Excuses, Excuses…

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As the clock draws nearer to release day, so the Sims 4 evangelicals grow increasingly desparate in their attempts to make excuses that all is well.

sims 4 excuses galore

Except Sk8rblaze for the small fact that Sims 3 was being pirated two weeks before its release via a version that could only have come from EA rather than any reviewer (the giveaway was it came with Riverview and not Sunset Valley, as was the original intention) – so your excuse for not allowing reviewers to get it doesn’t hold.

sims 4 excuses galore 1

As for ‘Instead of hearing some no name stranger’s opinion on IGN, you are given the gameplay footage right from the developers themselves, and it’s you who is left to decide what you’ll be getting from this game.’ –  what a pity that the moment everyone has started shouting out the numerous bugs from the said footage like it’s a pantomime, the excuses continue!

And oh that ‘no name stranger’ was Dan Stapleton, the executing editor of IGN in charge of reviews who first cut his teeth as a journalist with PC Gamer – someone with the experience in the industry to know when matters are amiss and cut through the smoke and mirrors.

Next up in the excuses stakes is JowWow1003, the EA forum’s Sims 4‘s section’s latest yappy dog trying to be in every thread at once as part of his desparate campaign to be one of the ‘big kids’ he so comprehensively failed to be during the Sims 3 era.

sims 4 excuses galore 2

Except that ‘all them people’ seems to amount to a singular thread back on the 6th August – started by one of those that has been happy clappy for Sims 4 since day one – and was quickly refuted by everyone else on it bar Alysha1988, one of those original fans lost by the wayside (who tend thus to be the most cynical of all, such is the way…).

sims 4 excuses galore 3

It wasn’t even in Bflury’s list of omissions, let alone HystericalParoxsym‘s. When you have to resort to a three week old singular and quickly refuted question to create a straw man like this, you truly are growing utterly desperate for something, anything, to score some sort of points over the naysayers.

Still, it wasn’t as desperate as his attempt a few days back to brush off the loading screens loss-of-will-to-live impending:

sims 4 excuses galore 4

The really sad part was he actually thought that was funny – what was really funny was this:

sims 4 excuses galore 5

slaplol  point

Comes with spending too much time trying to be clever and not paying attention to detail leading to a pratfall – bit like Sims 4 really from what we’ve been told.

Or the even more desperate attempt to brush off the review copy embargo with reference to another rather famous game:

sims 4 excuses galore 6

There was a teensie weensie but very significant difference to the Skyrim embargo.

Shall we remind you what that was, kiddiewinks?

sims 4 excuses galore 7

Taken from Gematsu.com

That’s right – it was lifted twenty four hours before the release.

Press embargos are standard media management practice – from press releases to review copy freebies – so that interest in a forthcoming product or person doesn’t peak too soon from reviews out weeks before the product release, the start of a tour, and so forth. Public relations and marketing are so intertwined as to be inseparable in the age of the spin doctor.

Skyrim left theirs to twenty four hours before launch, knowing full well it would result in a total and complete internet meltdown  – exactly what they wanted to create a stampede to the shops the next day when it was due to launch. All because they were completely confident with their product. They had nothing to fear, and well they knew it.

EA on the other hand are preventing reviews before the release of Sims 4 as best they can by having an embargo until after release day.

Only the completely delusional are refusing to accept this is out of the terror they’re going to be crucified for it, and the only reason they could fear that is if the game has some pretty major problems they’ve so far managed to keep under wraps from the mainstream media (Gamescon attendees and Honeywell however…).

Sadly however there’s quite a few of those, all with rather big mouths.

Don’t worry, so have we and plenty of others that will do our best to ensure as many as possible are forewarned and forearmed.

sims 4 excuses galore 8

The YouTube Polaris Nukes Sims 4

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look what jtravers88's discovered

Over on the EA forum, JTravers88 pointed to the latest Co-Optional Podcast where the matter of the forthcoming Sims 4 release was discussed in less than glowing terms.

For those wishing to view the video in question at the relevant bit:

The salient points (although they got the humber of omitted features wrong, it’s not that many!):

look what jtravers88's discovered 1

look what jtravers88's discovered 2

Well okay, not that, more this:

CynicalBrit: ‘They’re not sending any review codes until release day – that is a red flag… that is a very big red flag when a company like EA does that, so that indicates they’re either working on this thing up to the last minute because it’s a broken piece of shit, or they are really trying to maximise pre-orders before this thing comes out – if you preorder Sims 4, you get everything you deserve… you should not be doing that at all.’

Nothing that hasn’t been said before, but when an over half-million vlogsite reports it, music to our ears.

The more people are putting out the warning to an unaware public that all’s not sunshine and roses with Sims 4, the more people who don’t have money to throw away on a lemon aren’t going to get their fingers burned – especially a very expensive lemon.

bravo  bravo

Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of Boosting Viewing Figures Related Advertising Revenue

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Dear oh dear Sims4forum, you really will stoop to anything it seems!

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game

Mystic aka Sundancegal aka Charmypoo aka Gerika Berry ran over to the EA forum Chicken Licken style back on the 23rd, making claims of potential evidence that perhaps pets were going to be in Sims 4, but to find out what that evidence was you’d have to go to their site.

Unfortunately for Sims4forum, Jdavij20033 grabbed the info and brought it over to the real EA forum as opposed to the one that once pretended to be it:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 1

And Ebuchala posted the original undoctored screenshot that betrayed it to be a crude fake:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 2

For those wishing a closer inspection:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 3

All of which Mystic was aware of before she came running over to the EA forum… but why let facts get in the way of artificially boosting your viewing figures with a piece of crude sensationalism in order to profit from the advertising revenue.

This close to the release of Sims 4, and Sodagod1’s cash cow still appears to have little intentions of cleaning up its act.

Bit like Sims 4 really!

evilgrin  evilgrin

Why You’d Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003

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Why You'd Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003

Most of you on the Sims 4 section of the new EA forum will have encountered JowWow1003 – it’s pretty much impossible to avoid his ceaseless quest to big himself up at every opportunity since the change over.

He’s now gone down that classic route of someone trying to become a ‘big name’ on the EA forum – trying to buy friends:

Why You'd Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003 1

But as some friends discovered a few years ago, he comes with some hidden costs, so watch what you tell him!

Why You'd Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003 2

Needless to say, those at Expert Law weren’t amused at the way he treats his ‘friends’.

Why You'd Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003 3 Why You'd Be Right Not To Trust JoeWow1003 4

With a friend like that, who needs enemies?

thatsit  thatsit

Elias943 Sees Less Sweet Charity And More Sweet FA!

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For all they like to think themselves ahead of the curve in comparison to those lameasses on the EA forum (cue obligatory snears, ***gigglesnort***, ‘sucks to be them’, etc) over at Mod The Sims some have been somewhat slower than their EA forum counterparts in realising She’s Got All The Friends That Money Can Buy isn’t exactly someone whose word is trustworthy.

What got their attentions was Nina333 reporting the following tweet from the Bumnugget Sundae’s latest feeble attempt to besmirch Honeywell, whose free blog has wiped the floor with everyone else with the Sims 4 information and scoops throughout this whole sorry affair.

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker

As some of you will remember, a number of those who went along were told their gaming video footage was ‘corrupt’ and needed to be reshot, being told it would have to be with an earlier version of the game and so to ignore any bugs. As we said at the time, not the least bit suspicious in the slightest, and plumbob forbid anyone suggest so!

Inge Jones quickly clarified the truth to Nina333 about the footage players were allowed to record at Creators’ Camp:

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 1

And the incorruptible Honeywell also arrived to set the record straight about Creators’ Camp and Gamecon as well:

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 2

So that’s that one knocked on the head, as the SPG said to Blair Peach.

For Rodrigues, it was another Say It Ain’t So, Joe! moment:

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 3

Her general behaviour lately? Where the plumbob have you been the last few years!

But it made no difference – despite EA’s cack handed attempts at sly censorship, they were still making the same old giveaway statements that they’re trying to sell us a pig in a poke.

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 4


The question is of course how many patches after release before it’s no longer beta software?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

HystericalParoyxsm clipped Rachel Franklin’s wings on her clipping excuses:

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 5

And as Rodrigues says, it gives the lie to the claims about a brand new strong foundation for the latest Sims game that even one of EA’s handpicked invitees has admitted was crashing after two hours of play.

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 6

No wonder they’ve given Crinrict a job in the technical section of the new EA forum! Best of luck with that one, you’re going to need it!

slaplol  shakehead

Or as Elias943 summed up matters:

Alexurt1 In Telling Pack Of Lies Complete Non-Shocker 7

Diedrupo – Another Weirdo To Avoid

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Over a week ago, there was the latest predictable borefest from the trolling element old and new on the EA forum over homosexuality within Sims 4.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 1

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 2

wanker  wanker

If any of that lot caught Ebola, we’d feel sorry for the virus.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 3

But Euansim discovered a whole new over-the-top hysterical gay male stereotype bumnugget in Diedrupo – a name which sounds like a close relative of the Ebola virus if ever there was one.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 4

‘You are a hateful bigot and one of the worst people to ever exist on this planet.’

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 5

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a sense of perspective, isn’t there?

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 6

Young ‘slip of a boy’ style avatars…

To call this guy a bit of a fruitcake is an understatement.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 7

… always a worrying sign in a grown man.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 8

His real name is Desmond Gaban (he uses a variety of pseuds but this is the correct one), and he appears all over the net like nappyrash, usually in connection with full time basement dwelling and running three websites on the premise of running or developing games from them.  He also has a Live Journal and a WordPress site, the familiar tale of someone running up dozens of projects that never see completion, as he’s far too busy getting into pointless foul mouthed arguments in all too many website’s comments sections.

He became semi-famous for all the wrong reasons as far back as the mid 1990s in the early days of the modern internet (usenet, etc) getting into senseless arguments over role playing games and which ones were ‘real’ or not (they’re all not real of course, only games, but you know how it is with some…)

He’s also a ‘furry':

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 9

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 10

He also has a YouTube channel where amongst other things he does weird things with his feet he thinks ought to be put on the internet.

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 11

yewot  yewot

So if this sad mid thirties weirdo tries picking fights with you on the EA forum or elsewhere in the future…

Diedrupo - Another Weirdo To Avoid 12

You guessed he’d look something like this, didn’t you?


… best stick him on ‘Ignore’ and save yourself future grief.

shakehead  shakehead

Spookyscones’ Soggy Bottom Requires Inspection And Probing

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soggy bottom island 1

It appears right at the so-called end of Sims 3 (want to bet on that EA?) we have a brand new CAW creator in Spookyscones, which has also led to her creating her own standalone lighting mod (which reminds us, if someone could recommend a non-default lighting replacement mod for use in Midnight Hollow in order to make the damn place playable, we’d love to hear your thoughts) which is also particular to this island.

soggy bottom island

We were rather surprised to learn that she’s not had any downloads for it – considering we both did! However we know from past experience that Mediafire‘s download counter since the introduction of the ‘new improved’ system two years ago leaves something to be desired, telling you no downloads for weeks (despite the click counts from your blog telling you otherwise) only to say you’ve had a hundred overnight when your back’s turned.

But anyway, here’s a quick overview of the site.

soggy bottom island 2

There is one place for a 64 x 64 home lot already in place (partly in the water), a tiny token park area consisting of an apple tree, a pumpkin patch and something else edible we’re forgotten (was it grapes?), two chairs and a firepit to roast your marshmallows on (or if you’re a March Violet your Bratwurst and polenta!).

The single home lot in place gives you some idea how small this place is, but we identified three good spots for a 10 x 15 and at least five for a 10 x 10. Or you could simply do away with the single big lot and break it down into two or three smaller ones, or utilise the space for some form of community lot.

soggy bottom island 3

Along with the collapsed lighthouse that everyone should have no trouble spotting at once, there’s a weird sunken house to the south and the remains of some kind of dwelling in the north east corner partly tucked into the hill.

They’ll make for interesting backdrops for story tellers intending to use Soggy Bottom Island, but it’s a pity the part in the north west wasn’t the concealment for something like a tomb or to some hidden lot below it reachable by ladder.

soggy bottom island 4

Much of Soggy Bottom Island consists of marshy ponds, its biggest advantage and disadvantage. It limits you in terms of scope of what you can do with the place severely, but you are completely spoilt when it comes to fishing.

soggy bottom island 5

Whatever the fish you want, they’ve got it, and the ones you can’t find inland in the four separate fishing hot spots we found (two of the biggest having two individual hot spot areas within, making it six) can easily be gained offshore to the south-west, north east and especially north west part of the island.

soggy bottom island 6

Here’s a picture of what looks suspiciously like a big shark humping a little shark. Must be something to do with the algae in the water making them all that way.

smiley-shocked032  more tea vicar

The amount of marshly land also gives way to some weird looks to the land during game play.

soggy bottom island 7

This is what the island looked briefly like for about half a game hour at midday!

soggy bottom island 8

It’s the combination of the lighting – a baleful dull sun fighting against constant smattering of clouds within some strangely beautiful skies – to the marshy landscape is what pulls this off and makes you want to throw a lot or two down and seeing where the game goes.

soggy bottom island 9

Here’s how the island looks from above at night – pretty spooky, eh?

As you saw in the earlier pictures, the lighthouse glass looks really eerie at night – perhaps Spookyscones could find some way of converting the windows of the sunken house to something with old fashioned coloured border glass, or place some kind of light inside that comes on at night to give an eerie glow from within?

soggy bottom island 10

The part that really needs something done to it is the park. It’s a dead cert that the Weatherstone is obliged to erupt nearby as it really has nowhere else to go, but it’s all a little too threadbare, resulting in a zombie plague of tourists and wild horses in this one area by noon.

(And boy are they upset when they discover there’s not a toilet to be found).

We like small islands, and this one is unique enough to stand out from the existing crop – albeit this could be the first version and Spookyscones may have designs on further changes.

Whatever her decision on this one, we look forward to any future ones she may decide to conjour up as well.

If you want to get Soggy Bottom Island, here’s the link.

sunshine  sunshine


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