The Fresh Prince Is BACK With A New Car!

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Feast your eyes on the awesomeness, lovelies!

brand new car from the fresh prince

Yes, TheFreshPrince is back after an eight month lay off with the stonking Aston Martin Vanquish!

The usual perfection from the premier car creator for Sims 3, and as always is base game friendly. Go treat yourself to another fantastic freebie.


SimguruJohn The Latest Rat To Leave The Sinking Sims 4 Ship

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simgurujohn latest rat leaving the sinking ship

The official story is he’s moving to the East Coast for ‘family reasons’.

Yeah, sure.

The economy still being a mess, and you decide to chuck your job and up sticks to an uncertain future on the East Coast?

Funnily enough, Writin_Reg may have been walking his ghost with her suggestion of where alternative employment may be found – with a previous jumper:

simgurujohn latest rat leaving the sinking ship 1

Yes, wouldn’t it be an amazing coincidence if both started working for the same company!

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Today’s Urgent Charitable Appeal

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inflatable polar bear with a driedel

Please give generously.

yewot  yewot

Of course, she could earn that money quickly enough by playing Monopoly and passing Go!

We are the Mare’s Nest, and we have solutions.

Oh Dear Bookygirl, Did You EVER Get This One Wrong!

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Words fail.

oh dear booky, did you ever get this wrong

For the record…

oh dear booky, did you ever get this wrong 1

The same old place where it has been for months after your disappearing act – same as we always move inactive blogs to. Feel free to check an archived version of The Mare’s Nest from yesterday via Google or wherever if you still don’t believe us.

As for Bookygirl’s erroneous surprise that we hadn’t removed her blog link sooner (we hadn’t), we refer back to what we’d said about ‘agreeing to disagree’. That’s it.

What is it about people – even Simmers – where politics, ‘social justice’ and current affairs issues inspires such brittle rigidity – ‘my way or no way’? We mean, some of the clichéd nonsense from Mod The Sims at times makes us want to pull up theirshort microskirts and bright white panties and spank them with their patent T-Strap pointy school shoes – even if they probably would enjoy it and ask for seconds – but we don’t let that get in the way of reading what they have to say on other matters…

Never mind. We’ve since been in touch and been contacted in turn by the person who inspired the Friday article in the first place (that has offended Bookygirl so much…), and regular readers will be glad to here we’re all still friends – and we remain proud as always to be their friend.
Abnormal service resumes tomorrow.pullhug

The Day ‘Bumnuggetry’ Became Part Of Academia

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Don’t know about you lot, but we’re terrified!

Dr Ruth Deller aka Taffer Rad has now given her promised talk at Sheffield Hallam University regarding Sims 4, and much to our embarrassment, we managed to find our way into it.

bumnuggetry has reached academia

Okay, we’ll admit it, we were also seriously chuffed – especially that she included our warning from the first day when almost all the rest of the Simming world were clapping their paws and squealing with glee.

Extra pleasing was she included our header from our ‘we told you so’ post months later.

Vidkid20, MissTickle, Honeywell (of course!) and the Archivist are also amongst those that have found themselves destined to immortality within the tomes of academia for centuries to come.

bumnuggetry has reached academia 1

From small acorns, mighty oaks do grow – just think, in two decades time your children and your children’s children may be in Oxford and Cambridge taking Honours Degrees in Bumnuggetry (Theoretical and Applied)…

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

ChloeInPink’s Simmies Are Feeling Blue

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Hi everyone, it’s me lovable Lauryl once again, helping you with all your Simming problems!

Yeah, about as well as your average Simguru does!

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of horny crumpets! Anyhow, ChloeInPink’s is on the EA forum, with a cool question.

chloeinpink's simmies are feeling blue

You could try turning the heaters on? Getting them to make a nice hot cup of tea? Keeping it in summer season all the time?

She means the game keeps freezing, you bumnugget!

Oh, er, right you are. Well, since it is a Mac you have, the answer is easy.


Yeah. Go ask BluebellFlora!

rimshot tomato

And By The Way, Bookygirl (Back To The Transgender Toilets Again!)

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… may as well get all the trans outrage over and done with in one weekend.

back to the transgender toilets again

We still think they could have avoided the above aggro by sub-contracting to Simlogical And The Dead End Knights, but never mind.

And we still think Bookygirl’s lying and those ‘spirit days’ really involve a litre bottle of Morgan’s Rum and everyone getting complete gay with one another and doing things with Tribbles, a sink plunge and packets of Kraft Dinner, but that’s just us.

I knew this was going to happen! One of you goes to that bloody Aurelio Voltaire concert in London, and now you’re born again perverts!

Shaddup Lauryl, you big bunch of blubbery blueberries… oh hold on, that should have been one of your lines!

But with the matter of the bathrooms saga still going on, may we draw attention to this?

back to the transgender toilets again 1

Time to say we bloody told you so?

East Sussex County Council is one of the nastiest Conservative Party councils in the land, responsible for £60 million in cuts last year alone simply so its mainly well heeled residents could enjoy another year’s worth of frozen council taxes (after all, it’s only those damned proles who want council services, what ho!), and about as dedicated to ‘transgender rights’ as the Enola Gay was to preserving Hiroshima’s architecture.

Read between the lines, kiddiewinks!

‘We feel this kind of toilet block…

In other words – one single toilet block, not both being converted to become unisex, a reduction of facilities. Had both been maintained, it would have been ‘these kind of toilet blocks.’

‘Unisex toilet blocks are considered preferable in terms of hygiene, maintenance and pupil behaviour.’

Erm… isn’t the anti-transphobia line meant to be that you have three separate toilets, not one?

yewot  scratchhead

The mention of hygiene and maintenance is a complete giveaway – they’re cheaper to run, and that’s the only reason they’ve been installed. Coming up next, staggering of playtimes to ensure everyone gets access to the toilet facilities – same as done with breaks in workplaces with minimalist toilet provisions.

Yet the local LBGT rights groups have swallowed the lying Tories bait hook line and sinker – not for the first time down East Sussex way this year. They also have believed the crap doing the rounds earlier about bushes not being pruned in Brighton’s parks having more to do with provision for ‘rough trade’, rather than more cuts.

It was only when they became popular drinking dens for the local Merrydown louts and shooting galleries from junkies that the penny finally dropped that being Pink friendly was the last concern on the penny pinchers’ minds.

But the precedents have been set, and these are indeed the cuts to come, and all in the name of ‘equality’.


Hit it, Jeff…

‘Sometimes you’re better off not knowing how much you’ve been had.’

‘Sometimes you’re better off not knowing, it’ll only make you sad.’


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