Kamb64′s Rant About A Rant That Will Be The Death Of Her

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kamb64 ranting about death

She has our sympathies entirely – of all the stupid deaths in this game, this one is up there with the jellybean death in being little more than the introduction of a needless piece of anxiety to put you off allowing your Simmies from using an interaction and hunting for the mods to disable it. It doesn’t matter it the chance is only 1%, it’s still too high even at that.

kamb64 ranting about death 1

Anmirla and WriterJunkie pointed out that you do get a warning first time around, but are we the only ones that have noticed the chances of your Simmie ranting about death for a second time after the warning appear to double?

Of course, there is always LaBlue0314′s way of getting out of it…

kamb64 ranting about death 2

…a combination of death flowers and tonsil hockey!

slaplol  yewot

Here’s the REAL Answer To Your Question About Master Controller, Sid1701D9

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Cheeses wept!

Sid1701D9 asking about Nraas mods on EA forum again

shakehead   fryingpan

Does your mum still wipe your arse when you take a dump as well?

Well here’s an even more ingenious idea – if it is a question about an NRaas mod, you go to their bastarding bloody website that you damn well know exists, run up a shit-buggery-bollocking account there, and ask then the bloody technical questions concerned instead of carrying on this arsebucketry day in day sodding out on the EA forum because you’re too effing lazy to go through the proper channels and expect everyone else to come up with the answers for you on the forum you’re already on.

Oh the terrible hard work involved to sign up at NRaas Industries! Don’t you know kiddies it’s a major cause of Wankers’ Cramp? No, not Writers’ Cramp – Wankers’ Cramp. The cramp wankers get in their hands preventing them from joining NRaas Industries and helping consolidate all questions regarding the mod in the correct place and expecting everyone else to run around after them instead.

What? Us pissed off about all this? Whatever gave you that idea?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Beat These Simmie Stats If You Can (DDSims3World Lays Down The Challenge)

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It’s taken a little while, but DDSims3World has finally topped their old Lifetime Reward total:

DDSims3World Lays Down The Challenge

It only took becoming a multi-millionaire to achieve it. So much for the old adage of money can’t buy you happiness!

FuzzySlipers45 and VRStevenson were suitably impressed:

DDSims3World Lays Down The Challenge 1

But as DDSims3World pointed out, in order to achieve this, it is very much a life of all work and no play, or at least pursuing arts and crafts as a profitable pastime.

DDSims3World Lays Down The Challenge 2

Definitely a quest for the most dedicated Simmer to try out rather than the casual.

bravo  sunshine

Bookygirl’s Big Gay F**king Birthday

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Happy birthday Bookygirl!

bookygirl's big gay birthday

At least she’s had an interesting one – or at least the prelude to it!

bookygirl's big gay birthday 1

For the benefit of Rflong7/13 and any of the other oldies, Geoffrey, Bungle, Zippy and George is not what ‘Rainbow’ week entails, although now they’ve merged the classic old ITV children’s series with the lager louts’ favourite BBC show ‘Top Gear’ anything’s possible.

(Heck, in the week it was announced Johnny Rotten’s going to play King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, we’ll believe anything!)

But more on that tomorrow – in the meantime, happy birthday to our favourite potty mouthed Kraft Dinner muncher.

virtual hug mare's nest version

The Sims Freeplay (If This Doesn’t Put You Off, Nothing Will!)

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looks like the bastard child of henry v and hodor

yewot  smiley-shocked032

Is this meant to be representative of the sort of person likely to play it and enjoy being nickled and dimed for a load of sub-standard tat?

If so, we applaud EA’s art department on their perceptive genius – if not, no wonder the Simgurus were asking people to send them their drawings to decorate Redwood City as clearly their art department couldn’t paint a door, never mind paint up some decent artwork.

manul says bleh

The Bores And The Bored (With Apologies To Byron)

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They make you laugh, some people.

the borers and the bored

Moaning about being bored about Sims 3 ever since Sims 4 was announced…

the borers and the bored 1

If that’s the case V12creator and Deidara180, why are you pair of boring twats posting on the Sims 3 forum then?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

We can answer why:

the borers and the bored 2

the borers and the bored 3

Almost one year on, bugger on information bar what has been leaked after what was released resulted in laughter and derision. The specifically set up Sims 4 EA forum lies barely used, the Sims 4 section on the EA forum has died away as now that the trolls have even grown bored there’s nothing to keep any threads going, so now the poor lost little lambs are crawling back into the EA forum General Discussion desperate for someone to pay attention to them!

evilgrin    point

Mikezumi summed up these pitiful souls nicely:

the borers and the bored 4

‘I imagine many of the people who are bored of TS3 will also find themselves bored of TS4 in short order. Many people, especially the young ‘uns, are always quick to look for something shiny and new.’

bravo  ehwhat mare's nest version

And will be moaning and groaning about it for the next five years, just as they spent the last five years moaning and groaning about Sims 3 – and the five years long before that moaning and groaning about Sims 2.

Such is the ‘polished horde’ awaiting Sims 4. They and the Sims 4 team are welcome to one another – both equally with nothing to say but oh how they love to make a lot of noise about saying it!

Congratulations FuzzySlipers45!

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congratulations fuzzyslipers45 on hitting 1000

Been around since the start, but only now has hit the one thousand post mark.

Better late than never!

bravo  bravo


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