Political Correctness – Or The Fine Art Of ‘Don’t Do As We Do, Do As We Say’

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Many thanks to Cloverstardropper over at Switch’s Silliness for this one:

polygon what a bunch of hypocrites

slaplol  point

Polygon put the kettle on, we’ll all have some tea to go with the egg on your faces!

manul says the fail is strong with this one


Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis

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Glad someone does – personally we think all they’re good for is Cowplant food.

Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis

On the other hand, are you sure that’s a papparazzi?

Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis 1

Looks to us more like an overzealous Health And Safety Officer.

‘Wearing outdoor hat indoors to detriment of vision, slouching on seats, TV screen positioned too high causing users to crane necks at risk of RSI, seating too far away from screen resulting in eye strain….’

Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis 2

A bit like the readers of the celebrity magazines the papparazzi cater for when you think about it, Igazor!

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis 3

Your daughter has the Kashardian trait, where they automatically become celebrities for reasons which are never explained.

Nh6650 Loves Her Papparazzi Nazis 4

Shhh Astridentanja, or you’ll have MadameLee going on about disabilities again!

The World Explorers Can’t Make Up Their Minds What World To Be In!

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rflong713 and pary

Pfffft! Typical of today’s youngsters – bored after five minutes, never stick at anything, etc, etc.

wiggle tongue   wiggle tongue

Most Unfortunately Titled Thread Of The Week

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unfortunatately titled thread

We bet Innuendo19 was really disappointed when he clicked here!


Keep Drinking The Sims 4 Kool-Aid, Carl – We’re Still Not Swallowing It!

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We’ve read some completely dishonest bullshit in our time, but Carl’s of the Carl And Pam website has taken his Reverend Jimmie Jones routine to his disciples that will lap up anything he tells them to new extremes.

Sims 4 is in deep doo-dah – only the most blinkered will say otherwise as the magazine full reviews are starting to appear in the likes of PC Gamer and are being less than complimentary – damning with faint praise without outright pasting it because PC Gamer like all gaming magazines is heavily reliant on advertising revenue.

PC Gamer gave it 79% and called it the best version of Sims ever (after an article chewing it out – go figure!) – yet that’s less than the worst Sims 3 review got on its release, and less than PC Gamer gave Sims 3. The Metacritic average for Sims 4 is a woeful 70% – again being bested by Sims 3 on 86%.

So what is someone like Carl – who makes money out of selling Sims products from his website – to do about it?

can you believe this crap carl's talking

Oh, straight out of the Reverend Jimmie Jones book of paranoid fantasy – concoct a story about some sinister anti-EA plot behind the scores from disgruntled gamers doing it to protest about EA.

That being the case, the Battlefield 2 series ought to be plagued with single star votes on Amazon after they withdrew tech support (whilst still selling box sets of the game) and online game play over the summer – forcing the community to resurrect its servers from scratch.

How is it faring?

can you believe this crap carl's talking 1

Still getting positive reviews and only a smattering of low votes.

How does Sims 4 stack up?

can you believe this crap carl's talking 2

Nice try!

The point is if you go through the one star voters, what comes out is the overwhelming sense of disappointment. This is no ‘ideological’ vote down, this is disgruntled users who feel cheated having paid a very high price for the game in the first place.

Next comes Carl trying to repackage Grant Rodiek’s hollow threat that there will be no Sims 5 if we don’t buy the current shitty effort, as well as spindoctor those damning Metacritic ratings – omitting to mention they’re a full 16% weaker than Sims 3‘s

can you believe this crap carl's talking 3

But behind it, there’s a thinly veiled ‘sit down, shut up or else!’ from Carl, talking about those slamming the game doing ‘damage.’ What about the damage to people’s bank balances – in some cases two month’s worth of what would be their entertainment budget? It’s not as if people can trade in the game at their local gamecentre to even get some credit for another game off it – EA saw to that as part of a cynical way to boost sales.

He also jumped on the whole ‘gamer’ smear nonsense that’s the fashionable corporate excuse for dismissing consumer flak:

can you believe this crap carl's talking 4

For this to be written by someone whose website depends exactly on those sort of ‘gamers’ to begin with – those highly focussed on a particular game or series – is astonishing, as is his ‘gamers who attack franchises they care about only do damage’.

It’s arrogance and thinly veiled contempt to think gamers should be slavishly devoted to a franchise and unstinting in praise. Even fans of a sports club will criticise when the team performs badly. That’s not ‘damage’ – that’s reminding the club who is paying their wages at the end of the day. EA is not entitled to our money as a God given right merely because it has Sims slapped on the front of it.

But if you really want an example of what a completely dishonest huckster Carl has turned into in his grub around for a cut of the Sims 4 lucre, you only have to read the following:

can you believe this crap carl's talking 5

‘We don’t allow negative discussions on our Forum…’ but on the last paragraph ‘perhaps you would like to vote on our Forum.’! So on the one hand you’re as mindlessly blinkered as the very one-star Amazon voters you dismiss on ideological grounds, yet you expect people to come and vote on your forum, with no real guarantee that you won’t simply fiddle the vote as you have a vested interest in keeping everything sounding sunshine and lollipops to the extent you censor real discussion about the game.

Your dwindling gang of flower children Carl may keep drinking your Kool Aid – but the rest of us hope you damn well choke on it.

thatsit      wanker

All We Have To Say Lady Emillye Is…

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well done lady em

bravo  bravo

Well bloody done!

Christmas is meant to be something to be enjoyed, not endured – a respite from the usual weeks of crap on end. Christmas is for families? Erm, nah – not if your family are dingbats. Life’s too short – and Christmas is far too shorter.

Besides, a Christmas with cats sounds like the best Christmas ever!

Sk8rblaze Wants A New Development Team For Sims 5… Less Than Two Months After Sims 4!

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Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho hoooo – another one bites the dust!

Sk8trblaze Wants A New Development Team For Sims 5

Yes, yes, yes, little of the above that we would disagree with about clearing out the Redwood Deadwood, but the real interesting part was this:

‘Regarding my opinion on TS4, I personally enjoyed TS4 for the first month and tried to keep an open mind on it, giving the game/developers a second chance at winning me over. It definitely isn’t worth the price, but it’s a fun play for a bit of time. I don’t think it’ll get a substantial amount of the improvement it, being the 4th iteration, should get. I don’t recall the exact amount of time I’ve played before investing in expansions, but EVEN TS3’s base definitely gave me more than 100 hours before I got remotely tired of it.

Weren’t you one of those swearing thrice before cockcrow about how wondermuss Sims 4 was going to be, to ignore the naysayers and it was all going to be great? You even misquoted Lazy Game Reviews in your attempt to justify what everyone else with eyes to see knew was the case – Sims 4 was an overpriced disaster.

whistling mares nest version  banghead


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