Introduction Posts

Many forums have these as a way by which new members can be welcomed (or otherwise) into the community, and those dedicated to all three of The Sims are no different.

Nor indeed is the ambivalence users feel towards them, something of a rite of passage that some enjoy, others endure. Equally to those running the board a potential minefield, as a newcomer’s decision to stay may well rest upon the reaction, over reaction or total lack of it from the old hands.

At least Sims3 forums haven’t got to the stage where newbies get strapped down to have something unpleasant and embarrassing done to them up the Ronson whilst making them shout out ‘Thank you sir! Please may I have another!’

Then again, we’re not including ‘donation for downloads’-sites forums in that list, so we could be wrong – but then such an initiation would have little point when they do it all the time to their paying customers anyway, eh what?

One or two (no names) have a system where you have to post an intro first before being allowed to post anything else, like one is joining Alcoholics Anonymous (‘My name is Jack, and I’m an alcoholic’; ‘My name is Jill, and I’m an alcoholic’, ‘My name is Chyla, and I’m a Border Collie – oh twinkies, wrong meeting, I forgot Furryfest is not until tomorrow!’). To be blunt, we can think of no swifter way to put off people joining – unless we go back to the strapping down, up-the-Ronson and ‘Thank you sir! Please may I have another!’ scenario (then again, some might quite like that. Who are we to cast aspersions? That’s Gossip Girl Sims 3‘s job!). Newbies should be left to post, or not to post as they wish – there’s enough compulsory things in this world, such as death, taxes and going to the toilet.

Anyway, Cassie Grint over at the Sims Forums gave an elaborate description of the whole intro post ordeal, followed by a beautifully funny concision by Bobert: