … alright – discretion being the better part of dealing with a raving psychotic.


Er, it’s better to part dealings after a gin and tonic!

‘Don’t worry I will prove very useful. Anyone who gets in our way or looks at us in a funny way, I won’t hesitate a second before I…’

Put – the – wand – away – and – step – back – from – the – loony – train!

‘Just kidding. I’m not really a witch, I just sort of … you know … dabble. Haven’t the concentration for it, because of the voices… oh, Lauryl said I shouldn’t talk about those, sorry.’

Grief, this would have been better with Haily ‘Skeletal Screams’ Farber.

‘You know Haily? Haily from Lonely Island? Oh I love Haily! We have so much in common!’

You don’t say…

Right, here’s the plan – cycle to the little fishing glade up the top of this hill and round the bend.

‘Round the bend?’

At least we’re agreed on that.

As we mentioned in our previous post, the hill looks too steep and too warped at the top for the routing to work properly, so this is what we wish to check.

Well whatdaya know, no problems!

‘Works going back down the way too.’

The routing was fine everywhere else, and as mentioned before, there’s lots to do packed into a compact space – a very pretty space at that.

‘Is that everything? Happy with my best efforts?’

Yeah, okay, thanks for the help.

‘Can I help you again sometime? If it is okay with Lauryl, of course.’

Erm… we’ll plead the Fifth Amendment to that one.

‘I can bake as well you know.’

If we’re ever in the market for Scary Fruitcake, we’ll let you know.

‘Oh, okay. Better go back to base and pack up to sail back to Lost Island. Speaking of scary, wasn’t that car back there strange?’

‘Driving along the road … with no one driving it!’


Maybe we ought to have checked Toli Island out more throughly?

Of course some things never change whatever map of the Sims 3 world you choose…

‘Hello University Mascot Person of Perpetual Intrusiveness. Would you like to come inside? I’ve got a nice bottle of Nightshade nectar for you, and some sharp steak knives, a bucket, a mop, and a big bottle of Figwit ™ Fingerprints and Blood Stains Removal Fluid for me…’

Can’t really complain about that one from her, can we?


An Olympia Sized Problem With Mediafire (Not The Biggest Problem Though…)

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One of us spotted the following over at Olympia’s Dumblr today.

Hey, no need to worry – it’s probably Mediafire‘s received a ‘DMCA claim’ from some shower of self-appointment piracy takedown services, which we have talked about many times before – as has Lauryl.

One of us got one in the spring time (in the end they never took the item down after the ‘service’ had their bluff called). Best reupload your stuff and make sure that it is in a zip folder with a neutral name – this way it will no longer trigger off the web spiders these bumnuggets use to ‘find’ pirated entertainment and send out automated take down requests.

Hence also why The Sims Resource names all its upload files as numbers.

But anyway, all those ‘hairs’ you say are by you (‘All hairs by Olympia) are in fact by other people, they’re just retextures.

Yet you’ve got the cheek to make all manner of demands about people not editing or copying your ‘work’ when the real work the vast majority of the uploads comprise of is people who did the heartbreaking, sole destroying job of all the meshing and modelling.

You know our feelings on this matter before folks…


Narcissisim Can’t Hide Behind The Shade – He’s Bringing Back The Fugly, Big Time!

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‘A gift of Frankincense’? A gift of Frankenstein more like it. What the plumbobs is it with the cross between Mick Jagger and the Bride of Chucky? That’s not so much Pony Play Mashup as mashed up by ponies playing at Cars And Hedgehogs with that Simmie at high speed.

‘Looks horrible in the game panel’ is the least of your worries sunshine, as is ‘when zoomed out it looks kinda weird’. Glasses? It’s plastic surgery it needs … on second thoughts make that plastic explosive!

One of us took a screenshot of this on their tablet and it promptly cracked the screen – thanks, bastard! Yeah, there really is a place in Simming for one looking like they’re pressing their face up against a window pane.

Sporty Spice? You think that looks like Sporty Spice? Since when? Since being attacked by an Obscurus?

Parying The Thrust

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Pary’s replied to our earlier post in August:

Amazing really she never went for the open goal of the pig’s breakfast which is our own Dumblr site. At least Pary’s made an attempt at making it look presentible – honest, we’ll do so one day!

Anyway, there’s no such thing as getting too high on cold and flu tablets – it’s the one perk you’re allowed under the circumstances.


Mace is of course illegal here in the UK, although anyone that’s bought a can of Lynx deoderant would agree it is hard to tell the difference.

Speaking of hygiene, in Pary’s current legacy it looks like Kyle could do with some toothpaste judging by poor little Katija’s reaction to being too close to daddy – with Kyle being a vampire, anyone familiar with someone that eats too many black puddings will sympathise!


Sindocat Has The Gem Of An Idea, But Igazor Finds His Inner Donna Reed

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Sindocat was finding new ways to decorate their home with a gem of an idea.

However Igazor was finding instead his perfect inner domestic goddess and perfect American middle class housewife:

And you thought that Finish was the diamond standard?