About The Mare’s Nest

“Home of fadeless splendour – of flowers that bear no thorn.”

The Mare’s Nest is where we – blind in safety and leafy in love – look through the whole world window at the outside, where there’s all creations joining in celebrating happiness and joy, all around the world – on land and in the sea.

Sims3 is a beautiful game in a beautiful world.

‘If it harms none…’

This is The Mare’s Nest, a not-too-serious look into a not-too-serious subject, that of The Sims3 – in particular the people who play it.

Well, they sometimes play it.

You see, best beloved, they also do happen to spend a large amount of time discussing it.

And sometimes the discussions get a bit out of hand. Or just plain silly.

This is where we come in.

There will also be the occasional in-depth analysis of events, because if you think their lives are sad and dorkish, you’ve not seen ours.

Here at The Mare’s Nest, we feel it important to cringe in tribute at just how far some people will go in pursuit of their hobby.

And if we make you smile in the process, we’re doing what we set out to do.

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Why Call This The Mare’s Nest