Comrade Niko’s Glorious Wobbly

You have to see it to believe it:

THAT Signature going on for starters!

You had to be there to believe it!

There’s certainly been a few crazy nights on the EA forum, but Saturday 23rd January 2010 was one long ‘hold the front page’ after another, with this one being centre to much of it.

It all started off in fairly predictable fashion, with Nikobelic999 coming on to open his mouth and let his belly rumble about that all encompassing evil which is The Mare’s Nest.

Yes, World Terrorism, the Credit Crunch, the Cadburys takeover by Kraft,  Jazz Hand-ers mugging your granny – it’s all our fault!

Except that this time, people had really a bellyful of listening to the same broken record from him, weekend in, weekend out, and were about to let old Jordan know it: starting off with a former Comrade in Firestar77_2 that saw through Rich’s bull in the end:

Vidkid20 was also groaning:

They were joined swiftly by Caitxcat, Dylsoccer12, PhantomHive, Pink_Polkadots, Roxas982859 and Zeri:

What was Nikobelic999’s response. Oh, the same as last time:

Yes Niko, people that read here do have mental issues – it’s called having a mind of their own!

You can guess the reaction:

He even managed to fall out with the one person:

That had been on his side:

Well, all but one:

For those wondering, we’re the evil people that posted up his Wishlist, linked to it, and encouraged people to buy him stuff from it to cheer him up over not being able to afford World Adventures pre-patch when it was destroying everyone’s ability to play the game.

Yep, hanging’s too good for us!

Still, one that’s been both roasted and toasted on this site, the Black Widow Jix2993, took time out from her web of intrigue to give her spin on the issue:

Jix2993’s comments were echoed by Igzigpuff as she hit the big tonne:

At which point Comrade Niko took off and that was that.

So we thought.


Due to some technical difficulties, we missed out initially on all of what happened next a few hours later, but dry your tears for those who also did –  for now in full glorious technicolour, comes the latest damning thread from their own members that the Comrades tried to get scrubbed.

Take it away Nikobelic999!

In fact the site’s location was no secret whatsoever by this time, but suffice to say there was considerable surprise that Comrade Niko was now turning against them – and yet no surprise at the way this story always seems to end:

Take it away Agent_Zero:

What had happened? Allegedly Nikobelic999 had been permabanned after a dispute with the powers that be for refusing to do what they wanted – strange how that seems to happen to the most doggedly loyal the second they show the first sign of dissent – Boxer from Animal Farm indeed!

Needless to say the rest of the Comrades were out swiftly trying to refute what Niko was saying, but only digging themselves deeper in it in the process:

Point of clarification: AJAX is the provider of their Chat platform on Freeforums.

Niko was not having it with Jaybird’s claims of innocence:

Jaybird is too modest – being one of the privileged few allowed a link on My Sims A Jock to her own website. No wonder her protests cut little ice with Niko.

And for the record, straight from My Sims A Jock :

The Muffinator made an interest confession about whatever internal wrangle had passed over at the Comrade’s site:

Seems that the Muffinator seemed to have been doing her fair bit of lying last week on behalf of the ’cause’. Earlier, trying to deflect interest in the following article, she’d printed a cock-and-bull post insinuating Retaf (financial sponsor of The Gamer’s Crow, The Lion’s Den regular and another former Comrade Rich helper turned critic) as being one of those writing for here despite the fact he’s American.

It got short shrift from the regulars – and the moderators, who binned it.

Erm, a moment ago, you just admitted you did!

Darkslayer was on hand to offer some comfort (or was it Lenor?)

Either way, it seemed clear that the excuses from the Comrades wouldn’t wash was Nikobelic999 again.

Neither would they be washing with any other former moderators of Comrade Rich and Co, one recent in PlayerMarko456, one in Tavoris08 from the SimsInsane days, making it clear that as far as they were concerned they were concentrating their efforts on having fun and those they could trust.

Others were simply too dumbstruck for words at what was becoming more and more overblown by the minute:

But you know how the Born Again simply have to get it off their chests:

To the continued amusement of Agent_Zero, less so of SiManiacs‘ Proverb87:

Whilst some like burning the candle at both ends Comrade Deb just didn’t get it:

Doubtless Vidkid20 and SabsyRina will be pleased to learn that Comrade Niko’s Glorious Wobbly is now being filmed for the True Movie channel sometime this February.

So Nikobelic999 was now apparantly washing his hands of Rich, and yet another Hare Rich-na was packing his bags never to return. He has since been spotted at Boolprop Fight The Addiction False and Snooty Sims – two forums of course targetted by the Comrades in the past for plunder than only proved to be more blunder.

And the latest damning thread was reported to EA by the Comrades to have the incriminating evidence scrubbed off.

So they thought.

But that was not quite the end of the story.

Was My Sims A Jock Hacked?

As we mentioned a few days ago, very shortly after Niko began throwing his wobbly against My Sims A Jock (and the Comrades had kittens!) over on EA, the My Sims A Jock forum was abruptly taken down:

This is what Madame Lee and everyone else had seen:

Later, Madame Lee came back with the following claim (remember, she is only repeating what she has been told by those in charge):

We for one are not buying this.

If the site had been hacked down, a FreeForum site is pretty easy to put back up again (so long as you have been backing it up regularly). Most of the administrators and moderators were certainly online at this time (indeed, they had to have been in order for the men from AJAX that were meant to be looking into their chat forum as mentioned earlier – it’s not as if they could have left the key under a flower pot with a note saying ‘Let yourselves in – there’s tea and biscuits in the cupboard!’), so why did it take so long?

Secondly, it wasn’t the only one of the Comrades sites that went down that night. Secret Sims Gardens had announced its fold due to ‘drama’ earlier and Mystic Archives also mysteriously took itself down off line.

Thirdly, we had Comrade Rich yet again claiming by proxy to be stepping down on Monday:

Now where have we heard that before?):

So he passed these signatures to his friend ‘Tommy’ to post up, rather than giving them to fellow site owner Deb. Oh, sure.

Shortly after, another new Simmer joined up, taking his signature and avatar from a link to – the same place Comrade Rich also linked to get his current ‘Power Rangers’ signature on the EA forum.

Coincidence? For a newbie, it is strange that for all his busy posting, he made no effort to introduce himself and Deb and co seemed strangely ‘familiar’ with him from the outset. What’s the betting on ‘Tommy’ or ‘Such A Simx’ becoming a moderator any time soon?

One, two, two hundred alias? It’s all the same to us. Maybe he ought to rename the site Comrade Rich’s Sock Puppet Show.

Fourthly, Comrade Deb having another one of her ‘I can’t take it anymore’ moments:

It didn’t last very long – later that evening Comrade Deb returned and out came a very familiar diktat to the Comrades for any of them that have been through the chronic(le) of SimsInsane to Secret Sims Society to Forum-Unlimited Sims to My Sims A Jock.

Yes, mention us Comrades and it’s the Siberian Salt Mines for you!

We’ll hazard a guess based on past experience of this shower and say that the real reason for My Sims A Jock mysteriously going down was the usual – the Comrades tendency to melodrama and brittle attitude towards dissent.

Comrade Rich overreacted to Nikobelic999 posting the link to My Sims A Jock and took it down, so people couldn’t flood the board with attempts to join it or request to join it as Niko has incited others to do with his thread (with Warlock doing the same with Mystik Archives, knowing that Nikobelic999 was no fan of it either) : telling Madame Lee and others a pack of lies about the site being ‘hacked’ to cover the overreaction and garner sympathy later.


As we said before in a previous post, the more things ‘change’ with the Comrades surrounding Rich, Deb and co, the more things remain the same: a ceaseless capacity for continuous drama, wilful deceit of their own members – let alone everyone else – and demands for obedience and silence that would regarded as intolerable on virtually any other forum.

And until the Comrades do wise up to that pair, they can expect plenty more of the same in the future.

As for Nikobelic999, let’s not kid ourselves. He may be free, but he still has one hell of a lot of fence mending to do after his opening two months within the Simmers world.

But for all he’s said about others and us, then like Playermarko456 and anyone else that found our the hard way what happens from getting too involved with Comrade Rich and Deb we’ll wish him luck in his attempt to do so.

For those that never learned when they were foolish equally never learned to be wise.

P.S. Nikobelic999 was spotted back at My Sims A Jock days later as if nothing had happened. Some people never learn, eh?