You Want The Damning Info On The Shorty Awards? You’ve Come To The Right Place

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Right folks, we’ll have to scupper our planned posts for tonight, as we appear to be ‘trending’ in certain areas of the net because it’s that time of year again for Sawhorseshit Media’s annual rigged contest publicity stunt for themselves.

So for those of you on Twitter and Reddit that have been coming here in the last few hours on the basic of one half-arsed link (as per usual not to the really juicy stuff so the person concerned could pass off our original research as their own – ho hum…), here’s the ones you really want:

The 2012 Shorty Awards Were Blatantly Rigged From Start To Finish, With Twenty Three Of The Thirty One ‘Winners’ Not Topping Their Respective Polls.

Two ‘Winners’ Denounce The Shortys As A Sham.

Come 2013, Same Sham Results Again.

Fill your boots!

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What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This?

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The reaction to events over at Black Pearl Sims brought out the usual anonymous – and laughably inaccurate – bumnuggetry over at Sim Secret.

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 1

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It also brought out some quite astonishing dishonesty:

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 2

Some of you with long memories will remember that the above tale in fact appeared in Black Pearl Sims two years ago, not two weeks ago as Sim Secret’s yellow press poster attempted to portray. Your super soaraway Mare’s Nest mentioned matters at the time, saying some people out there needed to drop the bad attitude.

Some of you may also notice that the line ‘we normally have between 150-250 members online at any one time’ has been tampered with in the above to read 250-350 instead – which does beg the question how many other screenshots appearing over at SS have been doctored for the sake of hyperbole?

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 3

The tin hat wearers of SS however – bar one sensible post sandwiched inbetween the rubbish – had themselves a little field day trying to dream up all sorts of nefarious reasons why matters had come to this.

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 4

Clique? Black Pearl Sims? You having a laugh?

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 5

A clan? Totalitarian? Considering Jonesi laid back attitude towards scavengers proffering to host the soon to be orphaned download files, one thing she certainly cannot be accused of is control freakery.

There was one point however which was well made:

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 6

Yes, it was strange to say they were going to be still accepting donations for the planned new site rather than attempting to keep the old one alive, albeit that may well have been covering their backs in case of them making the target with two weeks still left to go: bottom line, it was only £128 short of target at the time of the announced closure – if they met it after all, they would be morally obliged to carry on as normal (albeit with egg on their faces and accusations from places such as SS that it was a cynical ploy).

They qualified the statement that only the first £450 of the current raised cash would be used on the current site – this is the part where like Boolprop Fight The Addiction back in 2011 we found ourselves wondering whether Black Pearl Sims were victims of a greedy host seeing an amateur hobby forum as an easy target for price hiking.

As we’ve said oft before the Simming world is at times too expensive for its own good, paying through the nose, ears, eyes and bum for what is already available for free; especially in an age where as Zhivan once put it ‘the economy really isn’t there yet.’

(Five years later, it’s still true. Scared? You bloody well should be!)

But all the other brickbats being hurled in Jonesi’s direction – surely one of the least offensive of all the forum owners out there – made us wonder what the plumbob she’d done to deserve this venom?

Some of it has been plain wishful thinking:

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 7

Someone who as ever had plenty to say for herself about a situation she admitted knowing f**k all about was FraulineFive.

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 8

So despite knowing nothing about the situation, you still think the ownership should have changed years ago?

Circuswolf was another one shooting her mouth off about Jonesi supposedly not being a good forum owner.

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 11

So what exactly is it she’s supposed to have done wrong? Details as ever prove evasive.

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 9

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 10

Are we the only ones here detecting a touch of latent prejudice towards Jonesi here for reasons outwith anything to do with events at Black Pearl Sims?

For those of you unfamiliar with Black Pearl Sims’ history, they were the successor to Reflex Sims when the German owners of said site threw the forum side out in February 2009 over a spat with The Sims Resource over pirated content. They were given a temporary site to continue from via Sims Cave – which as you will remember is hosted by Pescado- he/she/it of the long running feud with TSR.

However in next to no time, Jonesi and co got their own hosting – since they’d no intentions of finding themselves another of Pescado’s puppets – or anyone else’s for that matter. It had caused them enough grief.

They also banned linking to pirated content from the new Black Pearl Sims, and scrubbed any attempts to bring ‘hobby politics’ into the new sites forums – even after their members and friends were being hacked.

In short, in the great MATY vs TSR bunfight over pay-for custom content, BPS was making it clear they weren’t taking any sides – no matter what TSR had done to them, they wanted a quiet life – and some of the more idiotic elements of Pescado’s groups never forgave Jonesi for it, feeling as Pescado had indirectly ‘generously’ hosted them for all of ten seconds somehow that meant their immortal souls were now Fatbeard’s.

Jonesi and her crew over at Black Pearl Sims have been one of the guaranteed drama free spots amongst the independents, and have quietly plied the sometimes stormy seas of Simming without going out to antagonise anyone else in a community which at times has little better to do that pull one another’s pigtails out, and doing a lot of work for its members over and above the call of duty or at time rationality.

It’s high time some people grew up and dropped the petted lip because those running BPS have always been more interested in playing their Sims games to be bothered with other people’s power tripping games.

Indeed, perhaps those carping at them from Sim Secret ought to be paying more attention to their own scruffy LiveJournal website which they cannot even keep clear of spam:

What The Plumbobs Did Jonesi Do To Deserve This 12

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The Ship’s Going Down: Black Pearl Sims On The Rocks?

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If there was ever a sign that the Simming world is in trouble, it’s when one of the biggest independent forums gets to the stage they consider folding.

Two weeks ago, that’s exactly what happened at Black Pearl Sims – for reasons that beggar belief. It’s always been a given that Jonesi would set an eye watering donation drive target which nevertheless the massed hordes of Black Pearl Sims – lurkers though many of them be – would nevertheless achieve in record time.

the ship's going down 12

Except this time they didn’t, and with a fortnight to the end of their annual donation drive, Jonesi told everyone to make an orderly queue for the lifeboats:

the ship's going down

Lilinoo lead the orderly queue of those lining up to shake hands with the captain and crew:

the ship's going down 1

For JuicyJudith, it was an all too familiar tale of what has come to pass in the Simming community since the latest fracture.

the ship's going down 2

Ivyrose like Lilinoo had a bad feeling this was a day destined to come sooner rather than later, but none the less still one she’d hoped would never come.

the ship's going down 3

Kitkat was not surprised that it proved to be that old bugbear of cost that took down what everyone had thought would outlast them all.

the ship's going down 4

Needless to say, the reaction to the bombshell did the one thing perhaps after all these years anyone would have expected – Jonesi began having second thoughts about scuttling and downsizing from the mighty Laura Ashley patterned galleon to a yacht.

the ship's going down 5

Necessity like Frank Zappa is the mother of invention, and a day later, there was talk from Captain Pearly Queen of a cunning plan.

the ship's going down 6

The plan in question being bailing out the boat before bailing out of the boat – throwing some of the cargo overboard to gain ballast.

the ship's going down 7

Much better – and far more sensible than the insane idea of junking the name and starting from scratch like Beyond Sims did (for those of you asking ‘who?’, that’s the former Sims Programs of Jud Hudson).

Which begs the question, why didn’t they think of it before? Probably because they had considered those options already and had calculated it wasn’t going to work. In short, those at Black Pearl Sims were playing for time.

Others like Ranabluu joined in with the postmortem asking how it had come to this in addition to proffering practical solutions:

the ship's going down 8

Sunni meanwhile asked the question that must have been on many lips – why the hell didn’t Black Pearl Sims consider the option of a free forum and cut costs accordingly?

the ship's going down 9

The simple answer of course is that it wouldn’t be as pretty or as cosy – and the people who went to BPS as much as the staff wanted something else. That said, stopping the bots is a double edged sword – driving down the costs, yes, but also meaning your chances of being found by casual Simmers being very much nil, at a time when forums are having to fight to keep the members they have, let alone encourage new recruits on board.

Jonesi explained what was going on – a story that sounds familiar to that which befell Boolprop Fight The Addiction and Crazy Town in the past.

the ship's going down 10

The World Adventurer Pary was moved by this to delurk for the first time since 2009 to comment.

the ship's going down 11

However, it wouldn’t be a salvage operation without outsiders attempt to plunder for their own gain, and we might have known it would be someone on Dumblr responsible:

the ship's going down 13

Jonesi approved, but others like Raynuss and Florences were quite rightly rather cross at someone appointing themselves as salvage master for downloads that had not yet vanished.

the ship's going down 14

the ship's going down 16

The cynics here at the Mare’s Nest also reckon that every single one of those downloads being so ‘kindly’ hosted on Dumblr will be with Adfly links – in short the object will be to make money out of others hard work from years gone by. If anyone honestly thinks that someone with no connection to BPS is going to go to all the bother of setting up a dry dock for all of BPS‘s abandoned wares out of the goodness of their heart, they’re probably gullible enough to have bought Sims 4 on release day as well.

Tinkle meanwhile had already set her plans in place long ago.

the ship's going down 15

And so we watched and waited for the dreaded date to go by when Black Pearl Sims would go into maintenance on 24th February – and hope that it would not end up being scrapped altogether.

the ship's going down 17

The main change has been the themes – down to two rather 60s-ish looking styles – and a lot of pruning, including the beloved new CC threads for Sims 2 and 3 that were a godsend for those whom My Sims 3 Blog and Sims 3 Updates ignores for not being one of the kewl people Mod The Sims or Garden of Shadows thinks are the mutt’s nuts, and offered an alternative.

The bottom line is that BPS is still alive and still afloat – and with that there is hope.

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MamaSimsTee, Igazor And BlackSand Can’t Get Enough Of Becks1112’s Crack

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becks1112 is cracking up

We bet her poor Simmie doesn’t find it as much fun though!

What’s the chances of it happening? Here’s the science bit – concentrate!

becks1112 is cracking up 1

What would really make it more realistic would be if your smartphone was covered with fingerprints all over it, even if your Simmie has been wearing gloves all day, had cleaned the phone earlier and there was therefore no conceivable way the bloody thing should have so much as a smudge on it, never mind looking like someone’s been trying to do fingerpainting all over it.

Not that anyone here at the Mare’s Nest has such troubles with their smartphone, dearie me oh no…

whistling mares nest versionrant

06Bon06 Has A New Job

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06bon06's new job

Judging by this post, it’s writing the scripts for Emmerdale.

06bon06's new job 1

‘Golluma’, LaAbby and CowPlantForHire? Is this the new Gregorina?

Or is it the new unlikely novelty singer destined to break through come the next Britain’s Got Talent?

We think we should be told.

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Leo3487’s Fairy Up For Extreme Bot Fun Shocker

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Somedays, we think we really missed our vocation in life writing headlines for The Sun or the National Enquirer! Either that or writing Perry and Croft style comedies where every second line is a gay double entendre.

Take it away Leo3487:

leo3487's fairy up for extreme bot fun

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Joossh1 Gets The Whoosh

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jooshh1 gets the whoosh

You are seriously still having to ask that question after all this time?

No open world in a 2015 game equals no bloody point when the previous version did, and especially when the ‘new’ version of the game looks set to nickel and dime you to an even greater extreme than the previous version did for goodies.

Sims 4 is not a sandbox game, it’s a ‘tick the box’ game at best, a fap program for basement dwellers at worst. It’s certainly not something you can expect to get hours of fun from to the extent you wonder where the day went as was the case with Sims 3.


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