The 2010 New Year’s Day Great SSSpam Brawl

There’s been all manner of brawls and feuds on the EA Forum, each as unpleasant as the next, and many of which could have been avoided. But on New Year’s Day there finally came the one that has been waiting to happen for far too long, and which in the long run may prove to have been necessary.

Shortly before the end of last year, the Secret Sims Society appointed two new moderators, and as exposed here chose to appoint people from outside the existing active membership and instead go for people in terms of their usefulness.

One was the respected enough Gagasims (though we’re not sure those on Simaniacs site will have been delighted at the news), the other was HollisterGuy1922 – who was suitable because he was completely pliable and rather naive:

Particularly when it came to running over to the EA forum and plugging Secret Sims Society.

You know yourselves what happened next – for those unaware, a quick recap:

Whereupon came from HollisterGuy1922 ‘the Bambi gambit’ and ‘just happening to turn up’ Dbussing with the usual phony ‘apology’:

As we said before, SSS devotees always seem to come in pairs and insist that they’re not trying to promote anything even when they are.

Now the thread concerned had died down, so everyone thought. But Blunote00 had other ideas, not least of all because they’d heard it a hundred times before (but there was also something else, which we will touch on a little later):

Dbussing immediately pitched in with a predictable defence:

Yes, the ‘changed’ Rich she’s talking about – the same Rich which we have been documenting here in the last weeks of December alone as being up to his old tricks – spamming other people’s forums, spreading lies about official forums folding in the hope people would be gullible enough to sign up for his, and so on.

One curious part of Dbussing’s textspeak defence was the mention of Comrade Rich being sorry to Blunote00, who’d left SSS under a cloud.

This is what she was on about, taken from Secret Sims Society:

But Blunote00 was not in the least impressed – especially when the ‘so sorry’ Rich turned out not to be so sorry when he was called out – hardly the words of a contrite man:

Her words were backed by Walden95, someone else that discovered the hard way about working for a complete ingrate:

King4510411 was also in the mood to battle, someone else whose friendship with Rich was used and abused – and like Blunote00, she had a very direct warning for Dbussing (not the first, nor will it be the last):

Dbussing, along with their new moderator HollisterGuy1922 wanted the thread to be erased – the usual SSS way of wanting the public record scrubbed whenever it did not show them in a good light:

Sure, changing the header to ‘Gurus Please Delete’ and the wording of the first post is going to stop people posting in the thread!

But others weren’t having it:

Especially not King4510411, who was fed up with Dbussing’s apologising for the spam thread one minute and saying it would not happen again, the next saying all the aggro was everyone else’s fault anyway (rendering her apology as little more than weasel words – bad enough getting that off Comrade Rich umpteen times a week without her starting!)

Now some were enjoying all this:

Partly because they’d past scores to settle with Comrade Rich themselves, and so were delighted to see the whole chicken coop coming home to roost, riddled with salmonella.

Others like Darkslayer couldn’t believe that Comrade Rich was still trying the same old routines with forum members, despite coming to grief so often:

There were others such as VidKid20 and RubyTheConFuzzled that were fed up to the back teeth of all the aggro and wondering why it was still going on:

Even Jix2993’s attempt to use the standard emergency drill – Steer Off Topic, Full Astern! :

proved doomed when those protesting that they wanted the aggro to end did their uttermost to keep it going:

Temper, temper! Chill out with a nice Kool Aid from Jimmie Jones

The Black Widow decided The Isz’s First Law on a Kettle Of Crazy applied and left them to run the ship into the Great Banhammer Reef if they so desired, whilst she returned to an agreeable evening’s Simmie slaying and torture.

The real question of course, was why had things blown up again with thrice the venom of before?

Well, for one thing, there was the small fact that whatever Comrade Rich may have been printing on the EA site, what he was printing up on SSS showed his sorrow and contrition to be all a feign:

So much for his ‘Blu you will always be my friend’!

The second one, and the reason why the whole thing had flamed up to boiling point in the first place was the following crass e-mail that Comrade Rich had sent out from his old Sims3Rich website on 30th December 2009, having reactivated the moribund site with the specific intention of spamming those on its defunct membership list.

For many, this was the last straw: as it showed that he was no respecter of the private details of those that had joined his old site, when he was happily using their details yet again to advertise what was his second new site since Sims3Rich – by common courtesy at the least, any that had not joined SimsInsane (the immediate forerunner of SSS) should have automatically had their details erased from all of Rich’s computer records as a matter of course.

Indeed, having closed down Sims3Rich for several months, all details of previous members should have automatically been erased as a matter of course. He had no right to still hold that information: and that was the reason why tempers were so frayed towards Comrade Rich – and hence why poor old Russell/HollisterGuy1922 found himself the catalyst for a full blown forum riot.

To make matters worse, not content with annoying people on the spam thread, Rich even started bringing his ‘issues’ with others onto Walden95’s stickied ‘help’ thread – a matter with which he quite rightly drew the line at putting up with unchallenged as such behaviour endangered its continued existence if it was being used for off-topic purposes:

But of course Rich just couldn’t take a telling:

Whereupon Walden95 made it clear he was not wearing it – and what a surprise to see ‘Nanny’ Deb appearing to try and smooth things over between SSS and Walden95 – for all she denies it, she spends an inordinate length of time around the Simmerverse clearing up after the Clown Dog goes crapping on everyone else’s lawn:

Rich’s crassness on Walden95’s help thread – slap bang in the middle of the whole blowout in General Discussion we’ve already mentioned (and which spiralled into a second locked thread later) – further illustrated that Rich has no respect for other Simmers and no respect for basic board etiquette whether on EA or elsewhere. Everything he does is geared solely towards his own selfish needs, with people and forums alike merely toys to use and discard as he pleases.

His patience finally worn out, Walden95 concluded later with what must be one of the more comprehensive defenestrations any Simmer has given on another:

It seems however that Rich and Deb’s only sorrow as ever is getting caught out, and these habitual re-offenders look set to continue pissing off as many people as possible and not giving a toss about the friendships they are breaking or straining in their obsession with membership numbers like they’re running some Simoonie cult, rather than merely a forum to have fun with friends on.

But then, it’s debatable at this juncture as to whether these two even know or care about their friends anymore. If they do, then it’s time they showed it, and completely mended their ways – not for a ‘cooling off’ period with the rest of the Simmers world, but for good.