Rflong7-13’s Got Herself A Brand New Morning Alarm

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No way is she sleeping through that one, and it doesn’t have a snooze function either!


Photoshopping The Living Daylights Out Of Your Custom Content Previews To The Level Of Farce

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Oh for plumbob’s sake, Sim Songs, you silly Sprout!

How is anyone supposed to tell how that is actually going to look in their game when you’ve photoshooped the bloody preview pic to death.


Time (In Sims 3, Whatever You Want It To Be – Within Reason …)

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ItsMeThatGuy grows on us, but by plumbob they make it difficult when they come out with stuff like this:

You think it is based in 1975, despite there being computers, mobile phones, internet …


Emily4331 also seemed a touch confused, albeit not as much by her qualified statement that it is up to the player.

TS1Depot was nearer the mark, agreeing in fact with Emily4331’s later premise:

But they along Jillbg and MW1525 seemed to be falling down on the same point.

That is, determining the timeline of Sims 3 by the building styles and fashions – despite the fact that architectural designs will very often outrun any given era by whole half centuries at a time, let alone decades.

To say nothing of the fact the EA Store merrily unearthed fashions from multiple points in time – which considering how many have made ‘comebacks’ in whole or part is fair game.

To be fair, via ThuggishSplicer, they got there in the end …

… it just took time.


No, A Thousand Times NO To Echoweaver’s Pet Diseases Mod

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Okay, what part of seeing your fur babies being ill is never, repeat, never entertaining needs stressed here.

Yes, some of you out there are over obsessed with game realism, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Real life can be miserable enough, and there’s nothing more miserable than when your pet’s sick and you fear the worse because they of course can’t tell you what’s wrong with them.

Stuff this!


Ts1Depot Reckons It’s A Reality Check BlueberrySunset Needs, Not A Computer Check!

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Some Simmers do ‘ave em!

KevinL5275 spelled it out:

One crumb of comfort, at least it also means even the Glitterturd couldn’t be run on those specs!

These are the first two in question:

Bottom line, if something sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is – especially when money’s involved! And Amazon!


Coconut27 Has A Fairy Good Idea

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Who said the winged Simoccults don’t have their uses?


A Message To You, OhRudi

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When is a door not a door?

When it makes no noise.

What is a door, if not for slamming? And for shoving emery boards under the gap for cats to attack, of course!

Oh, and Mod The Sims now allowing mods to be published before being checked by its staff? Anyone would think the lazy bumnuggets were terminally overworked with mods to check these days.


Twinsimming’s Tooth The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

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Another goodie from Twinsimming.

For those of you wanting your child Sims to relive those days when their teeth were like round Lego pieces.

There should be at least a ‘WTF? Tooth turns 360 degrees and still won’t come out?’ moodlet.

Yes, yes … very much within experience …

Seventy three big ones?  Kids today … bloody spoiled rotten!


Gladis The Killer Whales – SAY HER NAME!

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Most pleasing story of the week.


Who said vengeful aquatic creatures like krakens couldn’t exist? Sims 3 getting it right again!

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

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Shut your filthy Glitterturding gob, 83bienchen!