And Sharkloverplayer Is Still Sharking Around

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Just thought we ought to confirm that one again since he posted on his Twitter account a minute ago!

And so much for the ‘he just goes on about places to woo-hoo all the time’ tossers at Sim Secret – mind you, what can you expect from a bunch who when not posting up pictures of animals having sex for their furryfuck readers are posting Sims 3 created child porn (only withdrawing it after massive complaints and threats to report them to Live Journal)

Strange he’s not brought either up on the EA forum though. Is he getting fed up with it?

No, Sharkloverplayer-Catloverplayer ISN’T Dead, Before Anyone Swallows Sim Secret’s Bullshit

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Seriously, we know you’re desperate for viewers, especially after last week’s special proved such a damp squib, but posting this stuff up is a real low even by your standards:

‘the threads begging for shower woohoo won’t be the same without you’ – oh, nice touch, bumnugget!

No need to worry folks, our Jeff Carter – the one and only cuddly Sharkster (accept no imitations) has been retweeting as recently as a few hours ago, and long after Sim Secret closes its submissions.

He even found time to give blood:

Well done, that man!


Mind you, the Simming world is still awaiting an apology for your ditching of the icon that was Hannah…

Ariel? You may think you’re being bold, but that simply won’t wash with us, young man!


Chemical Wibs Has Found Her Pics Kicking The Photobucket

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Yes, this one’s been popping up all over the Simmerverse of late hasn’t it?

Yes, that is one of the problems of third party hosting for free, the third party’s at leisure to rewrite the terms at whim.

But as Wibs says, it’s not like hers have gone forever – still, always worth reiterating that old moral of always ensuring you back up everything you do in blogging.

Elsewhere, she’s got new travels afield:

Well if there’s any Polish Simmers they’re probably living in the UK now so no point in asking them! Maybe try one of the Russian Simmers instead?


(And before anyone starts moaning at us for stealing the Two Tailed Dog Party’s jokes, we’re simply returning the compliment… ah, but that’s another story!)

Gitte2001’s Drawing The Line Over Drawers

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Over on the EA forum, young Brigitte van Rental, or Gitte2001 to you lot, is as ever refusing to cut any slack – this time over slacks:

Clearly not a Madness or an MC Hammer fan.

‘Dearing’? Daring, surely – clearly Gitte2001’s not from Brussels. Goot, er we mean good to see her legendary toaster popping up in conversation again, but that’s enough crispy bread capers for another day.

‘How dare they burn my fashion sensitive eyes so badly. How dare they.’

Bloody hell, that’s all we need – Simmers becoming fashionistas. Anyway, Miss Dexy’s Midnight Runners in their Too-Rye-Ay phase, you’re a fine one to talk!


Now matters started really getting stark raving bonkers, when we have Igazor of all people joining in on this one:

Pffft! Some people just can’t handle their Simmies bringing back the smexxxy.

As TreyNutz pointed out, it was all part of the lunacy that was University Life and its EA Store offshoots:

Rflong7/13 decided however to strike a radical fashion note by coming out in favour of le grande pantalóns:

Mikezumi less so:

Yes, we know you prefer them with their pants off.


Coco got involved suggesting perhaps a little more shade on proceedings might allow Gitte2001 to pull it off (as opposed to Mikezumi who requires no such excuse!):

Leaving aside that Gitte2001 will not allow any Arsen around without her permission (she does run a strict game!), 1Need4Kaffee pointed out that Sims 3 has never exactly been over concerned with male clothing (rather like Haiden, but that’s another topic…) whilst Namaya92 showed just why you don’t allow your Simmers to use the bubble pipe bar for breakfast:


Nikkei_Simmer had a solution all of his own, one of mind over matter – he doesn’t mind, because to him it doesn’t matter! – whilst ShojoDagger pointed out inadvertently those offending pants were part of a certain EA skydiving lot from once upon a time (or maybe there weren’t, frankly who cares!).

And since that lot appeared to have trousered the market in barmy threads, we decided we’d skirt the issue from going any further.


Small Warning To All Our Readers

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All of you who said ‘there is a God!’ to the above post will spend an extra hundred years in purgatory.

(On top of the hundred you will spend for reading this blog in the first place!)

((And the other hundred you will spend for that unmentionable time … you naughty, naughty person!))

Patch Day For The Glitterturd

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Just saying…


Igazor On Why There’s No Panacea For Game Lag

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T’is an old topic, but one that truly never grows old in the rehashing:

Igazor took the fledging PatchouliNitt (a new WordPress blogger, who has been busy in such a short space of time) under his wing:

In short, there is no quick fix, and taking the time to go through NRaas Industries check list may be laborious, but time well spent.