Is LilDevilGirl9554 our Annoying Devil?

Written 6th September 2009.

After Jix2993’s J’Accuse regarding the ownership of the Gossip Girl Sims site, out comes the little devil herself, LilDevilGirl9554 to make it clear that it’s got nothing to do with her…sort of…

Is she or isn't she...wearing Harmony hairspray?
Is she or isn’t she…wearing Harmony hairspray?

Is it the truth, or a bluff? Is it a double bluff? Is it a squared or even cubed bluff? Is she merely toying with us? Or we toying with her?

Coming up next from Lil Devil Girl, “Hey everyone! I’ve made a new celebrity Sim! Do you like it? It’s Amanda ‘Foxy’ Knox!”