Hated, Not Rated – What Neoroify Would Rather Simmers DIDN’T Know About His Games ‘Community’

Over on the EA Forum today appeared an advert for a ‘new’ forum offering prizes – and all you had to do was join!

$100/10 000 Simpoints, and all you have to do is join a forum?

Ah, but then comes the catch – you must do 50 posts to be entered, and at least do 15 just to be able to access the Sims 3 section!

Another catch is having to post a reply to their thread saying you’ve joined up – heaven forbid anyone suggest it being a way to keep the advertising thread bumped to the front page of the EA forum.

So who is this Need For Speedy chap anyway?

Taken from the very website he’s plugging.

NeedForSpeedy aka NFSCross2010’s interests lie more in the Need For Speed community, along with the person who is the website’s actual owner.

Neoroify started the charmingly entitled Neoroify – The Best Of The Best (modest, isn’t he?) last September, and as you can see has been somewhat obsessed with getting membership numbers ever increasing from the outset.

The strange thing is about this two chums is that they were far from being chummy back in February 2011…

Indeed, the little charmer issued threats against the ‘rival’ forum.

When asked to explain as to who Neoroify is, the answer is certainly interesting!

The dubious nature of this 14 year old Egyptian’s activities online increases when you discover that his hacking isn’t merely confined to Need For Speed, but any number of games.

For instance:

Yes, Neoroify’s a script kiddie – one of those whose pleasure in life is ruining as many multiplayer games in sight with aimbots, wall-hacks, and all the other paraphanalia of a common or garden bumnugget to whom winning the game is everything rather than the enjoyment of it. As NeedForSpeedy aka NFSCross2010 admitted, he’s not above charging people for the privilege into the bargain if he thinks he can.

For Neoroify turns up all over the place with get rich quick schemes, offering people just about anything in return for their cash.

One of Neoroify’s activities is as a moderator on a ‘be paid to click on ads!’ sites proffering huge returns but riddled with catches (about half a million clicks before the ‘minimum payout’ of $5 and the amount before a ‘minimum payout’ is made goes up to $20 shortly after). Few last for more than a year before collapsing, as advertisers have grown weary of paying for internet adverts on these sites when (ironically) script kiddies produce programs to auto-click them so the ‘viewer’ never needs to look at them whilst collecting their money for doing so – somewhat defeating the purpose of an advert in the first place!

So what’s all this got to do with Rated Gaming?

Simple. It has adverts in it.

There is little doubt that Neoroify sees his games site as a way to earn money, as unfortunately for him he ask a question on the net back in January that somewhat incriminates him.

He asks if there’s any way to remove adverts on his site linking to another site (in other words, the advertisers), and when told it cannot be done – even for members-  says ‘Brilliant!!!!’?

So in other words he was simply checking to make sure that anyone that joins his site will have no choice but to see the adverts.

Now why would that matter to him? The only answer is he was getting paid by the advertisers per view.

One way forum owners can earn money is by putting Paid-Per-Post software into their forum linked to an internet advertiser provider, whereupon they will earn a set amount of money for each post made to a particular threshold.

Just one example of many on offer that can be abused by the greedy

The beauty of these schemes is that no one has to click on any ads. Merely posting acknowledges that said person has looked on the page containing the advert – job done!

The way these are supposed to work is that the posters also get a cut of the advertising revenue, but that the forum owner has the right to withhold payment if they feel someone is posting simply to boost up their post number and therefore earnings.

However, if posters on a forum have no idea that there’s money coming in per post, it’s easy enough for an unscrupulous forum owner simply to withhold all payments to their unwitting posters and pocket the cash for themselves.

Which brings us to the two sets of posting demands to enter his competition.

It’s a simple law of forums that the amount of posting multiplies over and above the number of active members, as people are more likely to post when they have something to respond to. By artificially increasing the number of posts with the promise of winning a ridiculously large prize, one can be certain of increasing the number of posts – and thus advertising revenue.

There’s also no guarantee that the eventual ‘winner’ may be someone no one in the entire Sims world has heard of, since the prize draw is random. It could easily be one of the Rated Gaming staff, and the onus to prove it isn’t would lie on you, dear reader.

Still, it’s up to you if you want to sign up and post 50 times for the hope of entering a 10 000 Simpoint draw run by a money grubbing 14 year old online games cheat from Egypt not averse to making hacking threats and involvement in a number of internet bunco booths. It’s a free world after all!

But forgive us for our cynicism. If a money making scheme or a prize competition sounds too good to be true, that’s usually because it is.