SimsTias Is Wondering Whether Sims 4 Is Top Of The Flops?

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Over at Mod The Sims, SimsTias is saying that the reports of all being sunshine and puppies with the sales of Sims 4 have not been true.

simstias and top of the flops

ZenGarden set the tone for the discussion – what constitutes a failure? Is it in comparison with what has gone before, or is it in comparison to how the rest of the market’s doing.

simstias and top of the flops 1

But was what DaniCast claimed correct?

simstias and top of the flops 2

The claims came from the VGChartz site, which is – shall we say – contentious because they never bother saying where they get their data from. Unlike the music charts, the video games charts have always been rather slipshod by comparison – after all, it’s not as if rotation on the radio or TV stations is dependent on it.

simstias and top of the flops 3

Well to be honest DaniCat, most of a game’s sales come on the first day – all the marketing and PR is orientated towards that, with the hope of maintaining the momentum for further sales in the period between Black Friday and Christmas.

simstias and top of the flops 4

As GargoyleCat says, for a Sims series game, you cannot hope to convert it to a hit on the back of expansions. The expansions are to continue the sales momentum, in the same way second and third singles from an album are supposed to. If they’re having to be used to save a flop, you’re in trouble.

Nissun came up with a beautiful simmary, sorry, summary of the difference between Sims 3 and Sims 4, which cause Emino to come up with a very strange claim…

simstias and top of the flops 5

yewot  yewot

Two hundred and eleven hours over the sixteen days inclusive since launch? So that’s thirteen hours a day average for sixteen days? Sorry Aarin, you’ve just lost your Needing To Get A Life Or At Least Some Fresh Air And Sunlight award.

But back to the sales – Don_Babilon claims that digital sales only account for 15% of addition to the total, which we have to say we find pretty low.

simstias and top of the flops 6

simstias and top of the flops 8

As Glic2003 says what it all comes down to is what EA themselves decided would qualify as being a success or a fail, and that they’re not going to tell us, no matter what the sales figures.

simstias and top of the flops 7

But we think we can rather safely assume that Sims 4‘s sales figures expectations are going to be at least as high as those for Sims 3. If at this early stage they’re not hitting muster, we are looking at a Sims Medieval situation where they will decide to cut their losses.

simstias and top of the flops 8

And as Tontrin says – yes Tontrin from Custom Sims 3 (welcome back and consider yourself glomped!) – the Sims 4 evangelicals can’t keep kidding themselves that the game wasn’t as heavily advertised as Sims 3 was.

simstias and top of the flops 9

It’s time for the Sims 4 people – and EA – to start facing up to the worst. The game didn’t hit previous targets. The question is where do they go from here – trying to promote it more, or like Sims Medieval put out what’s already ready for launch and junk it in order to start work on a premature Sims 5?

A Call For Proper Simmie Nutrition

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simmies deserve a proper breakfast

Tonight, we at The Mare’s Nest wish to draw attention to a matter of growing concern – that of proper Simmie nutrition.

simmies deserve a proper breakfast 1

There are some poor Simmies out there that find themselves having to put up with one proper home meal a day and having to make do with work or school canteen slop to fill a hole during the day.

Some are even expected to only have for their most important meal of the day – breakfast – leftovers!

simmies deserve a proper breakfast 2

For shame, Catrilla!

simmies deserve a proper breakfast 3

‘Doesn’t really matter’ Sophia666? Doesn’t really matter?

These are your poor Simmies we’re talking about! They deserve a proper breakfast and a proper evening meal, you heartless swines!

simmies deserve a proper breakfast 4

Not merely one or the other!

wag_finger   wag_finger

simmies deserve a proper breakfast 5

And you can stick your ‘playful pancakes’ up your Sims 4 bunghole GreenXen! As has been said before, pancakes are evil!

No Rflong7/13, It Isn’t Just You That’s Being Affected By Mediafire Again

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rflong7-13 latest victim of mediafire copyright avengers asshats

It’s that time of the year again people.

For the record, Jazz-Hands suffered the same last month, and one rather rude series of e-mails later got their files restored.

Get in touch with LaChandra at Mediafire, also file a counter claim that the company actually making the claim supposedly on the behalf of EA doesn’t have the authority to do so (there’s a new wave of these copyright ‘takedown’ sharks doing the rounds).

Trust us, Mediafire are as fed up with these tossers as we all are.

thatsit  thatsit

Another Alias, But Innuendo19 Still Trolling

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Is there any surprise?

innuendo19 at it again

All the usual routines, making inflammatory posts and going back to delete them in the hope the moderators haven’t spotted them.

innuendo19 at it again 1

Yeah, Sims 3 was so disgusting and gross you ran up at least sixteen accounts for posting on the EA forum during the Sims 3 period – including one after you claimed to have committed suicide. All of them were banned.

Set your timers for how long until his Atomicus account joins the list.

wanker  wanker

EA FINALLY Takes Action On The Abuse Of The Disagree System?

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Congratulations Simgurus.

One month and a week later, and you have finally saw the elephant in the room regarding your stupid ‘gold star on your jotter’ system copied off Mod The Sims and removed the Disagree button which was subjected to so much abuse it ought to have phoned social services.

shallae returns

Lucky Shallae only returned a few days back – had she done so earlier, she may have done another disappearing act for another year or two as tends to be her wont, unless Haiden’s shaking his booty on the forum.

wiggle tongue   wiggle tongue

MarioXtremo Asks The Leading Question Of The Day

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MarioXtremo Asks The Leading Question Of The Day

‘Aren’t they adorable?’

You are absolutely right, MarioXtremo – they aren’t.

‘The way Jose looks at Ryan.’

You mean a mere 45 degrees away somewhere to the left of him – hey maybe the ice cream truck’s going by and he fancies an ice cream, whoops sorry there’s no ice cream truck, in fact there’s no freaking motor vehicles of any form of functionality both playing and NPC alike, because it’s Sims 4 – Sims 2 in pastel shades.

In other words look for a new opportunity to rub their noses in it. Yep, that'll sure help.

In other words look for a new opportunity to rub their noses in it. Yep, that’ll sure help spread more tolerance.  ‘Share the love shown in this pictures’ [sic!]? Yeah, we’re sure a bunch of pixels will change their minds. What next, send My Little Pony cartoons to the French to get them to stop eating horses?

At moments like this, the countdown starts towards the inevitable…

MarioXtremo Asks The Leading Question Of The Day 1

Oh, so someone pressed the disagree button (which were still up at that time it seems), that means they have to be a homophobe? How about someone that didn’t like your pictures. After all, one person’s ‘cute and adorable’ is another’s ‘fell out of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down’.

KJones nailed it:

MarioXtremo Asks The Leading Question Of The Day 2

Agreed. Why is it a sizeable chunk of exclusively male homosexuals (nb. never lesbians) seem to have nothing better to do with their time on the EA forum but look for opportunities to go on and on and on about the fact they’re gay? Forever looking for new opportunities to whine on about how ‘oppressed’ they are to the point they end up pissing everyone off, get told to get themselves a big slice of STFU cake, which validates in their minds they are oppressed.

Self fulfilling prophecy. The ultimate hallmark of those needing to get out of their basements more…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Catrilla And Sophia666 Are Finding The Simgurus Are Getting A Little Fruity

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drive by fruiting

slaplol   slaplol

Yes, whilst you can namedrop any number of pirate websites under the sun (well, they did cut deals with someone that stole thousands of dollars worth of Simpoints, so we shouldn’t be that surprised!), you still cannot say The Mare’s Nest on the EA forum, because the Simgurus are so terrified of new Simmers learning there’s a handy little depository of five years worth of their incompetence and malpractice to swot up on.

It gives us the warm fuzzies inside. Either that, or that homemade mead’s got one hell of a kick to it.


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