Rflong7/13′s Bizarre New Plumbob Fetish

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Seriously Rflong7/13′s we need to talk

As Jix2993 would have said, this is getting out of hand:

rflong713's new fetish

yewot  smiley-shocked032

First it was magical gnomes, and now this?

Don’t you know that it is rather unwholesome for a lady to show herself to be so obsessed in public with plumbobs, fantasising over them being all shapes and sizes with all manner of adornments?

wag_finger  wag_finger

rflong713's new fetish 1

And to paraphrase a certain fine upstander of EA forum morality from the past, you really need to stop obsessing over your plumbob’s boobs!

disgusting that's what it is

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen’s Fire

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Another day, another whale of fail:

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen's Fire

Spontaneous recombustion – is this part of their ‘weirder stories’?

shakehead  facepalmhy2

But as Munchie885 said, so much for the smarter Simmies part:

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen's Fire 1

We’d have been impressed by EasyToRead’s summary, had it not been recycled from Sims 3.

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen's Fire 2

And according to Writin_Reg, she’s lost more Simmies to fires in Sims 3 than in any other version:

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen's Fire 3

Erm, testingcheatsenabled true/moveobjects on and move the Simmie away manually anyone?

It’s atypical of EA that they create a fix adding something else into the mix (sprinklers), rather than fixing it properly in the first place (correcting the coding so Simmies don’t simply stand around wanting to be fried). As Writin_Reg is admitting, she has her Simmies doing the same cure that worked in Sims 3 (sending them to the showers – erm, that wasn’t supposed to sound that sinister!) – hardly progress, is it?

Sims 4 Not Catching TheBearQueen's Fire 4

As MsPhy said, what’s the point of a sprinkler system which only goes off when objects are on fire but let’s Simmies burn happily away? Stupid, EA, stupid. Like CrackFox, we wonder why they didn’t tone down the fire risks if they were getting rid of fire fighters in the first place.

Of course, there is the ‘extinguish self’ option – getting it to work however…. which is where we came in.

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

It’s Bookygirl’s Double Bill After Four Effing Months (You C**ts!)

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We’ve been worried about Bookygirl – the secret love child of Muttley Macc Lad and Emma Roberts – disappearing off the radar ever since the Lupus word came up – but she’s reappeared, so big sighs of relief all round.

four effing months later

As expected, she’s not exactly been having multiple orgasms over Sims 4despite being one of the early enthusiasts – as she says that they are trying to add features to the game by patching them in reeks of floundering amateurs who couldn’t run a bath.

Speaking of saves:

four effing months later 1

A few hours later however…

four effing months later 2

At least she didn’t ask us to suck her clit this time!

Elsewhere, she’s still feeling sicky-poos, but is still hitting the grades at school regardless.

four effing months later 3

How reassuring to learn that the medicine meant to cure her was killing her in other ways! No wonder alternative medicine has made a comeback.

And now for potential Quote of the Year time:

four effing months later 4

‘I just have to make the time to sit down and fill out those f**king forms. I’m going to be applying to Bachelor of Fine Arts…’

slaplol  yewot

You’ll either find the juxtaposition funny like us or you won’t.

Another Satisfied Sims 4 Customer

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another satisfied sims 4 customer

Bet Ambrown can’t wait for the first expansion!

whistling mares nest version  banghead

MWDonahue Not Tickling Cauliflowers’ Ivories

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The EA forum’s off-topic section has MWDonahue wanting to demonstrate his inner Liberace.

cauliflower not having her ivories tickled

Oh go on, you know you want everyone to hear it…

cauliflower not having her ivories tickled 1

Whilst there were some ready to give the obligatory ‘great stuff’, etc, etc; Cauliflowers decided to go a little more leftfield…

cauliflower not having her ivories tickled 2

MWDonahue posts up one minute forty one seconds of piano playing… and you want to comment on the lamp?

yewot  dizzy

Chocs Away!

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Over on the EA forum, the Demon Baby’s eyeing up the granny of all Christmas’ crises:

chocs away


John_Citron knew a lemon when he saw one:

chocs away1

And we share Sue_D_Nim’s reaction to BobTheLlama’s suggested alternative:

chocs away2

shakehead  puke

That Awkward Moment When Colton147 Really Wished He Hadn’t Started That Thread!

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This was always destined to end in tears – trying to copy the ‘That Awkward Moment When…’ thread from the EA forum’s Sims 3 section into the Sims 4 one.

You know what they say, if you don’t want the opposition to score, don’t give them an open goal!

oh dear colton147

Munchie885 wasn’t the only attack:

oh dear colton147 1

oh dear colton147 2

The following one deserves mention:

oh dear colton147 3

Shouldn’t this be ‘That awkward moment when you realise after the SimCity fiasco you really ought to have known better before rushing to buy Sims 4‘?

whistling mares nest version wiggle tongue

Never mind. There was one original goodie from Cauliflowers:

oh dear colton147 4

scratchhead  dizzy


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