How Did It All Come To This (The Question On The Eve Of Destruction)?

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So here we are, on the eve of what may be a new era for the Sims world, or may prove the catalyst to better days ahead if it results in the almighty bloodletting of those complacent bumnuggets at Sims Studio that is long overdue if disaster strikes.

This time last year, we were completely out of step with the vast majority of the gaming community who could see nothing but flying cats shitting rainbows over Sims 4. Now we’re the ones who called it out right from the start. No big deal: in a few days time we’ll be celebrating five years of being proven right a million times after everyone else said we were wrong.

Credit though where credit’s so richly due. Honeywell – plumbob bless her – did more than anyone else to make people see the light, and she was one of the original enthusiasts. Nothing more devestating than a Paarthurnax to make people think twice.

(Here’s a thought for you all by the way courtesy of the sweeter half of the team: Haiden with Paarthurnax’s voice. Hippiedippie and Mikezumi’s not going to sleep tonight now! Oh by the way, if you haven’t heard, Mikezumi’s moved back to Australia – that’s why she’s been so quiet of late, thought you guys ought to know…)

But let’s be clear about this, it was EA that did more than anyone else to turn people against their own game.

Here’s the question: when was the tipping point?

When was the point EA – or rather the Simgurus – had, as they say, ‘lost the audience’ along with the plot?

Was it the 9th June 2014, the day the launch date was finally confirmed accompanied by another insipid video that showed nothing had changed in over twelve months of silence since the first promo video?

Was it the distasteful use of North Korea’s dictator as an advertising gimmick?

Was it Graham Nardone being forced to admit that Sims 4 wasn’t open world by the 16th? For many, the lost of open world was the moment EA lost them.Was it word appearing on the 19th that EA were considering a subscription system for buying additional content?

Comtempt towards the Simgurus – the supposed eyes, ears and voice of EA with its fanbase, the corporate ‘cuddly side’ – became more open and more virulent than it had been by the end of June.

original_sim's contempt for simgurus

What was missed by many at the time – but ought to have been taken as a sign that things were very badly wrong – was that one of those Simgurus had quietly left without a word, the very one that had been so anxious to get back in the door at the first opportunity after she was fired.

simguru lauren buggers off to league of legends

Lauren McLemore – whom EA had fired earlier in the year as surplus to requirements and then brought back a few weeks later – had jumped ship to League Of Legends, an online multiplayer game. As a former expansion pack producer she was well positioned to put in to get the gigs for the various Sims 4 expansions, stuff packs and Store content – after all, they’d already found out once they couldn’t do without her. If one of the Simgurus had little confidence in a future with Sims 4 when Sims 3 had been one of the cushiest numbers in the whole gaming industry…

She was far from being the last to abandon Sims 4 as a lost cause. Rflong7/13 – one of the YibSims and one of the most highly respected creators within the Simming community since the early days, admitted that she was not going to be buying the new game because so much from previous versions had been removed it wasn’t worth full price.

Back on the 7th August came another of those ever increasing ‘we had to see it to believe it’ moments in the sorry saga of the run up to Sims 4, as Windweaver – one of the diehard cheerleaders for it – politely told Graham Nardone to stick his pom-poms where the sun doesn’t rah-rah-rah.

they have lost windweaver

As recently as June time, Windweaver had been firmly in the Sims 4 players camp.

what windweaver said back in june

But now it seemed it had all been a premature congratulation.

More to the point, as can be seen from her signature, she has been encouraging people to send letters of complaint to the Chief Organ Grinder of EA about his Couldn’t Care A Monkeys’. Now you know why EA were so keen initially to omit that feature from the new forum.

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

they have lost windweaver 1

The part which really got people mad on the EA forum, Mod The Sims and elsewhere was Nardone’s blasé attitude that in the event of anything in Sims 4 that you don’t like or was left out, you should use your imagination to compensate.

they have lost windweaver 2

We think Windweaver and Glic2003 want EA to imagine they’re going to buy Sims 4 – it’s as near as they’ll be getting to their money at this rate.

Tarantar9 made a reminder that BioWare tried that one before.

they have lost windweaver 3

It was somewhat fitting that Rflong7/13 should come in at this juncture, whose admission back in June she had also cancelled her pre-order was something of a crossing the rubicon moment insofar as the whole Sims 4 debate has raged on the EA forum – if not further.

they have lost windweaver 4

‘But you were so excited for build mode’ said Cinebear – echoing what many of us had said both pro and anti back at the time. When they lost Rflong7/13, the Sims 4 evangelicals were not so much in retreat as full melée.

Indeed, it was the retreat of so many veteran Simmers – the ones they ought to have expected to keep as a matter of routine – that was another of those defining moments that the tide had turned.

Or as Rflong7/13 was to put it on the EA forum later:

rflong7-13's sims 4 equation

slaplol   bravo

Three days after Rflong7/13’s announcement and the day after Lauren McLemore admitted she’d left EA, the first negative review in the mainstream media for Sims 4 came out.

pc gamer's review

After months of whitewash, Tom Sykes at PC Gamer broke the convention there had been for non-critical appraisal for the still not revealed in full game, pointing to the omission of Create A Style, pools and toddlers and accusing EA of trying to bury the bad news within one of their atypical bouncing puppies shitting rainbows press releases.

how times change darkslayer

It was about more than how it looked. It was the entire slapdash production and right-hand-doesn’t-know-what-the-left’s-doing organisation that told us this was going to be a disaster. Anyone with eyes not blinded by the ‘Shiny! New!’ realised this.

Even Darkslayer, who developed a right petted lip towards us over our stance and was taken to task for it by Anavastia:

how times change darkslayer 1

… was doing a backflip on her St Valentine’s Day assertions come that same day in June when GabbyGirlJ said exactly what we’ve been saying all along – Sims 4 was a half-arsed job…

how times change darkslayer 2

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

… itself part of a response to a epic post by Cinebar – a voice crying in the EA forum wilderness for far too long and who was routinely crucified for it from the snark kiddies for well over a year for stating her forebodings that all was not well with EA’s flagship release for 2014.

how times change darkslayer 3

bravo  bravo

By July, another of the early Sims 4 evangelicals SimsTias had also turned apostate.

they have lost simstias

And with only two months left until launch date. But July in many ways topped June for dealbreaker moments, with the now infamous roast of Graham Nardone over at Mod The Sims exposing him as a bunco booth merchant willing to say any crap in the world if it got another sale – and contrary to the MTS cynics, there was an equally hot reception awaiting him and the other Simgurus on the EA forum forthcoming, and even a parody website dedicated to EA’s own Comical Ali was set up.

On MTS, there was a growing sense that those at EA weren’t even really trying…

hystericalparoxysm not interested in sims 4 now1

… and as such, why should the fans care less about it?

hystericalparoxysm not interested in sims 4 now

happycowlover telling people to vote with their wallets

To come back to earlier points from Windweaver and Glic2003 it was precisely this arrogance from the likes of Graham Nardone and Grant Rodiek on Twitter (the latter admitting the game wasn’t even finished yet in an unguarded moment on 3rd July) – ‘this is what you’re getting, suck it up because we know you will, you always do.’ –  that grated, encapsulated by Nardone posting the following major howler:

nardone admits he lied

This is pure Gerard Ratner territory – a senior game producer dissing the very product he’d been co-responsible for, and this is someone as we’ve said before who is meant to be employed in the capacity of public relations.

Schantal aka McKinneyMini was in good company in her rage in Litabelaqua:

nardone admits he lied 1

‘The arrogance of EA is astonishing really, and Graham Nardone’s comment just crystallises that arrogance… that they can lie to us then tell us they lied to us and then give us even bigger lies.’

nardone admits he lied 2

Lucyvp86 summed up this self-nuke entirely: why should we ever believe any promises the likes of Graham Nardone and his ilk ever make about the Sims series – let along Sims 4 – ever again? Complete and utter contempt for the fanbase without which they don’t have jobs, let alone Nardone’s beloved Pizza Fridays at Sims Studios Redwood City (they were later to close down the EA forum for Sims 3 after telling everyone it was being ‘upgraded‘)

Indeed, such lies began to become more and more commonplace, right down to promising a big announcement at Gamescon, but all it consisted of was announcing that the CAS Demo had been released – which was hardly a secret to the media let alone Simmers when it had been out for over a fortnight by this time.

the epic announcement that never was

All actions that further wore down Simmers enthusiasm.

Arrogance leads to complacency, complacency leads to botched products and services – when they couldn’t even be bothered to check their promotional screenshots for glaring evidence they were photoshopped, more people like Mishkabee began to have doubts about what they were being expected to buy in a few months’ time:

ea caught out photoshopping 1

For those wishing to see the original:

ea caught out photoshopping

EA were facing a crisis loss of fanbase confidence which may have spilled over into the media and boded ill for their flagship launch for the year. In order to placate the fans, they rushed out a CAS demo which they’d earlier told everyone would only appear very close to launch day – pity for them the launch was tarnished first by limiting numbers to a random group, followed by the almighty howler of their PR manager Charlie Sinhaseni in conjunction with Simguru Ryan Vaughan giving a huckster a CAS access code for no other reason than it was a ‘hot babe’ – the extra punchline being the ‘hot babe’ in question had lifted ‘her’ photos from someone else.

Such rookie mistakes weren’t merely confined to the PR side, as Simguru Grant Rodiek admitting the cock ups coding in breast feeding that would have embarrassed an amateur on 25th July. Finally, there came more lying as EA merged the old EA forum in with the wreck of the broken Sims 4 official one to make a new one: an unwitting admittance that they weren’t confident that the launch of Sims 4 would sustain enough interest to merit a website of its own the way Sims 3 had (just for good measure, a Sims 2 section was added).

And finally on 18th August, the news that EA weren’t going to be giving out review copies until after Sims 4’s release. the ultimatel admission of trying to sell a pig in a poke.

All grist to the mill of the former Sims 4 cheerleader who turned into Honey The Wallet Vampire Slayer:

honeywell on the reason why ea won't give advance copies to reviewers 1 honeywell on the reason why ea won't give advance copies to reviewers

So once again, what was the tipping point that was to lose so much faith in Sims 4 ? Was it a series of tipping points in swift succession that lost EA those they’d expected to be their free advertisers tomorrow and for the future. Or was it a slow gnawing away of expectations and parallel growing disillusions?

Whatever the case, to have so decisively lost such a massive part of your core fanbase in two to three months flat before launch – let alone one of the most loyal of any gaming community – takes the bumnuggetry blue riband.

Congratulations EA – here’s hoping you reap what you deserve for Sims 4. You’ve certainly worked for it.

thatsit  thatsit

PNG Syndrome, Super Tuesdays And Thanks For The Mammeries

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It’s been ages since we did anything about The Sims Daily (come  to think of it, we’ve been very slack regarding other forums outside of the EA one lately…), and what better time to return with all the excrement excitement about Sims 4 building up across the Simming community?

Currently She Who Must Be Obeyed at Sims Musketeers HQ – inbetween scoffing delicious cake*** on their website’s third birthday – is suffering a bad dose of the PNGs:

the sims daily in august 11

The PNGs? Does she mean…

the sims daily in august 13

‘Come to the land where unlike wussy Iceland our volcanoes get on with the job!’

scratchhead  dizzy

Not quite, as Peachy discovered:

the sims daily in august 12

Glad we got that one cleared up. Now what the plumbobs is a FRAM and is it NRass mods compatible?

Never mind – it seems WebbyMom’s got enough weird phrases to last us a while, like ‘doo joo noe’. What the hell’s that? The B-Side ofNo Mo Do Yakamo ?

She’s got a better phrase than that one though:

the sims daily in august 16

slaplol  smiley-lol

Coming to the cinemas this Christmas, Princess Bride II: The Dread Pirate Webbymom.

It seems that WebbyMom however has already discovered a fatal flaw in Sims 4 – at least insofar as the Sims Musketeers are concerned:

the sims daily in august

Time to dust off those old Musketeer suits and get out the old website logo?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Meanwhile, they also received a visitation from Rad to promote her academic survey we mentioned before into attitudes on the forthcoming chamber of horrors:

the sims daily in august 1

Once again if you haven’t taken part in this, here’s the link for you to contribute.

Jenba had some questions of her own however:

the sims daily in august 2

Tsk tsk, whatever happened to the good old days of the boffins getting a couple of undergraduates to do a proof test on questionnaires in return for a bottle of vodka (or if Oxbridge a bottle of Medoc vintage ’57?)

Oh hang on…

the sims daily in august 3

… you did give them the bottles of vodka after they’d done the beta testing and not before, didn’t you?

winedrinking  smiley-shocked032

Readers will be glad to know that Allesmere’s still around also, but she’s changed her avatar for Sims 4.

the sims daily in august 4

She is unsure whether her computer will be able to meet the specs required, although of course Glic2003 on the EA forum has provided a comprehensive guide to the sort of computer required to run Sims 4 at optimal levels:

the sims daily in august 10

We’d rather not hear about an old beast chugging young lady, this is a family blog you know!

wag_finger  smiley-shocked032

Jenba like Allesmere is getting the game, but considering how polarised discussions have been elsewhere, she’s remarkably phlegmatic about the possibility that it may turn out to be another Spore style one month wonder.

the sims daily in august 5

Beth (GreenB70) was worried about when she may be getting her game due to the usual reliance on postal services being a law unto themselves (something we in Britain are only really beginning to discover the hard way since privatisation).

the sims daily in august 8

Jenny was going to be unable to buy it due to more pressing real life costings:

the sims daily in august 9

Look on the bright side, now you don’t need to buy Sims 4 to have a carless world with less options completely pissing you off, so in a way you’ve just saved yourself $60!

rimshot  tomato

Lisfyre and Allesmere however were wondering if they were ever going to be getting the game at all for quite different reasons to most:

the sims daily in august 6

If all else fails Allesmere, change your avatar back to your old one and go a-begging to Charlie Sinhaseni – you’ll have it for free before the day’s up!

evilgrin    evilgrin

But what’s all this from Lisfyre that her hubby’s getting to decide whether they buy Sims 4 or not? What sort of weird sick household has the hubby holding the purse strings?

You’ll notice that there’s never been a woman as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain – we’d say United Kingdom, but we don’t want this post to look antediluvian if events in the middle of September change all that – and then they wonder why the economy’s always screwed?

the sims daily in august 7

For Icemunmun however the problem is a matter of finances and availability not playing ball!

the sims daily in august 14

Oh goodness gracious we!

the sims daily in august 15

That’s what we like to see, a traditional bank that believes the customers – those ghastly bloody proles! – have no right to decide where and when they can spend their money without a year’s approval in advance or taking the bank manager and his wife out to dinner at the Connaught. Huzzah!

However, it’s a wonder who is going to get to play the game any time this week, judging by the time of launch – another of EA’s brilliant plans.

the sims daily in august 17

Simposiast had an explanation for the method to their madness:

the sims daily in august 18

Tuesday a magic day? Clearly Simposiast is no relation of the late J Edward Oliver (hippy cartoon artist famous for his ‘Abolish Tuesdays’ signature – one of whose strips was called Vid Kid, funnily enough – everywhere a Simming community reference, eh!)

There is another explanation – the same reason as to why they release the games on Friday in this country: the timespan by which games sales charts are calculated (in the UK from Friday to Thursday, in the US from Tuesday to the following Monday).

Ani wasn’t convinced of the explanation for one simple reason – the concept of EA caring less about testing.

the sims daily in august 19

And you lot call us cynical!

evilgrin    evilgrin

And finally, by way of special tribute:

the sims daily in august 20

*** By law, if it is Delicious Cake, you must eat it.

Chider1234’s Ticking Timebomb Of Doom

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How’s this for a lack of enthusiasm dressed up as excitement?

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom

yewot yewot

Robotpanda34 was equally fearful:

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 1

Zellio2009 meanwhile the day before had decided they couldn’t get enough potential horrors into their life:

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 2

Thankfully InannaWintermoon and Gmgar were around to advise:

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 3

Kuypers125 wasn’t amused:

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 4

Perhaps they will start taking the same sort of pills you are clearly on?

wiggle tongue    ehwhat mare's nest version

One problem that does not appear to have been addressed is that the game will need to be activated online – which means if you buy it without having internet access or are in a remote area with poor to non-existant access, you’ve got a problem.

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 5

But to far too many, there is a certain urbancentric blasé attitude towards internet access – ‘Hey, everyone’s got it these days.’

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 7

Erm, no they don’t. If you live in a remote area, access can be highly limited – and with the increased emphasis on wireless internet to suit smart phones, there’s the rash attitude that increasing wireless ‘hotspots’ will suffice, forgetting that the amounts they will use are miniscule in comparison to a computer trying to patch a bugged game, to say nothing of local geographical hazards such as mountain ranges which may further impair signal strength (and which are often the reasons for them being sparsely populated in the first place).

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 6

‘So what?’ you may say. But for people in remote areas (for those of you in the USA, think of the likes of Alaska for example) where wages are often piss poor, computer games may be one of the few contemporary luxuries they can enjoy. At least they did, until companies like EA started deciding that their customers were their beta testers and bugs could be fixed via internet downloaded patches whenever they felt like repairing them. Adding to this the need to activate games over the internet, and there’s every reason for those in the sticks to want to spend their money elsewhere.

The fool says they could always take their computers to areas where there is better free wi-fi connections: but why should anyone have to travel in some cases over a hundred miles just to activate or update a game according to the manufacturers’ whims?

Or as Glic2003 said to sum up the absurdity of the internet orientation of all EA customer care for the Sims series these days:

Chider1234's Ticking Timebomb Of Doom 8

ehwhat mare's nest version  banghead

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many…

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You would have thought they may have taken the hint – considering the links we’ve been getting from their chatbox – that it was long overdue time to cut out stepping on toes in their fevered attempts to boost their views.

But no. Not them. Not when there’s money to be made from adverts:

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many

For once, Sk8trblaze was not impressed with this piece of Sims 4 news.

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 1

Of course, this is a stock in trade caper of SimsVIP and a number of other disreputable sites, watermarking others original work and try to pass it off as their own (although we seem to remember EA did that to a Sims 3 fansite back in the early days), so they’re far from alone, but it still doesn’t make it alright.

But as Gillie said, this is far from being the first time they have posted a half truth on the EA forum linked back to their own ‘for the full story’.

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 2

No wonder MadameLee loves them: with that sort of advertising they ought to have adverts for Sea Monkeys on their site.

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 4

Zolt65 also pointed out (much as we despise the trolling f**ker) that BlazinFast2k had posted a large animated advertisement in his post – made to look like it was a signature with the use of a line above it – which meant even those who turned off seeing signatures (because of the ludicrously intrusive nature of some of them) would not escape this one.

The excuses from BlazinFast2k were classic:

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 3

slaplol  yewot

Right. You ‘have no need for advertising and promotion’, merely ‘a little push here and there. It’s how it works.’

How what works exactly? Confidence trickery? Or is it the case of one rule for self-styled ‘entrepreneurs’ and one law for everyone else?

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 5

‘But let’s move on, these questions are awkward – look a puppy! A sandwich! Something shiny!’

Except Sk8trblaze wasn’t going to move on: there were two principles at stake here – trying to pinch someone else’s work and claim it as their own (which was the case the moment that watermark went on without asking for the user’s prior permission) and the use of half-truths

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 7

Compare the original at the top of the post to the one over at the Sims4forum website:

what happened over at sims4forum

what happened over at sims4forum1 what happened over at sims4forum2

Er, the idea is you ask the person beforehand – you don’t do it without asking first, knowing damn well they’re in no position to object out loud since anything that might identify them to their employers could get them fired (the internet being a small world, as you should know Sodagod1…)

Asiamomma82 gave the link to where the uninitiated could discover everything they ever wanted to know about Sims4forum and those running it but were too bored to ask, whilst Kellyanna was not pleased at the distain some had towards the very website they were spamming whilst asking for members to send them money for ‘hosting costs’.

One Sims4Forum Advertisement Thread Too Many 6

One former member was even less impressed, UtaDagda thinking it’s an utter liberty:

utadagda not happy either

Now came the meltdown post:

sodagod1 loses it

So from ‘have no need for advertising and promotion’ earlier, now Sodagod1 has admitted that the post was in order to promote Sims4forum in the second paragraph.

That however was the least of our worries. The post which answered it by EasyToRead says it all.

sodagod1 loses it 3

Genius. Complain about us on a forum read by millions of people that you are unemployed (we suppose that explains why you are posting at 4am in the morning…) yet are running a website that had revenue generating adverts, sells premium memberships and asks for donations.

It’s that time again:

this is sidney poitier serious

Think yourself bloody lucky we don’t report you to the Department of Work and Pensions (suspected undeclared income from adverts and donations whilst claiming Jobseekers Allowance) and HM Revenue and Customs (suspected undeclared income from adverts without payment of tax going back ten years) – then you’d really know what a ‘vendetta’ is, rather than bandying around emotive cliches.

You yourself have claimed to have made $10 000 from selling on websites before even taking into consideration money made from adverts, ‘donations’, ‘premium membership rates’, etc – they would ride you like a champion steeplechaser for that sort of amount of avoidance.

Yeah, perspective’s a bitch, isn’t it? If we really had it in for you, you wouldn’t even be reading the above warning – like Jack4740, you’d be finding out the hard way.

As for asking us not to post your real name or address (something you used to do everytime you f**ked up elsewhere as well) – please go and take a running duck to yourself, Chris Mayberry of Cupar, Fife (c/o one of your own sites), and your pretend internet girlfriend of how many months (or is it minutes?) Gerika Berry. If you two are dumb enough to put your details as a matter of public record on the net, don’t attempt to play the personal details Get Out Of Fail Free card when people put all the pieces together to find an uninterrupted history of similar shenanigans.

Oh, and by the way, this ‘girlfriend’ of yours…

sodagod1 loses it 1

A mere 2000 miles closer than Jawsh at Snooty Sims was with his ‘relationship’ with Kelsey, but still as much rooted in reality as much of Sodagod1’s excuses here. We’ve a feeling you only said this for effect anyway – we’ll wager you’ve never even met.

But we digress.

If you’ve dribbled enough breadcrumbs to leave a trail all over the internet leading straight back to you from all your other little Cupar capers down the years – thereby showing you have a very long standing track record for this sort of skulduggery with gaming communities – that’s your tough luck. All the evidence has shown that you are only interested in running websites as revenue generators, and are quite happy to try all manner of pushing your luck stunts to achieve it, and expect everyone to wipe the slate clean every time you shout ‘pax’.

Not this time.

As we’ve said before, there’s too many people who see the internet as a second universe where they can piss on everyone’s chips and call it balsamic vinegar, get up to all manner of high jinks, and then walk away from it all without consequences.

You may have got away with this with other gaming communities, you will not be getting away with it with the Simming one.

(And by the way, we’re actually some of the nice guys… okay, okay, nice-ish! Had you pissed off the sort of people that hang around the Mod The Sims/Garden Of Shadows/More Awesome Than You orbit… well try asking those at The Sims Resource about that one).

ehwhat mare's nest version  scared

If you want others in the Simming community to trust you, it isn’t helped by changing your stories every five minutes, the first warning bell that you’re not being on the level with what you’d like us to believe are fellow Simmers, rather than milch cows.

For example:

sodagod1 loses it 2

One moment you say it’s extremely hard to get visitors to your site, the next that you are growing.

Also the sum total of your ‘contributing’ to the EA forum has been exclusively to plug the Sims4forum directly or more often by sleights of hand such as this one. None of this is new – by the same token none of it is acceptable. Coming to another site only because you want something is likely to make others feel what you want is a boot up the backside.

jimboola11 not happy either

See? It’s not just us you know.

You and the rest of your mates at Sims4forum, cut it out - now!

thatsit  thatsit

Excuses, Excuses…

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As the clock draws nearer to release day, so the Sims 4 evangelicals grow increasingly desparate in their attempts to make excuses that all is well.

sims 4 excuses galore

Except Sk8rblaze for the small fact that Sims 3 was being pirated two weeks before its release via a version that could only have come from EA rather than any reviewer (the giveaway was it came with Riverview and not Sunset Valley, as was the original intention) – so your excuse for not allowing reviewers to get it doesn’t hold.

sims 4 excuses galore 1

As for ‘Instead of hearing some no name stranger’s opinion on IGN, you are given the gameplay footage right from the developers themselves, and it’s you who is left to decide what you’ll be getting from this game.’ –  what a pity that the moment everyone has started shouting out the numerous bugs from the said footage like it’s a pantomime, the excuses continue!

And oh that ‘no name stranger’ was Dan Stapleton, the executing editor of IGN in charge of reviews who first cut his teeth as a journalist with PC Gamer – someone with the experience in the industry to know when matters are amiss and cut through the smoke and mirrors.

Next up in the excuses stakes is JowWow1003, the EA forum’s Sims 4‘s section’s latest yappy dog trying to be in every thread at once as part of his desparate campaign to be one of the ‘big kids’ he so comprehensively failed to be during the Sims 3 era.

sims 4 excuses galore 2

Except that ‘all them people’ seems to amount to a singular thread back on the 6th August – started by one of those that has been happy clappy for Sims 4 since day one – and was quickly refuted by everyone else on it bar Alysha1988, one of those original fans lost by the wayside (who tend thus to be the most cynical of all, such is the way…).

sims 4 excuses galore 3

It wasn’t even in Bflury’s list of omissions, let alone HystericalParoxsym‘s. When you have to resort to a three week old singular and quickly refuted question to create a straw man like this, you truly are growing utterly desperate for something, anything, to score some sort of points over the naysayers.

Still, it wasn’t as desperate as his attempt a few days back to brush off the loading screens loss-of-will-to-live impending:

sims 4 excuses galore 4

The really sad part was he actually thought that was funny – what was really funny was this:

sims 4 excuses galore 5

slaplol  point

Comes with spending too much time trying to be clever and not paying attention to detail leading to a pratfall – bit like Sims 4 really from what we’ve been told.

Or the even more desperate attempt to brush off the review copy embargo with reference to another rather famous game:

sims 4 excuses galore 6

There was a teensie weensie but very significant difference to the Skyrim embargo.

Shall we remind you what that was, kiddiewinks?

sims 4 excuses galore 7

Taken from

That’s right – it was lifted twenty four hours before the release.

Press embargos are standard media management practice – from press releases to review copy freebies – so that interest in a forthcoming product or person doesn’t peak too soon from reviews out weeks before the product release, the start of a tour, and so forth. Public relations and marketing are so intertwined as to be inseparable in the age of the spin doctor.

Skyrim left theirs to twenty four hours before launch, knowing full well it would result in a total and complete internet meltdown  – exactly what they wanted to create a stampede to the shops the next day when it was due to launch. All because they were completely confident with their product. They had nothing to fear, and well they knew it.

EA on the other hand are preventing reviews before the release of Sims 4 as best they can by having an embargo until after release day.

Only the completely delusional are refusing to accept this is out of the terror they’re going to be crucified for it, and the only reason they could fear that is if the game has some pretty major problems they’ve so far managed to keep under wraps from the mainstream media (Gamescon attendees and Honeywell however…).

Sadly however there’s quite a few of those, all with rather big mouths.

Don’t worry, so have we and plenty of others that will do our best to ensure as many as possible are forewarned and forearmed.

sims 4 excuses galore 8

The YouTube Polaris Nukes Sims 4

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look what jtravers88's discovered

Over on the EA forum, JTravers88 pointed to the latest Co-Optional Podcast where the matter of the forthcoming Sims 4 release was discussed in less than glowing terms.

For those wishing to view the video in question at the relevant bit:

The salient points (although they got the humber of omitted features wrong, it’s not that many!):

look what jtravers88's discovered 1

look what jtravers88's discovered 2

Well okay, not that, more this:

CynicalBrit: ‘They’re not sending any review codes until release day – that is a red flag… that is a very big red flag when a company like EA does that, so that indicates they’re either working on this thing up to the last minute because it’s a broken piece of shit, or they are really trying to maximise pre-orders before this thing comes out – if you preorder Sims 4, you get everything you deserve… you should not be doing that at all.’

Nothing that hasn’t been said before, but when an over half-million vlogsite reports it, music to our ears.

The more people are putting out the warning to an unaware public that all’s not sunshine and roses with Sims 4, the more people who don’t have money to throw away on a lemon aren’t going to get their fingers burned – especially a very expensive lemon.

bravo  bravo

Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of Boosting Viewing Figures Related Advertising Revenue

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Dear oh dear Sims4forum, you really will stoop to anything it seems!

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game

Mystic aka Sundancegal aka Charmypoo aka Gerika Berry ran over to the EA forum Chicken Licken style back on the 23rd, making claims of potential evidence that perhaps pets were going to be in Sims 4, but to find out what that evidence was you’d have to go to their site.

Unfortunately for Sims4forum, Jdavij20033 grabbed the info and brought it over to the real EA forum as opposed to the one that once pretended to be it:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 1

And Ebuchala posted the original undoctored screenshot that betrayed it to be a crude fake:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 2

For those wishing a closer inspection:

sims4forum posting lies about pets in sims 4 base game 3

All of which Mystic was aware of before she came running over to the EA forum… but why let facts get in the way of artificially boosting your viewing figures with a piece of crude sensationalism in order to profit from the advertising revenue.

This close to the release of Sims 4, and Sodagod1’s cash cow still appears to have little intentions of cleaning up its act.

Bit like Sims 4 really!

evilgrin  evilgrin


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