Writin_Reg’s Found Her Simming’s Gone To PCs

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Bad news over at the World Explorers thread of the EA forum, as Writin_Reg – someone that’s not exactly had her troubles to seek these last few years – has been put out of Simming action thanks to that moment guaranteed to make most of us scream – when the fan goes but the PC doesn’t automatically go out with it, leaving you with a fried processor and plumbob knows what else with it.

HappySimmer3 (Tangie) took up the tale:

writin_reg's computer woes

At first it appeared that this was going to be a minor set-back and something could be sorted out:

writin_reg's computer woes 1

Unfortunately matters soon looked irretrievable:

writin_reg's computer woes 2

As ever, Writin_Reg had that way of encapsulating the situation, of how much of a loss not having her PC to play games on meant to her.

writin_reg's computer woes 3

GreenB70 and everyone else offered sympathy, only to learn matters had gone from bad to worse:

writin_reg's computer woes 4

At first, it looked like needing to get a whole new spine, eyes and brain of a PC…

writin_reg's computer woes 5

However, like all good tales, there was a twist:

writin_reg's computer woes 6

Yes, computers are indeed a metaphor for real life, where you can find yourself prevented from doing anything when you are hampered with useless memories.

rimshot  tomato

writin_reg's computer woes 7

Her hubby Pete came on a couple of times via her account to keep everyone informed of progress and to ask for help (before Reggie made him take it down before it got her into bother), but to repeat the clarion call of Rflong7/13 here, if there is anyone out there that can genuinely help Reggie out of this sticky mess in any which way they can (eg. have spare computer parts in good working order for whatever reason), how about getting in touch with either of them and give a hand to someone that has given a lot of helping to everyone else (eg. answering player’s game queries) within the Simming community of the EA forum?

FlamingoKicker1 Wants Multiple Jobs (Get Your Minds Out Of The Gutter!)

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A very good point made her by FlamingoKicker1 about the game’s compulsory life-work balance being perhaps a touch silly.

flamingokicker1 wants multiple jobs

‘The minute you walked in the joint…’

smiley-shocked032  more tea vicar

Gigi21480 and IreneSwift were in full agreement, the latter elaborating on FlamingoKicker1′s point about how restricting it is when self-employment isn’t bringing home the bacon due to seasonal adjustments.

flamingokicker1 wants multiple jobs 1

We suppose the reason is to attempt to force the player into skilling up in other fields that can make them money as well or to buckle down to it. All the same, it is a fact that many writers and painters as said will hold down part-time jobs to make ends meet whilst waiting to make their hobby profitable enough, and they ought to be given that option at least to take them whilst being self-employed on top. It shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing scenario.

scratchhead  wag_finger

There’s A Story To MelanieTurpin’s Fruity Alarm Clock…

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Some of you will have raised an eyebrow to MelanieTurpin’s post on the EA forum lately:

but where is melanieturpin's fruity alarm clock

yewot  yewot

The explanation made little sense compared to the original either.

but where is melanieturpin's fruity alarm clock 1

However, all became clear when you find out a little more about her:

but where is melanieturpin's fruity alarm clock 2

Yes, by the look of it someone that’s got her computer on the settings to cope with disabilities, with all the joys of ‘predictive text’ and those other wonderful Microsoft innovations that work almost as well as EA patches.

So if you find her making any more posts that look like she’s been eating too many Rowntrees Randoms, don’t start thinking that someone’s been tampering with the Kraft Dinners down Ontario way of late.

thumb  dizzy

Meet TtnFn04 – Not Only A Homophobic Bigot, But A Rape Porn ‘Author’ As Well (Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish)

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Now here’s a little tale only two others have known about for some time, but since it’s Easter Monday you all deserve a special holiday treat.

Also, there’s a certain group on the EA forum feeling a bit miserable as one of their number is down on their luck, so they need a bit of cheering up: what better time than to unleash something we’ve been sitting on for months concerning one of their friends.

Are you sitting comfortably kiddies? Then we’ll begin.

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author

Note Madame Lee talking about us here: back in the days before she started saying how ‘beastwy wotten’ we were because she would get gifted if she said so. The EA forum – where grown women prostitute themselves mind and soul for downloadable game pixels…

Some of you may remember a certain TtnFn04, who used to hang around with Armenian Twin and call out Jarsie9 amongst others for trolling – until she got the cyber-hots for that twisted little shit Callum 9432 as he did everything he could to ‘big’ himself up on the EA forum as its ‘saviour’ from trolls (largely by encouraging them), and when that failed went failed gamekeeper turned poacher with the Simmering Sims/Simomania scum.

Once that happened, it was ‘how dare you!‘ to anyone daring to criticise his latest backstab or piece of attention whoring. T’was ever thus.

Those who remember the carry on in 2010 from Windsor Erick and his entourage of sad girlies groupies and Innuendo19′s later on will be familiar with this phenomena of the EA forum courtesy of its incompetent moderators who need us to spoonfeed them – whenever you get some arsehole on the EA forum trying to be the ‘alpha male’ or whatever, there will also be an entourage of daft ‘girly’ girls who will excuse their every action as ‘he’s just misunderstood!’

Hey, every little girl knows from her Sweet Valley High books that it’s her mission in life to love the ‘Bad Boy’ and bring out his sweet side – hopefully before he’s knocked all her teeth out/knocked her up/both. The mass media has a lot to answer for.

But we digress. She was supposed to have left the EA forum in a terrible huff in the autumn of 2012 because of all the ‘homophobia’ on it – a euphamism amongst apologists of Innuendo19 (he of the many EA alias due to multiple bans) to people having the audacity to report him for continually trolling and causing flame wars day in, day out.

However she returned at a later date to change her signature to the one you see, boasting that she’s now a paid author of ‘real books’. She doesn’t care about the EA forum and its members that much, you see, she made a point of coming back to do that. Go figure.

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 7

She also decided to make a nuisance of herself to a number of people by spamming their Comments sections. In late August 2012, BluebellFlora blew her top over EA forum moderator’s thinly veiled attempt to get independent blog sites taken offline , a matter we’d originally reported back in June.

Guess who stuck their oar in over a month later?

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 8

For the remainder of the month she went on…

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 9

… and on…

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 10

(For the record, here’s the post we made on the day Ricslady99 – owner of The Simmers Society - held her memorial service for her bereavement back on 19th October 2010. Yeah, real bastards we are.)

And on…

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 11

(Actually Callum9432 – one of the most two-faced little shits the EA forum has suffered, although thankfully a bumbling incompetent one – dropped the CAW index because he got bored with it once he discovered it didn’t make him a big Simming name – leaving everyone else to clean up the mess as per usual. Luckily AuntieLynds had kept a back up index at Custom Sims 3 because anyone with two braincells knew he couldn’t be trusted – but why let facts get in the way, what?)

And on…

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 12

For those wondering why TtnFn04 was a name likely to send BluebellFlora into orbit, go here. This tosser was responsible for doing her best to try and get BluebellFlora banned – after trolling her and other Mac users at that!

No prizes for guessing the reaction:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 13

However if BluebellFlora thought TtnFn04/JennSims2 had issues, it was about to become volumes with what she got up to next, going to Paco1200′s Blog Of Amazing to post the following:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 14

Just to put TtnFn04′s underlined comment into context, Paco1200 had come out as gay during the summer time. It certainly puts her claims to be leaving the EA forum due to the ‘homophobia’ on it into sharp context, doesn’t it?

But if you think she’d find being a gay hating bigot and troll apologist more than enough on her plate, she decided to really up the ante next year with a quite remarkable tin-foil hat attack on – wait for it – Rflong7/13!

Get a load of this:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 15

Small point of information: we have never said what the genders of those writing for the Mare’s Nest have ever been. Period.

The person you can blame for the genderisation of us was FuryRed – who for the benefit of the younger viewers was once a pretty big deal in the Simming community around the EA forum orbit – who made a tongue-in-cheek post about us on 18th March 2010 as two gals with Mrs Slocombe coloured hair and one guy with a wardrobe malfunction problem of near Haiden proportions.

Thereafter Comrade Rich, Windsor Erick, Aarin’s Granny Eaters and every other bumnugget in town made loudmouthed claims about knowing who we were without a shred of evidence to back it, and somewhere along the lines the ‘three females’ mythology grew up – probably because most being too lazy and stupid to read our About section lazily assumed it had to be all women if it was called ‘the Mare’s Nest’.

We’ve never bothered to correct any of the rumours from that day onward  for the reasons outlined in our FAQ section: rejection of the whole so-called ‘cult of personality’ nonsense certain self-important Simmers delude themselves with. That’s it. As far as we were concerned, the moment the focus started to switch from being about Simmers and the Simming community to being about talking about ourselves, the point of this blog would have been lost.

But let’s concentrate on that Jazz-Hands-OK bit at the bottom, because this is where the fun really begins:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 16

slaplol  point

That’s it? That’s your stunning revelation?

It has never, ever been a secret that Jazz-Hands-OK on the EA forum is one of us. Not ever. They were openly outed by ourselves back on Halloween 2010, when Jazz-Hands the blog came out from hiding, and we’ve hardly made a secret of it being ‘our evil little sister’ ever since.

But please continue:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 17

slaplol  shakehead

The fail that simply keeps delivering! Those of you familiar with some of our running gags will know very well why we went on threads together last year.

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 18

Congratulations Rflong7/13 – upgraded in a matter of months by TtnFn04 for being a ‘TMN pet’ to being the mastermind behind the whole operation! All that, and still managing to find time to produce dozens of worlds, patterns and be a domestic goddess like Nigella Lawson minus the dubious Cadbury’s Flake advert style suggestive pics. Donna Reed must be spinning in her grave with envy.

To answer in a single word, the above claim is…


Rflong7/13 has been accused of being behind the Mare’s Nest ever since we were first discovered by the Simming community after keeping ourselves to ourselves for about a month, and even though we’ve pointed out oft times before that at the time we first launched she was in the middle of moving from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, still this accusation does the rounds periodically among the feebler minded.

We know she’d crossed a few people back in her Sims 2 BBS days, and there’s times we wonder whether this rumour still doing the rounds has been courtesy of certain individuals with grudges or scores to settle. Never mind. If we wait long enough, it’ll be back to it being PollySim again (despite her being someone we were downright horrible about until 2010, and the one action we’ve always regretted the most), or even the ‘Aarin-in-incredible-double-bluff’ claims yet again. These things tend to be cyclical – like the hamster wheels in the minds of those coming up with them.

But let’s get back on topic to TtnFn04/JennSims2, literary talent extraordinaire:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 19

Note TtnFn04 says Emma Clark is her pen name, not her real name, just because the Huge Manatee types get over excited…

Authors having Sims 3 connections are of course nothing new – Janiera Eldridge and Gabriella Lorraine Sloan (aka Taffer JulietteLaCouer) for starters, with Berrypie’s pending. But forgive us for being cynical, a real novelist is someone whose books are published and printed in hard copy by an actual professional literature company, not merely sicked up on the internet as a self-published e-book, the 21st century’s cheaper version of the old vanity press.

No prizes for guessing which of these applies to TtnFn04 aka JennSims2. She boasted of being circa 10 000th best selling author for Kindle on Amazon, or at least at the time of uploading her signature.

But what does being 10 000th or thereabouts mean in terms of actual sales?

Time to wheel in an expert witness – another self-publisher, albeit one a lot more successful than TtnFn04/JennSims2:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 1

Theresa Ragan is a writer of books about romances and serial killers, who went from being a self-publisher to a signed author when her books actually sold.

Here’s her take on those Amazon rankings:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 2

‘Amazon Best Seller Rank 10,000 to 50,000 = selling 5 to 15 books a day.’

Not exactly J K Rowling territory is it?

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 3

However, the picture is further muddied by Nora Zelevansky of the Huffington Post, who says that a 10 000th ranking really means sales of anything from only one to only five books – and this can be from a timescale anything from a day to a week to a month… there appeared to be debate what those figures meant as Amazon keep the sales algorithm to themselves.

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 4

It is also not exactly anything to be green with envy over when you are selling your books for the not exactly bank busting price of 99 cents when you’re not simply giving them away for free!

(Or 59 British pence, 0.72 Euros, 10½ Suid Effrikaan Rands, 1.02 Australian Dollars, 3 Polish Zlotys, 35 Russian Roubles, 308216 Noodly Appendage Coins, 1.9998 Simoleons, 0.4356 Septims, 2.1285 Wizarding World Sickles… and if you want to know where we got the figures for the last three, go here!).

But let’s get the low down on these milestones of literary talent straight from the horse’s mouth:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 5

Writing about internet trolls – well at least she’s writing from personal expertise on that score!

Most of you will have raised your eyebrows at the number of words in some of those ‘books’ she’s charging for.

Wanting 99 cents for 4 740 words (32 pages) of Troll (Part 2) ? Good grief, that wouldn’t even qualify as a quick note from Writin_Reg on the World Explorers thread!

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 6

Yeah, because internet trolls are so often ‘hot and devilishly handsome’ aren’t they, rather than spotty clammy skinned basement dwellers with the sex appeal of Silly Putty…

Or rather $1.28 as she expects people to pay for it now!

yewot  yewot

But what are the plots of these low brow efforts anyway? Considering it’s erotica – not exactly known for paying much attention to plots anyway, more to detail (ie. lots of bodily fluids, ‘huge members’, ‘swollen nipples’, ‘pert thrusting buttocks’ and the misuse of household appliances) – it’s not going to be Booker Prize/Pulitzer Prize material.

Even so, this is where the joke turns sour:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 20

They’re not ‘Sales’ if it’s a book being given away for FREE, you bumnugget!

Yes, and suddenly a lot about TtnFn04/Jennsims2 falls right into place, not least of all why she was so clearly disturbed.

If ever there was proof of the old phrase the only people worse than the morons that read violent pornography are the ones that write it, this was it.

We like to think ourselves as pretty broadminded, live and let live, no time for ‘-isms’ as agents of thought control, etc. But anyone who still thinks of Stockholm-Syndrome-for-their-rapist any sort of ‘boat floater’ in the 21st century – meh, sorry! – as far as we’re concerned they’re a complete oxygen thief.

‘But you haven’t proved TtnFn04 is the same person as this Emma Clark!’ we hear you cry.

All good things to those who wait!

Her signature (feel free to check it with a right click as appearing on the EA forum) links to the following website address:

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 21

One quick good of that ec86111111 quickly reveals…

TtnFn04 exposed as homophobic bigot and rape porn author 22

When it comes to posting up proof, learn from the professionals.

thumb  ehwhat mare's nest version

We’ve come across some real whackjobs in our time here at the Mare’s Nest. The Sims 3 community certainly does manage to produce them by the bucketload – or maybe it’s merely the nature of any such ‘god game’ to attract those with latent sociopathic tendencies which transmogrify into fully fledged bumnuggetry and arsebucketdom over the internet where there’s no real world consequences for their actions.

With this one, at least some of you will know to think twice before giving any money to this vicious homophobic tin hatter. This is one person whose departure from the Sims 3 community was certainly no loss.

thatsit  thatsit

FriendlyOne20′s Missing Her Simmie’s True Vocation

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friendlyone20's missing her simmie's true vocation

Hmmm, with those traits, pity really there’s not a Big Funky Sex Machine career option going in Sims 3, or he’d be overqualified by the sound of it (and that’s without another of those bizarre ‘hung like a horse’ mods doing the rounds in Dimblr world!)

Evidence for the prosecution comes from FriendlyOne20′s post in a new thread just over an hour later:

friendlyone20's missing her simmie's true vocation 1

smiley-shocked032  wag_finger

By the look of things, skipped straight past the ‘friends’ stage to the ‘friends with benefits’ stage!

This Is One Conversion We’re Not Trying

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So Modish Kitten has decided to convert the following old Sims 2 hair into Sims 3 format – a topic that always has certain individuals wetting themselves with excitement.

yeah but why

The problem is who the hell would actually want to use it in their game regularly?

Someone making a Bjork Simmie perhaps (it looks like one of her older styles back in the days she could still make great music, ie. up to Vespertine), but apart from that surely there’s no real call for Lego hair in Sims 3 no matter how great the nostalgia value.

scratchhead  scratchhead

Posing The Question To xLoesje123

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Okay, answer us this please?

xLoesje123 girl power poses

What has posing like a tart in a brothel touting for business got to do with ‘girl power’?

Probably about as much as the Spice Girls ever had to do with it, granted!

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version


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