2011 – A Year In Quotes

Here’s some of those quotes that encapsulated a year in Simming, or at least the quoteable parts of it at any rate.


Capturing The Moment

Ahmed (Sims Forums) : ‘Yes I am fine and Mubarak is OUT!’ [first words upon restoration of Egypt’s internet access confirming Ahmed was alive and the good guys had won!]

Alistu (EA Forum) : ‘I wonder if a member of the modding community would be able to do something about this?’ [the battlecry of 2011 it seemed!]

Ava The Muffinator (Sims Nation) : ‘Who would have figured this would have lasted a year? Let alone two months.’ [on a Comrades forum that actually survived]

BluebellFlora (Bluebell Flora’s Blog) : ‘ “Beloved” Mac folk, don’t make me laugh EA, you don’t give a damn!’ [on EA leaving stranded those Sims 3 Mac users going over to the new Lion operating system despite having been given a Developer version by Apple 5 months beforehand to prepare for it]

BluebellFlora (Bluebell Flora’s Blog) : [on the Ruthless_kk scandal] ‘Sometimes the stupidity, arrogance and general twatish behaviour of some Simmers is too hard to ignore. Especiallly when it features such prominent members of the TS3 community.’

BluebellFlora (EA Forum) : ‘So basically Nichaedemus you’re saying that even though Mac users are paying the same amount for the game as Windows users, we will (and do) get a sub-standard experience in comparison.’ [BluebellFlora calling one of the Simgurus to account over his ‘can’t they eat cake?’ moment telling them to use Bootcamp]

Blueeyed32 (Simpletons) : ‘Sims is a guilty pleasure and I would like to keep the Sims world and my real world separate.’ [on EA trying to get users to connect their EA forum user pages with their Facebook ones]

Bonnie1209 (EA Forum) : ‘This is the dopiest thing I’ve read all day. Why on earth would you let someone use your account?’ [on Abeerkhan saying she was going to let her cousin use her EA log-in whilst she was on holiday. Thankfully, she backed down].

Caturae (Simstopia) : ‘You went as far to try and intimidate and belittle Conor for not having the same opinion as you… he didn’t insult you or do anything to deserve the rudeness – the bullying – that you spat back at him.’ [Caturae calls out moderator JKMartinez’s tinpot dictator routine, soon after he is expelled from Simstopia for bullying and obscene language]

Caturae (EA Forum) : ‘To clear up the mess that this thread has gotten into, I can confirm that the Sims posted by the OP are NOT my Sims….so back to your Troll caves, losers.’ [on the Rodulate stole Caturae’s Sims fiasco of November]

Chase (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘Everything will be back to normal soon, and this time without empty wallets.’ [on the Taffers being forced to move to a new server after 5 years due to their hoster’s greed and trying to treat them like fools]

Chippetg (Boolprop Fight The Addition False) : ‘I’d also like to thank my friends, because they are sexy and probably rigged it.’ [regarding winning a Golden Plumbob award]

Crazycatldy (EA Forum) : ‘Caturae left because of the behaviour of people in threads like this. She was one of the kindest, friendliest people you’d ever want to meet. It’s only the trolls who don’t like her.’ [during the Rodulate fiasco]

Figwit (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘It didn’t take long for this place to degenerate.’  [with Richdre making a double-entrendre with only the second post ever made on their new forum]

May_Nilan (EA Forum) : ‘TanyaRubirose : well aren’t you just a joy?’ [encapsulating how many felt whenever the AttentionWhorse parachuted herself into threads during the latter half of the year]

Jarsie9 (EA Forums) : This issue isn’t about gay rights, it’s about politicians trying to change a game’s rating.’ [on Italian politicians attacks on the Sims 3‘s orientation ambiguity]

Jarsie9 (EA Forums) : ‘It works both ways, you know, this intolerance business.’ [regarding gays on the EA forum spitting the dummy over every little perceived criticism of them no matter how innocuous – a major problem in General Discussion in the first half of the year]

Jarsie9 (EA Forums) : ‘Let’s face it, people have been whining that Sims 3 isn’t the Sims 2 from day one of its release.’

Jarsie9 (EA Forums) : ‘As far as you TS2 fans are concerned, your day is done [on Sims 2 fans ceaselessly berating every aspect of Sims 3].’

Jenamariex3 (EA Forum) : ‘You want your veggie burgers, you don’t need to be a vegetarian. Grow your hamburger patties in your garden! There, problem solved!’ [during the great ‘vegetarianism in Sims 3‘ debate]

JKMartinez2 (EA Forum) : ‘Even though you think I’m stuck up and full of myself [the forum’s resident monosexual getting it right for once!]

Miss Chatterbox (Simstopia) : ‘I’ll be in contact with some of you off site, but for the rest, it’s been an interesting ride.’ [Simstopia‘s owner’s self-epitaph as she bides farewell to the Sims community whose dramas finally drove her out]

Pollysim (EA Forum) : ‘It is lovely to get a wee treat now and again as a thank you or special gift, that’s what happens in real life. What doesn’t happen in real life is rows of people claiming to need a new set or items of clothes, or benevolent and highly successful business people wandering into stores buying armfuls of stuff and throwing it at passers-by. The whole thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.’ [on EA’s Gifting section and the subsequent war of ‘gifting proliferation’ that broke out]

Reni410 (EA Forum) : ‘People have every right to continue to be upset at EA for this reason alone: the consumers did not inject the flaws into the demo, the developers did.’ [on the EA Pets demo fiasco destroying countless Simmers game installments]

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘I need gnomes!’ [pervert!]

Rflong7/13 (Mod The Sims) : ‘You still argue but take away my right to stand up for myself.’ [on Mod The Sims moderator Simsimple abusing his position to gag dissent over their encouragement of users ‘reverse engineering’ other people’s Sims 3 worlds, breaking the very TOS they use to justify doing it!]

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘All hail Freezer Bunny for the win!’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : [on being suspended] ‘How is it that some people can bully and disparage people here but use a sarcasm picture and you’re done?’

Rhea (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘When setting up the new server it was revealed to me that I would have to pay for both at once for quite some time. This to me was complete crap, and something I cannot risk doing.’ [The owner of the Taffers forum revealing the disgraceful treatment meted out to them by their hosting provider of five years expecting her to pay for their own equipment upgrading]

Rkalanu (EA Forum) : ‘I’m not interested in paying you so I can become your ad client or your Facebook spambot.’ [on the proposed ‘Social networking’ features for the upcoming Showtime EP]

Rodulate (EA Forum) : ‘I give you evidence. You refuse to look at it. Who’s the one playing games now?’ [on TanyaRubirose accusing Rodulate playing games with providing proof of originality during the Rodulate stole Caturae’s Sims fiasco in November]

Ruthless_kk (Flip This Lot) : ‘Site is pointless, but I do check in with it because it helps me with the boards. I recognise names of troublemakers faster and can check those threads first lol… for goodness sake don’t tell ’em. I would be skewered endlessly, or more than I already am I should say. [EA forum moderator confessing to using The Mare’s Nest to police the forums with]

Ruthless_kk (Flip This Lot) : ‘So apparantly Rflong7 has been very vocal about complaining about me.’ [And then further digging herself an even deeper hole with fairy tales about Rflong7 out to get her)

Sashunya10 (EA Forum) : ‘If you hate the Sims 3 so much, then why are you on the TS3 forum in the first place?’ [on SimCrazed32/ThisSimIsCrazed’s umpteen ‘Sims 3 isn’t as good as Sims 2‘ attention whoring threads.]

Sesert34 (Sesert34’s Blog) : ‘EA, how stupid can you be…’ [revealing how EA tech support kept giving him new accounts after each one was permabanned for posting death threats and pornographic pictures simply by claiming his old code wasn’t working & being issued promptly with a new one]

Tiny1 : (Tiny1’s Babbling Brook) : ‘This child obviously doesn’t know how to take defeat.’ [on Innuendo19’s thermonuclear dummyspit over Caturae refuting his accusation that Rodulate plagerised her creations]

TwistedTranslater (EA Forum) : ‘The only ignorant thing I did here was actually think this wasn’t going to turn into a hate thread.’ [which could have applied to so many EA forum threads this year. Ho hum!]

Vera Blake Trelawney (Sims Nation) : [on Ruthless_kk’s exposure of using The Mare’s Nest to moderate the EA forum with] : ‘In the words of the good Queen Victoria, “we are not amused!”‘

Vidkid20 (EA Forum) : ‘Can we all just be grateful that this game has this option.’ [which again could have applied to any number of EA forum threads this year that blew up into rows. Double ho hum!]

WaffenThinMint (Sims Forums) : ‘Either we fight back and show we are still an active forum or we give up. What’s it to be?’ [End of Minty’s long tirade at the diabolical state of affairs amongst the March Violets]

WaffenThinMint (EA Forum) : ‘If those people you chose to attack have lives so sad and dull as claimed, by those same standards you’re applying, what does that make yours? Time you had a good hard look in the mirror.’ [on Innuendo19’s screaming fit against Crazycatldy and Vidkid20]

Wibs /ChemicalWibs (Wibs And The Sims) : [on Innuendo19] ‘He needs to stop playing the gay card every time someone disagrees with him.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast/AE’s Blog Of Everything) : ‘The Simmers Society looks to be the home of a few people who have what seems to be superiority complex issues and arrogant fuckwit “holier than thou” attitudes as well.’ [as said forum gets itself embroiled in the Ruthless_kk scandal big time]

Zanysazy (EA Forum) : ‘Go on Jarsie, I know you want to!’ [on the Nyancat frenzy on the EA forum which Jarsie9 throughly disapproved of]


Couriervaughan (EA Forum) : ‘You are welcome.’

Innuendo19/Hjv9/TheOriginalBadBoy/KingOfTheNight, etc (EA Forum) : ‘My other account is now permanently banned.’ [we saw this one a lot!]

Sharkloverplayer/Catloverplayer (EA Forum) : ‘Please EA don’t forget about the romance.’

PigsRuleALotIsHereAgain (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : Welcome to Boolprop – have a pan

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Blog Of Everything/Grumpy Toast) : ‘You douchewaffle!’


Airotciv54 (EA Forum) : ‘You have been such a good boy Mark over the last 2-3 months and to get banned for this is totally unfair.’ [One of Innuendo19’s groupies thinking he deserves leniency for managing to cease behaving like a drama-queening attention whore for a while, something most forum members manage all the time]

Alexurt (EA Forum) : ‘I’m baaaaaaak!!!’ [only for her latest account to be permabanned again before an hour was up!]

Alexurt (Sims VIP) : ‘This pretty much confirms the pack!’ [hours before a trailer for the next Expansion Pack was unmasked as a ludicrously obvious hoax]

Berrypie27 (Berry Sweet Site) : ‘I’m not starting a cult.’ [too late, you’ve already started a Berry Sweet one!]

BookwormTrain (EA Forum) : ‘I heard that Grant Rodiek had left the Sims Franchise. Where did he got?’ [a few weeks after Grant Rodiek’s much trumpetted return]

CrazyPlumbob915 /Laurenruth915 (EA Forum) : ‘Some people are trying to shove dollars into a coin slot, if ya know what I mean.’ [no one did!]

Fluttereyes (EA Forum) : ‘Any hint of remote religion in this game, even in a generic way or whatever you want to call it, would bring EA crashing to the ground with lawsuits, or worse.’ [Erm, the Civilization or Thief series anyone?]

Fluttereyes (EA Forum) : ‘My points are valid and that will be proved when it doesn’t happen.’ [so much for the scientific method!]

Innuendo19/Hjv9/TheOriginalBadBoy/KingOfTheNight, etc (EA Forum) : ‘The hot troll is back!’ [moments before being permabanned again!]

Innuendo19/Hjv9/TheOriginalBadBoy/KingOfTheNight, etc (EA Forum) : ‘I will not EVER return to these forums’ [before proceeding to go on and on and on for hours over every section of the EA forum after being butthurt by Caturae and WaffenThinMint!]

Innuendo19/Hjv9/TheOriginalBadBoy/KingOfTheNight, etc (EA Forum) : ‘Vidkid and Catwoman talk about me every single night on Vidkid’s chatbox.’ [regarding Vidkid20 and Crazycatldy – copying word for word the same fantasy SimCrazed32 made when he was being called out for trolling!]

JKMartinez (Simstopia) : [regarding The Mares Nest] ‘I am reporting them and their behaviour to Fox News. Let Fox News read how they attack children…’ [hours later JKMartinez was sacked from Simstopia as a moderator for, erm, attacking children!]

Linday (Flip This Lot) : ‘If only they knew LOL! [on Ruthless_kk using The Mare’s Nest to police the EA forum with, not realising we were screenshotting her at that very moment]

Liltab1121 (EA Forum) : ‘I don’t know if he did or not, but it shouldn’t even have to be questioned whether or not it has happened. Meaning, it’s a high chance that he or she did.’ [Liltab1121 believing in guilty by lynch mob until proven innocent by Caturae during the ‘accusing Rodulate of stealing’ fiasco]

LittleV (EA Forum) : ‘I guess some people think they own the forums now.’ [this being the EA forum’s ever present Rules Infraction Nazi]

Mikitta47 (EA Forum) : ‘I refuse to buy even one more piece of Sims 3 Merchandise until EA fixes the Sims 3 game!’ [weeks later she bought Generations!]

Nichaedemus (EA Forum) : ‘Now that Carollsim’s issue has been addressed, this thread is now closed.’ [it hadn’t!]

TanyaRubirose (EA Forum) : ‘Once fed a beef hamburger to a militant vegan who wouldn’t stop trying to recruit after convincing them it was soy. Then told them the truth.’ [Attention Whorse forgetting that soya burgers and hamburgers taste very different, no matter how much the manufacturers may claim ‘tastes just like the real thing’!]

TanyaRubirose (EA Forum) : [to Rodulate] ‘In the future, try not to steal people’s work.’ [shortly before Caturae came on and said Rodulate had not uploaded her Sims as their own as was being claimed by TanyaRubirose and Innuendo19]

TanyaRubirose (EA Forum) : ‘Considering there’s probably not even that many people currently playing Sims 3, the most probable result is that the sims were stolen and Rodulate is lying.  Also, keep in mind I generated that probability number quickly; the actual probability against is likely much higher.’ [Just over an hour before she was having to eat a massive Umble pie c/o a very angry Caturae coming in to defend Rodulate]

TanyaRubirose (EA Forum) : ‘Sims 3 is just a niche game; it’s nowhere near one of their big money makers and the Sims series never has been.’ [And cue howls of laughter: the Sims series is of course the biggest selling PC franchise of all time and Sims 3 established a new EA first day sales record on its release]

Tynk (EA Forum) : ‘You want the money tree back? It’s already in game.’ [replying to Innuendo19 getting it wrong as usual]

Worm178 (EA Forum) : ‘Unfortunately I will be leaving this site after I have finished up my business here to go to my own forums for good. I am also trying to get good Simming friends there and well everyone I can.’ [to date neither has proven to be the case]


AvaAdore189 (EA Forums) :  ‘Mother of Pearl, I didn’t even know this kind of ugliness was possible.’ [on a Simmie created by Whales_Rock]

Bella_Gloom (Gothic Rose) : [on the EA forum] ‘ Half the population on that forum consist of ego maniac, arrogant, self-congratulating little twerps that would do nothing but high five each other all day long if given the opportunity.

Bergcrys (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘Just another reason why EA sucks monkey nuts’ [on January’s Ruthless_kk scandal]

BlackSand (EA Forum) : [on Bubblemaddie] : ‘Looks like someone needs a spanking or a time out.’

Bookygirl13 (Booky Loves Shiny Things) : ‘It’s a special kind of delicious cake too! It’s STFU cake! It tastes like sunshine and lollipops and rainbows! Try a piece!’

Conorsim (EA Forum) : [on Innuendo19] ‘If you offended him, he dragged everything back to his sexuality… You are a despicable human being and I hope that some day you are knocked off your pedestal and realise that, in fact, the world does not revolve around a sad, melodramatic, idiotic and just a plain embarrassment to the human race, like you.’

Conorsim (EA Forum) : ‘Why does this thread exist? Probably to start an argument and get Jarsie9 flustered.’

Cororon (Simpletons) : ‘Buy Medieval and play it a lot, and tell me if it is any good. Then maybe I will buy it.’

Crazycatldy (EA Forum) : [to TanyaRubirose upon calling Caturae a troll] ‘I do however think you and I have a very different opinion on what a Troll is.’

Dolphinz2121 (Dolphinz One Stop Source For Insanity) : ‘People as a whole suck lollipops.’

Dolphinz2121 (Dolphinz One Stop Source For Insanity) : ‘All I wish for is for them to get on a huge bus driven off Mount Everest into the Marinas Trench with the entire zone riddled with mines.’

Dorendia122 (EA Forum) : [on EA expansion packs] ‘Whoopdidoo, I should whip out my wallet and spend 40 dollars on a game that barely works!’

Edhla (EA Forum) : ‘Lehawtness – I’m sorry, who are you and why should I care again? [on returned scumbag Lehawtness813’s attempted ‘comeback’]

Elizka93 (EA Forum) : ‘If I wanted to link with my friends I wouldn’t be sitting at home playing the game!’ [on the Showtime EP’s promised ‘social interactions’]

Evil_One (EA Forum) : ‘No, I’m hoping it IS fake’ [on the real trailer for the Showtime EP after a plague of ludicrous hoax ‘trailers’ on YouTube, but only confirmed many people’s worst fears they were being sold some Late Night leftovers at full price]

GardenOf (Black Pearl Sims) : ‘TSR you can shove your £60.23 where the sun doesn’t shine. [on being asked to renew their The Sims Resource subscription after discovering ‘subscribers only’ content by Wolfspryte that was stolen from freeware creator Pocci]

Halle_M (EA Forum) : ‘Sims babies will stop looking like paper clips.’ [on asked what will improve her game the most]

Happytime (EA Forum) : ‘As part of EA’s “beloved Mac folk”, I’ve gotten used to being looked at as a second class citizen.’

ILoveSims38 (EA Forum) : ‘He walks into a completely fine thread and starts fights with someone. He starts threads just to start drama. He really likes attention. [on SimCrazed32/ThisSimIsCrazed, etc]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘So, tell me, how many more expansion packs will you be spending your money on before you realise that EA is never going to do it your way?’ [in response to Evil_One’s ceaseless complaining about a game she’s bought every EP & SP to date for regardless]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘ What story were you looking at? “The pictures were too graphic” my hind foot!’ [correctly calling Innuendo19/KingInnuendo out as a liar over his claims about JSamson’s pictures for his Simming story ‘School Massacre’]

Jarsie9 (EA Forum) : ‘ Well they could at least put that glitch back.’ [on EA removing the very handy ability to get a repairman to fix items salvaged from the junkyard so they could either be used or sold on for profit, saying it was a ‘glitch’.]

Jericho13 (EA Forum) : [on EA Tech Support] ‘Judging from some of the conversations others have posted, you’ll find more help and personality from a quick chat with Cleverbot.’

Jix2993 (EA Forum) : [on people whining on about a Seasons EP] ‘I guess it’s their payback to the people who kept whining on about Pets.

JKMartinez (EA Forum) : [on More Awesome Than You members] ‘A bunch of idiots who think they are God’s gift to Simming. Some of them are nice but the biggest part of them are there to make themselves feel like they are special because they are Pescado’s pets.’

Johnnywr (EA Forum) : [on Innuendo19, etc] ‘Somewhere there is a drama class missing a pupil.’

KJones (Simpletons) : ‘Catloverplayer’s page will be longer than War And Peace with all the memories of woohooing in all locations with all the ladies.’ [on the result of Facebook linking to user’s EA forum profile pages]

KoumoriDiru (EA Forum) : ‘Has anyone else noticed that those who complain about complaints threads always say “I have no problem with MY game!”.’

KoumoriDiru (EA Forum) : [to Innuendo19 circumventing the swearing filter] ‘And you wonder why people call you an attention seeker?’

Lady Emillye (Sims Sanctuary) : [on Ruthless_kk’s moderating skills on the EA forum] ‘I put more time and effort into that forum than YOU fucking do. What is it that you do exactly? Promote your own lots and fuck all else!’

LisaVictoria (Gothic Rose) : ‘Wow Angelllite7, what an ass you’ve become!’ [on her picking fights with everyone during the end of 2010 & start of 2011].

LuckyNicole659 (EA Forum) : [on those overreacting to Rflong7 not posting on the EA Forum] ‘Guys, she probably does have a life you know!’

Miss Tickle (Simpletons) : [on the Generations EP] ‘I hope they remembered to code for climbing down as well as climbing up.’

Nallykrunk/AddictedToSims90 (EA Forum) : ‘Get this crying, whining, obnoxious little poop machine away from me!’ [on Sims 3 babies]

Paco1200 (EA Forum) : ‘Well being emotionally and socially whacked with a hammer does tend to do that to people.’ [on GrammarKing claiming Jix2993 still felt bitter about the Hands On Neck Foundation cyberbullying campaign against her in August 2009]

Paco1200 (EA Forum) : [to TanyaRubirose]  ‘If you were going to withhold from commenting about it you don’t need to let us know in a comment that you weren’t going to comment.’

Pollysim (EA Forum) : ‘What would the EA forum be without a Walter Mitty or two?’

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : ‘They can kiss my kass!’ [on Mod The Sims‘ ‘Whatever! Whatever! We’ll do what we want!’ attitude to her worlds]

Rflong7/13 (EA Forum) : [to TanyaRubirose] ‘Wow really? You must be bad at being nice! Maybe a little more practice is in order?’

StillJustMe2 (EA Forum) : [on EA Customer Services Technical Help Department] ‘Most Tech folks are still hungover from the night before or recovering from their late night World Of Warcraft raids.’

Switch/Cloverstardropper (Paco1200’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘EA hasn’t changed one iota, huh?’ [on the Pets demo that destroyed people’s actual games]

Tiny1 : (Tiny1’s Babbling Brook) : ‘So how many of you actually are there.’ [on pretentious people who claim to be half-Irish, half-Scottish, half-Canadian, and half of every other fashionable ethnic group in the zeitgeist]

Vermatrix (EA Forum) : ‘Honestly, Sims VIP has zero credibility as far as I’m concerned due to the flimsy evidence they go by and report it as fact.’ [on Alexurt’s Sims VIP site’s continual taking of other sites rumours and posting them on her own as ‘headline news’]

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : [on Ruthless_kk] ‘ Seriously, you have to read TMN to catch a clue to what’s going on and find our who the troublemakers are ? All you have to do is open your f’ing eyes and read!’

Vidkid20 (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : [on EA moderators] ‘ They’d rather ban people who make the forums fun and helpful.’

Vera Blake Trelawney (Sims Nation) : ‘MWAHAHA! Gotta laugh to see so many people’s games explode who use the chest hair mod.’ [upon EA adding chest hair into the game themselves]

WaffenThinMint (Sims Forums) : ‘You don’t want to take an Uzi to the members of Sims Forums.’ [when asked what about the difference between it and the EA Forum]

WaffenThinMint (EA Forum) : ‘Here at the official forums they appear to be a little slow in dealing with its ASBO element, but if you were to behave at SF even a quarter as badly as you have on this thread, you’d be IP permabanned so fast by Breebree711, Cororon or I so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. [Sims Forums moderator putting EA forum perpetual drama queen Innuendo19 in his place]

Wizzlebee (Simstopia) : ‘The Sims community is the most insane online community I have ever seen in my life.’ [on Caturae and Miss Chatterbox leaving due to the non-stop dramas and petty politicking]

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Blog Of Everything/Grumpy Toast) : [on Jamesmc93] ‘You’re a rude ass flaming troll  on the forums AND you are a hypocrite… you aren’t the shining white knight you think you are… now piss off and get back under the bridge with Jarsie where you belong.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Blog Of Everything/Grumpy Toast) : [on Ruthless_kk] ‘Maybe they’ll hire you on at the company. They could always use another USELESS fuckwad.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Blog Of Everything/Grumpy Toast) : [on Ruthless_kk] ‘You know what you need? More than a Moderator position? More than building? You need an extremely large Vat of Shut The Fuck Up!’

xXAngelicEvilXx (AE’s Blog Of Everything/Grumpy Toast) : [on Flip This Lot members] ‘You act like a bunch of two-faced high school cheerleaders in a hair pulling match with each other because one of you fucked the quarterback.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (EA Forum) : [on why the EA forum’s never fixed] ‘This is because EA is too busy borking their games.’

xXAngelicEvilXx (Grumpy Toast/AE’s Blog Of Everything) : ‘You sad fucking excuse for a human being.’ [on Sesert34]

Zeri (Vidkid20’s Sim Lair) : ‘No shit Sherlock! Only the dickless wonder himself would post the same retarded thing 5 times’. [in reply to one of those  ‘I am Sesert34’ posts that appeared over various blogs and forums]


Beth (Simpletons) : ‘As to the chicken and the egg question… I like both mine fried.’

Chevron (EA Forum) : [in reply to Conorsim saying ‘Nothing’s impossible’] ‘You clearly haven’t attempted to staple jelly to a tree.’

Cororon (EA Forum) : ‘Meh, it’s like saying fat people are always happy. Bi and gay people are like everyone else – kind, good, evil, annoying, boring…’ [in response to LuckyNicole659 talking as if all gays are plaster saints]

DramaDramaDrama (EA Forum) : [replying to Elijahhines10 complaining about the artwork for the Generations EP] ‘It’s what’s inside that counts!’

Frn0731 (EA Forum) : ‘Well things are going downhill fast. Must be Monday.’

Mikezumi (EA Forum) : [when asked for her sexual preference] : ‘At my age, I’m only into memories.’

Pollysim (EA Forum) : [on the EA forum’s continued crashes] ‘Maybe it’s supposed to create an air of mystery…’

Pollysim (Simpletons) : ‘All’s fair in Gnubb and war.’

Prettyone27 (EA Forum) : ‘Sometimes you just have to trust people.’

Rflong7 (EA Forum) : ‘A few people boycotting in no way will be the wreck and ruin of EA. The business practices of EA will be its own wreck and ruin.’

Richdre (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘All things considered I would rather work on the front end.’

Skyscraperfan (EA Forum) : ‘They all give me a similar vibe, which is that humanity (and anything related to it or created by it) has been on a decline for as long as it has been around.’ [on Simmers who are perpetual Sims 3 critics]

Seriously, WTF?

AtomicSimmer (EA Forum) : ‘No your not dumb. If your hear like most simmers on hear your actually pretty kewl.’ [in response to RabbitWars saying she must be ‘the dumbest person in the world’]

Blueeyed32 (Simpletons) : ‘That awkward moment when you’re at a mate’s house and you go into the loo in the night and bump into your mate’s naked dad.’

Bluuin (EA Forum) : ‘Take me! Take me!’

Cororon (Paco1200’s Blog Of Amazing) : ‘And I think we have a crab on Simpletons somewhere. Or is it a lobster?’

Cororon (Sims Forums) : [regarding other forums] ‘One guy wanted me to visit his basement to try on boots, and he promised me chocolate.’

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘Want to try my Chamber Pot Roast?’

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘We should make French Toast out of it.’ [on what to do with a spambot]

Cororon (Sims Forums) : ‘It’s a stupid old self portrait and a dragon, and they suck. [the mind boggles!]

Cororon (Simpletons) : ‘When I smelled my armpits yesterday it somehow reminded me of the Pets EP.’

Cororon (Simpletons) : ‘My sneakers smelled like popcorn. Made me hungry.’

Czbuendel/Cz (Sims Nation) : ‘I’ve been tied up in all my navy stuff.’

Darkslayer (EA Forums) : [on Haiden’s Simself] ‘Mmm, you could grate cheese on those abs ^_^.’

Elly The Jaybird (Sims Nation) : ‘And then the bear exploded while eating a jar of jelly, which was the home of a lovely duck.’

Emily4331 (EA Forums) : ‘I’ve still never had a gnome.’

Geekgirl101 (EA Forums) : ‘If they’re out in France at the nectary they won’t stop drinking until they wet themselves.’ [who says the game’s unrealistic?!]

Honeybear (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘A beautiful setting to enjoy a link of sausage and a couple of poached eggs. The sausage and eggs are included.’ [on an eBay dining table auction where the picture of the item also showed the male photographer in a mirror, stark naked!]

Hellz_Angel (EA Forum) : ‘My current laundry gnome has a relationship with the family dryer, drinks too much, and worships a training potty.’

Jeramoo (EA Forum) : ‘I’d prefer not to have any sexuality forced on me. Guess the difference is I don’t see any homosexuals as actually cramming it down my throat.’ [Ooo, matron!]

Jewels Rule (EA Forum) : ‘I find myself looking at clothes in a store and thinking “hey, my Sim would look really good in that!”.’

Katiecat (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘Without Boolprop I have no life! I’m not kidding guys, I might as well live under a rock! [10/10 for honesty!]

Kjones (Simpletons) : ‘I am going to declare that Simpletons is the most informative site! Where else can you get advice and strategies on how to castrate your man with hedge clippers?’

MadameLee (EA Forum) : ‘I’m trying to recreate a dream of mine and it starts off in a drug store.’

One2beup4 (EA Forums) [on Grant Rodiek’s simself] : ‘I’m gay and I’m gonna put him in my game and woo hoo with him 4 times daily [so that’s why he’s had that funny walk since he returned!]

Pollysim (Simpletons) : ‘Who makes their Sims wash their hands? I never do – now I feel bad. Poor Sims walking around with pee-hands.’

Pookyscone/Spookyscone (Scones For Cream Tea) : ‘Lazers can make waffles fun.’

Pookyscone/Spookyscone (Scones For Cream Tea) : ‘Octocat, you require more study.’

Purplemonkey86 (EA Forum) : ‘I hear Sims can sleep with their teddy bears. Is this true? If so, how is it done?’ [pervert!]

Steven (Sims Forums) : ‘German is not a sexy language.’

Vera Blake Trelawney (Sims Nation) : ‘How about a killer duck launcher?’

Vera Blake Trelawney (EA Forum) : ‘Your badges shall be avenged.’

WaffenThinMint (Sims Forums) : ‘Yes, boiling in oil before frying in a crispy batter is often a good remedy for this.’ [when asked for a treatment for balanitis]

Whtrbt (Simpletons) : ‘I can’t be responsible if Twallan makes me the town bike!’

Yentix (Boolprop Fight The Addiction False) : ‘We cannot let Boolprop shut down it’s only six years old.’ [five years, eleven months and a fortnight longer than most forums last – Sims community or otherwise!]

Zhivan (Bear Mountain Creations) : ‘If we had more leather outfits that might be a very good approach [on Rosewin’s suggestion of using a whip and a chair on Imaginary Friends].