Il Magnifico Culopepita? The Strange Tale Of Gaia Nicolosi AKA Kaiko Mikkusu AKA Kyko Micsu

Her details on WordPress – or at least the one she’s been using to follow us. Plumbob knows how many others she’s created.

This year, or at least the last six months, has saw one of the more puzzling Simmers to have appeared in our little yet worldwide community.

There have been many strange individuals that have come into the Simmerverse over the decades along with the more predictable trolls and flame warriors wanting to put some meaning into their existences as one of life’s perpetual losers. The bar has been set pretty high – or low – depending on your viewpoint.

Walter Mitty characters claiming to be business tycoons, media producers (hey, that happened twice!), psychics or best selling authors; ones claiming to be professional jockeys; another who threatened Simmers with occult curses after passing cynicism that they were a professional games programmer (the worst that happened was Rflong7/13’s CAW program crashed, but you get that happening with EA’s coding for free!). You name it, the Simming community has had them – along with the standard fare creepy sexual deviants which it is near impossible to escape from on the internet.

Some have tried to play it cute – those who read ‘The Fine Art Of Trolling’ and took it seriously, only to learn the hard way there’s nothing ‘clever’ about it and the price for pissing off strangers online may prove higher than expected. You are never as anonymous as you like to think you are online, nor far away enough from your victims for there to be no repercussions for your actions.

Her one and only post on Blogger, from October 2017

But the one called Kaiko Mikkusu who decided to start getting in as many people’s faces as possible after three years of very little activity within the Simming community has proved to be a whole new and rather puzzling one – for she is never happier than making sure everyone knows exactly whom she is and from where.

If she was trolling in all this time, there has never been one who has left themselves so wide open to payback, and all for the price of a level of annoyance so pitiful it was hardly worth bothering about – although as usual the community’s drama queens exaggerated her activities to paint her as a higher threat than she ever posed.

It has been more like watching a ten year old attention seeking child – except this one doesn’t always appear to be attention seeking.

So what exactly is she up to?

Gaia’s Obsession With Susan Wainwright ‘Nose’ No Ends


Suppose it is a bit different from the routine use of sliders on breasts…


It has been more upon the EA forum she has been showing this obsession with one of these characters in the base game, posting whatever random gibberish has come into her head about them to the point of distraction for everyone else.

When that has not been enough, there has been the unashamed running up of multiple accounts and being quite open about it.

Soon as one is reported and banned, another has already come up ready to take its place, or so it seemed.

This has been a similar story over at Mod The Sims:

Yes, Mod The Sims is not quiet the same place it once was, with part of it splitting off to found Receptacle Refugees, but not even Sesert34 dared to upset both the main Simming websites at once, ensuring the ire of virtually the entire community in one go.

Right down to the setting up of extra sockpuppet accounts at MTS as well and promptly self-outing them!


This Emerald1234 appears to be her one sole accomplice, someone from the UK, but who they are appears to be a mystery.

They also appear to be the one who pushes matters too far:

This isn’t remotely funny, this is puerile – a schoolchild’s attempt at being ‘edgy’.


She’s been around long enough to know of the de facto ‘split’ between those within the EA forum orbit and those within the Mod The Sims/Garden Of Shadows, etc orbit – although with Dumblr and a marked decline in Simmers those lines are probably now at their most blurred. Equally she’s been around long enough to know the potential consequences of her actions considering the vindictiveness in such places as More Awesome Than You, Garden Of Shadows and Sim Secret; and of course the EA forum orientated side of the community have never been shown to be slow to take action against persistent bumnuggets.

And yet…

Day after day after day of effort into all this – it’s almost admirable in its dogmatic bumnuggetry.

Gaia’s forum, or rather forums!

One forum set up over the summer was called Swampertwee forum (no, we’ve no idea why either, and care little more to be honest).

It appeared to consist of no one but herself and another of her alias whom she talked to incessantly:

There’s little point in her trying to deny they are one and the same: the writing styles are the same (Green Saiyan Dad even uses the phraese ‘I’m a huge nerd’ Gaia uses elsewhere online) and they signed up within an hour of one another.

The nearest she had to another active user was one Kookoo Missuku to troll her after being permabanned from the EA forum. Considering who has been the one person to get their knickers in a complete twist about her, the smart money is one this person being InfraGreen-Trip.

Heaven forbid anyone suggest that InfraGreen-Trip was hoping to goad Gaia (KaikoMissuku) into ‘avenging’ her ban by carrying out some more misbehaviour online in order to keep the drama going.


Posting Gibberish on Wikis

Everyone of course knows about her meddling with The Sims series Wikia which was the moment she really burned her boats with the Simming community at large.

It was far however from the only ones receiving her attentions, and again with the same jaw dropping level of candidness.

Of course, you wonder how much the claims of health issues are real and not merely playing the snowflake card – we’ve saw enough of that in our time on the EA forum and elsewhere to be cynical. Even so, it’s a lot to gamble on them acting as acceptable Get Out Of Fail Free cards with those you are pissing off into doing little more than banning you when you are revealing more than enough about yourself online to be so easily identifiable in every day life – and that of your family.

The TV Tropes website for example has suffered her attentions since 2013, the Know Your Meme website roughly the same:

In the latter case, she’s been linking back to her activities on Mod The Sims:

Strangely enough, her posts over at Know Your Meme look normal enough without ever lapsing into the Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies she has within the Simming community.

Causing Chaos on Sim Secret

However, her real pièce de résistance was the chaos she caused over at Sim Secret, where for once the trolls favourite hang out found themselves to be the ones being out-trolled – and very much out of their depth.

No prizes for guessing who just happened to be involved right from the start!

What was so remarkable was the way she kept feeding them even more gibberish, even more places they could find her on the net, and yet no matter how irritated and fed up they claimed to be by her antics, they kept responding, trying to wind her up when all that was really happening was they were getting themselves more and more wound up!

Remarkable how even in the middle of this, one of the Sim Secret trolls still finds a way of getting in a dig at MedleyMisty…

Some of it was so obvious: such as responding to being asked why she was talking about herself in the third person by saying in the first person it was to make herself anonymous (thereby confirming it was her!) before lapsing straight back to talking about herself in the third person again; or saying she’d vandalised the Sims 3 Wikia page because her dad had made a pun about Susan Castle (no, we don’t know whom Susan Castle is either!).

Yet they kept falling for it, kept getting themselves more and more worked up (‘If you had any shred of decency you would switch off your computer’ – oh please, so melodramatic! Anyone would have thought she’d sold nuclear missile parts to North Korea.) as she kept allowing themselves to get upset by her multiple presences.

They were left even so unaware of themselves, they posted up warnings that she could in turn find herself being trolled in real life (‘Someday someone will want to troll you back, and you are giving them the opportunity to do it in namespace’) without appreciating that this in itself constituted doing exactly that – twice!

Her critics accuse her of being ‘antagonistic’ – but that’s the crux of it, isn’t it? She’s not.

Annoying, yes. Irksome, yes. But in no way can she be compared to the medley of evil little shits we’ve saw down the years such as Shadow, Lipgloss, Jarsie9, Innuendo, TanyaRubirose, Sesert34, KawaiiDulce, Kirby356, Hightimes809, MinDtriKz, etc. deliberately setting out to antagonise and upset. Even SkyscraperFan1 went too far by playing the threatening suicide line (as did KawaiiDulce) when they weren’t getting enough attention.

Her tortuous meddling with the Wikia pages aside (even then, like all Wikis it is easily restored and as an open encyclopedia should always be treated with caution as a resource anyway…), at worst Gaia Nicolosi aka Kaiko Mikkusu comes across as a less tabloid style and far less funny Italian version of Sunnysweetyxoxo, at best she is MadameLee without the anger issues or occasional entertainment value.

That said, her love song to Susan Wainwright on You Tube – which she sang in Finnish – is one of the most utterly bonkers moments in Simming we can ever remember in a long time.


The NCLS Website – The Backbone to the Bumnuggetry

If there is one place however which could provide an explanation to her activities, it has to be the NCLS website which is her own (or rather the one her father has bought and set up for her for reasons best known to the Nicolosi family – which begs the question, why bother setting up also on Blogger and WordPress?):

Here she has free reign to let rip and it is here that offers the best chance of trying to understand what makes her tick, or at least understand the motives of the purple spotted green bunny rabbits pulling her controls.

Much of it is mundane, talking about her life in Palermo (Sicily) with her parents Maurizio and Maria Rosa, her little sister Paola and a domestic baby turtle named Giufà – she claims her dad set up the blog for her so she can see how her interests change over time (‘Me l’ha creato papà così le persone possono vedere come i miei interessi cambiano nel tempo.’)

Now to be fair, she does have her moments:

Because it’s easier to make up a bullshit backstory rather than ‘fess up the Bloomsbury art department cocked up the original artwork for a book on a limited first edition run? Answers on a postcard to…

Although this one is rather a lot of work for one Bronny (as opposed to corny) pun:

Amid all this (and yes, plenty about Sue You Know Who!) is one tantilising clue (or maybe not) regarding her lifestyle which could suggest she has certain offline issues which might explain her behaviour:

‘Ari-chan (the girl who my dad decided to hire so she can keep company to me while my parents are at work. This is because I’m a bit silly.)’

Now she has claimed that she has Autism and C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome – the latter would stick, were it not for the fact it’s too easy to find pictures of her with her family online and the resemblence is easy enough to spot; besides which it begs the question why if she has these problems are her family – going to the expense of hiring someone to watch over her – are yet happy enough to allow her to potentially run amok online unchecked?

Secondly there’s the matter of her English – it’s too damned good for someone for whom the subtext proffered is that she’s under constant supervision because she’s a fruitloop.

For someone with ‘issues’, it all smacks of that famous Wayne’s World skit where he’s showing off his beginners Cantonese and quickly lapsing into a heavy psychological assessment of his unresolved issues with his former girlfriend:

Posting Gibberish on Facebook (or it is?)

It was her page on Facebook which also started to make us wonder however whether there is a bit more to this bumnugget that meets the eye.

First of all is the highly tongue-in-cheek ‘Hello! I am one of the greats, and this Facebook page only exists so that archeologist can find it and go “this is Kyko Micsu’s abandoned Facebook page!” ‘

Secondly, after the routine arrays of fandork gibberish which has become her trademarks comes a reference to Danilo Dolci – a character familiar to higher brow Italians for his barefaced gadflying of fascists and after them the mafia in his campaign for justice for Sicily’s poor, renunciation of all violence and fierce belief that the solution to all society’s evils lay in the maximisation of education. He must be the only person in history to be regarded as a hero of both Communists and Jesuits.

That doesn’t exactly strike us as atypical bumnugget fodder.

On the other hand Dolci was a Palermo lad, and may equally have served to young Gaia as inspiration that you can get away with anything if you appear to be so completely oblivious to the consequences that those you offend are convinced you must have some hidden ace up your sleeve as to make attempting reprisals suicidal.

She also turns up at Quora, showing a remarkable standard of English (and of English idioms) amid her sensible enough answers:

Well, usually!

Erm, quite!

It is in marked contrast to her new Drawception page only created in November, where she’s posted up pictures that would be an embarrassment to an eleven year old, never mind a twenty one year old.

She also turns up over at various Dr Who forums and websites where she again appears to alternate between lucidity and gibberish.

Then again, maybe it simply goes with the territory!


Maybe Gaia Nicolosi is simply what she appears at face value: a rather sad young woman with far too much time on her hands for whatever reason, especially on the internet.

Or maybe she’s playing everyone for fools and this is all part of some bonkers thesis on social media behaviours, or even some sort of expressive art project and we are the muses – a nice way of saying ‘stooges’.

Maybe this Ari-chan (we will assume that this is someone called Arianna, a common enough name in Sicily) has a lot more control or influence over what she’s getting up to online than is realised – that is if this Arianna really exists and isn’t merely another of her aliases.

Whatever the case, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised if we find she has now run out of steam and will vanish off in 2018 to some new obsession and this one falls to secondary or tertiary importance in her own little world. After all, her Simming interest went somewhat supernova almost overnight during the summer.

On this, all we can do is await events.