Hejix’s High Jinx With Premades

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What? You play with premade families?

They’re only there for our self-made Simmies to torment!

Preach it TreyNutz and JoAnne65!

Hang on, Nikkei_Simmer, just how many of your Simmies are in the Royal Canadian Air Force anyway?

For those wondering what hāfu means, it means someone who is half-Japanese (eg. Aarin).

Rflong7/13 clearly prefers her Simmies marrying into the Goths and the Landgraabs. Just don’t try and marry any of your Simmies to Susan Wainwright, or there could be trouble!

But Mikezumi is safe with Conor and Jared Frio.

Whether those Simmies are safe with her of course is of course not for us to comment!


At Least Be Honest With Yourself, SimsLovinLycan…

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You’re a furry looking for furry mods to make furry Simmies.

Taken from a year ago…

‘The “Beastial” trait’. ‘Nuff said.

As if that doesn’t confirm it, an obsession with tails

She would have said tail fully erect too but that would have been too much of a give away!



Life, The Universe and The Mare’s Nest: We Solved The Greatest Mystery Of Modern Science Four Years Before Oxford Uni Did (It’s Official … Sort Of …)

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Back on 18th April 2014, we did an episode of Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop which contained Cloverstardropper having the following conversation with the Wicked Witch of the West about the matter which makes up the universe (or rather the Simmerverse)…

Four years, seven months and twenty one days later… and your super soaraway Mare’s Nest has done it again!


With everywhere else as usual being a day behind the Daily Dreadnought…

Yeah you’re pretty good Oxford University – but still not as good as us!

And world scientific community, just stick the next Nobel Prize for Physics and the prize cheque in the post – we’re too busy running this blog to attend the awards ceremony in person.


Elysium: Postscript

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One matter one of us did look into some more was the load and save times.

By replacing the skyscrapers with one or two floor replacements, it was cut down to between six to eight minutes rather than twenty – far more acceptable.

Also moving the Bistro and Bakery from their original areas into some of the freed up city space also appeared to help.

Increasing the number of subway spots and stretching its network ‘reach’ further out in order to lessen Simmies’ inclinations to taxis also appeared to have an effect (tourists were appearing by day four) – but this was something we already knew from experiments with Boroughsburg and Lolalule’s NPC favour the Subway mod helped enormously.

For anyone interested, here’s the final tally of how much the eight of them managed to harvest from Elysium in five days:

744 apples
143 lettuces
130 tomatoes
103 garlic
88 bell peppers
56 onions
36 grapes
35 potatoes
20 melons
4 limes
4 cherries
3 life fruits
2 flame fruits


6 mandrake seeds
4 midnight bean seeds
2 purple eggplant seed
2 tomato seeds
2 orange tree seeds
2 maui bean seeds
2 pecan bean seeds
1 grape seed
1 lettuce seed
1 apple seed
1 cocoa seed
1 unknown uncommon seed
1 red berry bean seed
1 cortado bean seed
1 kona bean seed
1 peppermint seed
1 red valerian seed


Suzses Is Unable To Help 06Bon06 Enlarge It

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One of us always goes to the last post of a thread they’ve not visited in a while to determine whether it’s worth their while to work their way back.

This is one of those occasions where reading the first sentence was not such a good idea:

‘My understanding is there is no way to enlarge it, which really is a pain. I’ve gone to keeping a pair of reading glasses by my computer so I can see it.’


In order to put matters into the correct context, it concerns the over tiny UI when playing the game by laptop.

VexingQuery’s Shocking Return

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Made one of us laugh our asses off – and the other shit themselves!


You’ve Been LOLSimmed – Part 95

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And in a packed programme tonight, we have:

Auroraskies (EA Forum), CravenLestat (EA Forum), Mikezumi (EA Forum) and Rflong7/13 (EA Forum).