We’ve Heard It All Now!

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Prah2010 excusing posts on Sim Secret on trolls when the whole freaking shit sandwich is run by trolls, for trolls!

TreyNutz Submission To The EA Forum Doesn’t Wash

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The only correlation we can see is your Simmie and Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf or Sheldon from Reheated Friends Leftovers For Geeks The Big Bang Theory.

Mikezumi was on hand to give Treynutz and original questionner IreneSwift a suitable explanation.

Moral of the story – no depth charges in the bath when playing submarines?


Back When It All Began With Lasydaisy1122 (And A Few Others!) …

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At the start of June came a thread from the appropriately named Lasydaisy1122 (joined May 2009 – number of posts, sixty three!) celebrating the ninth anniversary of Sims 3.

Since they are displaying the symbol of our immortal saviours, Cardiacs, as their avatar, we must of course give due mention and reverence.

Even if by posting on 25th May they give us suspicion of being no good treacherous Argentinian swine (except for Anubis360, of course!)


Both World Explorer Pary and King_of_Simcity7 were on hand with many others to pay due respects to this grand old lady of video gaming, as was Igazor (of course!):

Preach it, Simsophonique and Comicsforlife!

A more recent member (but one whom has been making up for lost time with a vengence) – Nikkei_Simmer – like the Voice of NRaas – compared it to having children, albeit more from a financial perspective…

… whereas for Dreamerz13 – a veteran from launch day – it was a reminder of when they were once a kid!

Cororon meanwhile (who must be one of the longest serving EA forum Simmers for whom English is not their first language, having been around since the Sims 2 days) and Jalatu2005 (around since the start, but most of it lying in the long grass dreaming of Pride and Prejudice…) were likewise reminiscing whilst still considering the game’s future.

Being a year behind – or at least feeling this way – has all proved a little disarming for Venusdemilosims of the Just Plumb Nuts! blog.

Whereas for Bekkasan, Coco, MidnightAura, ZeeGee, Emorrill and IliketheSims30 – coming in at different times to the EA forum (but not in all cases to the Simming scene) – they’re as much in love with it as when they first started (if we all forget about the World Adventures early fiasco!)

TadOlson loves the game as much as TadOlson loves to repeat the same dialogue in TadOlson’s posts like an ansafone.

TadOlson has a heavily modded game? We’d never have known!


We’re not too sure if Bettyboop55’s brief flirtation with the Glitterturd simply counts as part of her spell of ill health (temporary insanity), but glad as we are to also see Karritz and Mikezumi in the mix, we’re very glad the latter didn’t elaborate on what they meant by ‘have had countless hours of pleasure from it’ !

Puzzleaddict gave what must be the most frank, if disarming, account of their time with Sims 3.

As for MagicEmerald…

Sad? Where else can you say you’ve bought a program which still gives you fun almost a decade after it has been released?

Apart, maybe, for Sims 2, of course!


If Your Happy Place Is On Fire, That’s Because It’s Your Underpants!

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Do a couple of posts on Dumblr, post a couple of replies to those from others you’re interested, you know the drill.

Then bumnuggetry like this happens:


This is someone called Senna aka silver-shortage-in-markarth aka My Happy Place Is On Fire.

Contrary to theirclaims, she/he/it has never been following us.

You see, what they forgot is that on Dumblr you can keep tabs on those who follow you – same as with WordPress – in case you want to ensure certain individuals don’t get the opportunity. It is too easy for all manner of morons to ‘like’ posts they actually aren’t interested in and are merely using your efforts to publicise themselves – as we’re all familiar with the umpteen ‘cute kittens’ or ‘breathtaking scenery’ spam pic blogs electing to follow us and then attempting to like every single post we’ve ever made in the hope of gaining some clicks out of curiosity for their own.

You can also check on the activity tab on your Dumblr to see who has been following you and when, as well as receiving emailed notifications as to who has began to follow you – dating all the way back to whenever!

Less a case of their happy place being on fire as merely ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire!’

It’s June – The Gaming World’s Hotting Up At E3 (But All It’s Doing Is Getting Switch Hot Under The Collar!)

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All depends upon the context, and knowing you it’s best we don’t ask!


God to Switch: ‘You don’t believe in me, so sod off!’


What you need to do is take out Shane with a vacuum cleaner. It’s as near as you’re going to get to being able to rip him apart in a black hole down to spaghettied atom strands.

On second thoughts that’s a bad idea.

You don’t want to be accused of being a cuck-sucker.

Yeah we know, we’ve done less laboured smutty puns than this.

Let’s get serious for a moment:

For those of you not aware, Gankutsuou is an Anime adaptation of The Count Of Monte Cristo, which if Dogtanian and the Three Muskerhounds is anything to go by will be ten billion episodes and many diversions from the original long.

That all said, doesn’t everything that’s a rip off of Alexandre Dumas have homoerotic overtones by default?

Especially Dogtanian And The Muskerhounds, where so many of the male characters wander around with no trousers on – very Tom Of Finland! We were with Cardinal Richelieu on this one, they were a men

Ironically, Dumas was just about the only person dumb enough to have a plot involving Queen Anne of France and the Duke of Buckingham having an affair when it was little secret Buckingham was an utter screaming and bummed his footmen from dawn to dusk – hence one of the reasons for his assassination along with being one of the worst war leaders in British history.

Richelieu – contrary to Dumas one of history’s good guys – found Buckingham as impossible to deal with as the Spanish-Austrian Hapsburg inbreds (serious trust issues) and repulsed the British fleet (read English) at La Rochelle.

Good this blog isn’t it? You learn something completely useless every day!

On second thoughts let us not have Camelot.

It is a silly place.

(Every day a Monty Python reference!)

Elsewhere, during E3, Switch was not impressed:

Let’s guess – they have Jeremy Clarkston or Gary Numan hosting it.

Still makes them better than Ed Sheeran.

He only has three chords.


Hmmm, never knew you had ambitions to be the next Miss Marple.

Still, you couldn’t do any worse than Geraldine McEwan. Not nice to mock the dead we know but she played Marple like she tucked her skirt into her knickers. As for Julia Mckenzie, the least said the better, and Angela Lansbury played it like she was still playing Jessica Fletcher (Nancy Drew at the menopause) from Murder, She Acted.

Joan Hickson bossed it. Although Margaret Rutherford was good, the Hickster was the Marple. Accept it and move on.

Next song played – The Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind?’


On the plus side, it means there isn’t a new platform for Aarin to torture and bully poor Coco on.

As to those who say she’s getting a bit too crabby over all this …

MadameLee (Comrade Crazy Anne from Toronto) might.


Now you know why M’aiq The Liar has to wear that monk’s outfit.

As well as reforming its treatment of Khajits, Skyrim really needs to implement a strong anti-sexual harassment policy or he’s never going to dare risk entering a settlement in Tamriel again!

We are The Mare’s Nest, and we aren’t afraid to talk about the major issues.


Speaking of which …

Of course, all they’ve done is promised us they are going to make it eventually and given us a trailer …

Oh our plumbobs, it’s gonna be High Peak and the Bretons! No wait, it’s Azra’s Crossing in Hammerfell! No wait, it’s Skyrim five centuries later! No wait again, it’s the return of the Isle of Artaeum! No wait Akos Kasaz in the Sea of Pearls!

And that’s gonna be all of us probably for the next couple of years until it finally comes out.

Until then, there’s always the Sims series – or whatever.

But whatever you play until then, just remember the following wise words from Cloverstardropper:

And what true Simmer could ever argue with that?!


Pary The Strange World Explorer Gets Jilted At The Alter By Her Simmie Couple!

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You get ’em hitched, you fix up a sweet venue, and then this happens:

Kids, eh?

Maybe they had to do a ‘quicky’ after getting Home Office papers questioning his right of residence and giving him a month to quit – same as happens here in Blighty even if you’ve been living in the country for sixty years working and paying your taxes.

Considering Kyle’s a vampire as well, it could be doubly awkward…

‘But I’ve been living in this country for sixty years?’

‘Er, no, you have not.’

‘What do you mean, “no”? I arrived in 1958…’

‘Yes, but you have told me you became a vampire in 1962. Therefore under Home Office rules, you have only been living in this country for four years – you have been undead the rest of the time, which does not count when calculating length of domicile. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs however will have to review the relevant fifty six year period to see if there are any discrepancies with your tax payments over these years, I trust you can provide proof of VAT and National Insurance payments for this period?’

‘Funking Tory rat bar stewards.’


Or they’re one of those modern couple who want a private service for themselves and will have two separate ‘celebration’ services with their respective sides of the family over on their sides of the world, as are becoming the fashion for those whom one wedding is not enough (and whose relatives are such psychos you daren’t have them all in the same venue unless you want your own Red and Purple Wedding combined

(Red and purple – does that make it a New Labour wedding?)

As for making changes to the decor, under the circumstances, looks like they need this man’s artistic touch:

Aurelio Voltaire, domestic goddess!


Gitte2001’s Belly Flop

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Since we mentioned Gitte2001, it would be rather bad form not to mention what she’s been up to of late…


Gitte2001 has 2 cm of toned good-looking belly (even if she says so herself!) that her school can’t handle.

Yep, some days life is such a bitch, you wonder why you bother!


‘and my pants were wide and long’

We hope that Gitte is aware that until 1960 the wearing of flares in Belgium was a capital offence.

If it is any comfort, it’s a lot stricter over here.

Every September, in an event which is regarded as marking the end of the ‘silly season’ (ie. when the papers are so desperate for news over the summer with Parliament being closed that they’ll print anything) the British newspapers – particularly the local rags – are full of stories over some parent resembling the fat psycho woman in the Black Friday/Game Of Thrones parody episode of South Park ranting because her child was sent home from school for some breach of the school uniform code.

If Pollysim were still around, she’d be much better placed than ourselves to explain the whys and wherefores of it, but basically the company’s given the contract to provide the school uniforms have to pay a fee to the school (the state schools are now responsible for their own budgets), so they’ve a financial incentive to be strict. Another idea they’ve copied from the private sector for all the wrong reasons.


One of us – because Gitte2001 appeared to be stating the blinding obvious – wasted quarter of an hour turning it round between 90° clockwise and 180° looking to see if she’d painted some sort of clever optical illusion.

Needless to say, they never found it!