2010 – A Year In Quotes

2010 was a year of much laughter and drama, and here’s some of our favourite quotes that captured the essense of that turbulent year in the Sims 3 world.


Capturing The Moment

Agent_Zero (EA Forum) : ‘She apparantly did not understand the serious implications of posting a LOLCat.’ [on Dolphinz2121 temporary ban, with just a hint of sarcasm. The ban was mysteriously lifted before 24 hours passed]

AthenaOnyx (EA Forum) : [on WindsorErick’s perma-ban] ‘This reminds me of Problem Child when the kid gets adopted and all the other orphans throw up balloons.’

Bad Romance (Sims Forums) : ‘I haven’t even backpeddled with the shit-stirring.’ [showing his overqualification to join the Comrades, if ill-timed just as Comrade Niko had one of his little turns!]

BreeBree711 (Sims Forums) : ‘I’ve started a semi-revolution, eh?’ [on her invasion with her friends there in August which temporarily revived its fortunes]

Blunote00 (EA Forum) : ‘You’ve messed with the wrong B!'[serving notice on contacting the authorities and SSS‘s ISP over their breach of privacy rules and personal data security]

Blunote00 (EA Forum) : [to OhEmGeeYaySims]: ‘WE? Speak for yourself!’ [at the time OhEmGeeYaySims was trying to set herself up as the latest ‘leader’ of the EA forum – she failed to last two months]

Camimh (EA Forum) : [on Comrade Rich] ‘Why would we believe someone who spews out everything they think we want to hear?’

Cecesaun1 (EA Forum) : ‘You are sooo making a tonne of friends here Jarsie9.’ [in response to her threat to report all off-topic posts]

Cecesaun1 (EA Forum) : ‘You are a trouble maker point blank!’ [to Jarsie9]

Cecesaun1 (EA Forum) : [to the SimGurus] ‘I am having a truly hard time understanding the way you are choosing not to run this site but to RULE it.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘ EA is never serious with their bans or locks. It’s all about their mood.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : [on the rather heated ‘Farm EP’ debate] ‘For the people who don’t want a Farm EP: if they make it, don’t buy it. Simple. For the people who do want a Farm EP: if they don’t make it, oh well. Debate over, everyone go home!’ [and which could be applied to every EP debate past and present]

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘Oooohhh, DRAMA! I love drama! I’m not even gonna try and defend myself. This is much too funny. Oh, so THAT’S that Jarsie person my friend told me about. Humph, she said she was actually nice. [Jarsie9’s attempt to bait Switch not exactly going to the script]

Chyla (Jazz-Hands) : ‘Shall we panic?’ [on our ‘Saving Jazz-Hands’ post – later revelations proved she did!]

Conorsim (EA Forum) : ‘Sure our country’s gone down the toilet – but who cares, we have SNOW!’ [on Ireland celebrating it’s first ‘whiteout’ in decades taking everyone’s minds off the nation’s near bankruptcy during the Icelandic banking collapse]

Coralbino (EA Forum) : ‘Why do we have the 1GB limit anyway if they will just delete everything?’ [on the EA forum uploads cull]

CrazyTulip (Black Pearl Sims) : ‘It’s just ridiculous there is someone or more than one person out there wanting to ruin all of our fun because of money, jealousy and greed.’ [regarding hackers targetting Simmers sites]

Deb Bussing (Sims Nation) [to Madame Lee] ‘Drop the sea monkeys, or next time you will get a warning.’ [Comrade Deb fed up with Comrade Anne’s obsession of the time].

Deb_Bussing (Sims Nation) : ‘It took all of us too long to get this site where it is know without someone causing chaos.’ [on the expulsion of Zachemc2 – something of a regular occurrence throughout the Simming world this year]

Dolphinz2121 (EA Forum) [on Netherlia’s reappearence] ‘You ‘die’, then reappear 4 months later?’ [on the scandal of Netherlia’s faked ‘her’ own death]

GrammarKing (EA Forum) : ‘Where in the rules does it say that you’re not allowed to say thank you for someone sending you a gift?’ [Brendan’s retort to those claiming people are banned for rule breaking, walking the ghost of Sunnisweety’s outrageous suspension earlier in the year for thanking someone for gifting her from the EA Store]

GrammerKing (EA Forum) : Hey guys! I’m back from my ban (don’t ask me what I was banned for, they didn’t even tell ME!) [which happened to a number of people throughout the year]

Darkslayer (EA Forum) : ‘People report others for the most stupid reasons; some are just plain vindictive.’ [on Cccccc’s permaban]

Haids5987 (EA Forum) : I don’t like this game, it seems like people who post a lot just want to high5 one another. [on Why5o5erious’s ‘how famous is the person above you’ thread)

Haiden (EA Forum) : [regarding WindsorErick] ‘It’s sad to see a perma-ban, but at the end of the day the wheel turns and what goes around comes around.’

JessDiane/Jessamine (EA Forum) : ‘You get banned for bagals and bananas, but not over flaming and trolling and being downright rude.’

Jonny159 (Snooty Sims) : ‘This forum needs better moderation then. There is enough conflict in this world without having it thrown in your face on a forum about a computer game. Especially Sims.’ [One of the Snooties tells the rest some home truths].

Jonny159 (Snooty Sims) : ‘I don’t understand why nothing normal can be discussed on here any more without it turning into a war.’ [Ditto]

King4510411 (EA Forum) : [on Comrade Rich] ‘Deb, be aware and watch your back. He may be your friend now but the moment he asks you to do something and you won’t he turns on you.’

Lady Emillye (Sims Sanctuary) : [on Chama123’s excuse on trying 303 attempts in 30 days to gain access into Em’s chat after being permabanned from it] ‘You were trying to find Sun2401 and Panda [JKAmaryllis]? Dude, you’re on their site, so why the hell would you look for them here?’

LittleV (EA Forum) : [to Jarsie9] ‘I don’t think I’ve read one post by you where you’re not telling someone they’re wrong or not acting like you think you know everything.’

Madame Lee (Celopatra’s Blog) : ‘If this ends up on The Mare’s Nest Rich only has himself to blame.’ (a phrase that never seemed to become ‘retro’ somehow!)

Matt (Sims Forums) : ‘I’d edit your screenshots before posting them in the future, else people may notice some rather embarrassing folders on your hard drives!’ [to a member posting their PC having a folder marked ‘PORN’!]

Pdxwinn (EA Forum) : [to Why505erious] ‘ You need therepy!’ [on one of the most destructive trolls of that summer who in the end burned his boats with just about everyone in record time]

Poida (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘I see someone’s had their red cordial for the day.’ [in reply to Ruby The ConFuzzled and Sunnisweety both being rather fruity alarm clock!]

PollySim (EA Forum) : ‘What’s frustrating, and therefore why people need to vent, is that good folk that keep the forum going get banned for utter nonsense. Increasingly there are only brand new members… it could get a little stale without allowing relationships to build and develop.’

PollySim (Jazz-Hands) : ‘Let’s all admit that behaviour towards others hasn’t been great. I say this because only then will words about bullying mean anything. I said nothing about Jix because I was flattered by Aarin’s attention – I’d never been part of an ‘in-crowd’ but now I was. I shouldn’t have ignored it – none of us should. A forum thread on bullying can’t move on unless we accept responsibility. I don’t offer much to the Simming world but I need to know people don’t associate me with making the lives of children miserable. Cheerio Jazzers.’ [the moment of the whole Jazz-Hands saga, as hypocritical hand-wringing by all the others on cyber-bullying proves her final straw]

Proverb87 (EA Forum) : [on Nikobelic999’s denouncement of Comrade Rich and co] ‘Another case of the pot calling the kettle black.’

Retaf (Sims Nation) : ‘Rich has been the downfall of everything he started, I just hope his ghost won’t be the downfall of Sims Nation.’

Ruthless_kk (EA Forums) : [to Rud3boy and his umpteen alias] ‘If you actually built the lots you are claiming to have made, why on earth would you need someone else to fix up this lot for you? [pwned!]

SabsyRina (EA Forum) : [on Nikobelic999’s permaban] ‘I think we all knew this was coming.’

Sereneticat (Sims Sanctuary) : ‘They ruined this site for me and it makes me angry even still. Sims Sanctuary coulda been a great place to hang out, but sadly I knew almost the moment a certain few people signed up that the dream was over… you’ve given PLENTY of chances and they are shitting all over you. They are treating you shockingly and it is very hard to watch.’ [Not long after came the mass expulsion of Alexis365, BGateGWayB, Firestar77_2, JKTee511, Kamil, SabsyRina, Vietgirl, Vintage Lydia, SimPESwami, SimsAddict/StrawberryCayke after the explusion of SimsCreator16/Altai and Windsor Erick failed to get the message across she was no longer nannying drama queens.)

Sereneticat (Sims Sanctuary) : ‘Lady Emillye owes you NOTHING and it’s fair time you got it. You are attacking the ONE person who continued to give you chances and be kind to you when the rest of us wrote you off for the nonsense you are. SHAME ON YOU!’ [ditto]

Simjett (EA Forum) : [on ‘Operation Erick Attack’] ‘It’s funny how many sheep are manipulated by a cockroach.’

SiMsAdDiCt121 (EA Forum) [to Altai/Simcreator16] : ‘God, sometimes it seems like you just thrive to get under people’s skins, ugh!’ [yes, like all parasites]

Spring/UKSpring90 (SiManiacs) : [regarding WindsorEricks permaban from the EA forum] ‘I’M FREE, I’M FREE!!!! My life is perfect!!!’

Starglitters9909 (EA Forum) : [on Jarsie9] ‘I have never seen a reply from you that wasn’t negative and hateful.’

Suicidespat (EA Forum) : ‘I’m gonna slit my jugular and drown myself in a portapotty.’ [expressing his disappointment at being unable to join Nikobelic’s short-lived ‘Only For People Who Are Not Jerks’ club]

Sunnishine_28 (EA Forum) : [on Sim Guru’s ‘off-topic threads’] ‘It’s a way of distracting us… Look! A puppy/a sandwich/something shiny!’

Sunnisweety (Dizzy Of Oz) : [regarding the movie Avatar, the year’s ‘must see’] ‘We could go to like Pandora or sumthin’ – I wanna meet evolved Smurfs.

Tussy2/Tussymussy (Jazz-Hands) : ‘Look I am doing good to post on here.’ [Tussy’s retort to the hostile reception she got from Reesaroo and others]

Vidkid20 (EA Forum) : [on Nikobelic999’s weekend wobbly] : ‘Does this thread come in 3D?’

Vidkid20 (EA Forum) : [in response to the SimGurus allowed ‘Off Topic’ thread] ‘I don’t need them to be my buddy. I need a moderator who will fix the forum’s problems… this is probably another advertising scheme.’

Walden95 (EA Forum) [to Comrade Rich] : ‘You just can’t keep on going on with all of this backstabbing and lies. It’s not good for anyone.’

Walden95 (EA Forum) [on Comrade Rich] : ‘He tries to redeem himself with a new name and a new site, but it’s always the same.’

Walden95 (EA Forum) : ‘It’s not just the game that needs fixing, but this site does too.’

WindsorErick (EA Forum) : ‘It seems like there is enough dissatisfaction with Rich for the whole universe.’

WizardOfSmoz (Firestar77_2’s Blog) : ‘AOSS (Windsor Erick’sAcademyOfSecret Simmers) is the hub of drama.’ [straight from one of its own members the day after it imploded]

xXAngelicEvilXx (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : [replying to Evergreen badmouthing Vidkid20 in her own blog] ‘This is the first time I’ve seen you here. Wonder why that is. Oh, because you only come around when you want to stir up trouble.’ [an all too common charge against former Sims Stories forum owner, who turns into one of the year’s perpetual Iagos]

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : [aimed at Chama123, Evergreen, JKTee511, SimCrazy and the others badmouthing Lady Emillye and Vidkid20 at that time]: ‘You kiddos don’t seem to realise that there’s a currency in life besides money. You get what you dish out. You run your mouth, and if you catch the right person, you’ll catch it back…if you don’t like that, you can go pound some f**king sand!’

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : [to Chama123] ‘You should probably rename your blog from ‘Funhouse’ to ‘Dramahouse’.’ [aptly summing up Chama123 and her friends disgraceful behaviour in August of Lady Emillye]

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : [to VintageLydia] ‘You say, “We don’t always agree”, but the truth is we barely even talk. The only time you ever come here is whenever you have a chance to bash The Mare’s Nest.’ [summing up VintageLydia’s entire year of alienating just about everyone she came into contact with]

xLiveE13x (EA Forum) : I think Anonymous’s purpose whole purpose on this site is to troll. [No shit, Sherlock!]

Zeri (Secret Sims Society/Forum-Unlimited Sims) : ‘Why does this forum keep changing URLs?’

Zeri (The Sims3 Exchange) : ‘I am a person who likes to make my own judgements about ppl instead of listening to rumours.’ [regarding the Comrades ‘fall out’ with Rich – which proved to be fraudulent]

Zeri (The Sims3 Exchange) : ‘Seriously? Again with this nonsense? Same shyte, different day?… This is no way to run a railroad. If you want a quality site with a loyal membership, STOP JERKING PEOPLE AROUND!’ [regarding Sims Nation being taken off-line for routine maintenance without warning the Comrades]

Zeri (EA Forums) : [regarding male Simmies for download] ‘There is a serious overload of androgynous girly boys.’

Zhivan /Zhivankarst (Jazz-Hands) : ‘What a different world you live in, Lawer. I cannot engage you even too deeply on this topic because one can never be sure if you’re even being in the least bit sincere and interested at all in the actual topic [Zhivan tiring of Lawertend’s gadflying at Jazz-Hands which had got him permabanned from the EA Forum months earlier]


Cassie (Sims Forums) :  ‘HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!’

Clairezy018 (A Rotten Legacy) : ‘Nuckin’ futs!’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘I vill DOMINATE YOU!’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘What?!’

Couriervaughan (EA Forum) : ‘Hi and welcome to the forum.’

Couriervaughan (EA Forum) : ‘Thank you for sharing that with us.’

Darksakura (EA Forum) : ‘I must announce this on the Intarwebz!!!!’

FuryRed (EA Forum) : ‘Score!’

Sarriaka (EA Forum) : ‘But you know what? I don’t give a can of Spam!’

SimInem (EA Forum) : ‘Drama Sims3Rich? No way!’

Uzi666 (EA Forum) : ‘Butt-pirate.’

Zanysazy (EA Forum) : ‘*hands cat biscuit*’


‘Admin_Chard’ (Secret Sims Society) : ‘Hello everyone, I don’t know anyone here yet, as I just got the Admin job that my good friend Deb offer me since Admin_Boxers stepped down’ (Admin_Chard and Admin_Boxers were the same person, Comrade Rich!)

Aynonomous (Sims Forums) : ‘The Mare’s Nest thinks they know everything but they could not be more wrong about who I am.’ [a few hours before we unmasked them as Rayy13!]

Comrade Rich (Mission Simz) : I HATE DRAMA! [whilst shouting dramatically]

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘Ack! Would you guys stop making me feel so awkward?!’ [never the right thing to say on any public forum!]

Deb_Bussing (Sims Nation) : We want the Mare to know we weren’t being sneaky.’ [moments before revealing they’d all been involved in Comrade Rich’s failed secret forum Mission Simz]

Evergreen (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘Lady Emillye has ALWAYS caused drama.’ [the point at which many ceased taking a word he says seriously] .

Firestar77_2 (Firestar’s Blog Of Awesome) : ‘I just got banned [on the EA forum] for saying cracker.’ [in reality she was permabanned for showing people how to circumvent EA’s filters against words deemed offensive]

ImMamainred (EA Forum) : ‘Since this is turning into an argument, this thread is not locked.’ (Another day, another Simguru gets it wrong!)

Kelly Blake (EA Forum) : ‘The above was quoted from Vera Blake, who is unable to post here due to obvious reasons.’ [Kelly is Vera!]

Jack4740 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘You messed with the wrong person.’ [48 hours before ‘internet tough guy’s pathetic little world collapsed around his ears big time as his mum, school and the police get a dossier about his activities online]

JockDude15 (Sims Forums) : ‘Hello, New here!’ (Comrade Rich, already registered as Sims2TheMax, pretending to be a new user)

LadyVampiress (EA Forum) : [to Juliaac1 who couldn’t get Ambitions to work] ‘ Do you own a copy of the Sims 3 base game. The EP Ambitions needs that to work.’ [they didn’t!]

Matt (Sims Forums) : ‘I hope you all like the new look. Tell us what you think here.’ [the message that was the only thing up when Sims Forums‘ makeover initially malfunctioned mid-September!]

Nashville_Kittens (EA Forum) : ‘And just becoz my photobucket account is aceflamingo23 doesn’t mean I’m him.’

NcisGibbs2 (EA Forum) : ‘I’m a member of this group where there are some good downloads (including mine!). Just join the fun and away you go!  [regarding Sims 3 Exchange – whose members had gone away from it a month earlier!]

Nikobelic999 (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve come to my senses! I will stop being such a b.u.t.t.h.o.l.e.’ [it lasted all of two days]

Nikobelic999 (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : [about SimPESwami] ‘KELLY IS THE MARE!’ [No, not a Mare, just an Ass!]

Nikobelic999 (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve come to my senses! I will stop being such a b.u.t.t.h.o.l.e.’ [it lasted all of two days]

Nikobelic999 (My Sims A Jock) : ‘It seems like all you do Anne is rant!” [to Madame Lee, without the slightest hint of irony!]

PollySim (EA Forum) : ‘Welcome to the forums! A hotbed of misundstanding and typos!’ [sic!]

Reesaroo (Jazz-Hands) : ‘I didn’t realise how fugly the old house was’ [on the crappy house she’d given SabsyRina in her own Jazzhandia story]

RicMckinney (EA Forum) : ‘Is there any proof that anyone has found that the OP [Saraluptowski] had brain cancer?’ [all over the internet, twat!]

SimCrazyGrl333/Chloe (Secret Sims Gardens) : ‘We are closing due to drama issues.’ [the issue being a lack of any – or posts!]

SimPESwami (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘And we get called rapists.’ [Kelly’s totally OTT claim about what was being said about the Comrades!]

SimPESwami (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : [about Nikobelic999] ‘NIKO IS THE MARE!’ [See answer above]

Subucni (Jazz-Hands) : ‘I am curious as to why they chose the username “Tussy”. Is it referring to ghetto ass deoderant? Tasty crotch regions? [how to drive out a new member in one easy post!]

Vintage Lydia (Grumpy Toast) : ‘They instead posted my FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME. [which was on the header of the thick f**ker’s own blog The Couduroy Pirate Queen!]

xxXTrueFailure852Xxx (Secret Sims Society) : ‘Hi, I’m xxXTrueFailure852Xxx, but you can call me Jason[later changed for Marko].’ (In fact this was already registered Playermarko456, helping Comrade Rich run up fake memberships to inflate SSS’s figures)

WindsorErick (EA Forum) : I am eternally grateful for The Mare’s Nest’s revealing ways about Niko and the whole SSS operation.’ [four days later he was trying to organise a boycott when our ‘revealing ways’ concerned him!]

WindsorErick (EA Forum) : [to Vera Blake/Kelly Blake] ‘Just to let you know, I don’t go down very easily [10 days later he was permabanned!]

WindsorErick (LivingSims) : ‘What are drivers and what do they do.’ [The Clown Prince’s computing expertise proving to be a lot less than his boasts]


Archivist (EA Forum) : *hands out “Unpaid QA testers hats and armour suits* Here we go again [on the news of the September patch causing problems].

BlunoteOO (EA Forum) : [to Comrade Rich] ‘You better not say something your butt can’t cash!’

BlunoteOO (EA Forum) : [to Dbussing about Comrade Rich] ‘I’ve been where you are now. And he is sorry, he is always sorry, he’s a sorry (insert body part here).’

BlunoteOO (EA Forum) : [to Dbussing about Comrade Rich] ‘If you want to take on the stress of babysitting the little snake, you’re more than welcome.’

BreeBree711 (EA Forum) : ‘Did you ever get those ten recs you demanded?’ [witheringly replying to Bjjrockstar over his prompt cancellation of his story using the forum’s story blogging facility, despite getting double the ten recommendations he demanded to continue it]

Brunettesimgirl (EA Forum) : [to Candy8] ‘Someone needs to push Miss Veruca Salt down the trashchute.’

Cassie (Sims Forums) : [on Hot Topic’s range of Sims3 T-Shirts] ‘Do you think anyone would actually buy them? Well, buy them and wear them in public at least?’

Cecesaun1 (EA Forum) : ‘Jarsie9, please go toot your horn in another thread because no-one here wants to hear what you’re playing!’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘ “Agh! I’m in such a bad mood! I know! I’ll ban a well-respected member to let off stress!” ‘ [Switch’s impression of EA forum’s moderators]

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘At this point I’m just waiting for the Drama Llama. You guys can stop fighting any time you want.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘Don’t let the gravitational pull of our planet hit your back on the way out.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘WHICH ONE OF YOU DRUNK MODS PUT THIS IN CAW?’ [The never ending mystery shuffle of threads from General Discussion to completely inappropriate forums]

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘You mods are loonies!’

Comrade Rich (My Sims A Jock) : [to Madame Lee] ‘You remind me of the teacher on Charlie Brown, Anne!’

Darkslayer (EA Forum) : ‘New Year, same old BS from Rich – unfortunately the poor guy still doesn’t realise he’s so transparant that everyone can see his true intentions.’ [on Comrade Rich]

Earth Mama (Sims Forums) : ‘It looks like it’s been in a war, lost its legs and is confined to a wheelchair.’ [not impressed with the ‘new look’]

EmpressJericho (SiManiacs) : ‘What are we supposed to do now WindbagErick has been perma-banned? How will we live? Hmm, quite peaceably I would imagine!!’

Evie/StevieFischer (EA Forum) : ‘How about you just ban me for breathing?’ [exasperated at another way of arbeitrary forum bans whilst letting persistent trolls off the hook]

Evergreen226/Alpha (EA Forums) : [in reply to JKTee511 asking what would happen if everyone spoke Simlish] ‘You’d stop posting a million threads?’

Flashfighter : ‘ZOMG look at my supersecretawesomeclique that no one else can join and I’m gonna gloat about this even though no-one really cares!'[on the Newb Squad Of Awesome fiasco cooked up by xCooklezx, Chelmo123/Omri123, Why505erious and Wolfie]

Figwit (CrazyTown) : One of my friends was complaining of mice. She said she could hear them squeaking at night. Eventually she discovered it was her fire alarm telling her it needed new batteries.’

FuryRed (FuryRed Says) : [in reply to SimGuruPopTart’s question about who’d win in an epic battle between a giant octopus and two armoured Polar bears] ‘Who’d win in a epic battle between my fist and your face?’

IloveSims38 (EA Forum) : [to Jarsie9 saying she’d lost respect for someone] ‘ Since when do you have respect for people in general or emotions for that matter?’

Jix2993 (EA Forum) : ‘Sorry to get this thread off topic, oh who am I kidding, this thread was going nowhere.’

Jonny159 (Snooty Sims) : ‘This forum used to be the heart of the Sims community in many ways and I enjoyed coming here. Now it’s full of arrogant little pre-teens who mouth off about things they don’t even understand. Obviously they were not taught respect and kindness by their parents.’

King4510411 (EA Forum) : [to Comrade Rich] ‘We believe your apology like we believe cows can fly.’

Lf755 (EA Forum) : [in reply to Elphida88’s over exclamation-marked help request entirely in capital letters] ‘Kill all your Sims, uninstall the game, and learn to structure sentences.’

LittleV (EA Forum) : [in reply to Bjjrockstar announcing his new machinima] ‘This movie isn’t going to be a drama is it? Because you’ve already caused enough on the forums recently.’

LittleV (EA Forum) : [to Jarsie9] ‘Really, go listen to yourself talk somewhere else, thanks.’

LittleV (EA Forum) : ‘ We all know better than Jarsie ever dropping her ego for any more than two seconds.

Mcrashlee (Jazz-Hands) : [replying to Lawertend moaning about no one posting for days] ‘Well, I don’t know if you are aware or not, but some of us have lives. I know, mind blowing.’

Mcrashlee (Jazz-Hands) : ‘Aw diddums. Why don’t you go stalk some more creepy girls over Omegle.’ [to Lawertend – again, about no one posting – again]

Mcrashlee (EA Forum) : ‘They’ll put pretty much anything on that site, so you’ve got a good chance [to a trying-too-hard poster wondering if their thread will appear here]

MissChatterbox (EA Forum) : [at Bapaveza] ‘All hail the mighty wet blanket and all his seriousness!’

MidgetKungFu (EA Forum) : ‘Sure, I will refrain from TALKING LIKE THIS if you can use proper spelling and grammar. Okay? Thanks. Bye! [Retort to IloveSims38 lecturing on netiquette with a post filled with textspeak]

Molly360 (EA Forum) : [on WindsorErick’s EA forum permaban] ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish! He was a pathetic little man who preyed on the weak!’

Mollymoo15 (EA Forum) : ‘Umm, I haven’t seen any new glitches. My game won’t start up since I installed Late Night.’

PeaceLoveHarmony (EA Forum) : [to HollisterGuy1922] ‘Imma let you finish, but Kayne West had one of the best fits of all time. ALL TIME!’

Pirate_Wolf_12 (Mod The Sims) : ‘[replying to Pescado’s self-promotion of his dated Awesome Mod as a ‘cure all’] ‘It’s true! AwesomeMod is just that amazing. This one time, it pulled my children and puppy out of the way of a speeding train and instead threw my mortal enemy in front of it.’

Pistolkitten (EA Forum) : [to Candy8] ‘ Wow, You’re a sweetheart, aren’t you?’

RepulsiveDesire1 (EA Forum) : [on SimGuru Pop Tart’s infamous ‘Friends’ thread] ‘I’m really still trying to get a handle on what exactly qualifies as Off Topic. Or maybe it is but since you, a SimGuru, started the conversation, all is well in the merry old land of Oz.’

RepulsiveDesire1 (EA Forum) : [to Jarsie9] ‘Funny that you keep replying to a thread that you fnd to be about nothing.’

Retaf (Sims 3 Exchange) : ‘I didn’t join a Forum Of The Month Club with you receiving a new forum every month.’ [Retaf speaking for many of the Comrades tiring of the constant folds and relaunches of their forums]

Sagelet (Sagie’s Sims 3 Blog) : [on the 10th Anniversary Artwork Inspired By The Sims ] ‘Go back to your grubby student digs, actually play the game and them come back with your artsy fartsy designs.’

Saraluptowski (EA Forum) : [to Jarsie9] ‘I may hav spellng issus, but I do no how tto treet humans.’

Simjett (EA Forum) : [regarding WindsorErick reneging on giving Dolphinz2121 and Lao_Tzu their promised prizes for his story contest]  ‘The next time you see a low life cockroach in the Sims 3 game offering you 500 points… just squish him and walk away.’

Sim Romanov (EA Forum) : ‘I feel sorry for [Justin] Bieber, everyone should stop making fun of her.’

Starlight132 (Snooty Sims) : ‘Hey, here’s an idea – follow the rules and don’t use vulgar language.’ [One of the moderators giving a long overdue content edit and bitchslap to one of the kiddie clique that were ruining said forum]

Suicidespat (EA Forum) : [on Jarsie9 moaning about off topic posts] ‘Agnes Crumplebottom just hit us with her purse!’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : [to WindsorErick] ‘Let me help you out. Which way did you come in?’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : [to WindsorErick] ‘U know what Windsor, there are several people in this world I find obnoxious and you are all of them.’

Vidkid20 (EA Forum) : [to Avie]  ‘Go suck on a lollipop.’

WindsorErick (EA Forum) : [to NikoBelic999] ‘I’m not interested in joining SSS, or Rich’s backstabbing operation.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : [on Jarsie9] ‘She never passes a chance to open that shit-hole of a mouth and spew forth all of her crap. [you don’t like her then?!]

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : [on Jarsie9] ‘You sure know how to act like an immature 12 year old boy… the fat smelly one who picks his nose on the swings.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast) : ‘You’re one box of fries short of a f**king Happy Meal.’

Zhivankarst (EA Forum) : ‘Yes we have no saxophones… never mind what’s playing on the radio.’ [Zhivan pointing out the contradiction between the packaged in-game music for Pop, Indie, etc. and what instruments were actually available. Despite Late Night, we still have no brass instruments of any description]


Aarin [6s & 7s] : ‘ The internet is as perpetual as time, and just as unforgiving.’ [regarding social networking on the net – it could equally have been an epitaph to her own failed Jazz-Hands forum]

Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘However bad he is, it’s not good to spread hate.’

Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘Omelettes are nice.’ [Unless they are ferocious man-eating Manx Cheese ones, of course]

FuryRed (FuryRed Says) : ‘Trolls are like weeds; deprive them of what they crave and eventually they will die. Don’t give them your sunlight and your oxygen. Let them sit in the dark – it’s no more than what they deserve.’

Jix2993 (EA Forum) : ‘Shouting is NEVER the answer.’

LauraHeartSevan (EA Forum) : ‘People who try too hard to be sarcastic in threads they claim to be “pointless” are just crying for attention.’

Paco1200 (EA Forum) : ‘Stop complaining about complaining because that’ll only end up in a complaint about complaining about complaining’

Pancakelicious (EA Forum) : ‘Just because there’s no plumbob above you doesn’t mean that you’re not a Sim. It just means you’re not being controlled at the moment.’

PollySim (EA Forum) : ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.’

PollySim (EA Forum) : [on Forum belligerence] ‘Why should what is essentially rudeness be tolerated? Human nature is only what we accept it to be.’

PollySim (Sims Forums) : ‘Sometimes the Simmies lives can be a bit like a daily grind!’

Proverb87 (EA Forum) : [about another ‘who cares?’ reply post] ‘Evidently you care too, or you wouldn’t have posted here!’

Rockbelly929 (EA Forum) : ‘The Sims 3 has made me realise how incredibly boring my life truly is.’

SimInem (EA Forum) : ‘Everyone you think is Rich is Rich.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : ‘Ronald McDonald is always smiling… he’s up to something.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘To err is human… to arr is pirate.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : ‘Will the next word you say be ‘no’?’

Sunnisweety (Dizzy Of Oz) : ‘I’ll tell you the BIGGEST LIE EVER in 10 words’ -“I have read and agree to the terms of use.”

Suicidespat (EA Forum) : ‘A person reporting other people for behaviour they themselves are participating in is the height of hypocrisy.’

Suicidespat (EA Forum) : ‘Collective punishment of others in pursuit of a personal vendetta is petty and vindictive and in my opinion has no place here.’

Seriously, WTF?

AlexRoz9 (EA Forum) : Who here is not installing Late Night as soon as they buy it?… I have LN pre-ordered, but I won’t install it until I can be sure that it’ll work correctly.’ [will he ever install it?]

Ava_xD/The Muffinator (EA Forum) : ‘What do ducks smell like?’

Ava_xD/The Muffinator (Sims Nation) : ‘My eyeball falls out. It will fall out and roll randomly on the floor/at a desk. So I ask, why does this happen?’ [O-kaaaaaaay…]

Bobert (Sims Forums) : ‘Does anyone else think that Princess Diana and Myra Hindley kind of look the same?’ [Eh?]

BreeBree711 (Boolprop FTAF) : ‘I’ve been having fangasms all day.’

BreeBree711 (Sims Forums) : ‘Tell Matt I wub him!’

Cassie (Sims Forums) : ‘I want a naked Dumbledore.’

Christy/Sereniticat2 (Poida’s Really Big Shoes blog) : Goodness! What kinda workout is Alice doing to get such a firm butt? [readers perving over Poida’s character Alice from The Wasteland ]

ChocolateAddic100 (Chocolate Sims Delights) : ‘I killed a bug. It was a mosquito. With high heeled wedges!’

Clairezy018 (A Rotten Legacy) : ‘I am going through all the house hold appliances and hitting them repeatedly with a hammer over and over so they become unbreakable. Isn’t that marvellous?’ [Apple Rotten explains EA game logic]

Clairezy018 (A Rotten Legacy) : [from Strawberry Rotten] ‘So dad you’re getting pretty old. When you die I’m going to really enjoy your brain. Brains are like fine wine you know or cheese, they’re best when they’re aged.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘You people need to stop worrying over a girl’s chest size when playing a game.’

CloverStarDropper (EA Forum) : ‘I’ve been killing SO many Sims, but the Grim Reaper just WON’T stay on the lot!’ [Life’s a bitch and then everyone else dies!]

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘Would you rather eat a slimy snail or chew on a dry towel?’

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘I’m getting ready for bed, and wonder why I can’t open the window with more smilies.’

Cororon  :(Sims Forums) : ‘Are you a green alien?’

Cororon (EA Forum) : ‘It’s a good thing that I don’t have to chew on towels every day.’

Cororon (Sims Forum) : *putting spaghetti on your heads and shouting ‘NOW WE ALL HAVE BLONDE HAIR!!!’*

Cororon (Snooty Sims) : ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if Sims could wear headlamps out in the dark?’

Cororon (Snooty Sims) : Now my Sims can relax in the bath without being attacked by squares!’

Crazycatldy (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘WOW, you think you have a problem with an unknown person in your box here, you should go see Firestar’s.’ [perhaps she could have phrased that better!]

Dolphinz2121 (EA Forum) : ‘You play piano for 7 minutes, and your good friend gets banned. What has this world coming to?’ [EA forum chaos theory in action]

Dylsoccer12 (EA Forum) : ‘I did Bush!’ [The Simmers world sex scandal of the year?]

Earth Mama (Sims Forums) : ‘My computer is a cheese *Noms Computer*’

Figwit (Crazy Town) : ‘I’ve just found out I can still have sex at 74! I am so happy because I live at No.68, so it’s not too far to walk home.’

Figwit (CrazyTown) : ‘As soon as I changed him into a brand new pair of fishy undies, his skin fixed itself.’

Fishgirl4 (EA Forum) : ‘I woo-hooed with a Simbot last night. Turns out he was cheating on me with my microwave.’

Florence (Snooty Sims) : ‘My pussy is like, so wide.’ [thank you Mrs Slocombe!]

IAmMyPersona (EA Forum) : [in reply to Dragonmaster 626’s asking why the forum was down] ‘Giraffe.’

Jamgirl11 (EA Forum) : ‘I’m so bored I’m about to eat my arm off.’

JessDiane/Jessamine (EA Forum) : ‘Something I do on an almost daily basis is shout “BANANA, BAGEL, SHOE ON A STICK, CUP IN A BOX, LLAMA!’ and I get really weird looks…’ [Tourette’s Syndrome – Yorkshire style]

JulieteStein/SimPESwami (Sims Forums) : ‘Sorry for scrubbing off the post but I got scared when someone told me that this place was evil.’

JulieteStein/SimPESwami (Sims Forums) : ‘Would you rather kiss a girl or jump off a cliff?’

Joegibzz56 (EA Forum) : [to Evergreen226/Alpha & Njanysetyoursails] ‘You are all racist to people who can’t spell.’ (?!?!?!?!)

LingXiaoyu (EA Forum) : [regarding new member Melslittleworld]  ‘I’m really sorry bout this but you are a koogar.’ [cue hilarity and chaos!]

Madame Lee (Sims Nation) : ‘Did you know an Emperor of China spelt with 121 women?’

Madame Lee (Sims Nation) : ‘ I want some fundraising ideas… The idea is to get me and some friends to go to a ranch. The only group name I can think of is “Ranch Girls”.’ [unfortunately it’s also another name for girls working in a certain world famous brothel]

Mchll0644 (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘There must be meat in the muffins!’

Moggy (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘This old lady gave me a quest to do. I had to convince 3 people to turn off their lights. Next thing I know she’s dead.’

MyNameIsJimBob (EA Forum) : ‘Everyone fancies my friend cuz she can do backflips.’

OfififDooo (Snooty Sims) : ‘I heard that if you play the game for 10 months, you can unlock a pet shop and ride a horse. Is this true?’  [Er, no!]

OfififDooo (Snooty Sims) : ‘Hey I accidentally drank the sex change potion so now I am a girl! So is there ANY way to reverse this and become a man again?’ [?!?]

Poida (Sunnisweetyxoxo’s blog) : ‘Metal Detectors, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.’

Poida (Sunnisweetyxoxo’s blog) : ‘Are you making a webpage? Is it about sandwiches? I once had a sandwich yell at me for wearing a hat. That’s why I don’t wear hat’s anymore.’

Poida (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : So a Figwit is a figment on a non-existence creature’s imagination that is imagined by something else that is non-existent. And all this time I thought a Figwit was a chocolate bar with a delicious fig centre. Man, I could go a Figwit about now.’

Poida (Sunnysweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘I’m making an all natural airplane by gluing a million bees together.’

Poida (Really Big Shoes) : ‘Two sharks, a chocolate bar and some duct tape…sounds like the making of a disturbing, and possibly hilarious, porn film…’

PollySim (EA Forum) : ‘I was thinking haggis and being too emo for Abba. An emo haggis?’

Prognosticator (Snooty Sims) : ‘If you got the world’s worst crystal meth addict and compared it to my roommate and his pasta and cheese, you would swear on your balls being cut off that my roommate’s addiction is in far worse condition.’

Rosewin (Crazy Town) : [her hubby’s take on the Loch Ness Monster on placards during  City Hall protests in Sims3] ‘Looks like a dick and balls.’

Rosewin (Crazy Town) : It’s a sad day when you can’t get nipples for your granny.’

Reesaroo (Jazz-Hands) : ‘They must have just popped back in for a screenie.’ [referring to screenshots posted here, forgetting that it’s also slang for committing bukkake with a computer monitor!]

Retaf (Sims Nation) : [giving dating tips to younger Comrades] ‘Tie a note to a brick and throw it at them, that should do the trick.’

Ruby The ConFuzzled (Sunnysweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘Just a word of advice – if you lick someone’s elbow when they aren’t paying attention, they DO notice. That is all.’

Sarriaka (EA Forum) : ‘If you think that’s bad, then you don’t want to know what my gym teacher made me do.’ (prompting everyone having kittens until she elaborated she meant extra running laps)

Sharkloverplayer (EA Forums) : ‘If Sims can get naked in pools who’s to say there won’t be other new interactions.’ [Quite!]

Sim Romanov (EA Forum) : ‘I’m stalking the grim reaper, and the pizza man is stalking me.’

Starling68 (EA Forum) : ‘Hey, I’m just going down to city hall to protest against ladybirds!’

Steven (Sims Forums) : ‘Cassie, can I be your personal Monkey?’

Suicidespat (EA Forum) : ‘Epidemics & Plagues & Bloody Accidents is the next EP.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘Blue orange blue orange blue orange blue orange blue orange… I like that button.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (EA Forum) : ‘If EA disable CC I’m a gonna go and steal all their sandwiches.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘I hate it when the voices in my head argue with my imaginary friends.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘I remembered being attacked by a giant screaming rainbow… but it was just technical difficulties.’

Sunnisweetyxoxo (Sunnisweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘Oh, like Superman, he has laser eyes so he could burn movies.’ [after Poida explained to her how a CD/DVD writer works]

Sunnisweety (Sunnysweety’s Dizzy Of Oz blog) : ‘Balancing a cardboard box on my head – nope, nothing weird bout that – BAM! And the dirt is gone…’

TheSecretValley (Sims Forums) : [on being asked for his epitaph] ‘Probably something to do with jellyfish.’

Twallan (Crazy Town) : [on the Loch Ness Monster on placards during  City Hall protests in Sims3] ‘They are protesting against blue balls. I can totally understand a protest like that.’

VintageLydia (Jazz-Hands) : ‘I’ve been chasing my cat with a teacup for 20 minutes. All she wants to do is sit on my lap. All I want to do is take a picture with her and a teacup.’

Whales_Rock (EA Forum) : ‘My Sims would always gain a handiness skill whilst woo-hooing xD.’

xMiraclex37 (EA Forum) : ‘Don’t make me get my flying monkeys.’

Zanysazy (EA Forum) : ‘One where we can kill Sims with gnomes!! What, you didn’t know?’ [when asked what the new expansion pack would be]

Zhivan/Zhivankarst (EA Forum) : ‘Sometimes at work… I fantasise about slamming my fists on the table, shouting out something in Simlish (“Ibbi dibbi DAH!!!”) and leaving the room. But the economy really isn’t there, yet, is it?’